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                      Wiring/Cabling Tender Criteria

    Use this template of a wiring/cabling tender for acquiring contractor bids, adapted from Manitoba
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1. Acceptable Codes and Standards

1.1. All wiring and voice/data cabling installation and subsequent renovations must adhere to all applicable
building, fire, electrical, and municipal bylaws [include specific details as necessary].
1.2. Voice and data cabling must conform to EIA/TIA, IEEE, FCC, and […] standards.

1.3. Contractor must obtain and/or facilitate acquisition of the necessary permits, as required by the
appropriate local authorities under which installations of these types lie.

2. Qualifications of Contractor

2.1. Only reputable, accredited, bonded, and experienced cabling installation contractors will be considered
for this project. Contractors must supply proof – through references and […] – of having completed this
specific type of work.

2.2. Where applicable, cabling contractors must be trained and certified by the OEMs whose products they
represent. All bidding contractors must provide proof of their certification and references when making a

2.3. Each and every contractor will have in his/her possession and use all necessary tools and testing
equipment required for the installation and assessment of the cabling/electrical systems.

2.4. The contractor will name and provide a list to [company name] the type and OEM of all tools and
testing equipment to be used during the installation.

3. Material

3.1. Cabling Type - Category […] cable performance is intended for [company name]’s high-speed Local
Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN), operating at [name speed]. This and all cabling
must meet the requirements of [name of standard]. This specification places limits on the horizontal
distance of the cabling to assure performance. The cable run from the wiring closet to the workstation
outlet is limited to 90 meters (295 feet), with an additional 10 meters (33 feet) allowed for patching on
wiring closets’ patch panels to hub equipment.

3.2. Patch Panels - Patch panels must be placed in such a manner as to provide ease of access to, and
expandability of, the company’s network wiring. This will be achieved by the supply and installation of a
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