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									Personal Development Plan

           Column 1       Column 2                  Column 3        Column 4             Column 5                   Column 6        Column 7

           SKILL          CURRENT                   TARGET          DEVELOPMENT          CRITERIA FOR               TIME SCALE      EVIDENCE
                          PROFICIENCY               PROFICIENCY     OPPORTUNITY          JUDGING SUCCESS

No 1.      Presentation   Competent enough for      Confident       Make a               Achieve at least a B       By the end of   See “Self Assessment
           skills         classroom but nervous.    classroom       presentation in Dr   Grade for my end of        the academic    Template –
                          Not professional          presenter       Smith’s tutorial     project presentation for   year            Presentation Skills”
                          standard.                                 group                Dr Patel
No 2.      Written Skills Technical descriptions    Good            Show some of my      Achieve a 2.1 in the       During my       See “Self Assessment
                          ok but lack flair in      descriptive     work to College      Humanities Programme       second year     Template –
                          presenting my "critical   writing and     Writing Fellow;      assessments. Writing                       Communication
                          thinking"                 satisfactory    prepare better       Fellow's opinion. My                       Skills”
                                                    critical        essays for my        improved level of
                                                    writing         Humanities class.    confidence as writer.
No 3.      Commercial     Interested in             Practical       Participate in an    Find & complete            During the      See “Self Assessment
           Awareness      commercial issues, but    knowledge       industry summer      internship programme;      Summer          Template –
                          do not have practical                     internship           be able to talk " real     Vacation        Placement”
                          awareness                                 programme            business" with my tutor    period
No 4.      Team           Poor – dislike working    Reliable and    Become a Student     Help organise a Society    During my       See “Self Assessment
           working        in teams, hate trusting   positive team   Union Society        event; note how many of    third year      Template –
           Skills         my marks to others;       member;         member; read         the skills I read about                    Teamwork”
                          hate having to            competent       about teamwork       were applied by me.
                          compromise my ideas       teamplayer                           Enjoy the experience.
No 5.      Leadership     Lacking in confidence;    Confident       Volunteer to lead    Group's satisfaction       During the      See “Self Assessment
           Skills         not good at delegating    leader who      on Spring term       with me; project mark;     Spring Term     Template – Tutorial”
                          and monitoring.           can delegate    group project.       lecturer's feedback; my
                                                                                         level of confidence.

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