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                    Relocation Budget Worksheet

In addition to the information you will gather from the above budget plan, use the following
template for constructing a relocation budget. It will help you and stakeholders both gain an idea of
the type of costs involved with moving a company. Modify this chart according to your specific

 Item          Expense          Expense      Waive        Operating    Total      Actual       Balance
Description: Are you moving your IT department? This guide gives directions on how to effectively plan and execute a physical relocation. Every aspect of relocation that involves IT is covered in detail. Topics covered include: • Communication and planning • Physical space • Contracts and upgrades • Wiring and power • Network cabling • Telephony systems • Server rooms and data centers • Web sites • Dealing with movers and moving day The “Moving: An IT Perspective” methodology walks you through proven steps and advice to make your move pain-free.
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