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                 JDB Financial, LLC
Unique Investment Opportunity In alternative investments “Green” Projects.

With the volatility of the CRE market many savvy investors have turn their focus on green projects and
developments. With all of the recent state, local and federal funding programs in place for green
projects; “Going Green” just makes good investment sense. The tax incentives from going green offer a
stronger ROI than the actual returns generated from the actual investment. Below are the investment
high lights of the most recent investment opportunity offered by JDB Financial.

Project name: Renewable Energy Solar Farm
Investment cost: 25M
Proposed Investment offering:
6.5% annum Fixed ROI to the investor (accrued interest deferred for the first 12 months, payments due
on month 13)
17% equity position, buy outs negotiable
3 to 6 year term
State tax credit refund or 30% (7.5M) paid to the investor 90 days after funding (see proforma)
In the first year there are additional tax credits totaling 1M to the investor

Project summary:
Energy Project is constructed from four different but symbiotic component parts. It is a unique
project by simple definition since it is the only project in the nation that combines various
“green” energy components in a natural combination that minimizes energy and water use while
utilizing renewable energy power sources. In addition, it is unique in the fact that it uses a crop
that has been encouraged as a winter cover crop which reduces the environmental impacts of
run-off into a major, at risk, body of water while providing a market for a crop that currently is
not supported in the marketplace. The catalyst for this energy project is a 15 million gallon
barley based ethanol production facility. The ethanol production facility is supported by a 19.8
MW biomass fueled electricity and thermal energy production facility. In addition, the ethanol
production facility utilizes some of its co-products such as CO2 to support a 30 acre commercial
greenhouse complex that will produce as much as 18 million pounds per year of tomatoes and
other greenhouse products. The project is expected to begin producing energy within 9 to 12
months after funding. All reports, permits, studies and contracts are in place and approved. This
project is ready for funding. Full investor package available on request

Debt service ability: Current contracts in place for purchase of energy for 6,600 MWh per year

Exit Strategy: Government issued Green bond funding will be used to exit from the 25M loan

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