Eastern's Teacher Candidate Lesson Plan Template - DOC by alllona


									                                                                                                                    Greg Garosshen

1. Theme of Instruction: Fitness Activity                              Grade/Developmental Level: 4-6

# of Students
2. Lesson Objectives: Highlight Standard/Benchmarks/Performance Indicators

     A) Psychomotor: As a result of the lesson students will be able to use pacing in their fitness training.

       Standard # 1 Benchmark:____________________________

     B) Cognitive: As a result of this lesson students will be able to state what pacing and why it is important.

       Standard # 2 Benchmark:____________________________

     C) Affective: As a result of this lesson the students will be able to warm up their hearts slowly over time.

       Standard # 5,6,7 Benchmark:____________________________

3.    A) Needed Equipment: pedometers, heart rate monitors

      B) Safety Concerns: (*) make sure that the students go at their own paces, the students should not push, each student should

have their own person space

4. Instant Activity: First the students will come into the class and do their regular warm-ups that are             5. Time: 5-10 minutes
posted on the wall in the gym. Next the lead in activity will be pacing. The students will start off walking

slowly and then gradually move up to a fast jog. The students will check their heart rates to see if they can       transition

reach their target zones.

Assessment Opportunity! Students should be assessed on their ability to pace themselves and the ability

for them to reach their target heart rates.

6. Scaffolding:                                                                                                     Time:

7. Introduction to Lesson:                                                                                          Time:
A)State Obj. To warm-up the children before the main activity for the day.

B)Anticipatory Set To prevent injury and to keep the kids active                                                    transition

C)Focus Attention (Cueing) Step- Proper knowledge of pacing

D)CFU- IF the students are pacing and why they need to pace themselves

8. Extensions and                             10. Cues/                           11. Formation:                    Time:
9. Applications                               Refinements:

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