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LAA Block Project Plan
Safer and Stronger Communities

Document Reference:      laa_block_ssc
Version:                 1.0

Prepared for:      LAA Management Board
Prepared by:

  1       Background

  2       References

  Key documents that provide a current reference to this overall project include:

Document                              Source                                    Full/Summary

Local Area Agreements - Guidance                           Full
LAA Lincolnshire Project Plan         Internal Work – D Hickman                 Full
Local Agreements Network –                             Full

  3       Project Description and Objectives

  This project will develop and implement the Safer and Stronger Communties block
  within a consistent and coherent Local Area Agreement for Lincolnshire.

  The programme will reference the following key documents

      •    Sustainable Community Strategy for Lincolnshire
      •    Community Strategies for district area LSPs
      •    Every Child Matters – Children & Young People’s Strategic Plan
      •    “Choosing Health” white paper
      •    “Our Care, Our Health, Our Say” white paper
      •    Regional Spatial Strategy
      •    Lincolnshire Economic Strategy
      •    Regional Economic Strategy
      •    Local Development Frameworks
      •    Sub-regional investment plan
      •    Third round LAA guidance
      •    Safer and Stronger Communities Agreement for Lincolnshire

  The purpose of the programme is to:

      •  Ensure both strong and positive targets are adopted with outcomes that
        deliver added value
      • Fully involve local and regional partners throughout the process, particularly
        including the voluntary and community sector
      • Develop challenging proposals for enabling measures
      • Ensure that the LAA adds value and addresses the key strategic priorities for
        Lincolnshire as a whole

  4       Programme Deliverables and / or desired outcomes

Positive, challenging outcomes that make a measurable difference to the quality of
life of Lincolnshire residents through genuine partnership working and added value.

5         Constraints

The initial constraints identified are:

     •     The capacity of individuals within all partner agencies to engage fully with
          the programme
     •     The re-structuring of the County Council, the Primary Care Trusts and,
          potentially, Lincolnshire Police. There are practical difficulties in identifying
          individuals who can consistently work with the programme, or who may not
          be able to do so in the longer term.
     •     Capacity of the Voluntary and Community Sector to engage with the LAA.
          The significance placed by Government on the involvement of the Voluntary
          and Community Sector makes this an aspect of particular concern. Although
          there are three bodies emerging as CVS equivalents, there are no universally
          recognised umbrella bodies representing the sector as a whole, and many
          voluntary organisations lack the capacity to provide more than their current
          frontline delivery role.
     •     Engagement of the private sector. Similar constraints in terms of overall
          representation, but also concerns about perceived relevance of LAA to private
          sector partners. Some mitigation of this through private sector representation
          on Lincolnshire Assembly
     •     Maturity of partnership relationships.

6         Exclusions

None identified at this stage.

7        Stakeholders

     •    All Lincolnshire Assembly partners
     •    GOEM

          Please include statement of method of involving/engaging voluntary &
          community sector

8.        Business Case

 Project Name             Safer and Stronger Communities block of the Local Area Agreement
 Customer Name            LAA Management Board
 Objective                To develop the SSC block for Lincolnshire’s LAA
 Business Reasons         • There is a statutory requirement that a Local Area Agreement for
 for                         Lincolnshire must be in place for April 2007.
 Undertaking the          • An opportunity to develop and deliver countywide partnership
 project                     arrangements through effective community engagement and
                          • Measurable impact on quality of life for Lincolnshire residents

                   •     Improved service delivery
Business benefits •      Meet statutory requirements
to be gained from •      Development of improved partnership working
development     of •     Demonstrate implementation of improved performance for all partner
the product              agencies
                   •     Opportunity to engage a cross section of staff, elected Members and
                         members of the community in the Agreements development, and to
                         engage comprehensively with partners
                      • Development of structures enabling long-term delivery of improved
                         community engagement and leadership
                      • Agreement of enabling measures that will facilitate delivery of
                         improved services
Options               There is no alternative to the Local Area Agreement model.

Development cost      Estimate in working hours:
and Timescale         Please include people and resources required expressed in working hours
                      to best estimate possible

                      Development of outcome framework by June 2006
                      Development of first draft LAA for submission to GOEM by late
                      Submission of final draft by late February 2007
                      Commencement of LAA 1st April 2007

Priority              High

Risks/ Key            Milestones to be met in producing draft agreements
Assumptions           Availability of officer capacity
                      Maintenance of effective communications ensuring wider staff
                      Developing and maintaining Member engagement and support

9     Project Board

Governance Model

Could be based on overall LAA governance – please amend as appropriate

                         LINCOLNSHIRE ASSEMBLY

                                EXECUTIVE BOARD

                             LAA PROGRAMME BOARD
PROJECT GROUP                                                     PROJECT
‘X’ (not in LAA)                                                  GROUP Y (not
                                                                  in LAA)

                         SSC        CYP       HCA      EDE

           DIVERSITY/SOCIA                               RURAL, SOCIAL &
           L COHESION                                    COMMUNITY
                               CROSS CUTTING THEMES      PROGRAMME
                                 CULTURAL SERVICES

10    Project Quality Plan

      •   Conformance to PRINCE 2 methodology
      •   Risk Log
      •   Change Control
      •   Managing Stage Boundaries
      •   Closing a Project

11    Project Plan

Please note: This is an outline project plan, and will be developed further as the initial
stages of development work are progressed.

Amend as appropriate for block

 Stage                                                                                   Date for completion
 Planning Stage
 Establish LAA Management Board – define the objective of the programme                  February 2006
 Establish terms of reference for Management Board and forward plan of meetings          March 2006
 Prepare Project Initiation Document for presentation to and approval by Board & Lincs   March 2006
 Asembly Executive

 First Stage
 Start to develop Block Plans.                                                           March/April 2006
 Identify personnel and establish sub groups.                                            March/April 2006
 Develop communications, identify audiences, frequency                                   March/April 2006
 Develop outcomes framework                                                              June 2006
 Development of first draft LAA – vision, rationale, potential outcomes, funding         April – September 2006
 Partners sign off first draft                                                           September 2006
  Second Stage
 Initial draft of LAA to GOEM.                                                           September 2006
 Develop detailed draft of LAA – outcomes, indicators defined                            October 2006
 Detailed draft of LAA to GOEM.                                                          November 2006
 GOEM feedback on draft, develop penultimate draft of LAA.                               November/December
 Partners agree penultimate draft                                                        January 2007
 Penultimate draft of LAA to GOEM.                                                       February 2007
 Final Stage
 GOEM feedback, develop final draft of LAA.                                              February 2007
 Final draft of LAA to GOEM.                                                             February 2007
 Final amendments to LAA                                                                 March 2007
 LCC/LA sign off                                                                         March 2007
 LAA operational.                                                                        1 April 2007


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