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					Edwin R. Fisette, PMP

Mr. Edwin R. Fisette is a project manager with over 28 years of experience in consulting
and systems implementations. He has his Project Management Professional certification
from the Project Management Institute. He has worked extensively with CEOs, CIOs,
CFOs, Presidents and Board of Directors in the areas of:
    Project Planning and Management
      System implementation (both custom and package)
      Program and Project Office Activities
      Mergers and Acquisitions
      Customer Relationship Management and Channel Optimization
Mr. Fisette has vertical expertise in Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Financials and

He currently is a Senior Partner and CIO of GeoReach Consulting.
GeoReach Consulting, Inc                                                           2007 - Present
      Client: Celgene
       Relationship Manager                                                    May 2009 - Present

           o   Results – 100% compliance with legal discovery imperatives
           o   Responsible for staffing engagement responsible for the on-going implementation
               and support of their e-mail archiving strategy.
           o   Celgen’s e-mail archiving strategy involves Microsoft Exchange Version 7 and
               Symantec’s Enterprise Vault Application
      Client: CoreSource Insurance (a Trustmark company) –
       Project Manager                                                      May 2009 to July 2009

           o   Results – created a roadmap of projects to improve the financial flow of
               information – including the associated business case justification for each project
           o   Led the effort to recommend modifications to the financial, billing and policy
               admin systems to make processing more cost efficient
           o   Designed a data warehouse push/pull system for all admin and claims system
           o   Assisted in planning for the retirement/consolidation of claims system
Edwin R. Fisette, PMP
     Client: Universal American Corporation
      Project Manager                                                   April 2007 to July 2009
         o   Results – provided a platform for continued growth in the financial area,
             consolidated accounts payable and saved over 35% in costs associated with the
             financial process.
         o   Led a multi-million effort to consolidate general ledger and accounts payable
             systems from all subsidiaries into a standard corporate ledger (Sungard’s EAS
             system) and a consolidated chart of accounts. Subsidiaries and ledgers retired
                   CHCS – Ledger/AP system Acc-Pac
                           Reengineered processes to move the Canadian operations to
                            CHCS in Florida
                           Created interfaces into EAS from FiRRe
                   Heritage Corporation – Ledger/AP system Great Plains
                           Performed account clean-ups prior to conversion
                           Automated numerous Journal Entry creations that were formally
                            manual processes
                   Insurance Companies – Ledger/AP system Solomon
                           Created cost allocation models
                           Created interfaces from Facets
                   Insurance Companies/Admin system’s Ledger – ABC (mainframe)
                           Hosted several off-site meetings with both finance and systems to
                            determine best practices and approaches to the retirement of the
                            ABC ledger
                           Created source system feeds that feed the original ABC ledger to
                            feed the EAS ledger
                   MemberHealth – Ledger/AP system Great Plains
                           Maintained a separate EAS instance for Part D claims information
                           Created interfaces for CMS, Bank of America and Plan to Plan
                   Feeds to the financial system were generated from the Admin systems,
                    the Claims systems and via manual entry
         o   Reengineered the following processes
                   Monthly, quarterly and annual close processes
                   Created a new, flexible chart of accounts and put in place an
                    update/maintenance process for COA and business unit codes (BUs are
                    EAS’s user defined COA fields)
                   Financial reporting – providing a single source for all financial
                    reports/inquiries utilizing the system, Business Objects, FRx and BizNet

