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									                                   Open Mentor v2 – Project Plan Workpackages – 1.0 – 09/06/2005

JISC Software Quality Plan Template

1. Quality Expectations

The project will deliver the eLearning Tool(s) as specified in their proposal and refined in the JISC
project plan document in line with following standards/guidelines:

       JISC Open Source Policy November 2004

       JISC (draft) Software Quality Assurance May 2005

       JISC Project Management Guidelines March 2005

       Release versions of development and final code are to placed with http://sourceforge.net/

       Software should be driven by the requirements set in the pedagogical evaluation plan.

       Software should be robust, maintainable and extendable (see JISC (draft) Software Quality
        Assurance August 2004).


       Cost – project musts be completed within agreed grant.

        Time – project musts be completed by 31 March 2006.

       Scope – given the short time scale of the project the scope of the deliverable (i.e. eLearning
        Tool(s) may be narrowed to ensure completion on time and to budget. Any changes to scope
        must be agreed with the programme manager and documented via the change control

       Quality – project must adhere to the standards as defined for open standards, open source
        and software quality

2. Acceptance Criteria

Successful completion of a peer-review of the projects software outputs and development process.

3. Quality Responsibilities
There are to areas of quality we will assure in the project, even though they will be supervise by the
Project Manager, each of them have its own responsible:

Pedagogical quality: Dr. Denise Whitelock and Dr. Jan Rae will be responsible to assure the quality of
the information from the pedagogical tests and their conclusions.
Software quality: Dr. Stuart Watt will be responsible for the technical/technological quality of the
software develop.

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4. Standards and Technologies
Bearing in mind that most of the tools and technologies use in the project are based on Open
Standards, the list below show the standards that are plan to be used, but not all the ones that could
be use during the development phase.

   Name of standard or                  Version                            Notes
XML                               1
XHTML                             1.0
WSDL                              1.1
SOAP                              1.3
CSS                               2
OpenDocument                      1.0                  Open Document Format for Office
                                                       Applications – now on OASIS standard

5. Quality Control and Audit Processes

We have in place two systems to control the project quality and audit it, one is related to the quality of
management of the project, and how to deal with issues related to it. And the second one is related to
the software development quality.

For the first one, all tasks will be tracked on a weekly basis; each week a meeting of the development
group will be held, and progress against all current tasks measured – this will ensure that technical
problems are identified early enough to ensure that they can be resolved. Interface design will follow a
task-centred approach (Lewis and Rieman, 1994) to ensure effective participation of stakeholders in
the design process within a framework of well-defined work package deadlines. Bi-monthly
management groups will be held to track progress against the major milestones within the project, and
to ensure that further technical risks are resolved before they delay development activity. These will
be linked to steering group meetings which will engage the active participation of representative
stakeholders in the project. It is our intention to ensure that these stakeholders represent a diverse
group of potential users from the further and higher education communities in the UK, with a variety of
different assessment strategies in different disciplines. This is necessary to ensure that the project’s
major deliverables – a feedback service and open source software – are applicable throughout the

For the second system, we will be using Subversion as the code versioning system and a bug/issue
submission page which will allow team member that are not involve on the development but involve
on the user testing to submit issues and log problems.
About Subversion, it will allow us to keep a clear track of changes and audit who made them, and
when they were made. This in combination with the use of Maven, which helps to keep the use of
good programming practices and documentation in order, will provide a very good set for an excellent
quality control system.

6. Change Control and Configuration Management Processes

The project bases its development on the feedback from users and conclusions from phase 1,
therefore, the first intention will be to fix bugs from the first version and improve its stability and
usability. The second phase will be based on the feedback from the pedagogical tests and workshops,
which will be submitted using a bug/issue submission page and assigned to the most suitable
programmer to be fixed by the project manager.
Tracking will be responsibility of the project manager.

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    7. Quality Tools
Some of the tools that are going to be used to help assure quality are:
- Maven (http://maven.apache.org)
- Subversion (http://subversion.tigris.org/)
- Tracking meetings with assign table at the end.
- Control system (both analogue for workpackages and cybernetic for the overall project)
- Feedback control system from workshops and pedagogical evaluations.
- Close work with potential users and HE community

This is by no means an extensive list, as new tools, and methods will be use as they become needed.

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