Class Registration Form (Please complete and mail to address by zyr10796


                                  Mailing Address: 20754 48 Ave Langley, BC V3A 3L8

Class Registration Form (Please complete and mail to address above, note classes are held at
Murrayville Hall 21667 48 Ave)
Please Circle: Puppy Class $100.00 Basic Manners Level 1 $155.00 Basic Manners Level 2 $125.00
Walking Clinic $65.00
Start Date:_______________________
   Name of Dog Handler(s): ________________________________________________
Postal Code: __________ Phone #’s_______________________________________
Method of Payment: []cheque[]cash
          Pre-registration is requested and will be confirmed once payment is received. Thank you.
          Payment is 100% non-refundable after your first lesson/orientation.
Do you qualify for a discount? []no []adopted dog []multi-class ( ) Refer a friend ( )
Dog’s Name:___________________________________ Dog’s Age Now: ______________
Breed:__________________________ Sex:_______ Spayed/Neutered? [] yes [] no [] will be
Is your dog adopted? [] yes [] no if yes - from which
Please list the things you want to learn from this class and what you’d like your dog to
be able to do at the end of this class?
What previous training have you and your dog participated in? where?
How did you hear about Paws-Abilities?___________________________________________
Your Dog’s Veterinarian: _____________________________________________
Pictures will be taken throughout class, please initial if ok to use in promotional material,
website, brochures, etc. ( )
Would you like to receive updates on classes, seminars, events from Paws-Abilities? Yes/No

                                           OFFICE USE ONLY
Date Received_____________ Available Discounts : [] Adopted $10.00 [] Multi-Class $10.00 ( ) Refered a Friend
Total Paid :_________________ ( )cash ( )cheque Pymt Processed Y / N date_________initials__
Confirmation Sent? □____ Waiver Complete / Mailed / On File Vaccinations Checked? □

Please read and sign below:

In consideration of the acceptance of this application, the owner and handler hereby releases and agrees to hold harmless Paws-
Abilities Dog Training and Pet Services, its staff, And trainers thereof, from any liability for damages or loss, if any, suffered or
sustained by the owner or handler or dogs as a result of personal injury or property damage occurring in connection with or
during such training. The fee is non refundable after the first lesson, after that date no refunds will be made. Cash and Checks are
accepted as payment.
______________________________                            ___________________________________
Signature                                                   Date

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