                              GeoReach Consulting|    2
Edwin R. Fisette, PMP
                        Managed testing activities for the Performance Test, System Test, User
                         Acceptance Test, Conversion Test and Regression Test of affected non-
                         EAS systems – this included
                               Test scenario and test case development
                               Test execution
                               Results verification and sign off
      o      Provided consultation and staffing for the implementation and integration of
          Sungard’s DSPA commissions solution
     Client: Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
      Project Manager                                                               Jan 2007 – Jun 2009

          o   Results – 100% compliance with legal requests for the retrieval of e-mail and the
              foundation to implement retention strategies with decreased staffing and a turn-
              around time reduction of over 80%
          o   Led a $20+ Million effort to implement Microsoft Exchange Journaling and
              Symantec Enterprise Vault for legal eDiscovery activities for e-mail records. This
                        Design and implementation of the Enterprise Vault and Discovery
                         Accelerator applications and the corresponding integration with the
                         Exchange application
                        All disaster recovery (DRP) infrastructure design and implementation for
                         the Exchange and Symantec environments
                        All support for the resulting environment post implementation
                        Transition activities to the selected outsourcer
          o   Led efforts to migrate various internally developed tools for the messaging group
              to supported web-based architectures
     GeoReach Consulting, Inc
      Partner Relationship Manager                                                 March 2009 - Present

          o   Results – revenue increase of 46% for GeoReach Consulting
          o   Managed the preferred partner relationship with Symantec at the following
                         The University of New Haven                  Mount Sinai Hospital
                         YUM                                          IMR America
                         DRS Technologies                             Clark Realty
                         Vonage                                       PaeTec
          o   Managed the preferred partner relationship with Pfizer Pharmaceuticals of their
              Managed Service Provider network which provides staff augmentation assistance

                                   GeoReach Consulting|        3
Edwin R. Fisette, PMP

Technology Consulting Associates, Inc                                                2001 - 2007

      For Bankers Life and Casualty, he ran a project across business and IT to improve the
       Financial Information Flow. This included creating a financial data warehouse, adding
       automated processes for routine entries, and managing new processes in the business
       community. Mr. Fisette managed the entire project including the PMO function,
       performed the technical architecture design and coordinated the efforts of seven
       separate Corporate IT and business projects. In this role, he reported directly to the CAO
       (Chief Accounting Officer) and the VP of Financial Expense Reporting.
      For Zurich Life, he was responsible for the management of the PeopleSoft GL application,
       its integration with legacy systems, the development of the transaction data
       warehousing, and the integration of the user community into the acceptance test
       process. This involved collapsing several existing General Ledger systems into one.
      For Kemper National Insurance, he was responsible for the implementation of the
       Enterprise Financial System – comprised of an Oracle Financials implementation and
       custom enhancements. In this role, he managed all aspects of a 50+ person team. This
       project collapsed the various Kemper GL systems into one company-wide system. In this
       role, he was responsible to the Chief Financial Officer and reported directly to the
       Controller and Chief Accounting Officer.
       For The Kemper Insurance Companies, he led an effort that replaced a mainframe
       application with a server-based Operational Data Store and data warehouse
       architecture for reserve accruals and other financial activity. He performed both the
       project management and application architect roles in this endeavor. The system also
       modified the Oracle Financial Systems by providing additional feeds into and reports out
       of the General Ledger application. In addition, he worked in the PMO coordinating all
       projects related to Finance and the feeds to the new data warehouse. In this role, he
       reported to the Financial Controller and ultimately to both the CFO & CIO and had
       extensive interactions with the Chief Actuarial Officer.
      For Harris Corporation, he was responsible for the QA and redesign of the PeopleSoft ERP
       implementation of the manufacturing applications.
      For UOP, a manufacturer who has been a leader in developing and commercializing
       technology for license to the oil refining, petrochemical and gas processing industries, he
       spearheaded an evaluation for an SAP offshore partner and potential outsourcer.

