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					   THE                                                                                                  October 2006

        Northwestern Local Schools * 7571 N. Elyria Rd. * West Salem, OH 44287
        419-846-3151 * FAX: 419-846-3361 *

         Board of Education                            Northwestern High School
        Phil Keener, President
            419-846-3935                                  Homecoming 2006

                                                               “ A Walk Through Time”
   Kathy Hochstetler, Vice-President

             Bob Martin

             Bob Kline

           Chad Boreman

    Jeffrey Layton, Superintendent
                                         Freshman Attendant Madalyn Hostettler, Senior Aarika Gresser, Senior Jenessa Rice,
        Allen Miller, Treasurer
                                         Senior Lindsey Rice, Junior Attendant Haley Silves, Sophomore Attendant Ashley
            419-846-3400            Whittlesey           Youth Court: Emma Ewing, Riley Stull, Colt Cutter

Mike Burkholder, High School Principal
 Scott Smith, Middle School Principal                                                  AARIKA GRESSER!!

 Julie McCumber, Elementary Principal
 A note from our superintendent .....                                                                               Transportation
         All of us can take great pride in the
                                                                              Mr. Jeff Layton         In need of safe drivers:
achievement of our great students! Unlike
many school districts in these tough times who                                 Northwestern
are on the very edge of survival, Northwestern                                Superintendent          We are always in need of quality substitute
is an active, thriving district! The continued                                                        bus drivers. Salaries are good and our stu-
support and high expectations of our communi-                                                         dents are great! Please contact John Burns,
ty, Board of Education, and entire staff has cre-                                                     Transportation Supervisor, if you are inter-
ated and sustains our student success!            The costs and demands of state and federal          ested! We are currently offering a waiver of
                                                  mandates continually increase, while federal        training costs to bring quality drivers in our
Evidence of our success:                          and state funding remains stagnant or               exciting world! Our bus drivers are the
-        Student ACT Scores                       decreases. We at Northwestern have been able        greatest - and are the first employees to see
(NHS 23.5 Ave. score; state Ave. score 21.5)      to weather the onslaught of these financial         our students each morning and often the last
-        Student performance on Achievement       storms and are striving to continue to do so.       to see them each evening!
Tests and the OGT
(101 index score and high % scoring acceler-               Finally, word continues spreading in       Parents,
ated & advanced performance)                      regards to the incredible support the school dis-
-        High Student attendance                  trict receives through our community and local      Please be sure you have clearly marked
-        An "EXCELLENT" (highest) district        businesses. I, personally, am stopped on a          numbers on your mailboxes. Bus drivers
report card rating from the Ohio Department       weekly basis by individuals throughout the          and substitute drivers on occasion need to
of Education                                      county because they wish to share how               view clearly marked address numbers at res-
-        Student success in academics, athlet-    impressed they are with the Northwestern            idences to pick up children.
ics, specific programs fair projects - in all     School District, administrative team, staff, and
facets of their lives                             our community support. We hear these posi-          Thank you.
-        Ongoing student involvement in           tive comments second and third-hand as well.
extracurricular activities                        We have a lot to be proud of throughout our
-        Continued fiscal responsibility by       community. Tops on my list are our children
                                                                                                                 5-year Strategic Plan
school administration                             and our compassion for our children and one
         Employee costs are 84% of our annual another. I am always willing to listen to ideas,        A resounding THANK YOU! for the efforts
budget this year, which is par. Of course, qual- questions, and concerns from anyone in our           of our Strategic Plan Steering Committee for
ity teachers and staff are a necessity and it is community. It is only by asking, sharing, and        their efforts in creation of a practical and use-
our employees who create student success. In continued active involvement that we can                 ful document which is already our guiding
my opinion, we have the absolute BEST staff - effectively continue our important work.                light for district improvement. Our Board of
bar none. The other 16% of our budget                                                                 Education approved the document, following
includes textbooks, technology, equipment,                                                            an informative presentation, at our September
maintenance, heating and cooling, transporta- Jeffrey N. Layton                                       Board of Education Meeting. We are current-
tion, etc. These are all necessities to school Superintendent                                         ly working to mold this large document into a
operation. As a district we are being prudent Northwestern Local Schools                              concise brochure designed to share this plan
with our finances by writing numerous grants                                                          throughout the community. We anticipate this
in an effort to bring additional revenue into the                                                     brochure to be shared as an insert in our
district, also, by maximizing efficiency and                                                          December newsletter or by direct bulk mail-
balancing class sizes through open enrollment                                                         ing in the next two months. Look for it
(we have also implemented an extensive
screening process to accept the highest quality
candidates), effectively working with OSFC
and the Ohio Department of Education to
obtain every dollar for which we are entitled,
and "tightening our belts" with district expen-

