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Are you moving your IT department? This guide gives directions on how to effectively plan and execute a physical relocation. Every aspect of relocation that involves IT is covered in detail. Topics covered include: • Communication and planning • Physical space • Contracts and upgrades • Wiring and power • Network cabling • Telephony systems • Server rooms and data centers • Web sites • Dealing with movers and moving day The “Moving: An IT Perspective” methodology walks you through proven steps and advice to make your move pain-free.

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Moving: An IT Perspective
Resources and References
The following is a selection of Web links to sources that were used in the development of Moving: An IT
Perspective content. Use these links for more information on the subjects covered in this guide. Note that
Info-Tech Research Group is not responsible for maintaining third-party Web links. These links were
functional at the time of publication.

    • “2002 Survey of Corporate Relocation Policies” (http://www.atlasvanlines.com/survey)

Communication and Planning
    • “Employee Input: A Critical Element in the Relocation Process”
    • “Comprehensive Budgeting--The Road Map to a Financially Successful Business”
    • “Impact of Technology Design on Architectural Fees” (http://www.otm-
    • Sample Relocation Budget (http://www.goldenstateservices.com/other/SampleMovingBudget.pdf)
    • List of Contacts – Relocation Team
    • “The Effects of MIS Steering Committees on Information Technology Management Sophistication”
    • “The Myth or Reality of Information Technology Steering Committees”
    • Steering Committee Charter (http://www.enr.state.nc.us/its/pdf/PMHandbk/steering.pdf)
    • “Pulling Up Roots: A Guide to Corporate Relocation”

Physical Space
    • “Giga Collaboration: Preparing for a New Facility” (http://www.info-edge.com/toc_new/GA-
    • “Comprehensive Budgeting: The Roadmap to a Financially Successful Business Relocation”
    • “Moving Your Offices: Planning Tips and Action Checklists”
    • “Moving Your Offices: Planning Tips and Action Checklists”

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