Template for Tenure Track Offer Letter by seeme22


									                    Template for Tenure Track Offer Letter


Dr. First Name Last Name
Street Address
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Dr. Last Name:

I am very pleased to offer you a tenure-track appointment as a(n)(assistant, associate, or
full professor) in the Department of                         at The University of
Memphis. The appointment will commence on August___,20__. Your compensation
package will include a base salary of $________ for the fall and spring semesters (to be
paid in twelve monthly payments, with the first monthly payment at the end of September
20__), a comprehensive benefits package that includes choices for health, retirement, and
long- and short-term disability, a research incentive compensation program for general of
external funds, and opportunities for summer employment. To learn more about these
programs, please visit our Web site at http://www.memphis.edu.

The University has devised a faculty salary incentive program that could enhance the
base salary listed above. The research compensation program, for example, allows the
faculty to enhance their academic year base salary upon successful solicitation of external
grants and contracts. Further, we will allow you to draw up to 25 percent of your
academic base salary during the summer months, contingent upon the instructional needs
of the Department and minimal enrollment standards.

In addition to a comprehensive compensation package, the University is prepared to offer
you a start-up package that includes $_______ for a (computer, computer and printer,
etc.), $_______ for (monographs, books, etc.), and $________ for moving expenses (if
any such funds available).

Your teaching responsibilities will include high-quality in-class instruction and one-on-
one student mentoring. During your first academic year, your course loads will be
______. Thereafter, your teaching loads will be ______, but may vary if departmental
needs make it necessary. You may also be expected to teach at off-campus sites. The
teaching loads as stated in this letter are subject to your continued productivity in
research and scholarship, as well as the University’ financial resources.
Your contact will be renewed annually for a maximum probationary period of ____
years. You will be reviewed during the mid-point of your probationary period. At the
beginning of your last probationary year, you will apply for tenure and promotion.
Tenure and promotion decisions will be based upon your contributions in the areas of
teaching, research and service and will be governed by guidelines that have been
established by the Department, College and University. Tenure and promotion,
moreover, is subject to the approval of the Tennessee Board of Regents.

The foregoing contract terms are contingent upon the approval of the President of the
University and the Tennessee Board of Regents. Please return your acceptance as soon
as possible so that processing of your appointment can proceed. We fill send you a
Faculty Appointment Form and a Disclosure and Authorization Form that should be
completed and returned to us at your earliest opportunity. If you have any questions with
respect to the offer or the position in general, please feel free to call or
e-mail me.


                                                     I accept this offer of employment:

                                                    Prospective Faculty Signature

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