   October 2006                                          THE            Northwestern                                             Page 2
                                                           School Bus Safety
         A FEW CHANGES                         We make great efforts to safely transport each
                                               child to and from school. Northwestern bus
Website:                                       drivers literally transport students hundreds of
We are anticipating the change to our new      thousands of miles annually. Our drivers are
and improved Northwestern District web-        constantly striving to keep our children safe.
site beginning November 1st. The web           However, children must also be aware of safe-
address will be the same, so check it out!     ty concerns. Following are some suggestions
Our look will not drastically change, but we   for bus safety to share with your children:
are planning including additional photo-
graphs and information to show what being      ·       Wear bright clothes so bus drivers and
a Husky is all about!                          passing vehicles can easily see you                 Pumpkins in the cornfields
                                               ·       Get to your bus stop early so you are
Phone System:                                                                                       Gold among the brown
                                               not rushing - rushing more easily results in
Upon our return from Thanksgiving we will      accidents                                           Leaves of rust and scarlet
have a digital answering system in place       ·       Stay away from the "danger zone"             Trembling slowly down
where a caller will be immediately directed    which is 10 feet around the bus on all sides        Birds that travel southward
to a particular building or department. This   ·       Pay close attention to your bus driver         Lovely time to play
improvement should help community mem-         and follow all signals and directions - especial-     Nothing is as pleasant
bers contact the appropriate individual        ly those signals for entering or exiting the bus
more quickly, in addition to making the                                                                As an autumn day!
                                               ·       Talk quietly and stay seated, so your
challenging jobs of our secretaries a little   driver can focus his/her attention on safely
less hectic. The system will include certain   operating the bus
extensions, as well as a "0" escape clause
where a caller can reach a secretary imme-     HAVE A SAFE AND ENJOYABLE RIDE!
diately if they choose.

