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									Stockholm, May 7, 2009

Press release                                                            Syncron International AB
                                                                         Pustegränd 1-3

Volvo Construction Equipment reduces                                     SE-118 20 Stockholm
carbon emissions through efficient delivery                              PHONE:    +46 8 410 802 00
of parts                                                                 FAX:   +46 8 21 96 54
Syncron’s state-of-the-art supply chain planning technology is
                                                                         VAT. NO:    SE556573889401
helping Volvo Construction Equipment reduce the requirement
                                                                         REG. OFFICE:      Stockholm
to ‘emergency’ deliver parts using air freight.

Environmental care is one of three core values for the Volvo group. A
common goal for both Syncron and Volvo CE has been the reduction         Syncron maximizes global supply
of emergency orders shipped by air. Over the past five years, the        chain     performance,        easily.    Our
proportion of Volvo aftermarket parts transported by air has             groundbreaking IT solution, levera-
decreased by almost 30%. Since Volvo CE ships 25,000 tons of spare       ging existing IT infrastructure, is
parts worldwide every year, that really makes a difference.              rapidly implemented. Within six to
                                                                         twelve months, it yields perfor-
                                                                         mance improvements of 20-30% in
“When dealer service level increases, the need to issue emergency
                                                                         four major areas: customer service
shipments by air decreases and more material can be shipped using        levels, supply chain process effi-
carbon conservative transportation means like sea freight”               ciencies, global price management
commented Håkan Amnäs, co-founder of Syncron.                            and stock level reductions.

                                                                         We deliver superior results to our
Volvo CE now offers the highest stock availability on the market, with   customers through combining soft-
service levels exceeding 95% from dealer to end customer.                ware      expertise      with    extensive
                                                                         experience from selected industry
Syncron has also been participating in Volvo CE’s AirShare Reduction     sectors within manufacturing and
program, a very successful initiative that amongst other things          distribution.

reviews the entire lifecycle of their construction machines. Not only    Syncron delivers five key benefits:
did this program drive huge capital reductions in the supply chain, it   The ability to change a global busi-
also significantly contributed to increased service levels for the end   ness      overnight,       for      example
customer.                                                                through connecting and disconnec-
                                                                         ting     business      relationships.    The
                                                                         opportunity       to    increase     service
Anders Grudén, CEO of Syncron International, stated “We believe
                                                                         levels    while     lowering     inventory,
that it will not be economically viable for anyone in our business to    thanks to        industry-leading       algo-
avoid sustainability questions. Everyone needs to prepare for future     rithms.      Increased       lifespan      of
changes in legislation and demand, both from our customers and           current     IT    investments       through
theirs. We already provide great results primarily with our product      leveraging existing business pro-
portfolio, but want to do even better. Our goal is to support            cess logic and IT systems. Quick

sustainability to the greatest extent possible and to work with our      results    as    implementation         takes
                                                                         just three to six months. Access to
customers to raise the bar in Green Supply Chain.”
                                                                         industry thought leadership – we
                                                                         designed a revolutionary IT solution
                                                                         and continue ahead.
Find out more at
                                                                         To stay ahead, many world-leading
                                                                         global companies have chosen Syn-
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For more information, please contact:                                    Electrolux,         Komatsu,         Metso,
Anders Grudén, CEO Syncron International AB                              Renault Trucks, Sandvik, Scania,
Mobile: +46 (0)70 834 59 10                                              Tetra Pak, Toyota, Trelleborg, Volvo

E-mail:                                        and VW.

                                                                         Syncron     has offices around the


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