Technology Solutions Company, LLC/eLoyalty LLC                                      1995 - 2001
      For Pleasant Company, a division of Mattel manufacturing the American Girl Doll, he
       managed the replacement of their entire legacy Financial, Manufacturing, Distribution,
       and Warehouse Management systems. The replacement was with the Oracle Suite of
       products and custom enhancements specific to Pleasant including new feeds and
       customizations to the Oracle AR, GL and AP applications. In this role, he reported to the
       CIO and interfaced with the CEO, CFO and manufacturing, financial and distribution
      For GMAC, he managed the team that developed and implemented the CRM Center
       of Excellence strategy and implementation that combined cross-sell and up-sell activities
       across GM and GMAC business lines. The effort included development of a strategy, a
       business case, a CRM implementation and business and technology integration of the
       functions onto the website and into the CRM contact center. This was a ~$15.6MM two
                                GeoReach Consulting|      4
Edwin R. Fisette, PMP
      and a half year program to create a new cross business unit organization that created a
      multi-channel CRM infrastructure, from concept, to serve Family First and Supplier
      Members. The program was selected as a 2002 Gartner CRM Excellence Award finalist.
     For Royal Bank of Canada, he managed the business case development and performed
      quality assurance on the business cases for various customer related initiatives. These
      initiatives included reorganizations, self-service channels and operational improvements.
     For VoiceStream Wireless, he managed the Mergers and Acquisition assessments for two
      acquisitions. VoiceStream acquired Omnipoint Communications and Aerial
      Communications.     These    assessments involved   comparisons,    contrasts    and
      recommendations of which systems from which company to keep, which ones to merge
      and which systems should be replaced.
     For GTE Wireless, now Verizon, he managed the development and deployment new
      product offerings and promotional campaigns for their wireless products.
     For General Motors, he was responsible for development of business case models,
      tracking and financial budgeting for call center consolidations. His responsibilities
      included managing the financial aspects of new construction, interfacing with EDS and
      developing common invoicing formats for GM’s various vendors as well as benefits
      tracking for recommended call center process improvements.
     For Georgia-Pacific, a major manufacturer/distributor of building products, he was
      responsible for the design, procurement and installation of a RF system for G-P’s
      warehouses, for the Statement of Requirements for the construction of the company’s
      distribution location, the installation of all network components, and the relocation of
      technology onto new platforms for user moving to consolidated sales centers.
     For ConAgra Poultry, a large processor of chickens, he participated in the activity based
      costing development and rollout implementation. He worked closely with plant
      personnel to define data requirements and to gain their acceptance of the new costing

Accenture                                                                            1982 - 1995
     For Ameritech, he was the lead manager for the quality assurance and methodology
      teams for a large systems development effort involving approximately 230 project
      personnel. The development effort involved creating a new system for new product
      offerings in new markets made possible by the deregulation of the telecommunication
      industry. Full analysis was done on existing Ameritech systems and which ones could be
      leveraged or replaced with this effort. In addition, he was responsible for the launch of
      the product offering.
     For Vandemoortele (VDM), a Swedish food manufacturer of oil and fat products like
      butter, margarine and yogurt, he led a team installing a process manufacturing product.
      He led the functional design and development effort of the VDM resource planning
      application. In this endeavor, he worked closely with VDM personnel in designing the
      client/server application. This Windows NT-PC based solution scheduled production lines
      while balancing demand and capacity constraints to develop a production schedule.
     He has worked for a variety of manufacturing clients in the process industry including:
         o   Novo Nordisk - an enzyme manufacturer based in Copenhagen,
         o   The Geon Company - a manufacturer of PVC,
         o   Terumo Corporation - a pharmaceutical company in Japan ,

                               GeoReach Consulting|      5
Edwin R. Fisette, PMP
         o   Becton-Dickinson - a pharmaceutical company in the U.S

     Internal positions – Application Architect responsible for the design and delivery of the
      Process/1(a manufacturing system targeted at process manufactures) and the MAC-
      PAC (an integrated manufacturing, distribution and financial system). Mr. Fisette was the
      development manager for MAC-PAC and the Systems Architect for Process/1.
      Specifically, he was responsible for the development of the following applications:

