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									                                           The Script
     November 10,

                                                             A Publication of the Communications Technology

                                           Student body elects new senate officers
                                           By Mary Glass                     The Script issue, and a           hours per week in Rm. 964,
                                             national election year all        the Club Room in the
                                                                             played a part, Wheatley said.     Students Services Center. It is
                                               The votes are in, and the                                       an opportune time for
                                           ballots have been counted.           “It was a close race this      students and faculty to voice
                                           The new Student Senate            year,” Wheatley said. “There      their opinions or concerns.
                                           officers are President Arun       were only 13 votes that
                                           Kissoondyal and Vice              separated the election                “We have serious work
                                           President Jacob Breasure. The     between president and vice        ahead of us and it’s a real
                                           student body officers were        president.”                       pleasure working with him
From left: Student Senate President Arun   officially sworn in at the                                          [Jacob],” said Kissoondyal.
Kissoondyal and Vice President Jacob       Student Senate meeting on            Kissoondyal, a medical         “Together I think we can get a
Breasure are determined to get more
student involvement in the senate.
                                           Oct. 13 in Room 997 in the        laboratory technology student,    lot done.”
Photo by Mary Glass                        Student Services Center.          and Breasure, a business
                                                                             accounting student, were              Both officers are excited to
                                              Voting for the student         constantly around campus          get to work and have spoken
                                           senate officers took place in     talking and shaking hands,        about their strengths and the
                                           front of the bookstore on Oct.    reaching out to the student       duties ahead. One area they
                                           5 and 6.                          body.                             will concentrate their focus on
                                                                                                               is student involvement.
                                              Chad Wheatley, student             “All the candidates did a
                                           activities coordinator was        great job this year,” said           Kissoondyal and Breasure
                                           impressed with the turnout at     Wheatley. “Arun and Jacob         say they are determined to get
                                           the voting booths. He said        went above and beyond and it      students more involved in the
                                           more than 10 percent of the       really paid off.”                 college. They want to bring
In This Issue:                             student body voted in the                                           student interaction back into
                                           election, compared to less            Kissoondyal and Breasure      the Student Senate.
◊   Student Senate officers                than 2 percent last year.         will serve a term of office for
    elected…...…….……… 1                                                one year, from October 2004          Breasure explains that
◊   Roady’s Lunch and Laughs                  Wheatley admits that this      to September 2005.                students need to understand
                                           year was completely different     Wheatley, the Student Activity    they are the ones making
    debut………………..…….pg. 2
                                           than last year. He says one       Executive Board, and Dean of      changes, so their voices need
◊   Pumpkin decorating con-                reason is because last year       Student Services Paul Selby       to be heard. The Student
    test held…..…………… 3               was the first year for the        assign the duties to the offi-    Senate and the college cannot
                                           student senate, and a lot of      cers. As a reward, the officers   be successful without student
◊   NCASC fundraiser…….pg. 4               the candidates did not know       receive a tuition waver for the   turnout.
◊   Calendar………..……… 6                the procedures.                   entire year.
                                                                                                                  They understand that it is
        Staff Reporters:                      Besides entering the              Duties include chairing the    hard to attend certain
           Mary Glass                      second year of the senate,        student senate meetings and       functions throughout the day
          Jeff Mitchell                    Wheatley believes there were      projects, serving on a variety    due to classes or other
                                           many other reasons why            of boards and committees,         obligations and will try to be
               Editor:                     student turnout rose this year.   holding monthly and bi-           more accessible for students.
          Jessica Farley                                                     monthly meetings with Selby
                                              Intense campaigning by         and Wheatley, representing           “We are not just available
                                           the five candidates, moving       the student body at college       during our office hours,” said
                                           the location of the voting        functions, and holding office     Breasure. “In the hallway, at
                                           booths from the Student           hours.                            lunch, anytime is a good
                                           Services Center to the Jason                                        time.”
                                           Technology Center, timing of         Their office is open two
November 10, 2004                                                                                                                                                       Page 2

