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Obviously, your employees will need advance notice of when they should be packing up their
workstations, as well as instructions on how to do so. It’s also a good idea to have some kind of
“housecleaning day” one week before the move in order to dispose of unwanted/unneeded files,
furniture, belongings, and so on. Consider sending out a series of e-mails about these topics,
notifying employees of their moving duties and keeping them updated about the relocation process.
Fill in the blanks in the templates below, then simply copy and paste the text into your own e-mail.

Send out this e-mail two weeks before moving day.

 Hello [company name],
 Only two weeks to go until moving day! Please note the following:
 On [one week before move date], all employees should commence a “housecleaning”
 operation. All unneeded and unwanted files, personal belongings, and other items are to
 packaged and discarded.
 We are doing this to ensure that we are not bringing garbage with us to the new location. Also,
 this will reduce the amount of time spent on moving. Thank you for your cooperation.
 Have a great week,
 [Your name]

Send out this e-mail one week before moving day.
 Hello [company name],
 Only one week to go until moving day! Please note th
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