Process-Based Business Transformation with Oracle BPA

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					Process-Based Business Transformation with Oracle BPA

The Confiance Group assisted a global aluminum manufacturer in driving
down operational costs through business process management (BPM).                                CASE STUDY

Our client required a process approach that would         Our client aimed to create a framework by which it
capture, improve and maintain its business processes      could conduct process improvement while creating
and coincide with its enterprise resource planning        consistent process content to further enable its
(ERP) implementation. It sought support from The          ERP implementation.
Confiance Group to get its BPM efforts started using
the Oracle Business Process Analysis (BPA) Suite. The     Why The Confiance Group Was Selected
Confiance Group provided expertise for the initial        The Confiance Group is a trusted partner in delivering
installation as well as methodologies for using BPA to    value to make businesses more competitive. Our “roll
drive process improvement. Using BPA and BPM              up your sleeves” organization works collaboratively
methodologies, we helped our client to dramatically       with companies to address today’s key business
reduce cycle times and costs in numerous operations.      drivers—including agility and scalability, reduced
                                                          time to market, operational efficiency and corporate
The Challenge                                             governance. Our mission is to help clients make
Our client was mid-stream in a global ERP                 substantial improvements in their business through
implementation when it realized full value was not        efficiencies and speed to market.
being realized from its efforts due to under-performing
business processes. As a result, the client began         We were selected for this engagement based on our
utilizing the Oracle BPA Suite to map business            proprietary Business Transformation Roadmap, which
processes and simulate results in order to make           enables companies to realize process improvements
improvements. Through a baseline strategy session,        through a tested approach.
we discovered that:
• Numerous enterprise, global ERP installations have
  required process documentation.
• Process content existed in varying levels of detail—
  across different formats and many users.
• While there was initial exposure to the Oracle BPA
  Suite, there was no internal knowledge base to
  get started.
                                                         The Solution
Our client has realized a                                Employing our Business Transformation Roadmap, The
significant reduction in cycle                           Confiance Group guided our client through a series of
                                                         projects to improve processes and create value for its
time for processes that have                             business. Our proprietary approach involved four phases.
been analyzed and improved.                              Each outlined specific steps and explained how to leverage
                                                         a tool such as the Oracle BPA Suite.
                                                         • The Strategy Phase consisted of workshops with key
                                                           stakeholders to identify critical success factors, scope
                                                           initial work and finalize an approach. After the project
                                                           had been scoped and key metrics defined as part of a
                                                           base-lining exercise, we advanced to as-is.

                                                         • The As-Is Phase walked participants through the process
                                                           and captured the process as a documented workflow in
                                                           BPA. KPI’s, pain points, organizational and application
                                                           data, and product views—all essential to analysis—were
                                                           also captured.

                                                         • In the To-Be Phase, our experts performed an analysis
                                                           of as-is using the various models created. Simulation
                                                           was used to analyze rework, bottlenecks and other weak
                                                           points of the process. We followed the ARIS Framework
                                                           to provide a detailed analysis on various aspects of
                                                           the client’s business. Each room of the ARIS “House”—
                                                           organization, data, process, application and product—
                                                           was focused on in order to understand improvement

                                                         • In the Implementation Phase, we utilized BPA to provide
                                                           a comparison and gap analysis against to-be. Simulation
                                                           was used to illustrate benefits from proposed solutions.

The Business Impact
Our client’s process improvement initiatives have proven highly successful. As a result of using the Oracle BPA Suite,
our client has realized a significant reduction in cycle time for processes that have been analyzed and improved.
Utilizing this approach has substantially increased productivity in focused areas. Oracle BPA and our Transformation
Roadmap have enabled employees to reduce lead times in capturing and maintaining processes. The tools have also
improved ERP delivery—reducing the time and cost of implementation, enabling enterprise architecture management
and improving oversight and decision-making ability.

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