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           ...the future of CCTV

           PRODUCT GUIDE — MAY 2002

                        Digital Recording, Remote Vision, CCTV Cameras

CCTV is changing, massive advancements in digital data storage and communications over the last decade
               have brought benefits to CCTV that were previously impossible to imagine.

Millions of pounds and thousands of man hours have been invested in research and development to bring
you the ultimate in CCTV systems, Systems that can see in the dark, systems that record at high resolution
           directly on to a hard disk, and systems that can be viewed from anywhere in the world.

All products have been designed to the requirements of the end user, and offer simple, trouble free opera-
     tion, and have been designed to be easy to use by everybody from the novice to the professional.

 They are amongst the most powerful products ever designed, with a host of features and benefits that are
                      not available on standard or non PC based CCTV systems.

          For advice on choosing or designing a system to your exact requirements simply call us.

                                            Product Overview

Designed to the very highest standards, our CCTV systems are ideal for use in all types of premises, from a
 domestic site requiring simple to use but effective single camera system, up to an industrial installation re-
                                 quiring a state of the art 16 camera system.

  Available in 1, 4, 6 and 16 camera versions, with 15, 30 and 120 frames per second recording speeds,
               means there is a model available to suit almost every application and budget.

 Designed for use with Windows, the system is packed with unique features such as high quality digital re-
                cording, multiplexing, multi-camera playback, remote vision and playback.

 The remote vision is ideal for applications such as checking on properties, movement of stock, staff atten-
                 dance and behaviour and checking / verifying burglar alarm activations.
                       Digital CCTV Recording & Remote Vision

 Turns a Windows PC into a high resolution digital recorder & remote vi-
               sion system for up to 16 CCTV cameras

Available in a variety of for-                                                                     Remote viewing allows
mats from a simple 1 camera                                                                        others PC’s to connect to
version with 15 fps (frames                                                                        the system via a network,
per second) recording up to a                                                                      modem, or ISDN line.
16 camera version with 120                                                                         Once connected the re-
fps recording.                                                                                     mote PC can view live
The systems record at a                                                                            images and play back
higher frame rate and resolu-                                                                      recordings
tion than traditional non PC
bases CCTV systems

The system is also compatible with ADSL (broadband, cable) once connected to these, the system will gener-
ate its own web page on the internet which will show live images of any of the cameras connected to it, this
page can then be accessed from any internet enabled PC in the world

Main Features

                                                   Multiple Camera Views

                                         The system is completely flexible when it comes to
                                        viewing your cameras. Each camera can be viewed
                                      individually or as a 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12 or 16 camera split
                                                             screen view
Additional Features

                                                 Digital watermark
       To stop recordings being tampered with all recordings are individually dated and digitally watermarked
        15, 30 & 120 fps (frames per second) versions—adjustable frame rate for recording
 As well as a choice of camera capacity, the system is also available with a choice of 3 different frame rates. These
rates relate to the number of images that are captured per second. The 15 fps system is twice the rate of a traditional
 style time lapse video recorder and multiplexer system, and it also has a superior picture quality, this is ideal for do-
 mestic and small business applications. The 120 fps system records more than 16 times the images of a traditions
 system with better than SVHS picture quality, and is recommended for use in high risk applications and large busi-
                                            Covert camera view option
The covert camera view option allows you to record cameras connected to the system without displaying them on the
                                       monitor, allowing discrete recording.
                                                  Timer recording
                                    A weekly, monthly and yearly timer is available
                                              Ease of use & security
    All the features of the system are quick and easy to set up and can be protected by a user defined password
Remote viewing frame rates

The system is designed to offer a maximum of 25 fps during remote viewing, however this is dependant on
network & modem performance. The following rates are based on feedback from customer installations and
independent tests

                                  Modem          1-2 fps / camera
                                  ISDN           2-8 fps / camera
                                  ADSL           4-15 fps / camera
                                  LAN            15-25 fps /camera

Recording times

The following chart shows the amount of space required to store recordings, the figures shown are estima-
tions based on the medium picture quality setting with movement for 50% of the day, actual times will vary
according to how often the cameras detect movement and the quality setting, the number of cameras con-
nected makes no difference to the storage space required. Once the hard drive is full the system will either
warn you or automatically start re-recording over the previous recordings

                                                Recording time
    Version           24 hours           1 week    2 weeks 1 month                          3 months
   15 fps               2Gb               14Gb      28Gb       56Gb                          168Gb
   30 fps               4Gb               28Gb      56Gb       112Gb                         336Gb
   120 fps             16Gb              112Gb      224Gb      448Gb                        1344Gb

System specifications

                                   Digital CCTV technical specifications

15fps system      Image Quality:         Better than VHS
                  Video Compression:     Wavelet
                  Frame Rates:           Viewing:        15 per second
                                         Recording:      15 per second

30/120fps system Image Quality:          Better than SVHS
                 Video Compression:      Wavelet or MPEG4
                 Frame Rates:            Viewing:         30/120 per second
                                         Recording:       30/120 per second

All systems       Video Inputs:          1/4/8/16 BNC
                  Video Format:          PAL, NTSC or SECAM - 1.0V P-P
                  Colour:                True Colour 32 bit
PC specifications

