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					MTV: Music

                                                                                   MTV: Music Television
MTV: Music

             MTV is Music Television. It is the music authority where young adults turn to find out what’s happen-

             ing and what’s next in music and popular culture. MTV reaches 412 million households worldwide, and
             is the #1 Media Brand in the world. Only MTV can offer the consistently fresh, honest, groundbreaking,
             fun and inclusive youth-oriented programming found nowhere else in the world. MTV is a network that
             transcends all the clutter, reaching out beyond barriers to everyone who’s got eyes, ears and a television

             PROGRAM FORMAT
             Local Avails:              2 minutes per hour                                    Launch Date:              August 1981

             Times:                     00:20 and 00:50                                       Service Types:            Basic, Premium, VOD

             Insertion Hours: 24 hours per day                                                Satellite Feed:           Dual

             Subscribers:               88.7 million                                          Ownership:                Viacom International
                                        Source: Nielsen Media Research, 2/04

             1.   MTV is #1 with the young adult demographic – and they listen.
                    • Teens 12-19 name MTV as their favorite and most watched network.

             2.   MTV is the best way to connect with young people who are 81 million strong and
                  growing, and represent 29% of the US population. MTV delivers the young adult
                  demographic like no other.
                     • In the past year, MTV viewers 18-34 have spent:
                                           $10.7 Billion - Clothing Expenditures
                                           $ 2.3 Billion - Fine Jewelry
                                           $ 892 Billion - Audio Equipment
                                           $ 23 Billion - Personal Home Computers
                                           $   1 Billion - Video Game Systems
                                           $   5 Billion - Major Household furnishings
                                           $ 356 Billion - Sports Recreation Equipment
                                           $   6 Billion - Foreign Vacations

             3.   MTV taps into a financially powered young adult demographic.
                  Our audience is 113% more likely than Total US 12-34 year olds to reside in homes with a HHI
                  $75k+. (25.8% P12-34 HHI %75k+, rank #1 vs. cable, broadcast prime and syndication)

             4.   MTV’s audience just keeps on watching.
                    • MTV has experienced ratings growth over the last two years among our target audience of
                      12-24 and 12-34 year olds.
                    • MTV has spent 34 consecutive quarters (as of 3Q05) as the top rated basic cable network
                      and P12-24.
                    • MTV has spent 32 consecutive quarters (as of 3Q05) as the top rated basic cable network
                      among A18-24. MTV registered the highest rated 3rd quarter in channel history among
                      P12-34.15th consecutive quarter where MTV has posted growth vs. prior year.
             Sources: Business Week, 2005; Spring 2005 Lifestyle & Media Study, 2005 Student Monitor; MRI 2005 Double Base, Base Persons18+; Population estimates
                      from July 1, 2004 - U.S. Census; Nielsen, Comps based on 2Q05 with base of P12+.

MTV 3Q’05 (06/27/2005 - 09/25/05)
          Audience               Total Day                      Prime Time         Mon-Sun 11a-3:30a
          P12-17                    35%                             32%                  35%

                                                                                                           MTV: Music
          P12-34                    74%                             74%                  74%
          P18-24                    23%                             23%                  23%
          P18-34                    39%                             42%                  39%
          P18-49                    50%                             54%                  50%
          P25-34                    16%                             19%                  16%
          P25-54                    28%                             33%                  28%
Source: Nielsen Media Research, Base P2+

Median Age:                  19.1
Source: Nielsen Media Research, 3Q’05, Base P2+

Median Income:               $58,806
Source: MRI Doublebase 2005, Base 18+

Income:                      44% of MTV viewing households earn $60K=, 34% earn $75K+, 18% earn $100K+
                             and 10% earn $125K+.

Education:                   32% of the MTV viewing households have one to three years of college.
Source: Nielsen, MarketBreak, 3Q05, Base HH


Base: P12+                                                                                       MTV
                                                                                     Index       Index
         Drank Sports Drinks/Thirst Quenchers/Last 6 Months                           100            172
         Bought 3+ Pairs of Athletic Shoes/Last 12 Months                             100            165
         Visited a Theme Park/Last 12 Months                                          100            160
         Spent $100+ on Men’s or Women’s Jeans                                        100            158
         Bought 10+ Pre-recorded CD’s/Past 12 Months                                  100            148
         Attended a Movie/Last 3 Months                                               100            130
         Attended Music Concerts/Performances /Last 12 Months                         100            116
         Own a Digital Camera                                                         100            110
         Went to a Fast Food or Family Restaurant/Steak House/Past 6 Months           100            106

Source: MRI, Twelveplus, 2004; Base: P12+

             MTV gives viewers music that defines a generation. MTV also gives young adults everything they are passionate
             about, from fashion, lifestyle and sports, to attitude, politics and creativity, all through the prism of music.
MTV: Music

