Resolution of Compnay to Open and Manage Bank Accounts

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					                           _____________________[Company Name]

                       Resolution to Open and Manage Bank Accounts

               RESOLVED, that ______________________ [Name of Officer or Director], a

_____________________ [Title] of _________________________                      [Company Name]

(hereinafter, the “Company”), and _____________________ [Name of Officer or Director], a

______________________ [Title] of the Company, are hereby authorized and directed, for the

account of this Company, and on such terms and conditions as she may deem proper, to open and

maintain one or more bank accounts at any banking institution that she deems proper; and to

sign, execute, and endorse any and all such documents as may be required by said bank to create

such accounts, and to manage, draw, withdraw, deposit, borrow against, or such other activity

required for the operation such banks accounts on behalf of the Company; to apply for and obtain

from said bank any loans, lines of credit, credit, credit cards, and letters of credit as she deems

proper, and to execute agreements to secure said bank in connection therewith, to pledge and/or

mortgage any moneys on deposit or any moneys otherwise in the possession of said bank, and/or

any bonds, stocks, receivables, or other property of this Company, to secure the payment of any

indebtedness, liability, or obligation of this Company to said bank whether now due or to

become due and whether existing or hereafter incurred, to withdraw and/or substitute any

property held at any time by said bank as collateral, and to sign and execute trust receipts for the

withdrawal of same when required; and generally to do and perform all acts and sign all

agreements, obligations, pledges, and/or other instruments necessary or required by said bank.

               The undersigned hereby certify that they are the duly elected and qualified

_______________________ [Directors/Officers] and the custodian of the books and records and

seal of ________________________[Company Name], a [corporation/company] duly formed

pursuant to the laws of the State of _______________, and that the foregoing is a true record of a

resolution and that said resolution is now in full force and effect without modification or


               IN    WITNESS       WHEREOF,          we    have    executed    our    names    as

__________________ of the above named Company this the _____ day of _________, 20__.

      Title: _______________

      Title _____________


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