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									                                                                                                                                  LYNX MICRO SYSTEM

                                                                                               RADIO SPLITTER
 Fulbrook Lane, Sherbourne,
Warwick, CV35 8AR, ENGLAND
     Tel: 01926 624800
     Fax: 01926 624900
                                                                                                                             REF: E083-0 24-06-08

                                             INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

   The Radio Splitter provides the facility to             The Micro System headset will only             In this situation the Radio
   connect an additional radio transceiver and             function while the built-in rechargeable       Splitter is also powered
   a mobile telephone, music player or
   recording equipment to a Micro System
                                                           battery is charged or the headset receives
                                                           power from a Lynx Radio/Power Interface.

                                                           It is possible to use the Radio Splitter
                                                                                                          from the Micro System
                                                                                                          headset and will not work
                                                                                                          if the headset is allowed to
                                                                                                          discharge completely.
   The Radio Splitter is designed to connect               without being connected to a Radio/Power
   in-line between a Micro System headset                  Interface.
   and any other item of Micro System
   equipment.                                                                                     PTT SWITCH
                                                                     AUDIO SOCKET

                                          PTT SOCKET
                                                                                                                            MICRO SYSTEM

             CONNECT TO
             HEADSET SOCKET

                                                                                                          In addition to the primary radio connection,
                                                                                                          the Radio Splitter can be connected to
                                                          TRANSCEIVER SOCKET (XCVR)                       most modern audio devices including
                                                                                                          mobile telephones, music players and
                                                                                                          sound or video recording equipment.

                                                                                                          The Audio Socket accepts Lynx ‘Audio
                                                                                                          Input/Output Leads’, ‘Audio Output Leads’
                                                           A PTT Socket is also provided which            or ‘Mobile Telephone Leads’.
                                                           allows an additional external PTT Switch
   RADIO:                                                  to be connected to the splitter.
   The Radio Splitter accepts interchangeable
   radio leads to connect to different radios.                                                            AUDIO MUTE:
                                                                                                          During use, the Radio Splitter monitors the
   Each type of Radio Lead provides the                    NOTE:                                          radio and automatically reduces the
   correct physical connection for a particular            Both PTT switches control transmissions        volume of the audio input during radio
   radio and automatically configures the                  from the headset and the radio which are       reception.
   splitter to provide the appropr iate                    connected directly to the Radio Splitter.
   electronic operation.                                                                                  This automatic mute feature provides radio
                                                           If the headset and splitter are connected to   priority over any telephone or music input.
   It is easy to swap between different radios             another headset via a ‘Radio Interface’ or
   by s e l e c t i n g a n d c o n n e c t i n g t h e    ‘Radio/Power Interface’, the second
   appropriate Radio Lead.                                 headset will also transmit when either PTT     AUDIO OUTPUT:
                                                           switch is used.
   To connect a radio to the Radio Splitter,                                                              The splitter can provide audio output at
   plug the appropriate type interchangeable               If a second headset is connected directly      both ‘Microphone Level’ and ‘Line Level’.
   Radio Lead into the Transceiver Socket                  to the splitter using a ‘Coupling Adapter’     Line Level output is at a much higher level
   (XCVR).                                                 the second headset will not transmit over      than Microphone Level output.
                                                           the radio or a mobile telephone.
                                                                                                          Most domestic recording devices accept
                                                                                                          an audio input at Microphone Level. Most
   PTT OPERATION:                                                                                         professional recording devices will only
   The splitter is fitted with a built-in ‘Push-To-        KEY TONE:                                      work with an audio input at Line Level.
   Transmit’ (PTT) switch to control radio                 The splitter provides an audible ‘Key Tone’
   transmissions.                                          in the headset which confirms when either      When connected to recording devices, the
                                                           PTT switch is pressed or released.             splitter provides output at Microphone level
   To transmit over the radio, press and hold                                                             when used with an ‘Audio Input/Output
   the PTT Switch for the duration of the                  The key tone is only audible in the headset    Lead’ and Line Level when used with an
   transmission.                                           and does not transmit over the radio.          ‘Audio Output Lead’.

                                       READ THIS INFORMATION CAREFULLY BEFORE

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