 October 2006                                        THE             Northwestern                                 Page 3
      Mr.                                         The faculty at Northwestern High School has       High School experiences
                                                  entered into the exploration phase of a pro-
   Burkholder                                     gram entitled High Schools That Work                “SHAKESPEARE ”!!
  Northwestern                                    (HSTW). This is a national program that          On Friday, September 22, 16 high school stu-
  High School                                     focuses on high school reform. HSTW, in          dents attended a Shakespeare Festival spon-
    Principal                                     conjunction with our district strategic plan,    sored by Wayne College. They had the priv-
                                                  will allow us to continue to improve the edu-    elege of seeing the comedy A Midsummer
Hello from Northwestern High School!              cational experiences that we provide to our      Night's Dream , presented by a touring group
The 2006 school year is off to a great start.     students. Our mission continues to be to pre-    of professional players. Each student walked
Our students hard work and dedication have        pare our students today for tomorrow's oppor-    away from the production with a different
continued to bring them recognition in a mul-     tunities.                                        interpretation, ranging from "Hilarously out-
titude of areas. We, once again, had a stellar    Parent-Teacher Conferences will be on            rageous" to "How did that guy walk on his
showing at the Wayne County Fair, including       November 13th from 5:00 to 8:00 and              toes like that?" Mrs. St.Clair, high school
a Best of Show placement for Josh Cutter’s        November 15th from 3:00 to 6:00. The con-        English teacher, accompanied the group.
table. The NHS athletic teams have also           ferences are an open format so no appoint-       During the second semester of school, a
accounted for themselves very well. We            ment has to be scheduled. If not before, we      Shakespeare class is being taught by Mrs.
anticipate continued advancement into the         hope to see you then.                            St.Clair, so this was a good introductory
post season tournaments in some instances.                                                         experience for the students soon to be ventur-
Our student organizations have been active        Sincerely,                                       ing into the world of The Bard.
promoting school spirit and volunteerism.
I would like to thank our Band Director Mr.       Mike Burkholder
Negro and his band for reviving the
Northwestern Alma Mater. As a district we
only had the melody for our Alma Mater. Mr.
Negro took the melody and created a full
musical score for the band. You may have
noticed the addition of the Alma Mater during
the football pre-games, following the
National Anthem.
We have launched the after school tutor pro-        ATTENTION: PARENTS
gram on Monday & Thursday. Students who
could use some extra help will have teachers
                                                    OF HIGH SCHOOLERS
available in the library for up to one hour.
Mrs. Fishburn is overseeing an additional                 On October 24, 2006, Northwestern
extra help program on Thursdays as well. The      High School would like to extend an invita-
Thursday program will meet weekly for a           tion to parents who may be interested in
two-hour meeting and a monthly enrichment         beginning a Parent-Teacher Organization
field trip. The field trips will be in conjunc-   (PTO) for the 2006-07 school year.
tion with the other buildings, when possible.             The meeting will take place at 7:30
This is a federal program with students need-     in the high school library. This initial meet-
ing to meet the qualifications set for the pro-   ing will consist of organizing the purpose,
gram. Interested students should contact Mrs.     memberships, meeting dates, officers,
Fishburn for more information.                    attendance duties and responsibilities of
                                                  the organization. Please consider attending
                                                  this meeting and creating a new and excit-
                                                  ing organization at NHS.

                                                  Sincerely,                                          Husky S.W.A.T. Team!!
                                                                                                        Seniors Who Are
                                                  Rod Ferrell
                                                  Dean of Students                                        Tailgating!!!

  October 2006                                           THE           Northwestern                                          Page 4
  How Are We Doing????
                                               The varsity golf team completed their sea-
                                               son with a 16-8 record overall and 13-8 in
                                               the WCAL for 4th place. Josh Calame led
                                               the team with a 41 average and Brice
                                               Hastings followed with a 42.1 average.

The varsity volleyball team is currently 18-                                                 The varsity football team is currently 7-0
2 overall and ended up 11-2 in the WCAL                                                      and ranked 6th in the State AP Poll in
for 2nd place. Kara Koch leads the area in                                                   Division 5. They are tied for first place in
KILLS with 386, followed by Kristen                                                          the WCAL with Smithville. The Huskies
Warner who is 4th in the area with 217.                                                      have the best defense in the area giving up
Kristen Warner and Tarah Spotts lead the                                                     just 23 points on the season. The Husky
team in DIGS with 217 and 201 respective-                                                    defense gives up just 3.28 points per game
ly. Jenessa Rice leads the area in ASSISTS                                                   while the offense is averaging 35.5 points
with 640 and Melissa Ogden leads the team                                                    and 337 yards per contest.
in ACES with 42.         CONGRATULA-
TIONS!! The Lady Huskies will start tour-
nament play on Tuesday, October 17 versus
Hillsdale at Smithville High School.

                              makes a

                                                                                            The Northwestern Cross Country team has
                                               The Northwestern varsity boys soc-           two meets left. They will run in the WCAL
The Northwestern varsity girls soc-            cer team is currently 2-6-0 in the           tournament on October 14 and the District
cer team is currently 1-7-0 in the             WCAL league and 4-8-0 overall.               meet on October 21.
league and 1-12-0 overall.                     In the above picture, Conlin Sersig
                                               and Cory Odenkirk get ready to
                                               make a play, while Donavon
                                               Johnson looks on.

