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					                  Lesson Plan Template
                                           Lesson Title
        Teacher Name Cheri Hudson                               School Catawba Elementary

           Subject/Course                      Grade Level                   Approximate Time
           Language Arts                           4th                           Needed:
                                                                                One week

Essential Question
                              What were the reasons for the Civil War, who fought, and what
                              was the outcome?
Description of                Students will research facts about the Civil War, answer
Lesson                        questions and then use the information they find to create a
                              Newspaper based on the facts found.

North Carolina Goals and Objectives: (http://www.learnnc.org/scos/)
What standards will be addressed?

Lang. Arts Goal 2, 3, and 4
Computer Technology Skills Goals 1 and 2

Student Goals/Outcomes:
What do you want students to know and be able to do? What knowledge, skills, strategies, and attitudes
do you expect students to gain? What important content and concepts will students learn?

Students will be able to research and answer questions concerning the Civil War. They will have a better
understanding of both the North and the South’s reasons for going to war. Students will showcase their
knowledge in a Newspaper article format.
They will also use a map to identify which states belonged to the Union and which states were
Confederate states. They will show their findings on a map of the United States.

Learning Activities or Tasks:
What engaged and worthwhile learning activities and tasks will your students complete? How can the
use of technology support student learning?

After reading Because of Winn Dixie, students were interested/curious about the events of the Civil War.
After a class discussion and creation of a Civil War KWL chart a list of facts the students wanted to know
was listed and made into questions. The students researched print materials and online sources in order
to answer the questions. They then created a newspaper article from a template, where they filled in the
information they had found during their research. The newspaper articles were printed and displayed.
As a closing activity, the KWL chart was reviewed and the “learned” section was filled in with facts the
students had found during their research.

Big6 or Super3 Skills:
Big6 - 1. Task Definition, 2. Information Seeking Strategies, 3. Location and Access, 4. Use of
Information, 5. Synthesis, 6. Evaluation
Super3 – 1. Plan, 2. Do, 3. Review

1. Task Definition: Students will learn about the Civil War through print materials, Internet research, and
use Publisher to showcase knowledge.

1                                                                                  Catawba County Schools
2. Information Seeking Strategies: Students will use encyclopedias, Non-Fiction books, and Reference
materials to read and find answers to questions dealing with the Civil War.
3. Location/Access: Students will use the Media Center to locate Non-Fiction books, Reference
materials and use the computer lab to access the Internet in order to find answers to Civil War related
4. Use of Information: Students will report their findings on a Civil War Facts Sheet provided by their
5. Synthesis: Students will use a Newspaper Article template in Publisher and type their information.
6. Students will publish their article with their answers to questions about the Civil War.

Prerequisite Skills:
What skills must the students have to begin this unit?
Basic computer skills-able to copy and paste pictures
Some research knowledge- encyclopedias, maps, Internet searches and citing sources

Required Materials and Resources:
Hardware - Computer Lab, Computer
Software –Microsoft Publisher, Internet
Internet Web Links – List URL’s
Printed Materials –handout
Supplies – Paper, pencil

Student Assessment:
How will you know your students have reached the lesson goal? What assessment tools will you use?
How will students assess themselves? (Observation, journal, essay, quiz, test, project, etc)
Students will produce a Newspaper article about the Civil War filled with information they found while
Observation and assistance during research will allow assessment of research skills.

Accommodations for Differentiated Instruction:
Exceptional, ELL, AIG student
Exceptional and ELL students may work in a small group or with a partner to find information and create a
group article with help from a volunteer or assistant.
AIG students may create two-sided newspapers with more facts and details from their research.

Lesson Evaluation and Teacher Reflection:
The amount of information available on the Civil War may be overwhelming to the students so focused
questions may help them find specific information. The students were given a list of websites they could
use during the project and this list was saved in Favorites on each computer. If the students completed
all required questions, they were given the opportunity to research any interesting facts and include their
findings in their newspaper.

2                                                                                 Catawba County Schools