Template Letter-to-the-Editor by seeme22


									                                   Template Letter-to-the-Editor

DIRECTIONS: If your local newspaper publishes a story about the new conservation tax incentives or
about tax incentives for private land conservation in general, use this template to draft a quick response in
favor of tax incentives.

Dear Editor:

Thank you for your [insert date] article, “[insert article headline]”, which discussed land
use and development in our community.

It is important for your readers, especially local landowners, to know that there are
choices that strike a balance between conservation, private property rights and the
needs of the local community.

Federal law gives significant tax benefits to landowners who enter into voluntary
conservation agreements, also known as conservation easements. The owner donates
some of their rights to develop their land, in order to permanently protect important
natural or historic resources on it. Congress recently voted to extend the enhanced tax
incentive to help make land conservation even more attractive to many landowners, and
particularly to family farmers and ranchers.

The landowners still own and use their land, sell it or pass it on to their heirs. We all get
clean water, wildlife habitat, and family farms, which contribute to the quality of life in
[insert name of community]. Private land conservation is a choice worth considering.


[Insert name of Land Trust representative]

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