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					                                           MIKE ANSBACH
                                           High Definition Director of Photography
                                           Digital Image Tech
                                           310.994.9722 c

•   Punk’d - MTV reality, Operator
•   The X Effect - MTV reality, Operator, Dir. Dave Stewart
•   Remixed - BET reality, Operator, Dir Chann Berry
•   Survival of the Richest - WB reality, Dir. Tim Warren
•   Town Haul - TLC reality, Operator, Dir. Mark Ritchie
•   Totally Busted - PlayboyTV Hidden Camera Reality, Operator, Dir. Bob Taylor
•   Renovate My Family - Fox reality, Operator, Dir. Craig Borders
•   Con - Comedy Central reality, Operator, Dir. Skyler Stone
•   BALLZGIRLZ (aka: IRON MAIDENZ) - reality, Director, DP, Producer, Writer
•   The Big Hollywood Golf Classic - HD celebrity golf tournament, DP / DIT
•   In The Mood - Independent lifestyle pilot, Operator, Dir. Chris Wilson
•   Just My Luck - Independent sitcom pilot, Operator, Dir. Jen Brown
•   Angel House - MGM sitcom pilot, Operator, Dir. Matti Leshem

•   House At The End Of The Drive - HD Feature, DIT / Operator Dir. David Worth
•   El Niño - HD Feature, DIT / 1stAC. Dir. Pat Healy
•   To Kill A Mockumentary - HD Feature, DIT / 1stAC. Dir. Stephen Wallis
•   The Drop - HD feature, DIT / 1st AC. Dir. Kevin Lewis
•   A Christmas Too Many - HD feature, DIT / 1st AC. Dir. Stephen Wallis
•   The Elephant’s Egg - HD short, DIT / 1st AC. Dir. Sam Yousefian
•   NICE PANTS - DV short, DP / Director / Writer / Producer, (played at 4 Park City, UT film fests)

•   Def Leppard “No Matter What” - DIT/DP
•   West Indian Girl “Hollywood” - Operator, Dir, Cary Heckman
•   Long Beach Short Bus “California Grace” - Operator, Dir. Cary Heckman
•   GIANT New Years Eve ’04-’05 - Paul Oakenfold, Crystal Method, The Killers. Operator
•   Saliva – The making of the Music Video “Survivor” - Operator, Dir. Wayne Isham
•   Saliva – Survival of the Sickest live in Memphis DVD - Operator, Dir. Ritchie Piert
•   In For Stereo “Snake Liquor” - Operator, Dir. Cary Heckman
•   Heavy Trevy “Later” - DP / Operator, Dir. Cary Heckman
•   DJ MEA Live DVD - (w/DJ Irene, Love and Rockets, etc.), DP / Director.
•   WWE Rey Mysterio Jr. - HD 24P music video, 2nd unit DP
•   Wherehouse Music - Live Concert Producer & Camera Operator. ARTISTS: 311, BadAzz, Before
    Dark, Black Eyed Peas, Merideth Brooks, Buckcherry, Andrew “Dice” Clay, Coko, Cypress Hill, Devo,
    Dub Pistols, Kevin Edmonds, Melissa Ethridge, Everclear, Fishbone, Warren G, Sammy Hagar, Ice-T,
    K-Ci & Jo-Jo, Dave Koz, Kottonmouth Kings, Kurupt, Lit, Brian McNight, Moby, Moody Blues, Chante
    Moore, Ian Moore, Motley Crue, Shawn Mullins, Peter Murphy, Randy Newman, Nobody’s Angel,
    Jennifer Paige, Pink, Powerman 5000, Rollins Band, Pancho Sanchez, Joe Satriani, Tracie Spencer,
    Julie Strain, Tyrese, Urban Fest USC, Jimmie Vaughn, Vertical Horizon, Violent Femmes, Bob Weir w/
    Ratdog, Warren Zevon. Urban Fest 2000.
                                             MIKE ANSBACH
                                             High Definition Director of Photography
                                             Digital Image Tech
                                             310.994.9722 c

•   Proctor & Gamble “How Clean Is Your House?” 10 spots - Swiffer, Febreze, Dawn, etc. - HD 24P, DIT
•   Ogilvy & Mather - Client Demo/Promo - DP/Operator
•   WWE No Way Out - HD 24P, 2nd unit DP
•   1-800-THELAW2 - HD 24P, DIT / 1stAC (16 :30sec spots)
•   Kid’s Choice Awards - Nickelodeon promo spots, Operator
•   Anti Big Tobacco PSA - HD 24P, Director / DP / DIT
•   Nissan 350Z - spec. commercial, DP

•   MAXIM - Diane Hill – Sportscaster / Writer for Maxim. Director / Operator
•   BBDO - ING commercial - Behind The Scenes, Operator
•   DVD Bonus Interviews – Birth, Timeline, Children of Dune, Xena Warrior Princess, The Osterman
    Weekend, etc. DP / Operator
•   Premieres: The Patriot, Nutty Professor II: The Klumps, The Cell, Hollow Man, The Replacements,
    Space Cowboys, Me, Myself & Irene, Return to me, Committed, etc. Producer / Operator
•   MTV Movie Awards - Producer / Operator
•   Sundance Film Festival exclusive interviews: Heather Graham, Jon Favreau, Aidan Quinn, Famke
    Janssen, John Popper, Spike of Spike & Mike's, etc. Producer / Operator
•   One on One Interviews: Mel Gibson, Elisabeth Shue, Kevin Bacon, Eddie Murphy (as Granny Klump,
    Sherman Klump), Rocky and Bullwinkle, Jason Alexander, Rene Russo, etc. Operator
•   Spring Break on Havasu - Travel Channel, Operator

•   High Definition 24P (Sony HDW-F900 CineAlta, Panasonic Varicam) training at UCLA, Sony,
    Panavision, and Santa Fe. Digital Image Tech certified
•   Ability to shoot in extreme land, sea, or air situations - - skis, motorcycle, high-speed auto
    (125mph+), helicopter, airplane, scuba, watercraft.
•   Film Production – 35mm, 16mm, Pro8.
•   Spy/hidden camera – Reality TV custom applications.
•   Post Production – Final Cut, Avid, Premiere. DVD Production. Streaming Media.
•   OWN: Sony PD150 package, Lipstick Cam, Helmet Cam, Cellphone Cam, lights, sound.
•   B.S. Communications, Roy H. Park School of Communications, Ithaca College, May 1996.

Easy to work with. Plays well with others.

•   Cary Heckman, Director 310.717.8603
•   Ritchie Piert, Producer/Director 213.793.2199
•   Bob Taylor, Director/Producer 818.426.2080
•   Lawreen Yakkel, Producer 323.467.4476
•   Vinny Stancarone, Owner/Editor 3 Degrees, Inc. 323.460.2350

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