Lunch and Laughs debuts with banana splits (and a monkey?)
By Mary Glass                              cheered at the                                                                             make him into a monkey.                     show.                                                                                      Even though he was
                                                                                                                                      continuously making them,
   A new student activity has       Anna                                                                                              he said he wasn’t shocked
been added to the campus       Ukraintseva,                                                                                           by the number of orders.
calendar.                      first semester                                                                                         “Who wouldn’t be excited
                               marketing                                                                                              about dessert?” asked
   On the third Thursday of    management                                                                                             Jones.
every month, a themed          student, raved
luncheon with Roady the        about how                                                                                                  Tammy Watkins, market-
Roadrunner will be held in     much fun it is                                                                                         ing and communication
the Student Services dining at the Owens                                                                                              coordinator, summed up the
hall.                          Campus. “You                                                                                           afternoon in one word: fun.
                               do everything                                                                                          She said the partnership
  The Roadrunner Eatery        in this college. Join Roady in the dining hall every third Thursday of the month. This                 between Delaware Tech and
kicked off the first monthly   It’s not just    month’s theme: “Hang’n Loose—Hawaiian Style.”
                                                                                                                                      Aladdin Food Services was
themed lunch with “Going                        Photo by Mary Glass
                               boring                                                                                                 to promote the eatery and
Bananas” on Oct. 14 from       school,” said                             In the dining hall, a banquet                                provide a new student event.
noon to 12:30 p.m.             Ukraintseva. “It’s a lot of fun           table was set up with chafing
                               here.”                                    dishes filled with hot wings.                                     She hopes the next
    The dining hall was filled                                                                                                        event, “Hangin’ Loose,” will
with laughter and music as         Aladdin Food Service                       At the end of the table                                 be as successful as the first.
Roady made his way around Director Joshua Winder                         were two large tubs full of ice                              This Hawaiian-themed
to all the tables. Roady was agreed. “I think it went                    cream, mounds of toppings                                    luncheon will be on Nov. 11
a character, as usual. His     great,” he said. “There was a             and a pile of bananas. It was                                from noon until 12:30 p.m.
mischief and pranks got the lot of excitement in the air.”
                                                                         the busiest part of the dining                               To get into the spirit of the
crowd into the spirit of the
                                                                         hall and at the top of most                                  festivities, students and fac-
afternoon as he chased a            Roady’s shenanigans                  people’s lunch order.                                        ulty are asked to wear a
monkey around trying to get were not the only thing on the                                                                            Hawaiian shirt.
the banana from his hands. menu. Students and faculty                         Keyon Jones, caterer for
                               had the option of ordering                Aladdin Foods, said he made
   Students and staff were     lunch through the eatery or               enough banana splits to
smiling as they clapped and from the special event table.

International Club travels to Philadelphia

                                                                                         Twenty-seven students and three club advisors from the International Club visited the
International students Noselie Macelus, Myriam Padilla Borbon, and Donalyn Neale enjoy
                                                                                         Liberty Bell and Independence Hall in Philadelphia on Saturday, Oct. 16. Photo by
the Philadelphia Art Museum. Photo by Allison Burris
                                                                                         Allison Burris
November 10, 2004                                                                                                                                      Page 3

