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324-325 Global TSCM


									324   SECURITY PARTS & DEVICES ┃Anti-bugging Devices
      Global TSCM Group, INC.

      Is your
      Telephone Tapped?
      What′New in Counterspy?
      Next Generation For 2009,
      Introducing the Stealth Kit!

              Next Generation Counter Kit, Acoustic Noise Generator And
                     TSCM Sweep Package With Built In Advanced Telephone Line
          Analyzer And RF Room Sweep Detector

                 Key features
      ●   Constantly sweeps and identifies illegal transmitters and hidden camera devices.
      ●   Detects wire tapping and telephone bugging on PSTN & PABX Systems.
      ●   Built in optimized white noise generator to desensitize
          any acoustic interference.
          Protection against Microwave and Laser Listening
          devices, Shotgun and Parabolic Microphones,
          hard wired and spike microphones.

              Major functions
      ● 24 hours, 7 days per week real time monitoring and messages to your cell
      ● Automatic Transmission to monitoring Station where all alarmed events are logged.
      ● Daily Report transmitted to Monitoring Station.

                                                              MODEL -

                                                                          106 ROBBINS LANE, JERICHO NY11753 U.S.A
                          Global TSCM Group, INC.                         TEL : 1-917-434-4855       FAX : 1-516-433-3262
                                  Anti-bugging Devices ┃      SECURITY PARTS & DEVICES                                      325
                                                                                                Global TSCM Group, INC.

                       -Frequency coverage; 1Mhz to 6,000Mhz (6.0Ghz)/ Includes Skip Function
                       -Scan Mode; AM, NFM, WFM, FDMA, AMPS
                       -Scan Step; 5.0 Khz - 250 Khz
RF Detection unit      -Sensitivity ; -105dbm ~ -85dbm
                       -Detection range ; 500sqf - 1,000spf
                       -Transmit signal; ID, frequency data, time

 Wire tapping          - Detection control; On hook/ Off hook/ 0.1-9.9 Qz
                       - Event alarm time; 0-60 seconds
 detection unit        - Transmit signal; ID, line event data, time

                       - Dual Mixed Sound Masking Technology
Acoustic Noise         - Automatic Transmission to monitoring Station, When Detect line is cut-off
                       - Use Electronics Volume Control
Generator unit         - 2 channels for Multi Transducer (up to 12 units)
                       - Out put: 4.7Watts per Channel at 8 ohm 10% THD

                       - Transmission Networks ; PSTN, PABX or Ethernet /10Base -T(option)
                       - Memory Channels ; 300
                       - Search Channel Memory Banks ; 50
    General            - Audio output ; 0.2Watts at 8 ohm (EXT phone jack)
                       - Antenna type ; 2×SMA 50 ohm (Low Band, High Band)
                       - Power supply requirement ; DC +9V 1.5A (AC 80-240V Free volt adapter)
                       - Accessories ; Adapter, line cable×2, antenna×2, transducer×8, manual,
                         warranty card

   Emergency Center

                         PSTN / LAN

                                      The stealth 6.0

                                        Telephone       Transducer


                                                 If you need total room privacy assurance free from
                                                 eavesdropping and continuous monitoring of inside
                                                 the room and your telephone line, this is the
                                                 complete solution that combats and stops
                                                 eavesdropping and information leakage in it' tracks!

                                                                     106 ROBBINS LANE, JERICHO NY11753 U.S.A
                  Global TSCM Group, INC.                            TEL : 1-917-434-4855       FAX : 1-516-433-3262

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