         o   Process Industry Manufacturing—this development was to add process industry
             functionality to the MAC-PAC product. New costing and planning applications
             were developed and an entire new database design was implemented.
         o   Multiplant—this project changed the entire AS/400 product to run from a single
             plant system to a multi-plant system. Planning across plants and inventory
             maintenance across plants was added.
         o   Inter-company Transfer Control—this application was a step towards multiplant
             processing. It tracks inventory movements between warehouses and between
             plants with full shipping/receiving functionality.
         o   Just-in-Time and Kanban—this development added flow processing and Kanban
             card processing to the manufacturing applications of MAC-PAC.
         o   Order Processing—several enhancements to the order processing application
             including automatic back order release, contract pricing, and quote order
         o   Sales Analysis—both on-line inquiry and flexible reporting for the analysis of results
             from the order processing function was added.
         o   Electronic Data Collection—this enhancement allowed the entry of information
             into MAC-PAC via bar coding.
         o   Document Control—this development was to add tracking of required
             documents through the manufacturing process. It is targeted primary at the
             pharmaceutical industry.
         o   Quality Based Costing—this developed combined quality measure in
             manufacture with activity based costing concepts integrated in the base
             PROCESS/1 manufacturing package.
         o   Resource Planning—this development added a client/server scheduling tool to
             the PROCESS/1 manufacturing package. Resource planning balanced resource
             and capacity constraints with product demand to come up with a realistic
             schedule. It was PC-based, built under Windows NT and transferred schedules into

                               GeoReach Consulting|        6
Edwin R. Fisette, PMP
Employment History

Company                                 Time Period      Final Title           Comments
GeoReach Consulting                     2007 – Current   Senior Partner/CIO
Technology Consulting Associates          2001 – 2007    Vice President

Technology Solutions Company              1995 – 2001    Vice President        Now eLoyalty Co.

Andersen Consulting                       1982 – 1995    Senior Applications   Now Accenture


      Mr. Fisette received his BS in Mathematics/Computer Science from Saint Joseph’s
       College in 1982
      Mr. Fisette received his MS in Information Systems from DePaul University in 1984
      Mr. Fisette has his PMP certification from The Project Management Institute

                                   GeoReach Consulting|    7
Edwin R. Fisette, PMP
International Experience
Australia: Software Development for an Inventory Transfer Control application. Total
development effort was approximately 2,000 days. I managed the project from
Chicago with as required visits to monitor progress.
Indonesia: Software expert for a software installation at a large, multi-site paper
Japan: Software expert on an installation for large Japanese manufacturer of medical
equipment. The software product was installed at all sites in their Japanese and US
Singapore: Pilot installation of JIT software application for a large American
manufacturer of hospital supplies. I was the project manager for the JIT development
and was the subject expert on site.
United Kingdom: Large software installation for a cosmetic manufacturer. I was the
subject expert for the Order Processing application being installed.
United Kingdom: Shop Floor Control Development. I was a functional specialist for the
development of a Shop Floor Control application
Philippines: Project manager for bar code development. I managed this project from
Chicago with as required visits.
Philippines: Project manager for process industry software development. I moved to
the Philippines for 18 months to manage this 36,000 man-day effort.
Venezuela: Subject expert for a manufacturer of large appliances. At the time, this
was our Caracas office's largest client and installation.
Thailand: Conducted several training seminars and participated in marketing activities.
Belgium: Software expert for a software installation at a large, multi-site food
manufacturer. Also managed the development of a client/server resource planning
Denmark: Software expert for a software installation at a large, multi-site chemical
manufacturer. Developed a cost management application specific to the client’s
Sweden: Software expert for a software installation at a food processing company.

                              GeoReach Consulting|    8

Description: Edwin Fisette is a project manager with over 28 years of experience in consulting and systems implementations. He has his Project Management Professional certification from the Project Management Institute. He has worked extensively with CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, Presidents and Board of Directors in the areas of: -- Project Planning and Management -- System implementation (both custom and package) -- Program and Project Office Activities -- Mergers and Acquisitions -- Customer Relationship Management and Channel Optimization Mr. Fisette has vertical expertise in Insurance, Pharmaceuticals, Financials and Manufacturing He currently is a Senior Partner and CIO of GeoReach Consulting.