Radiology, NCASC and ABG come up winners at the Pumpkin Decorating Contest
By Jeff Mitchell                        Committee Chairperson Gail               Roadrunner                                                    ing. The                  Harrison said. “There were a             decided                                                       movies,
                                        few more entries last year,              that the                                                      directed
   Make no “bones” about it,            but those who participated               Radiologic                                                    by classic
the Radiologic Technology               last year and didn’t this year           Technol-                                                      horror
pumpkin was the winner of               told me they were extremely              ogy’s entry                                                   director
Delaware Technical & Com-               busy.”                                   was a better                                                  Roger
munity College Owens Cam-                                                        balance                                                       Corman,
pus’ pumpkin                                                       Of the        between                                                       were “The
decorating con-                                               remaining          decorating                                                    Beast
test, which was                                               eight contest-     the pump-                                                     From the
the focal point                                               ants, the          kin and in-                                                   Haunted
of the college’s                                              Owens Cam-         cluding the The crowd of students and staff watch as Roady    Sea,”
                                                                                                helps judge the pumpkin carvings.
Scary Movie/                                                  pus chapter        technology, Photo by Jeff Mitchell                            “The
Pumpkin                                                       of the Na-         which is why                                                  Beast
Decorating                                                    tional Com-        they were awarded first                 from the Haunted Cave,” and
Contest.                                                      munication         place over the NCASC and                “The Wasp Woman.”
                                                              Association        Alpha Beta Gamma entries.
 The winning                                                  Student Clubs                                                   Harrison said that the
entry, an open                                                (NCASC), rep-          NCASC member Logan                  event was enjoyable for both
faced pumpkin                                                 resenting the      Anderson said that “Scare               participants and onlookers,
filled with                                                    Communica-        Vision,” a hollowed out pro-            and that if the event is held
gummy worms          First place went to the Radiologic        tions Technol-    jection television with a               next year, they may play some
                     Technology submission. The pumpkin
and licorice that had a carved ribcage and gummy worm ogy, placed                carved pumpkin in the cen-              appropriate music for it.
served as the        intestines. Photo by Jeff Mitchell        second with       ter surrounded by Halloween
stomach of an                                                  their entry       decorations and a small
attached skeleton, won Ra-                titled “Scare Vision,” and             camera that projected im-
diologic Technology students Alpha Beta Gamma’s entry,                           ages through another televi-
a $75 gift certificate to the             a pumpkin decorated as a               sion mounted on top of the
bookstore.                                hotrod complete with driver            entry, was a group effort and
                                          inside, finished third.                commended his colleagues
     Nine pumpkins were en-                                                      on their hard work.
tered                                                               “Last year
into the                                                           the whole        “Almost everyone in our
Food                                                               club was      club was involved with every
and Fun                                                            really dis-   stage of the project,” Ander-
Commit-                                                            appointed     son said, adding that the
tee spon-                                                          because       club added two members
sored                                                              we didn’t     during the decoration        Roady shows off his self-portrait pumpkin at the
                                                                                                              Pumpkin Decorating Contest.
contest,                                                           place at      process.                     Photo by Jeff Mitchell
which                                                              all,”
was held                                                           NCASC              For placing second, the
on Octo-                                                           President     NCASC was awarded a $50                        For more
ber 28 in The NCASC’s “Scare Vision” submission won second Brandy                gift certificate to the Road-                information
            place. The club used a big-screen TV and decorated
the Road- the inside with a scary grave scene. A hidden camera Shockley          runner Eatery, which NCASC
runner      caught onlookers on TV. Photo by Jeff Mitchell         said.         Advisor Jessica Farley said                 about student
Eatery in                                                          “This year    will be used for a group                       activities,
the Student Services Center. placing second was bitter-                          lunch. Alpha Beta Gamma
The contest was open to the               sweet; it’s nice to place, but         won a $25 gift certificate to               check out the
technologies offered at                   we really wanted to win.”              Wal-Mart for third place.                       student
Owens Campus and/or clubs
representing those technolo-                   English instructor Rob            Decorated pumpkins                              activity
gies.                                     Rector, one of three judges            weren’t the event’s only                        bulletin
                                          for the event, said that fel-          draw. Students were able to
 “I was pleased with the                  low judges Admissions Coun-            watch horror movies in the                    boards and
number of people who par-                 selor Diana Erney and col-             Executive Dining Room,                           EDGE.
ticipated,” Food and Fun                  lege mascot Roady the                  while eating or simply relax-
November 10, 2004                                                                                                                                     Page 4

