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					                                     The US Navy Japanese/Oriental Language School Archival Project
                                                              The Interpreter
                                          Archives, University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries
 Number 61                             Remember September 11, 2001                                                                       March 1, 2003

          Our Mission                            Response                           took you; if he did not think so,
                                                                                    he didn’t.
                                                                                                                                  Fr. John
  In the Spring of 2000, the                         to                                Of the 1300 or so students at         Baptist Hasbrouck
  Archives continued the origi-               Daily Camera                          JLS only the tiniest handful had           Remembered
  nal efforts of Captain Roger
  Pineau and William Hudson,                Article on Reunion                      ever been in Japan or had studied
                                                                                    any Japanese prior to coming to         The Interpreter carried a letter
  and the Archives first at-                In the June 7, 2002, issue of the       Boulder. There were indeed a            last year from John Hasbrouck,
  tempts in 1992, to gather the             Daily Camera there appeared an          great many members of Phi Beta          with his address, making
  papers, letters, photographs,             article about the reunion of the        Kappa but there were also a great       possible a reminder to John of
  and records of graduates of               alumni of the Naval Japanese            many students who were not.             some hullabaloo on Peleliu,
  the US Navy Japanese/                     Language School. In this article,          As for myself, I was not born        memorable because there was
  Oriental Language School,                 the reporter wrote, “The Navy           in Japan nor was I a member of          plenty to hear but he was up
  University of Colorado at                 had two requirements for                Phi Beta Kappa but I was most           watching it too, and reporting
  Boulder, 1942-1946. We                    admission into the secret school:       certainly there.                        what he was seeing, in vivid
  assemble these papers in                  students either had to have been                                                detail. He was known for quiet
  recognition of the contribu-                                                                  Ross H. Ingersoll, Ph.D.
                                            born in Japan, or they had to be                     JLS Class of May 1944      faith in God, and it seemed at the
  tions made by JLS/OLS                     members of the Phi Beta Kappa                                                   time that he felt God’s
  instructors and graduates to              honor society.” I do not know, of                                               protection. The reminder got no
  the War effort in the Pacific             course, the reporter’s source for       [Ed. Note: I regret that we were        place; he replied that he had no
  and the Cold War, to the                  this statement but it is partly silly   unable to publish letter while he was   memory of the incident. But with
  creation of East Asian                    and completely erroneous and I          alive. Funny how one can miss the       it came a statement of his faith
  language programs across                  cannot let it go uncorrected.           most obvious mistakes. I must have
                                                                                                                            that is more moving when you
  the country, and to the                                                           inadvertently read “initially” into
                                                The students at JLS were all                                                know that a lingering illness
  development of Japanese-                                                          that     sentence.    According    to
                                            (or mostly all) hand picked by          Hindmarsh‟s July, 1944 report, of       would take his life this year (as
  American      cultural   rec-             Commander A.E. Hindmarsh                                                        reported in the Interpreter.)
                                                                                    300 original individuals reviewed in
  onciliation programs after                after a personal interview. I do        1941, fifty-six were selected, all of
                                                                                                                                                Harry T. Foote
  World War II.                             not know all of Hindmarsh’s             whom were native-born US citizens
                                                                                                                                                     JLS 1943
                                            criteria but they were certainly        (then they could be born overseas),
    Sensei Story                            not limited to these two.               white and male, “most had lived in
                                                                                    Japan or China and had university
                                                                                                                                Our [Trappist] Abbey is in
                                                Obviously almost anyone not                                                 Lafayette, Oregon, 45 minutes
                                                                                    degrees.” Those who been raised in
David --                                    of Japanese ancestry who had                                                    southwest of Portland. The
                                                                                    Japan or China were called BIJ or
At Boulder and later in Stillwater          any knowledge of or prior               BIC, placing false importance on        monastery in Valley Falls, RI is
(Oklahoma), we had a wonderful              experience with Japanese would          place of birth, rather than prior       where my military story ended
teacher named Kikuye Okamura.               have been welcomed with open            knowledge of the language. When the     and the monastic story started. I
It was she who taught me to                 arms but just being born in a           program expanded at CU in Boulder       have not at all resolved to write
"Ume nimo haru" [Roly-poly                  country is meaningless – even           in December 1942, the minimum           the monastic story till I get to
                                            the Japanese have to learn their        criteria, according to Hindmarsh,       Heaven, and then it will all be
warrior, and Plum Blossoms in                                                       had changed to: college degree and
Spring].                                    language as we have to learn                                                    visible on my face.
                                                                                    either previous knowledge of
     She told us of having a                English. Being a member of Phi                                                      Maybe we shall be able to see
                                                                                    Japanese or Phi Beta Kappa
fifteen-year-old Mexican boy                Beta Kappa was strong evidence          standing. PBK ran ads in their          each other‟s hearts to the very
who was living in her California            of academic achievement but             publication, The Key, for the US        bottom, and not be ashamed. The
home [Arizona?] at the time the             was not in and by itself evidence       Navy JLS program. Hindmarsh             sins will be wiped out, and the
west coast Issei and Nisei were             of an applicant’s ability to learn      failed to report on the nature and      damage repaired, and gratitude
taken to camp. Neither said a               this or any other foreign               importance of his interview. By June    for God‟s forgiveness will make
                                            language.              Commander        1944, 17% of JLS graduates had          our praise the richer. No envy
word to the authorities, and for                                                    been born or lived in the Far East,
some time [someone else might               Hindmarsh must have had                                                         will be possible in the divine
                                                                                    78% had either BA, MA, or Ph.D.,
fill in the details here] they lived        foremost among his criteria an                                                  presence, because of genuine
                                                                                    and 32% were Phi Beta Kappa.
