Template for information letter by seeme22


									Template for information letter

During the work on your essay you might have to ask people if they want to take part
in your study. Then, you must keep in mind that participants are to be fully informed
about the investigation before being asked to participate. The template for information
letter below is to be used. Words that are mandatory are given in italics.

The information is to be given in a neutral voice, be written in a clear, lucid language
and possibly form the basis of a question on informed consent. That is it is to be given
in lay language and is not to contain any compelling or urgent request for

Information on …… (describe in heading the contents of the study)

You are hereby asked to participate in this study.

Background (keep in mind that it is the study that is to be presented, not its author)

Description of the problem

Purpose of the study

Practical realization

Possible advantages /disadvantages and risks involved in participation. Will
participant(s) be informed of any results?

What degree of secrecy (ordinary medical service secrecy, codifying, and de-
identification) applies to handling and storage of possibly delicate information?

Will material/samples of delicate information be saved? If so: how, where and for
how long? Who will have access to the information?

Your participation in the study is completely voluntary. You may at any time end your
participation without stating your reasons.

The investigation will be presented in the form of an essay at Högskolan Dalarna.

Further information supplied by responsible parties below.

Name, telephone, e-mail and address              Name, telephone, e-mail and address

Student/s                                        Supervisor
(Signature/s)                                    (Signature)

                             Ratified by UFL and UFN 2007-02-01

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