NCASC event raises eyebrows, money and spirits
By Jeff Mitchell                                                            cations technology,                                                      we want people to
                                                                            know who we are
   In an effort to raise                                                    and what we do in
money and to increase                                                       the program,” Com-
students’ awareness of                                                      munications Instruc-
the Communications tech-                                                    tor Jessica Farley
nology, the Owens Cam-                                                      said. “Those stu-
pus chapter of the Na-                                                      dents who stopped
tional Communication                                                        by the radio station
Association Student Club NCASC Vice President Mary Glass poses with         and talked with our
(NCASC) held it’s annual “Frankie,” one of the many prized raffled at the   students now know
WDTS Open House and              club event. Photo by Jeff Mitchell.        that they are training
                                                                                                      NCASC club member Jamie Hoffer fills out a raffle ticket.
Bake Sale fundraiser on                                                     to be mass media          Photo by Jeff Mitchell
Oct. 27.                                                                    professionals.”
                                            After perusing the raffle                                             that can be totally rectified,
   During the open house,               items and the items for sale,           Club members wore t-              putting a speaker outside the
held in the William C. Jason            hungry students traveled            shirts they purchased that            door would help the sound
Technology Center outside               towards The Bookstore to            had the club letters on the           problem, but probably generate
the WDTS radio lab, students the site of the club’s bake                    front and a message on the a plethora of administrative
were able to participate in a           sale. There they found sev-         back. The club purchased              problems.”
dollar raffle for several               eral baked goods available          the shirts to help them feel
donated items,                                            for purchase,     more unified as a group.                   Postles suggested that next
including                                                 all cheaper                                                                         year the
Banana Boat gift                                          than $1, and          “The club                                                     raffle be
baskets, an                                               several took      members and                                                       conducted
Olive Garden gift                                         advantage.        club advisors                                                     in WDTS,
certificate and a                                                           (Jessica Farley,                                                  which
free massage                                                  “Having the   Sandy                                                             could
from a profes-                                            bake sale right   Naumann and                                                       prove
sional mas-                                               down the hall     Diana Young)                                                      difficult
seuse. They                                               from the open     all wore their                                                    since the
could also pur-                                           house is some-    shirts proudly                                                    lab itself
chase CDs, post-                                          thing that        at the open                                                       consists of
ers and stickers                                          (returning                                           the selection
                                                                            house,” Farley Students peruse (as in money, of $1 CDs and three small
                                                                                               50 cent posters               not the rap-
for $1 or less,                                           NCASC mem-        said. “It was a per). Photo by Jeff Mitchell.                   rooms with
                    “Wanna buy a cupcake?” asks the
and play free       NCASC’s Secretary Shauntae
                                                          bers) found       great feeling to                                                lots of
games for           Clarke . Photo by Jeff Mitchell       worked very       see everyone having such a technical equipment.
candy.                                                    well last year,   good time.”
                                        so we knew going into this                                                     The radio lab was thoroughly
   “This year we tried to do            semester that we would be                Educational Lab Special- decorated in celebration of
everything we did last year             doing it again,” Shockley           ist Tamera Postles, who               Halloween, in an effort to fur-
but bigger and better,”                 said.                               runs the WDTS Radio Sta-              ther increase what students
NCASC President Brandy                                                      tion, said that the idea of an can learn about the lab.
Shockley said. “We wanted                   Raising money to support        open house to create stu-
the raffle items to be worth            the club wasn’t the only ob-        dent awareness was a good                 “As a club we are very happy
more and to have more CDs               jective of the fundraiser;          one, but she wasn’t sure if           and pleased with how the open
for the students to choose              club members also wanted            the event totally accom-              house went,” Shockley said.
from.”                                  to let students of other tech-      plished it’s goal.
                                        nologies know what being                                                      Farley agreed, adding that
   According to Shockley the Communications student                             “Most people see the              she thought WDTS looked
most popular raffle items               encompasses.                        door and window, and                  great, and that the students
were the Banana Boat gift                                                   sometimes someone in the              and staff who helped out with
baskets and two Mary Kay                    “One major goal of our          window (of the station), but          the event did a fantastic job.
makeup baskets, which were club is to increase the                          they don’t hear anything,”
worth $100 each.                        awareness of the Communi-           Postles said. “I’m not sure
November 10, 2004                                                                                       Page 5