as a family in the relocation               aptitude for languages which one        Hindmarsh had a decided eastern         charity. When there is no reason
camp where she was sent. She                might well have without being a         bias, as 44% were Easterners, 33%       to be ashamed, there is no need
told this story straight, with a            member of Phi Beta Kappa and            were from the far West, 16% were        for privacy. But the publicity will
chuckle, and let us draw our own            one which a member of Phi Beta          Midwesterners, 5% were from the         have no boastfulness, no
conclusions about the stupidity             Kappa might well not have. As           South and only 2% came from the         competition, or hidden ambition
                                            much as anything else was               Southwest. So while Hindmarsh           souring it. It is nice to think of
of the military at that time.                                                       seemed not particularly impressed by
                                            Commander             Hindmarsh’s                                               such perfect human relations
                              F. R. Pitts                                           university faculty in general, he
                                            personal appraisal of the                                                       awaiting us, together with
                               JLS 1946                                             appeared to have been impressed by
                                            applicant. If he thought you had        what the eastern ivied academic         absolute Truth and absolute,
                                            the ability to learn Japanese and       establishment produced, for fully       infinite Goodness. May we
{Ed. Note: Please keep the sensei
                                            the stamina to withstand the            1/3rd of the graduates up to the        continue our friendship there!
stories coming and we will print
them.]                                      grueling study that learning this       Summer of 1944 were high
                                                                                                                                     Fr. John Baptist Hasbrouck
            _______________                 exotic language would require he        achieving, East Coast college
                                                                                                                                              JLS 1943, USMCR
                                                                                                _______________              (See Over)               1921-2002
[Ed. Note: In Harry Foote‟s letter is
an apology, “John‟s words are
                                                   New Collections                Articles Needed!                         Contact
probably too religious and too little
related to the language school to
                                          The following are further               Readers should be aware that the         David Hays, Archivist II,
interest your readers unless they         collections held or recently            newsletter has stories for two           Archives,
knew John…. John and I were               received by the Archives:               more issues. We have not been            University of Colorado at Boulder
lieutenants in the 1st Marine                                                     receiving letters, stories, or           Campus Box 184
Division.” It is unlikely that this                 W.F. Ebling                  remembrances in the same                 Boulder, Colorado, 80309-0184
editor would ever delete, or                                                      amounts as before the Reunion.
rearrange, the kindly words of Fr.
                                                                                                                           Phone (303) 492-7242
John Baptist. It seems that, in
                                              $Donations Received                 In fact, JLS mail has slowed to a
                                                                                  trickle.                                 Fax (303) 492-3960
combat, many of you may have been         The Archives has recently
given the opportunity to „see each                                                    Please, if you want the              Email:
other‟s hearts to the very bottom‟,
                                          received generous donations             Interpreter to continue, please
which may explain such close,             from:                                   send us your stories, anecdotes,
                                                  Janice Abe                                                              New JLS Website:
lifelong relationships. I can only say                                            jokes,      observations       and
that on the same day in 2000 I heard              Frank Bauman                                                            http://www-
                                                                                  memories. We do not want to
the quiet courage of a JLS grad                   Daniel Stempel                 halt this publication, but we need
dying of a tumor on the telephone                                                                                          jlsp.htm
                                                  Frank Tucker                   your help.
and read our first letter of faith from
Fr. John Baptist – a memorable day]               James Wells                                 _______________

Ross H. Ingersoll, JLS 1944                                                       Ensign in the US Naval Reserve. His      Woodbury College, teaching Spanish
                                          at Brigham Young University in
                                                                                  first assignment was to report to the    and later French, Literary, and
                                          Utah, completing his BA in French at
We would like to bring to the                                                     Naval Intelligence School at the         History classes. He served for many
                                          the University of Colorado in 1937.
attention of his friends in the JLS,
                                          He was granted a fellowship in
                                                                                  Hudson Hotel in New York City.           years as Woodbury College’s Head
Evergreen and Boulder Communities                                                 Ingersoll was then assigned to           of the General Education Division,
                                          Henry Northwestern University in
that Ross Ingersoll, 88, former                                                   Washington D.C. where he spent the       Chairman of the Faculty Association,
                                          Evanston, Illinois, getting a Masters
instructor at the University of                                                   rest of the War performing               a member of the Graduate
                                          in French in 1938. He continued
Colorado and long time Evergreen                                                  intelligence work. In 1946, he was       Committee, and as a member of the
                                          graduate school while teaching a
resident, passed away on December                                                 transferred to Joint Task Force One,     Task Force to reorganize the school
                                          Spanish class at Northwestern, where
20, 2002 in San Diego California.                                                 the group put together to test the       when it became a University. After
                                          he was awarded a Ph.D. in 1941.
                                          Following graduation he was             effects of an atomic bomb on naval       31 years on the faculty, Professor
Professor Ingersoll was born October                                              vessels at sea. After his discharge in   Ingersoll retired from Woodbury
                                          appointed to teach Spanish at the
16, 1914 in Eureka, Utah to Leonard                                               1946 he worked for the CIA in            University in 1983, relocating to
                                          University of Colorado. In the
Ross Ingersoll and Myrtle Homer                                                   Washington, DC. He stayed with the       Evergreen, Colorado. In 1995, he
                                          summer of 1942 the US Navy
Ingersoll. He graduated from                                                      US State Department for six more         moved to San Diego for medical
                                          brought their Japanese Language
American Fork high school in May                                                  years,      resigning     in    1952.    reasons.
                                          School to CU. In 1943, Dr. Ingersoll
1931. In 1931-1932 he studied                                                     Subsequently, he began his career                              David M. Hays
                                          entered the JLS program and in
chemistry                                                                         in     higher     education         at                               Archivist
                                          1944, he was commissioned an