To Whom It May Concern Letter Template

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									This is a template that provides a framework for drafting a customized letter. The
template includes a letter head, the date, the subject, the person it is addressed to, the
body, and a signature. This template provides examples about how to address a letter
to an unknown recipient. In addition, it provides different closings that can be tailored to
the level of formality of the letter. This template can be used by individuals or small
businesses that want a framework to customize a proper letter.
                                                                  Name: ____________________
                                                                Position: ____________________
                                                                Address: ____________________
                                                      Telephone Number: ____________________
                                                                  Email: ____________________

[Note: If your stationery has a letterhead, skip the writing the information above. Otherwise, type
 in the necessary information (name, address, etc.) It is also highly recommended to leave your
                                 phone number and email address]

Date:         _______________________

  [Note: Remember to type the date below your personal information. If there is no letterhead,
                                      type it as shown]

Re Line:      _______________________

[Note: If the recipient of this letter specifically requested information, (such as a job reference or
 a lease agreement letter to a landlord) type it on one or two lines immediately below the Date.
                 Make sure that if you’re replying to a letter, to refer to it above.]

Dear Sir/Madam,

  [Note: Remember to type the recipient’s name above. Type Mr. or Ms. (Last Name) to show
respect, but do not try to guess the spelling or gender. Some other examples that you may use are
                                            listed below]:
           o Dear Sir
           o Dear Sir or Madam
           o Dear [Full Name]
           o Gentlemen
           o Ladies
           o To Whom it May Concern:

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Subject: _____________________________________________________________

[Note: Write a sentence summary in all uppercase characters in the line provide above. It can
either be flush to the left or centered.]

        This is the area where you start to write your body content. Please remember to be
concise. Keep it brief and to the point. If your letter is only one page, type the complimentary
close as shown below. Otherwise, type them on the last page of your letter.

        You want to cover all of the necessary points in your letter and not leave any vague area
for misinterpretation. Depending on the subject of the letter, you should make sure to introduce
yourself properly and to thank the recipient in the end of the body paragraph.



[Note: Remember to write a complimentary close, what you write here depends on who the
receipt is and it depends on the tone and degree of formality. Some other examples that you may
use are listed below]:
             o Very truly yours - Neutral
             o Cordially tours - Informal
             o Sincerely – Less formal
             o Respectfully - Formal
             o Yours faithfully - Formal


[Note: Remember to also leave three blank lines after the complimentary close to sign your
name. Please type your name exactly as you type it below your signature. Some people also copy
and paste their electronic signature below the complimentary close, this is optional.]

*Remember to remove the tips written in this template once you begin drafting your letter.

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