                      The Twelve “Shopping” Days of Christmas
                               Delaware Tech Owens Campus Bookstore

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                      *****Textbooks and software are not included in the above specials****

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What’s happening in November & December
   16-Nov             Special Event: Tuesdays Around the World (Turkey)               11:30 am - 12:30 pm              Dining Hall, Student Services Center

   17-Nov          Bake Sale: Sponsored by National Communications Club                  11 am - 1 pm                  Bookstore, Jason Technology Center

   17-Nov       Presentation: Native American Storyteller - Ragatha Calentine             Noon - 1 pm                   Room 997, Student Services Center

   17-Nov                    Special Event: Student Film Committee                          6 pm *                          Contact 856-5400x3060 *

   18-Nov             Meeting: National Communication Club (NCASC)                        Noon - 1 pm                  Room 032, Jason Technology Center

   18-Nov                     Meeting: International Club - Lunch                       12:30 - 1:30 pm                Dining Hall, Student Services Center

   18-Nov               Special Event: Wilmington College Career Fair                    4:30 - 6:30 pm                     Carter Partnership Center

   19-Nov                Meeting: Student Activities Executive Board                  11:30 am - 12:30 pm               Room 997, Student Services Center

   22-Nov                     Meeting: Campus Crusade for Christ                      11:30 am - 12:30 pm                       Room 444, Library

   22-Nov                      Meeting: Phi Theta Kappa (Open)                             4 - 5 pm                    Room 175A, Jason Technology Center

   23-Nov               Special Event: Phi Theta Kappa Fall Induction                       6 pm *               Dining Hall, Student Services Center *(Invitation)

   24-Nov                          Meeting: Student Senate                                Noon - 1 pm                   Room 997, Student Services Center

 25, 26-Nov                  College Closed for Thanksgiving Holiday

   29-Nov                     Meeting: Campus Crusade for Christ                      11:30 am - 12:30 pm                       Room 444, Library

   29-Nov                     Meeting: Phi Theta Kappa (Officers)                          4 - 5 pm                    Room 175A, Jason Technology Center

   1-Dec            Bake Sale: Sponsored by National Communications Club                 11 am - 1 pm            WDTS Radio Station Area, Jason Technology Center

   1-Dec                          Special Event: Holiday Social                         11:30 am - 1 pm                 Dining Hall, Student Services Center

   2-Dec                       Meeting: International Club - Lunch                    12:30 pm - 1:30 pm                Dining Hall, Student Services Center

   5-Dec            Presentation: Holiday Concert by Mid-Atlantic Symphony                3 pm - 6 pm                       Contact 302-858-5475 ($)

   6-Dec                       Meeting: Campus Crusade for Christ                     11:30 am - 12:30 pm                       Room 444, Library

   6-Dec                       Meeting: Phi Theta Kappa (Officers)                        4 pm - 5 pm                  Room 175A, Jason Technology Center

   7-Dec                       Meeting: Alpha Beta Gamma (Open)                       10:30 am - 11:30 am               Room 032, Jason Technology Center

   8-Dec                                Meeting: MALTA                                11:30 am - 12:30 pm               Room 114, Jason Technology Center

   9-Dec               Meeting: National Communication Club (NCASC)                      12 pm - 1 pm                      Room 032, Jason Technology

   9-Dec           Special Event: Lunch & Laughs with Roady the Roadrunner            12:30 pm - 1:30 pm                Dining Hall, Student Services Center

   9-Dec                       Meeting: International Club - Lunch                    12:30 pm - 1:30 pm                Dining Hall, Student Services Center

   10-Dec                    Deposit for Spring 2005 Due to Cashier                    No Later than 4 pm                 Cashier, Student Services Center


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