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					                                        MTAP Steering Committee Conference Call
                                                    February 9, 2010
                                           2:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time
                                             Dial-in number: 800-930-8721
                                                  Passcode: 9379507#

On Call:
Marianne Freed, OH
Ken LaRue, OK
John Dockendorf, PA
David Spacek, IL
Steve Billings and Bill Robinnett, MO
Bobby Killebrew, TX
Kimberly Gayle, CA
Peter Hallock, IA                                                                                                                            Formatted: Font: 9 pt, Not Bold

1.       MTAP Work Plan (Ken LaRue)
         - MTAP Work Plan was updated and revised along with the Operating Procedures during the MTAP portion of the 2009
         Annual Winter Meeting in Phoenix, AZ
                  - John: Customer Satisfaction Survey done in Spring or Fall?
                            - Work Plan is a living document – Ken
                            - Doing it online entirely now
                            - Customer Satisfaction Survey now done in the Spring
                            - State Management Review questionnaire – separate but link
                            - Question: Has your state conducted a SMR recently, if so here’s another link to the SMR survey…
                            - Wording: Customer Satisfaction Survey conducted in early spring (April)
                  - Changes to Work Plan and Operating Procedures – approved – (can always be updated)
                  - As of February 9, 2010
         - IDEAS for other topic-specific calls in the future: Call in March?

2.       MTAP Communication (Peter Hallock)
         - 2010 Winter MTAP Newsletter has been completed and sent out. Can be found online at: and
         - Please send articles and ideas for Spring 2010 Newsletter (May, 2010) to

3.       MTAP Membership (Lenny Howard)
         - Notices for FY 2010 dues were sent out in on May 1, 2009 (special request)
                   - As of last week, 44 states had paid their dues. Remaining (2) states include:
                              1. Delaware
                              2. New Jersey (x2)
                              - Approach CEO with paying current dues, but not back dues
                              - Don’t owe $, no networking funds used in the past
                   - Delaware received an additional invoice and should be paying dues soon (if have not done so already – will know
                   once AASHTO reopens at the end of the week)
         - Customer Satisfaction Survey (Marianne Freed)
                   - Will be distributing again in April/May of 2010. Survey will be conducted entirely online (per the request of
                   MTAP Steering Committee and MTAP Membership during Annual Winter Meeting).
                              - Will be analyzed further at 2010 State Partnerships in Seattle, WA
                              - Analysis of Survey – Will help with formulating neat year’s Work Plan
                   - Marianne: Procurement: Don’t have any particular goals yet, though
                              - Lack of staff at OH DOT right now
                              - Buy America? Pre/post delivery? Any current topics?
                                        - David Spacek: Work with Canada on Buy America exemption – Stimulus tie in
                                        - Bill proposed?
                                        - Deal on Thursday – 37 U.S. States and U.S. Government in on deal – 2.5.10
                                        - IL: Pending Buy America waiver
                                        - Fed motor carrier changes – under Steve B’s section
                                                   - Rural & section 5310, on border counties – 390.3 (f) – exemption from having to         Formatted: Indent: Left: 180 pt
                                                   follow fed motor carrier requirements – re: having to be placarded, safety inspections,
                                                   - 9 to 15 passenger vans now covered as well                                              Formatted: Indent: Left: 72 pt
                                                   - Issue: Now smaller vehicles & 5310 recipients have to go through these bigger
                                                   hurdles now                                                                               Formatted: Indent: Left: 180 pt
                                               - Exempting vanpools, no intention to have this apply to 5310 and rural recipients
                                               - Should not be ticketing these types of entities – only commercial vehicles
     - State Management Review Survey: Also completely online now… Steve looked at and approved (link will be sent out with
     link for Customer Satisfaction Survey in the spring)
               - FYI – All info from Triennial and State Management Reviews was compiled into a chart (per Ken and Steve’s
               approval) and sent over to the FTA. Also asked for answers to unanswered questions from Winter Meeting in
               Phoenix) – Should (*hopefully) hear back by the end of the month… answers will be distributed to all of
     - Spring Elections (Jerry Wray)
               - Will hold Spring Elections again in April/May – Brian will work with Jerry to distribute ballots and gather votes in
               the late spring
                          Ken: Sent out list of where terms are for the Steering Committee – Any updates send to Brian
     - MTAP Directory:
               - 2010 MTAP Directory has been fully printed and sent out to the states. This document is also posted on the
               homepage of the MTAP web site at Any updates can be made online now and send to