     October 2006                                    THE           Northwestern                                       Page 5
   HUSKY HIGHER EDUCATION                                       PSAT GIVEN ON OCTOBER 18
        Northwestern High School is planning                          Last spring all 8th through 10th grade
a series of evening meetings for any students                 students were encouraged to sign up for the
and parents who are interested in learning                    PSAT, Preliminary SAT, which is given yearly
about options for obtaining a post secondary                  in October. New students and others who had
education. Meetings will be announced                         not yet registered were also given till
through local newspapers, school newsletters                  September 27, 2006 to request testing and pay
and the high school web site. Our first meeting               their $12.00 fee. The PSAT will be given at
will take place October 11 at 7:00 PM in the                  Northwestern in rooms 115 and 117 starting at
High School Theater. John C. Lorsen,                          7:30 AM and running for approximately 2
Admissions Counselor at Akron University                      hours and 45 minutes, including breaks. The             COLLEGE PACKETS FOR
Wayne College, will speak on "The College                     test consists of Verbal (50 minutes), Math (50           SENIORS AND JUNIORS
Admissions Process". On October 30 at 7:00                    minutes) and Writing (30 minutes) sections.
PM the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and                   Students who come to school after testing has              Ms. Plank visited the English 11 and
Air Force will be discussing "Accessing A                     begun will not be admitted to the testing room.    12 classrooms on October 2nd and 3rd to dis-
College Education Through the Military" and                   Students are required to bring two #2 pencils      tribute packets of college information to stu-
"Military Scholarships". December 4, 2006 at                  with erasers; no mechanical pencils may be         dents. Students were urged to share these with
7 PM the Wayne County Schools Career                          used. They may also bring their own four-func-     their parents. Packets included information
Center's Adult Education program personnel                    tion, scientific or graphing calculator. Details   about financial aid, college applications, how
will present a program addressing "Obtaining                  about acceptable calculators can be found in       to write essays for college applications, col-
A Higher Education Through Adult Education                    the Student Bulletin given to each registered      lege interviews, how to compare colleges and
Options". Further meetings will be announced                  student.                                           many other items. Handouts with web sites
on topics such as Financial Aid / FASFA                       Juniors who are taking the PSAT can enter          for college and career searches, scholarship
Forms,      Adult     Education        Program                National Merit Scholarship competition if they     searches and financial aid were also included.
Opportunities at WCSCC, The Post Secondary                    score high enough. All students can receive        Ms. Plank explained the procedures for col-
Education Options program and others.                         connections to colleges and start receiving        lege visits and for attending a college rep visit
Meetings will begin promptly at 7 PM and will                 materials from them if they enter the appropri-    at the high school. Each student was given a
run for approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours depend-                  ate information on their score sheets.             copy of the Scholarship List compiled by
ing on questions. We hope to see you there!                   Scores will come to the high school in             Guidance Office personnel and was told how
 ACT AND SAT: DO I TAKE THE WRIT-                             December 2006 and Ms. Plank will meet with         to access lists weekly from the web or
          ING SECTION OR NOT?                                 students to explain how to read the score          through Guidance. ACT and SAT were dis-
In March of 2005 ACT and SAT added a writing section          sheets. Students are asked to please share these   cussed and Ms. Plank urged juniors to start
to their tests. Students are always asking, "Do I need to     score sheets with their parents. Northwestern      taking whichever test is appropriate based on
take the writing section?" The answer actually needs to                                                          college choices. Seniors should try to be done
                                                              will be testing approximately 58 freshmen,
be directed to each college to which the student is apply-
ing. Some colleges require this section and others make       sophomores and juniors this October.               taking college entrance exams and applying
it optional. Most colleges are using the scores to decide                                                        to colleges this fall and concentrate on finan-
on English placement for freshmen rather than for col-                                                           cial aid and scholarships this winter and
lege acceptance. Once ACT and SAT have enough data                                                               spring.
to see how these tests are working, colleges may use                                                             Career Center juniors and seniors who would
them more for acceptance than they do now.
The ACT web site ( has a place to click on
                                                                                                                 like to pick up a packet may come to
"What colleges are saying about the writing test". This                                                          Guidance to request one. Students attending
then allows you to type in the name of the college a stu-                                                        WCSCC, who have college related questions,
dent is applying to and it will tell you if the college                                                          are urged to see Mrs. Cheryl Koehler, the
requires the writing or not. Otherwise, the best thing to                                                        Guidance Counselor in charge of college
do to find out is to call the college admissions people and
                                                                                                                 information in that building.
ask them.