                                             Minimum PC specifications

15fps system         CPU:                PII 350MHz or equivalent
                                         PIII 500MHz recommended
                     VGA card:           16Mb or higher with 800 x 600 resolution
                     Memory:             64Mb

30fps system         CPU:                PIII 500MHz or equivalent
                                         PIII 800MHz recommended
                     VGA card:           16Mb or higher with 800 x 600 resolution
                                         32Mb recommended
                     Memory:             64Mb (128Mb recommended)

120fps system        CPU:                PIII 800MHz or equivalent
                                         P4 1.4GHz recommended
                     VGA card:           21Mb or higher with 800 x 600 resolution
                     Memory:             128Mb (256Mb recommended)

All systems          Operating System: Windows 98se, ME, 2000 or XP
                     Modem:            56k (Zyxel chipset for Voice Alert function)
                     Interface Card:   Single PCI slot on motherboard, plus -
                                       free slots on rear case: 1 for 1-4 camera system; 2 for 8 camera system; 4 for 16
                                       camera system
                     Storage Space:    See Recording Times section

Remote viewing PC:                       Windows PC with LAN, ISDN, modem or internet connection

Installation services

                                       Specification and Installation services

OECUK offer a detailed site appraisal and system specification service to ensure that clients obtain a system best suited
                                        to their present and future requirements

  OECUK offer a full ‘turnkey’ installation program, providing a system in full working order, configured to client require-
                             ments, together with a comprehensive maintenance agreement

   OECUK are able to advise and supply PC and network systems which compliment the CCTV system specifications

OECUK are able to liaise with clients own IT department to advise and guide where required regarding the most efficient
                   consolidation of a CCTV system within an existing PC or network infrastructure

                                          Standard & High Resolution Digital Cameras

  The Standard camera offers excellent value for money, and is ideal for general observation of low risk ar-
  eas. The High Resolution cameras are available in a variety of designs and offer excellent picture quality.

COLOUR Standard Resolution                           COLOUR High Resolution Bullet, Dome and Hidden ‘Covert’ Cameras

1/3” CMOS, 330 TVL, 3.0 lux                          Bullet Camera — external
92° wide angle lens                                  Dome Camera — internal
Suitable for general observation, can be wall        Working Smoke Detector — with ‘hidden’ camera — internal
mounted internally or externally                     Dummy PIR — with ‘hidden’ camera — internal
                                                     Working Wall Clock — with ‘hidden’ camera — internal

                                                     Day / Night Digital Cameras

  Available in B&W and colour versions, these cameras are fitted with integrated IR LED’s (invisible to the
human eye, a feint red glow can be seen in direct line of sight) which automatically turn on in low light giving
the camera night vision when viewing scenes with no light at all. The colour versions automatically switch to
        B&W mode in low light ensuring that the picture is perfect during bright and dark conditions.

B&W 10 metre IR Bullet Camera                                   B&W 10 metre IR Vandal                   B&W 20 metre IR Bullet Camera
                                                                   Resistant Dome

                            Wall or ceiling mount                                                                                      Wall or ceiling mount
                                                                                 Wall or ceiling mount

1/3” digital CCD, 420 TVL, 0.3 lux                  1/3” digital CCD, 420 TVL, 0.3 lux                   1/3” digital CCD, 600 TVL, 0.01 lux
Internal or external use                            Internal or external use                             Internal or external use
Integrated IR LED’s for 10M night vision in zero    Vandal resistant— withstands blow from a 10lb        Integrated IR LED’s for 20M night vision in zero light
light                                               sledgehammer

Colour 10 metre IR Bullet Camera                        Colour 10 metre IR Vandal Resistant Dome              COLOUR 15 metre IR Heavy Duty Camera

                            Wall or ceiling mount                                Wall or ceiling mount

1/4” digital CCD, 480 TVL, 0.3 lux                   1/4” digital CCD, 480 TVL, 0.3 lux                    1/4” digital CCD, 480 TVL, 0.3 lux
Internal or external use                             Internal or external use                              Internal or external use
Switches from colour to B&W automatically and        Vandal resistant— withstands blow from a 10lb         Integrated IR LED’s for 15M night vision in zero
turns on integrated IR LED’s                         sledgehammer                                          light
                                                                                                           Heavy duty design
Who are OECUK ?

OECUK is a trading style of Office Electronics Centre (UK) Ltd.

OECUK has a successful track record of almost 20 years in the office equipment business
based on a strategic business partnership with Manufacturers and our customers.

Operating from our Great Yarmouth base we have worked hard at building a reputation in East
Anglia for the high quality of our service and professional business ethics. That we have
achieved this is illustrated by the strength of our customer relationships and constant growth of
our client base.

 This high quality is not accidental. Each of our engineers and sub-contractors have been fully
trained by manufacturers to the necessary level of technical excellence. More than that – our
senior engineers are all long-standing employees, 11 years with us being the current minimum.

 A total familiarity with the products is essential, which is why not only our engineers but also our
sales staff have completed Academy training. This ensures that when dealing with customers we
always have the up to date knowledge required to answer all questions and the necessary skills
to install and service networkable products to the required accredited standard.

For details on CCTV or any other items of electronic office equipment please contact us as
shown below

                               Office Electronics Centre (UK) Ltd
                              Electronics House, Gapton Hall Road
                              Great Yarmouth, Norfolk NR31 0ND
                             Tel: 01493 600500 Fax: 01493 650398