4.   MTAP Meetings (Jerry Wray – Special Activities, Directory, Special Awards)
     - Starting to plan for State DOT Roundtable Meeting in Long Beach, CA
                - Will have a conference call with Charles Carr and others soon to discuss this year’s Roundtable meeting
     - 2010 State Partnerships Meeting in Seattle, WA
                - First week of August, 2010
                - Tuesday, August 3rd: NCHRP 20-65 Panel Meeting,
                - Wed – Fri (Aug 4-6): State Partnerships Meeting, with Wed. afternoon reserved solely for MTAP and SCOPT
                - Any comments or Idea for sessions, meetings, changes?
                - Need registration info and tentative agenda
                           - Will get posted online on the MTAP/SCOPT sites soon
                - Oklahoma DOT – cannot travel to any AASHTO subcommittee meetings at the moment (unless someone else                   Formatted: Font color: Red
                paying – like MTAP)
                - MTAP Meeting: Need at least 2 hours of meeting time                                                                   Formatted: Indent: Left: 72 pt
                           - MTAP needs a strong half day – 2-3 hours or so (MTAP Steering Committee Meeting in the morning,            Formatted: Indent: Left: 108 pt
                           then MTAP and SCOPT meetings in the afternoon)
     - Starting to plan for the 2010 Annual Winter Meeting. Possible sites:                                                             Deleted: ¶
                - San Antonio, TX, Oklahoma City, OK, Kansas City, KS, or Savannah, GA
                - Sent out survey/ballot to states for preferences for meeting: Now narrowed down to Savannah, GA and Kansas City,
                MO/KS as top choice sites. Giving members until end of next week to respond – sending out reminder to vote on this
                and SCOPT policies by the end of next week
                           - 1st week of December?                                                                                      Formatted: Superscript
                           - Or 2nd week of December – Dec. 6th – 8th? – whatever contract AASHTO can best work out with hotel
                                                                                                                                        Formatted: Superscript
5.   MTAP Budget (Lenny Howard)                                                                                                         Deleted: ¶
     - Updates
     - Brian spoke with Shayne – Will have something (updated Budget) which will be presented to the Steering Committee at the          Formatted: Indent: Left: 72 pt
     State Partnerships Meeting in Seattle, WA in August – Have been notified that we will get budget documents next month in           Formatted: Superscript
     March for FY 2011 Budget
               - Get some sort of budget per line item for next conference call – helps us make decisions for program                   Formatted: Indent: Left: 0 pt,
     - Invoices sent out to States for FY 2010:                                                                                         Tabs: 0 pt, Left
               - To date, 44 states have paid dues for FY 2010. States that still owe dues for FY 2010: Delaware & New Jersey (x2)