             AFTERNOON BLOCK
             MTV kicks off the afternoon with after-school favorites like “Boiling Points,” “Room Raiders” and newbie “Wanna Come In?” and
             finishes off with the live video countdown phenomenon, “TRL.”
             • BOILING POINTS–A hidden camera game show that features a troupe of improvisers takes hidden cameras out to test innocent
               bystanders' patience. If the victims last a pre-set amount of time before hitting their "breaking point," they'll win a cash prize.
             • ROOM RAIDERS–This half-hour series takes viewers on a voyeuristic ride through the bedrooms and private belongings of three
               singles. Our participants get snatched from their homes and watch through a closed-circuit security camera as a member of the
               opposite sex enters their homes and bedrooms to thoroughly search and inspect, and give the room a full "CSI" treatment.
             • NEXT–Date going poorly wish you could start over? On “Next” you can. With four other potential dates waiting in the wings, you
               can bail on your date at any time and replace them him/her with someone new until you find your match.
             • TRL–This daily, live interactive video countdown show, shot in the heart of Times Square, lets viewers decide what’s hot and what’s
               not in the world of popular music. Celebrity guests like P. Diddy and Tom Cruise drop in to guest host on a regular basis as well.
             TEN SPOT
             MTV’s original primetime (10PM) programming features the most talked about series like “Real World” and “Road Rules” and the
             hottest specials like “Cribs” and “True Life.” In 2006, MTV will add new series “8th & Ocean” to this dynamic lineup.
             8th & Ocean
             8th & Ocean will capture the real lives of the cast but will have the look and feel of a scripted drama. Telling the story of 10 young male
             and female models living together in a beachfront apartment complex while enduring the cut-throat world of fashion, this reality drama
             is shot in the style of a narrative film, but with an “indie edge.” There are no interviews or confessionals - the stories are told purely
             through probing camerawork, eclectic music and unscripted dialogue.
             Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Gauntlet II
             The tropical island of Tobago sets the scene for the latest showdown between Real World and Road Rule Alumni. This time around, the
             teams are divided into “Rookies” versus “Veterans” as ambitious Challenge newcomers face off against seasoned pros in a series of
             competitions worth over $300,000 in cash and prizes. In addition to battling the opposing team at each challenge, the players also find
             themselves fighting against their own teammates to avoid elimination in the dreaded Gauntlet.
             SUNDAY NIGHT STEW
             Nobody does Sunday nights like MTV with creative original programming like “Homewreckers” and “Punk’d,” Sunday on MTV is the
             place to be!
             • Homewreckers - MTV bad boy Ryan Dunn gives viewers a chance to get revenge on someone who has done them wrong in
             “Homewrecker.” It’s redecoration as revenge as Ryan takes payback to unheard levels of absurdity as he helps execute covert room
             wrecking renovations where evil-doer reside.
             • Punk’d- Ashton Kutcher and his crew are back for another season of this hipper version of “Candid Camera” as they wreak havoc on
             Hollywood and his unsuspecting friends (who just happen to be celebrities) by making them the target of his pranks in this comedy
             reality/sketch show.
             1st Quarter
             MTV’s Spring Break - MTV delivers the most extensive Spring Break coverage as we follow the trail of spring breakers from locales
             as exotic as Hawaii and Jamaica to the sizzling beaches of Cancun. We take our favorite shows on the road for a little fun and sun mak-
             ing for wild and memorable experiences. With the coolest celebrity guests and amazing live performances, MTV’s Spring Break 2006 is
             guaranteed to burn hotter than ever.
             2nd Quarter
             MTV Movie Awards - No boards, no academy, just real people voting for real movies. All of Hollywood lets loose for the wacky cine-
             matic awards show responsible for establishing idiosyncratic awards like Best Kiss and Best Villain.
             Summer Programming - MTV leaves Times Square behind and checks into beachfront accommodations for the season. MTV has left
             its mark on plenty of sizzling summer destinations: a beach house at the Jersey shore, an island in the Bahamas, and the entire city Las
             Vegas. In 2006, MTV sets sail for another exotic location, with programming that will be as hot as the weather.
             3rd Quarter
             MTV Video Music Awards - The MTV Video Music Awards is the definitive music awards show seen around the globe. On this night,
             entertainment and music superstars join forces to pay the ultimate tribute to the artists who put a face on music. The MTV Video Music
             Awards consistently dazzles by delivering the most memorable live music performances, serious starpower and lots of shocking sur-
             prises along the way.
             4 Quarter
             Spankin’ New Music Week - Our week long celebration for Spankin’ New Music brings the hottest new sounds to our Times Square
             Studio with live performances, video premieres and latest breaking music news. MTV, MTV2, and give our audience the
             ultimate 360˚ guide to what’s breaking on the music scene.
             MTV’s New Year’s Eve - MTV rings in the New Year the way it should be...loudly. Strategically perched atop the madness that is Time
             Square on New Year’s Eve, MTV invites tons of our closest celebrity friends to join in the revelry. Top bands keep the party rockin’
             throughout the night as our in-studio guests are treated to live jams and our tradition of a special midnight cover of all-time classic by
             on e of today’s rising stars. MTV’s New Year Eve rings in the good times all around the world and in your home.


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                                                                                                                 MTV: Music
               •   MTV Video Music Awards (July-September)
               •   MTV Times Square Studio Promotion (available all year except May-August)

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