       October 2006                                                    THE            Northwestern                                            Page 6
Last spring the 2007 seniors were encour-
                                                   High School GUIDANCE
aged to start taking their college entrance
exams in the spring of 2006 at the latest. For
those who have not yet taken these tests,
                                                   NEWS . . . . . .Continued
hopefully they have registered for the
October ACT or SAT test dates. If not, tests                                                                      NEED A TUTOR?
                                                                    OGT DATES
are offered again in November for SAT and
in December for ACT and SAT. College                                                                           Many students who struggle with
                                                   The OGT (Ohio Graduation Test) will be given       courses ask about additional tutoring outside of
entrance decisions are based, in part, on          to all juniors, seniors and 5th year high school   school. There are actually many resources for
receiving these scores so don't delay!             students who still need to pass certain sections   tutoring in Wayne County. The Wooster
Delays may mean missing out on some                of the OGT. In March of 2007 the OGT will be       YMCA (call 330-264-3131) has help available
financial aid from colleges.
                                                   given again and all sophomores will be tested      to elementary grades through middle school
The class of 2008 (this year's juniors) and        at that time. WCSCC students will be taking        age. The Salvation Army Computer /
anyone planning on becoming a Post                 the OGT at Northwestern High School. Testing       Homework Assistance lab offers free home-
Secondary student next year should plan to         will begin at 7:30 and will be completed by        work help for grades 3 to 12. Call 330-264-
take college entrance exams starting in            approximately 10:15 each day.                      4704 between 3 and 6 PM. Slyvan Learning
January, at the latest. Check out all test dates
or pick up registration materials by stopping                                                         Center offers flexible payment plans and will
in the Guidance office. You may also apply                                                            tutor in academics. They also do ACT and SAT
                                                   Test             Regular Administration            test prep and accelerated reading programs.
online. Use the links available on the
Guidance homepage in the Northwestern                                                                 Call them at 330-345-4577.
                                                   Reading                Mon., Oct. 23                        Wooster Community Center, connected
High School web site.
                                                   Math                   Tues., Oct. 24              with the YMCA, offers tutoring help and fun
Students should also be sure to use our high       Writing                Wed., Oct. 25               activities for 4th through 12th grade students.
school code when registering for the ACT or        Science                Thur., Oct. 26              They are located at Cornerstone Elementary on
SAT, whether online or with paper forms.           Social Studies         Fri., Oct. 27               West Bowman Street at "the Spot". Call 330-
This is the only way Northwestern is able to
receive student scores to report to colleges                                                          262-5669. They use College of Wooster and
                                                   Make up Administration: All sections will be       ATI students as tutors.
on student transcripts. The Northwestern           given during the week of October 30 to                      Regina McLaughlin, a University of
High School code is 365495.
                                                   November 3.                                        Akron student majoring in Mechanical
   WCSCC WILL MEET WITH                                                                               Engineering and Secondary Education with a
                                                      PROFILE IS HERE! FAFSA IS                       math and science focus and a level II tutor cer-
       SOPHOMORES                                          COMING SOON                                tification, is offering her services to families.
The Wayne County Schools Career Center                                                                She has flexible fees and lives in Northwestern
                                                   FAFSA, the Free Application For Student Aid,
representative will meet with all sopho-           will arrive sometime in November so watch          School District. Contact her at 330-466-3529.
mores on November 15, 2006 to discuss              for announcements. Until that time, college
their available programs. Students will be         bound students and their parents should pre-
given a card designating which programs            pare by applying for a PIN number that is
they would like to visit during Sophomore          used when signing the FAFSA online. Ms.
Visitation Day in January. These completed         Plank will give FAFSA forms when they
cards are due back on November 22nd.               arrive to seniors in English 12 classes. The
On another November date, a WCSCC rep.             earliest FAFSA can be filed is January 1st
will have a selection of trade displays in the     each year. Watch for our Financial Aid meet-
Commons area during lunch periods.                 ing in December or early January to learn how
Students will be able to speak to WCSCC            to fill in the FAFSA.
students about their experiences in those          If your college prefers the PROFILE for
trades as well as speak to the WCSCC rep-          financial aid purposes, those are available in                  High School
resentative.                                                                                                    Guidance Counselor
                                                   the Guidance Office now. Stop in and pick
                                                   one up!                                                          Beth Plank