6.   MTAP Coordination (Bobby Killebrew, Charles Carr and Steve Billings)
     - Association Coalition Building (Bobby Killebrew – RTAP, APTA and Charles Carr - CTAA)
               -National RTAP Updates (Bobby)
                         - National RTAP new board member solicitation closed on Feb 1, work has begun to fill soon-to-be vacant
                         positions: 2 state DOT, 3 operator. Reminders sent out to MTAP and SCOPT twice to submit board noms
                         - Bobby’s term extended for one year
                         - Some Board members leaving Board early
                                   - Will become ex-officio members
                                   - Will help with tech assistance, as needed
                         - Next RTAP board meeting is scheduled for DC, April 7 – 10
                         - National RTAP website improves every week, 2008 NTD data is available, listing of products under
                         development, and other items
                         - National RTAP is requesting real life rural transit ADA stories
                                   - Compile stories and feature in article
                                   - Can get spotlight on systems
                               - National RTAP Transit Training Video Award, selected award winners will be provided a scholarship to
                               attend the awards presentation at CTAA Expo in CA. Submission deadline 2/26/10
                                         - Awards for best Transit Training Videos
                                         - Scholarships to attend CTAA Expo in May – winners
                                         - Videos produced in 2009 or earlier (before)
                               - MTAP members: Check out new web site
                               - Becoming much more timely
                                         - Vendor: Take rural NTD info and make it accessible to folks – 2007 & 2008 data in excel sheet     Formatted: Indent: Left: 144 pt
                               - Will be doing solicitation for Executive Director position: will now be in Massachusetts – FTA and
                               Vendor’s decision
          - FTA Issues/FTA Communications (Steve Billings) – Updates?
          Federal Issues / Federal Communications - Recent FTA Notices of Proposed Rulemakings:
          a.     FTA NOFA on Sec. 5309 Urban Circulator Systems (Issued 12-08; Proposal due date extended to Feb. 10, 2010)
                    - Extended 2 days: Now taking proposals through tomorrow                                                                 Deleted: ,
          b.     FTA NOFA on Sec. 5309 Bus Livability Initiative Program (Issued 12-08; Proposal due date extended to Feb. 10),
          c.     DHS - FEMA FFY 2010 Transit Security Grant Program (urban) Applications due Feb. 18, 2010,                                  Formatted: Indent: First line: 36 pt
          d.     FRA FFY 2010 Drug & Alcohol Random Rates Stay at 25% Drugs / 10% Alcohol (January 12),
          e.     FTA FFY 2009 OTR Bus Accessibility Grants Availability Notice (Jan. 15; due by April 15),
          f.    FTA Solicits Nominations for Transit Rail Advisory Safety Committee (Issued Feb. 1; Due Feb. 26)
                    - Idea of re-doing state oversight                                                                                       Deleted: ,
          g.     FMCSA Applies Safety Rules to 9 – 15 Passenger CMV’s in Interstate Travel (Feb 1; Eff. May 3)
          h.     FTA Notice of Establishment of Emergency Relief Docket for CY2010 (Issued Feb. 3),
          i.    USDOT Proposed Rules on Changes to Drug Testing Procedures - Part 40 (Feb. 4, comments due April 5),
                    - Drug policy and drug collection issues
                    - Will require all policies to be written up                                                                             Deleted:
          j.    RITA Paperwork Reduction Act Notice: National Census of Ferry Operators (Feb. 8, comments due March 10)
                    - Research and innovative technology – ferries notice
          - Steve: Attended state management review workshop in Atlanta
                    - Many emphasis areas                                                                                                    Formatted: Indent: First line: 36 pt
                    - Looking for documented procedures
                    - Staff Meeting: Went over highlights. ADA is entirely re-done (what they’re doing)
                    - Why they’re asking for things that they haven’t looked for in previous years
                                                                                                                                             Formatted: Indent: Left: 0 pt
- Bobby: State Management Review in March. Can share consultant review with group
          - Send to Brian and send out to Steering Committee
- Kimberly: Review coming up as well might be helpful for group to                                                                           Deleted: ,
- SMR dates are negotiable – Steve Billings
- Send out SMR 2009 Schedule to Steering Committee                                                                                           Formatted: Font color: Auto
          - Following up with FTA re:
          1. Obtaining answers to questions from the MTAP/SCOPT Annual Winter Meeting in Phoenix (sent email with SMR chart, but
          will follow up again)
                    - Contact FTA later this month (February) if do not hear back from FTA
          2. Obtaining information on the scheduled dates for planned state program oversight reviews in 2010
                    - Contact FTA to see if they would tell us the proposed dates that the planned 2010 state reviews are scheduled to be
                    - We understand that whatever dates they provide are subject to change – the purpose of this information is to help us
                    to determine when it is appropriate to contact selected state DOTs to obtain the evaluation surveys that we are
                    collecting at FTA’s request to help them judge the performance of their consultants

