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                                                        PorsChe Cells

                           Porsche Racing Fuel Cells
                           Fuel Safe has drop-in solutions for all types of Porsches, from the classic Porsche 356 to the cutting edge Porsche
                           996 / 997 factory racers. Specially designed collectors are included in many of the cells to ensure consistent fuel
                           delivery and the ability to finish a race without refueling. All Fuel Safe Porsche racing cells feature the following
                           components: TIG welded, .063 aluminum container; race proven, FIA-FT3 approved Pro Cell™ bladder; full safety
                           foam baffling, minimizes fuel slosh and the potential for an explosion; 2 year manufacturer warranty.

                                 997 GT3R                                996 GT3R                                  356 A/B
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                                                                  The 996 cell includes a specially
                                                                  designed fuel collection system                                                 SA106
                           The 997 cell fits in the factory
                                                                  using two internal transfer pumps
                           location with minimal
                                                                  that scavenge every last drop of
                           modifications. It includes a                                                       Fuel Safe fabricates complete Pro
                                                                  fuel and pump it to the reserve and
                           collector system utilizing four high                                               Cell™ 356 A/B type fuel cells with a
                                                                  main collector for maximum fuel
                           pressure scavenge pumps to fill a                                                  fully TIG welded aluminum container
                                                                  usage. The 996 cell also includes
                           reserve tank that overflows into                                                   as shown above. Or we can convert
                                                                  a custom-built 100mm dual dry
                           the main collector for maximum                                                     your stock OEM tank into a fuel cell.
                                                                  break adapter with dual dry break           SA105 (12 gal) - Type A/B with T5 Chassis
                           fuel usage. Comes with a main
                                                                  for quick refueling.                        SA106 (20 gal) - Type A/B with T5 Chassis

                           supply pump and reserve supply         SA118 - Pro Cell™ (27 gal)
                           pump, main collector low level
                           light indicator and a hermetically                                    Part #    Porsche Complete Fuel Cells
                           sealed 16-pin electrical connector.                                   SA100     911/930 Pro Cell™, 17 gal
                           Also features a dual female dry                                       SA100-R 911/930 Pro Cell™, 17 gal, remote fill
                           break for the quickest refueling or                                   SA100P    911/930 Pro Cell™, 17 g, dry break provision
                                                                  Porsche Wiring Harnesses
                           an optional flush cap.                 and fuel level sending units   SA101     911/930 Pro Cell™, 27 gal
                           SA997 - Pro Cell™ (27 gal)             for VDO gauge on Page 28.      SA101-R 911/930 Pro Cell™, 27 gal, remote fill
                                                                                                 SA101P    911/930 Pro Cell™, 27 gal, dry break provision
                                                                                                 SA102     C2/C4/993 Pro Cell™, 17 gal
                                                                                                 SA103     C2/C4/993 Pro Cell™, 27 gal, dry break provision
                                                                                                 SA104     C2/C4/993 Pro Cell™, 32 gal, dry break provision
                                                                                                 SA105     356 A/B/ Racing Pro Cell™, 12 gal

                                                                                                 SA106     356 A/B Racing Pro Cell™, 20 gal
                                                                                                 SA115     356C Pro Cell™, 10 gal (Requires customer tank)
                                                                                                 SA117     993 Pro Cell™, 27 gal (Requires customer tank)
                                                                                                 SA118     996 GT3R Specialty Pro Cell™, double dry break
                                                                                                 SA997     997 GT3R Specialty Pro Cell™, double dry break,
                                                                                                           scavenge pumps, supply pumps, collector,
                                                                                                           reserve tank

                            12         800-433-6524                     Email sales@fuelsafe.com                                 www.fuelsafe.com
                                              PorsChe Cells

                                                                                                                                        FUEL SAFE 2010
 356 B/C                                             C-2 & C-4                                  930-911

                                                   Our C-2 and C-4 Porsche racing
                                     SA115         cells are designed to fit perfectly      Designed to fit perfectly in the
                                                   in the stock location. Both come         stock location, this Pro Cell™

                                                                                                                                        email sales@fuelsafe.com
Fuel Safe's 356 Type "C" Pro Cell™ is
                                                   equipped with provisions for a           bladder is installed in a custom
made to fit perfectly in your stock
                                                   double dry break adapter and             fabricated .063" aluminum, fully
OEM tank. You can use your stock
                                                   mounting brackets.                       TIG welded, black powder-coated
filling location or a filler on the top
                                                   SA103 ( 27 gal)                          container. The filler, fitting and
of the cell.
                                                   SA104 (32 gal)                           sender all utilize stock hookup
SA115 ( 10 gal) Type B/C with T6 Chassis
                                                                                            locations. Includes belly pan tray.
                                                       C-2 & C-4                            SA100 - Pro Cell™ (17 gal)
                                                                                            SA101 - Pro Cell™ (27 gal)
 Porsche Pro Cell™                   Part No.                                               SA100-R - Pro Cell™ (17 gal) remote fill
 Replacement Bladders                                                                       SA101-R - Pro Cell™ (27 gal) remote fill
 911/930 (SA100/100-R)               RBSA100                                                SA100P - Pro Cell™ (17 gal) with dry
                                                                                            break provision
 911/930 (SA101/101-R)               RBSA101
                                                                                            SA101P - Pro Cell™ (27 gal) with dry
 C2/C4/993 (SA102)                   RBSA102                                                break provision
 C2/C4 (SA103)                       RBSA103
 C2/C4/993 (SA104)                   RBSA104
                                                    IMPROVED DESIGN

 356 A/B (SA105)                     RBSA105       Designed to fit in the stock location,   6x10 Remote Fill Plate
 356 A/B (SA106)                     RBSA106       the filler and fittings utilize the      RFP6X10 for SA100 and SA101
 356C (SA115)                        RBSA115       factory hookups. We have located
 993 (SA117)                         RBSA117       a threaded bung to use the stock
 996 GT3R (SA118)                    RBSA118       sending unit that allows us to add a
 997 GT3R (SA997)                    RBSA997       forward baffle in the factory sump
 When replacing a bladder, we recommend that you   that improves fuel pickup.
 send in your can to ensure proper fitment .       SA102 - Pro Cell™( 17 gal)

                                                    Dual Dry Break                          SFF99 Fill Plate

                                                                                            If you don’t need a dry break
                                                                                            system for your 996/997 Fuel Safe
                                                     DDBA225 for 100mm centers              fuel cell, this SFF99 fill plate will
                                                     DDBF225T-100 - Dual Dry Break          replace the dual dry break system
                                                     Valve for DDBA225 Adapter (for         with a new plate, -6 vent check
SA103 installed in Porsche C-2                       SA100P/SA101P/SA103/SA104)             valve and flush cap.

               800-433-6524                             Email sales@fuelsafe.com                    www.fuelsafe.com               13

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