    October            2006                                  THE            Northwestern                                           Page 7
                                                                                                    HIGH SCHOOL Calendar
                                                 GUIDANCE ANNOUNCEMENTS                             Continued:

                                                This year Northwestern High School's                October 23-27 Red Ribbon Week -
                                                Guidance announcements are accessible in sev-                     activities planned by
                                                eral ways. They are posted on the Northwestern                    Youth4Youth
                                                High School web site, they are posted in the        October 23    IEP Meetings, HS
                                                Commons area in the information board at the                      conference room
                                                front doors and they are sent to the Wayne          October 24    Mandatory winter sports
                                                County Schools Career Center for posting on                       meeting 6:30 pm
                                                the Northwestern bulletin board.                    October 25    Class of 2007 graduation
            Beth Hostettler
                                                Last year the Guidance Office added a second                      orders during lunch
         HS Guidance Secretary                  bulletin board for the posting of information in    October 27    First grading period ends
     NEW TO THE GUIDANCE                        the high school hallway. The Commons bul-           October 28    ACT Test
                                                letin board is for college postings and will have                 Band Tag Day 8:00 am to
                                                a copy of college announcements, scholarship                      3:00 pm
                                                lists and other college information. The bul-       October 29    Football Club Dinner
        Ms. Plank would like to welcome
                                                letin board next to the Guidance door will be       October 30    Husky Higher Education
Mrs. Beth Hostettler to the position of
                                                for general guidance office information. We                       Meeting 7:00 pm in HS
Guidance Secretary starting in August 2006.
                                                also have a WCSCC bulletin board that is                          theatre
She would also like to thank Mrs. Sharon
                                                located between the vending machines in the         October 31    Powerpuff Football
Lockyer for all her help in "teaching me the
                                                Commons. It will showcase WCSCC informa-                          TBA
ropes" of what goes on in the Northwestern
                                                tion that is sent to us.                            November 1 LMC meeting HS
High School Guidance Office and for her
                                                If you would like to receive emails with school                   conference room 7:30 am
many years of hard work and dedication in
                                                announcements and other information from                          SAT registration deadline
Guidance. Mrs. Lockyer has moved to a
                                                Mr. Burkholder, High School Principal, please       November 2 International Baccalaur-
Front Office Secretary position, which
                                                contact Mr. Burkholder or Ms. Plank with your                     eate meeting 7:00 pm in
became available when Mrs. Sandy Miller
                                                email address and we will see you are added to                    HS library
retired last spring.
                                                the list.                                           November 3 ACT registration deadline
        Ms. Plank and Mrs. Hostettler wel-
                                                                                                                  Project Partnership
come this year's Guidance Office Aides and
                                                           FOR YOUR                                 November 4 Foreign Language Club
Office Practice students: Courtney Stover,
                                                       INFORMATION..........                                      International Fair
Abbie Bartholomew, Taylor Funk, Sondra
                                                                                                                  SAT test
Carpenter, Manda Adkins, Christina                  HIGH SCHOOL CALENDAR                            November 6 IEP Meetings
Compton, Chelsea Roberts and Ashley                        EVENTS!!                                               Picture Re-take day
Snyder. These students come in during a
                                                                                                                  Faculty Meeting 2:35
study hall period and help with non-confi-
                                                                                                                  Girls Basketball Team
dential tasks such as sorting, typing, copy-     October 16   NW Ruritan Meeting                                  sports pictures 6:00 pm
ing, preparing college packets, hanging                       7:00 pm HS commons                    November 7 Vision & Hearing
posters, taking passes to students and other     October 17   Music Boosters 7:00 pm                              screening
needed activities. Ashley Snyder is our stu-                  HS band room                          November 8 Vision and Hearing
dent in charge of typing the Scholarship List    October 18   PSAT/NMSQT Test                                     screening
this year. Welcome to all of you!                             7:30 am                               November 10 Senior Picture deadline
                                                              Class of 2007 graduation              November 13 Boys Basketball Team
            DEADLINES!!                                       orders during lunch                                 Sports pictures 3:30 pm
 The deadline dates for “THE Northwestern”       October 19   Two hour early release                              Parent Teacher Conferences
 for this school year 2006-07 are:                            for students                                        5:00 - 8:00 pm
         December 13,2006                        October 20   Pep rally 2:09                                      Ruritan Meeting 7:00 pm
         February 14, 2007                                    FFA sponsored dance                                 HS commons
         March 28, 2007                          October 23-27 OGT tests for juniors and            **HIGH SCHOOL CALENDAR
         June 13, 2007                                        seniors                                CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE**
         July 25, 2007

