Internet Power Phone 210™ Headset Adapter

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					Internet Power Phone
210™ Headset Adapter

The Internet Power Phone
210™ meets the need for
an Enterprise quality USB
Headset Adapter.

The IPP210 is a sleek
modern design combined
with the quality and
reliability characteristic of
the Internet Power
Phone™ product line.

The IPP 210™ is able to
operate seamlessly with
all popular VoIP Client
software and has been
tested with Cisco, 3Com
NBX, Alcatel, Nortel
Siemens, Avaya, Skype,
Xten, Eyebeam and most
other popular softphone
client systems.

No additional drivers or
software is required to
utilize this device. Works
as an additional sound
device in your PC or MAC
                                                                                                  Components                                   Before you begin:
Product Feature Specification and                       Functional Specification                                                               Ensure you have an update copy of your Operating
                                                                                                       •    Micro Controller
Functionality                                               •    Outbound Local Dialtone                         o    8031/51 Series
                                                                                                                                               system including Direct X8.1 or higher. You can
                                                                                                                                               download this update free of charge from Microsoft
                                                                       o    PC originated                        o    ASIC device              at the following links. Click here for Windows 98/ME
Physical Specification                                      •    Mute                                  •    Local Program Memory               or click here for Windows 2000/XP to download the
    •    Trimline Handset Shell – fully customisable                   o    PC Client Supported        •    Database                           latest version. (Hint: Windows XP users and anyone
         form factor                                        •    Volume Up/Down                        •    USB Transceivers                   who has the latest Windows Updates will not have
              o    ABS                                                 o    PC Client Supported        •    I2C Controller                     to do this step.)
                               Shock resistant              •    Full Client Integration
              o    2 piece construction with mounting                                                                                          Step 1:
                   structures                                                                     Ancillary Services Integration(Client        Install the third party Softphone – for example Cisco
                               strain relief            Configuration                             Dependent)                                   IP Softphone. You may need your Network
                               2.5mm Female                                                                                                    Administrator to assist you in getting this done.
                                                            •    Remote Configurable                   •    Voice Mail
                               Input/Output Jack
                               3.5mm Female Input           •    Remote Software Upgrade               •    Message Waiting                    Step 2:
                               Jack                         •    Local Configuration                   •    Three Party Calling                Download and install Eutectics IPP Softphone
                               3.5 mm Female Output                  o    Via PC Software              •    Call Waiting                       integration software. Follow this link
                               Jack                                                                    •    Caller ID                
              o    Ergonomic design                     Connections                                                                            to install the software.
    •    USB 1.1 compliant Cord                                  •      USB A
              o    Shielded                                      •      2.5 mm jack               Standards and compatibility                  Step 3:
              o    USB A termination                                                                                                           Plug in the Eutectics IPP Phone to the PC and let it
                                                                 •      3.5mm input jack               •    USB 1.1 – USB-IF Compliance
              o    2 meters length                                                                                                             install itself.
                                                                 •      3.5mm output jack                        o    VID 0x0E7D –
              o    Straight
                                                                 •      Bus Powered                                   Internet Power Phone
                                                                                                                                               Step 4:
              o    Strain relief
                                                                                                       •    FCC part 15 (Class B)              Configure the third Party Softphone software to use
                                                                                                       •    CE                                 the IPP Phone. This is specific to the individual
                                                        Client VoIP Supported Protocols                •    UL                                 Softphones – so please consult the specific
                                                                                                       •    Microsoft WDM/ODM                  installation guide for your softphone -
                                                            •    Cisco IP Communicator
                                                            •    Avaya Softphone                                                     
                                                            •    Alcatel Omnipoint
                                                            •    Siemens Opticlient               IPP 210™ Handset Installation process        Availability and timescales
                                                            •    Nortel i2050                     The Eutectics IPP 210™ Adapter is fully      The IPP210 is in full production.
                                                            •    3Com pcXset                      supported by native Microsoft Windows
                                                            •    Skype                            drivers. Eutectics DLL and API Software is
                                                            •    Xten                             compliant to Windows XP and Vista

                                                            •    Eyebeam                          Minimum requirements:
                                                            •    SNOM                                  •     500 MHz or better Pentium
                                                            •    Yahoo Messenger                       •     40 MB free storage space on
                                                            •    Google Talk                                 Hard Drive
                                                            •    Many other popular Softphones         •     USB Interface                             343 Passaic Ave
                                                                                                       •     Internet Connection
                                                                                                                                                      Fairfield, NJ 07004
                                                                                                  The basic installation process is below.
                                                                                                  For individual softphones you should visit
                                                                                                  the Eutectics support page.

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