ACTION PLAN TEMPLATE GOAL #1 Target Increase the percentage of by alllona


									                                                                              ACTION PLAN TEMPLATE                 GOAL #1

Target: Increase the percentage of students meeting or exceeding the standard in writing.
Result Statement: The percentage of students achieving or exceeding the standard in writing will rise at least 10%.

    Changes in Student           Changing Instruction: What         Monitoring Progress with              Adjustments in Planning: How         Resources, School and             Evaluation of Success/
    Learning Behavior: What      will teachers do to ensure         Timelines and Adjustments: Will       will we use the information we       District: What else can we do     Reporting to Families
    will students do to reach    students change their learning     we measure progress towards the       get from monitoring to determine     in the coming months?             and Community:
    the identified result? How   behaviors and attain the result?   changes in learning behavior and      target attainment? How far along
    will we know whether                                            teaching that we want? How will       are we on this objective?                                              NEXT STEPS? Do we
    students are developing                                         we keep the principal, parents and                                                                           need to keep this target
    these behaviors?                                                SIT informed and involved?                                                                                   in next year’s plan?

    Students will participate    Provide in-service opportunities   Progress toward goals:                Use writing assessment results       Resources:                        Reporting to families
    in the writing workshop      to look at student work (LASW)         • Writing assessments             with mini-lessons                    School—Complete a schedule        should be consistent
    and participate in           and use staff meeting time to              (Fall/Spring)                                                      that allows for more              and ongoing.
    conferences and informal     allow grade levels to                  • Common planning time            Discuss assessment results and       collaborative/common
    assessments.                 collaborate.                               (Weekly)                      plan for further instruction         planning time.                    Progress reports toward
                                                                        • Monthly review of goals at                                                                             all goals can be
    Teachers will monitor        Use writing assessment results             SIT mtg. (Monthly)            SIT members share responsibility     Set aside staff meeting time to   published monthly, and
    student’s progress toward    to inform instruction.                                                   of goals                             address writing concerns.         should be available on
    writing proficiency by the                                          •   Newsletters that address                                                                             the website.
    use of writing prompts                                                  goals and cite progress       Parent share their ideas of school   Provide literacy nights that
    and rubric scoring shared    Review and analyze NECAP                   (Weekly/Monthly)              progress                             deal specifically with writing    The School
    with students and            writing results to inform              •   Principal review of writing                                        strategies for parents.           Improvement Team
    parents.                     instruction.                               assessments                   Principal to meet in team                                              would report monthly
                                                                            (Fall/Spring)                 meetings to discuss progress         District—Provide support for      at the PTO meeting.
    Students will keep a         Teachers will share and practice       •   Principal’s Report at PTO                                          itinerant schedule to allow for
    science notebook and         writing strategies gained from             meetings                      Parent Leadership asked to           common planning time.             Based on the results for
    assess their own progress    TUFTS writing PD.                          (Monthly)                     conduct phone surveys to involve                                       the 2007-08 NECAP
    with rubrics for non-                                               •   Increase in writing           parents in meeting targets           Continue district ELA PD that     scores, the writing goal
    fiction writing.                                                        proficiency in NECAP                                               support/reinforces school-        should be continued in
                                                                            (Fall)                        Increased proficiency means          based PD                          next year’s plan.
                                                                        •   Increase in students          celebrated successes
                                                                            meeting standard (Fall)
                                                                           ACTION PLAN TEMPLATE              Goal #2
Target: To establish Professional Learning Communities: for teachers to collaborate in a non-threatening way, for students to feel safe, and for parents to be involved.
Result Statement (s): Teachers will be encouraged to participate in Professional Book Talk Groups which would focus on writing strategies as well as classroom
management techniques. Students will feel safe reporting bullying incidents so that more effective intervention can be in place.
Parents will participate in Book Groups through SIT and PTO, and be kept informed about writing/safety issues through forums and parent information nights.

Changes in Student Learning      Changing Instruction: What        Monitoring Progress with        Adjustments in Planning:         Resources, School and             Evaluation of Success/
Behavior: What will students     will teachers do to ensure        Timelines and Adjustments:      How will we use the              District: What else can we do     Reporting to Families and
do to reach the identified       students change their             Will we measure progress        information we get from          in the coming months?             Community:
result? How will we know         learning behaviors and attain     towards the changes in          monitoring to determine
whether students are             the result?                       learning behavior and           target attainment? How far                                         NEXT STEPS? Do we need to
developing these behaviors?                                        teaching that we want? How      along are we on this                                               keep this target in next year’s
                                                                   will we keep the principal,     objective?                                                         plan?
                                                                   parents and SIT informed and

Students will report incidents   Teachers will reinforce anti-     Progress toward goals:          Once students are able to        Resources:                        Reporting to Families:
of bullying.                     bullying strategies through          • Students will know         identify what a bully is, they   School—                              • Monthly newsletter
                                 the use of lessons in “Quit-It”          what a bully is          are more like to report                                               • SIT review
Students will be clear what      or “Bully Proof” programs.               (Fall/Spring)            incident and consequences        Set aside staff meeting time to      • PTO Meetings
constitutes bullying as                                               • Parents will have          can be immediate.                address bullying concerns.           • Weekly newsletter
reported by drama club and       Teachers will use strategies             discussions with their
book discussion groups           from Strategies for Students             child about bullying     Teachers providing feedback      Create an Anti-bullying           Evaluation of success will be
during health classes.           by Ruby Payne and                        (Fall)                   on bullying will reinforce the   assembly with follow-up           determined by the recorded
                                 participate in discussions at        • Teachers will provide      no-tolerance policy.             student discussions and           number of bullying incidents.
Parents will be involved in      staff meetings.                          intermediary                                              teacher book groups.
bullying discussions at PTO                                               intervention before      Parents, once involved in                                          Evaluation of success will be
meetings.                        Teachers will utilize the book           referral to office       book groups will realize that    Inform parents about the          determined by SALT survey.
                                 groups to help facilitate                (Daily)                  bullying doesn’t have to be      dangers/implications of
Students will be able to write   parent-teacher discussions           • Parents and teachers       inevitable.                      bullying.
about a bullying incident.       around bullying.                         will be involved in
                                                                          book groups that deal    Parents and teachers working     A “Writing Night”-parents
                                 Teachers will use Book                   with bullying.           toward the writing goal,         working with their children.
                                 Groups to discuss concerns               (Bi-weekly)              utilizing a common rubric,
                                 around writing.                      • Parents and teachers       will provide much needed         District—Provide support for
                                                                          will be involved in      support for children.            itinerant schedule to allow for
                                                                          book groups that deal                                     common planning time.
                                                                          with writing

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