      October           2006                              THE            Northwestern                                       Page 8
   Don’t Miss Out ----                         Music Boosters and
    MORE .....High                             Board of Education
                                             Team Up for New Drums
    School Calendar
November 14 Spanish Ballet 10:15 am
November 15 Parent Teacher Conferences
            3:00 - 6:30 pm
November 16 NW Board of Education
            Meeting 7:00 pm in HS
            Ruritan Variety Show                                                                   “ Mr. Negro - Is this the
            Rehearsal 7:00 pm in HS
            theatre                                                                                 biggest one we have?”
November 17 Wrestling team pictures 3:30                                                                NEW BAND UNIFORMS
            Ruritan Variety Show           The Northwestern High School Marching                      Every year there are new band mem-
            Rehearsal 7:00 pm in HS        Band’s percussion section is playing this sea-
                                                                                              bers that come from the middle school.
            theatre                        son on a new set of marching drums thanks to
                                                                                              Lately the number has increased. This means
November 18 Ruritan Variety Show           the District’s Board of Education and the
                                                                                              that they have to be fitted with old uniforms
            7:00 pm at high school         Northwestern Music Boosters. The new equip-        or buy new ones. Everyone ranges in size
November 19 Ruritan Variety Show           ment was purchased to replace equipment that       and height and we don’t always have the
            2:00 pm at high school         was more than ten years old. The set includes
                                                                                              exact size and height of uniforms needed.
November 20 Honors Band Auditions          four snare drums, four bass drums, two sets of
                                                                                                      Each new uniform costs about
            6-9 pm at Smithville HS        quad toms, and all of the necessary harnesses to
                                                                                              $500.00. This year we have had to purchase
November 21 Music Boosters Meeting         carry them as well as cases to protect them.       eight of them for new members and re-sizing
            7:00 pm in band room                                                              current members. For the eight new uniforms
            FFA Parli Pro contest          The new equipment was purchased at a cost of
                                                                                              it cost a total of $4,031.00. The Music
            at Triway 4:45 - 7:00 pm       $8,300 with the Board of Education providing
                                                                                              Boosters purchased the uniforms and donated
November 23-27      NO SCHOOL              $6,000 from the Permanent Improvement fund
                                                                                              them to the Northwestern School District.
            Thanksgiving Vacation          and the Northwestern Music Boosters donating               To help the Band Boosters earn
November 29 Red Cross Blood Drive          the remaining $2,300 for the purchase. “ We        money the band members participate in Tag
December 1 Project Partnership             are certainly very fortunate to have the support
                                                                                              Day each year. This year Tag Day will be
December 2 SAT test                        of our board and administration as well as the
                                                                                              held on Saturday, October 28th. Tag Day is a
            Senior night Girls BBK         continued support from a very dedicated boost-
                                                                                              day that all band members dress in uniform
December 4 FFA District 3 Parli Pro        er organization” states high school band direc-    and go from house to house to ask for dona-
            Contest at NHS                 tor Ralph Negro. “The boosters had just bought     tions for new uniforms. We also stand outside
            Faculty Meeting 2:35           over $4,000 in replacement and fill-in uniforms
                                                                                              of local stores in the city of Wooster and the
            Husky Higher Education         as well as $1,200 in flagline equipment this
                                                                                              IGA in West Salem. On behalf of the
            meeting 7:00 pm in HS          summer and I don’t think there is any way we
                                                                                              Northwestern Marching Band we ask for
            theatre                        could have made this purchase without the help     your support on Tag Day. We would also
December 6 Interim reports due             of the district.”                                  like to see everyone support the football
            LMC Meeting in ES                                                                 team and the band, especially the uniforms
            conference room 1:00 pm        Freshman Cassie Roessler says, “It’s cool to
                                                                                              that you have helped provide.
December 7 Two hour early release for      play on a new drum” while junior P.J. Klinger
                                                                                                      We would like to thank the
            students                       seems to prefer substance over style saying,       Northwestern Music Boosters for all the
December 9 ACT test                        “These drums have a better sound than the old      tremendous support and effort. We would
            Senior night Boys BBK          ones.” Whatever the reason, the entire high
                                                                                              also like to thank all of the community
December 11 NW Board of Education          school percussion section is happy to be play-
                                                                                              members who have donated over the years.
            meeting 7:00 pm                ing on such high quality equipment and it isn’t
                                                                                                 Heather Akers, Kristy Alaura, Angela
            Choir concert                  hard to hear that in the way they perform.

