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					                                    Volume 1 Issue 2

                                                        A Chat with our President
                        November 11th, 2009

                                                        Greetings BCSC!                  All of the food stays          ever you can! The
                                                        This year really has             in Baltimore County,           officer team has been
                                                        been flying by and               and it is a great way          very busy planning
                                                        BCSC has been very               to give back to the            for the BCSC Middle
                                                        busy. As many of you             community! It runs             School Leadership
                                                        know we held our                 from November 1st -            Conference. I am
                                                        first General Assem-             December 1st. Stu-             proud to say we have
                                                        bly on October 21st.             dents were also intro-         lots of middle schools
                                                        Many schools at-                 duced to the BCSC              attending. If you are
                                                        tended and were able             Charity, which is              registered to attend,
                                                        to join committees,              Kids Helping Hop-              get ready for tons of
                                                        hear reports, and lis-           kins. If your school           fun! As always if you
                                                        ten to a former                  would like to hold a           have any questions
                                                        SMOB, Maryland                   fundraiser, please see         don't hesitate to email
                                                        State Delegate John              one of our Charity             me at oliviakeith-

                                                        A. Olszewski. Stu-               Directors. As always  or
                                                        dents were also intro-           we will have a money           Ms. Fuller at
                                                        duced to the BCSC                collection for Kids  !
                                                        Annual Food Drive. I             Helping Hopkins at
                                                        strongly urge all                all BCSC events, so                     Olivia Keithley
                                                        schools to participate.          please donate what-
                                         The Informer

                                                         A Word from your Public Relations Director
                                                        Hello BCSC! Well as              questions you may               tails so we can work on
                                                        always I’d like to en-           have to                         getting your school
                                                        courage each and every              some publicity. This is
                                                        one of you to write In-          Also, this year we are          a great opportunity to
                                                        former articles about            trying to focus on get-         get news coverage and
                                                        events or interesting            ting publicity for our          beyond. Feel free to
                                                        things going on in your          schools. If your school         talk with me at lunch
                                                        school. We’d love to             has an unique event             about it as well. Have
                                                        hear about it! Email             coming up, please               a happy November!
                                                        me with articles or any          email me with the de-
                                                                                                                                      Lizzy Peper

                                                        Inside this issue:
                                                        Destination Imagination                  2
                                                                                                        • The Annual Baltimore County Student
                                                        Dulaney’s Got Spirit!                    2
                                                                                                          Council Canned Food Drive has begun.
                                                        The Quest for The Golden Gator           3        Start collecting those cans!
                                                        Smile for the Camera!                    3      • Continue fundraising for our county charity,
                                                        Wars through the Hallways                4
                                                                                                          Kids Helping Hopkins

                                                                                                        • Submit completed committee forms to the
                                                                                                          designated chairs
Destination Imagination
    On October 24th, Hereford     the sophomores had the arc-
High School held its 2009         tic, and the freshmen had the
Homecoming Dance. During          rainforest. The dance turned
the week, we celebrated spirit    out to be awesome! We hired
week each day. The students       a great DJ who handed out
really got into the different     glow sticks and CDs with
themes that included Country      some special songs on them.
day, Western day and Wacky        I can definitely say that it was
Tacky day just to name a few.     a fantastic week. I know that
    The theme this year for       next year’s 2010 homecom-
the Homecoming Dance was          ing will be even better!
biomes, Destination Imagina-          Happy Thanksgiving!
tion, and the bulls ran wild!
The seniors had the high-
lands, juniors had the desert,               Maura Vananzo

         Spirit Weeks are a great way to get your school enthusiastic
         about upcoming events. Try using flyers and announcements
                           to up your school’s participation!

Dulaney’s Got Spirit!
    During the week heading       months and create a very           set off the alarms.
up to homecoming, Dulaney         spirited hallway.                      We also had class color,
High showed an immense                The seniors had a game         tie-dye, superhero and school
amount of school spirit. We       board themed hallway and           colors day for spirit week.
started off the activities with   the freshmen had a super-          DHS truly has a lot of lion’s
Hallway Wars. Every class         hero theme. The sopho-             pride!
pulled their members together     mores and juniors made their
to decorate, decorate, deco-      hallways explode with their                      Katie Evans
rate! Even the freshman           class colors. Unfortunately,
class was able to pull every-     the decorations had to come
thing together within two         off the ceiling so they didn’t

Page 2                                                                                 T H E I N F O R M ER
The Quest for The Golden Gator
     This fall is the time for    a competition between the        Golden Gator since they won
huge competition at Perry         grades instead of home-          the penny war. Will they
Hall High. In other words, it’s   rooms. Each grade has            keep the illustrious gator or
time for the annual canned        decorated a trashcan that will   will another class claim it?
food drive!                       be used to collect the cans.     We’ll just have to wait and
     This year the student        The winning grade will re-       see.
council is trying something       ceive bragging rights and the
new. After the success of the     coveted Golden Gator head.                   Courtney Guth
recent penny war competi-                The freshmen currently
tion, the canned drive will be    have possession of the

              Encourage your school to participate in the canned
             food drive by doing homeroom or class competitions.
                            Or, try setting a school goal!

Smile for the Camera!
        Hereford High School             We showed our Here-       ting a photo of your school
is in for some big changes!       ford pride by dressing in ma-    including the entire student
During the summer of 2010,        roon and gold. As the heli-      body. Remember, a picture
Hereford is going to be reno-     copter flew by, we put on our    is worth a thousand words!
vated. So in order to remem-      biggest smiles since all our
ber our historical school, the    faces will been seen in the                     Jay Stapp
county decided to take an         photo.
aerial photograph of the                 So if your school is
school with the students          being renovated maybe you
standing outside.                 should consider talking to
                                  your administration about get-

VOLUME 1 ISSUE 2                                                                             Page 3
                                   UPCOMING EVENTS

       BCSC Annual Canned Food Drive: November 1st– December 1st

       BCSC Middle School Leadership Conference: November 21st

       December General Assembly: December 16th

                           Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Wars Through the Hallways
        Dulaney High School                At Dulaney, the sopho-       with students looking for ways
began their homecoming week        more class surprised everyone in     to help on this activity.
with a new activity, Hallway       their creative ideas and the tre-            So if your school is look-
Wars. Since spirit week began      mendous amount of people that        ing for a great way to pump up
the Friday before the week of      showed up to help.                   kids about spirit week or any
homecoming, students decided               SGO President, Tiffany       other occasion, think about try-
they needed to find a better way   Jantzen said that hallway wars       ing Hallway Wars. It’s an amaz-
to promote spirit week. Hallway    were “super successful.” “I was      ing way to promote spirit—or
Wars is competition between        really impressed with the sopho-     anything else for that matter—
classes where each class is        mores and all the hallways are       while involving more people.
designated a hallway to decorate   sure to stir a lot of excitement.”
prior to spirit week in order to           Class councils sent out                      Carly Blatt
promote school spirit and earn     questionnaires to ask for help
money. The class that won re-      decorating after school and the
ceived a monetary gift as a re-    response was enormous. After
ward.                              school, the hallways were filled

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