7.        Technical Initiatives (Kimberly Gayle and David Spacek)
          - National Coordination Consortium (Kimberly Gayle)
                    - Announce summary of United We Ride National Dialogue (final report – Nov. 2009)
                    - Easter Seals = Lead on this effort
                    - List serv links (United We Ride) sent out
          - SCOPT and Security Taskforce Liaison (Kimberly Gayle)
                    - Ream Lazaro, Gary Gleason and Scott Friedson spoke during the Safety and Security Session at the MTAP/SCOPT
                    Annual Meeting in Phoenix. Information from presentations can be found at:
                               - Ream Lazaro – FTA State Security Information – Feedback
                               - Use link often to keep up-to-date
                    - New Safety and Security information (documents) and video from FTA Bus Safety and Security Program uploaded
                    to MTAP web site at:
                    -Any Other Updates?
          - Training/Courses – UW-Milwaukee Fundamentals of Public Transportation Course (David Spacek)
               - Marketing: Spring 2010 Course brochures now up on the MTAP web site and advertisements for Spring 2010
               Courses in Winter 2010 MTAP Newsletter
                         - Contacted Ken Woodall and information on the Transit 101 Course (as well as two other courses) on the
                         MTAP web site at:

8.   Federal Initiatives (John Dockendorf)
     - NCHRP Project Updates (John Dockendorf)
               - Last Call:
               - 9 projects – did solicitation
                          - Got 24 proposals – 2-3 per tasks, 1 tasks didn’t get any, 1 got sole source – others = 2-6 proposals each
                          - If do not reach consensus in first round, will have conference call
                          - Should have answers by the end of next month or so
                          - Ongoing projects: 4 still in progress – should all be completed by this Spring: April or May
                          - Any questions on specific projects?
               - Updates?
                          - Couple weeks since heard form Gwen Chisholm-Smith
                          - Still trying to get ballots submitted from Committee members
                          - Forecast: results by the end of the month
                          - Steve: FTA has web site – Research digest

9.   Other items – Including SCOPT Updates (Brian)
     - SCOPT Updates (Shayne or Brian)
                - Currently working on updating policies in Policy Book
                - SCOPT is being balloted to vote on policies, if you have not done so already, PLEASE submit a VOTE by the end
                of next week.
     - Survey of State Funding for Public Transportation (with FY ’08 data): Have received survey responses back from 49 states
     (missing NJ) – Will be printing and distributing survey within the next few weeks. BTS currently working on and should have
     draft to us by end of next week – Should be out to the states by the next MTAP Steering Committee Conference Call
     - Anything else?
                - Jobs 2 Bill – passed in the House, now waiting on the Senate
                - Might want to get a list of Ready-to-Go projects together (like ARRA), for when this bill passes
                - Senate Jobs Bill draft – released “HIREA”
                - House version could be amended into the Senate Bill
                - Standing Committee on Research – When is the meeting?? - shooting for $50,000 more this year for 20-65
     - Ken LaRue: Establishing a "discuss board," "Vehicle Post Delivery Audit Alerts" or some other title to bring issues regarding    Formatted: Font: (Default) Times
     the delivery                                                                                                                       New Roman, 9 pt
                - Informational exchange process – Discussion
                - 9 buses with issues…discussion tread?
                - Ohio: Document subrecipients fill out if there’s issues
                - Give it a thought?
                - David: Blog off of our web site – discussion tread on web site?? – Site that only members can log onto. Sharing       Formatted: Indent: Left: 72 pt
                among states – Discuss with AASHTO web team

     Next MTAP Steering Committee Conference Call: Tuesday, March 9th, 2010 – 2:00 p.m. EST