     October 2006                                   THE            Northwestern                                           Page 9
                                                                     “Take a Stand -
SEPTEMBER-- Commitment                                               Be Drug Free”
                                                                 Northwestern High School’ s Youth4Youth
                                                                 Leadership Team will be sponsoring “Red
                                                                 Ribbon Week” during the week of October
                                                                 It will be a spirit week promoting drug and
                                                                 alcohol awareness and prizes and awards
                                                                 will be given to students who participate in
                                                                 the spirit days.
  Keith          Kim     Marcus         Emily          Mark      Monday, October 23 is “ Put a cap on
McConahay      Bowman    Fleming       Krueger       Tegtmeier   drugs” and hats or caps should be worn.
                                                                 Tuesday, October 24, is “Tie one on
                                                                 AGAINST drugs” and ties should be
                                                                 Wednesday, October 25 is “Join the fight
                                                                 against drugs” and its camoflauge day.
                                                                 Thursday, October 26 is “Say BOO to
                                                                 drugs” and will be halloween costume
   Nicole       Kaleb    Madalyn                                 Friday, October 27 is “Drugs give you the
   Milam        Reed     Hostettler                              BLUES” and will be blue and gray day.
                                                                 Youth4Youth Leadership Team Members
            OCTOBER-- Cooperation                                for 2006-07 are:
                                                                 Seniors:              Juniors:
                                                                 Frank Read            Kaitlyn Markley
                                                                 Josh Calame           Krissy Peterson
                                                                 Spencer Hershey       Randi Thayer
                                                                 Kaleb Reed            Erica McGinnis
                                                                 Chelsea Swerline J    essie Miller
                                                                 Ashley Schuler        Christina Compton
                                                                 Ashley Hastings       Erica Lang
                                                                 Erin McClure          Emily Krueger
                                                                 Aarika Gresser        Heather Akers
  Mallory      Zach       Abbie        Garrett       Amber       Lindsey Rice          Tara Adkins
  Morris       Hottel     Lavy          Price        Boatner     Amanda Matheis        Freshmen:
                                                                 Nathan Firestone      Jared Kulmala
                                                                 Sophomores:           Zach Hottel
                                                                 Konner Reed           Madalyn Hostettler
                                                                 Ashley Whittlesey     Whitney Rice
                                                                 Kirstin Smith         Mallory Morris
                                                                 Lucas McKean          Brianna Workman
                                                                 Adam Dettra           Beth Myers
                                                                 Abbie Lavy
    Cody                                                         Kelsey McCormick
               Allison    Nathan
                                                                 Karla Neer
Pitsenbarger   Turney    Firestone

 October 2006                         THE        Northwestern                             Page 10
Northwestern Middle School’s                                                                    Talented and
        Got Spirit!!                                                                               Gifted
       School started August 22nd and we've got the HUSKY SPIRIT! Mr.               The Gifted Education program for
                                                                                    Northwestern Local Schools has been in
Scott Smith is the new principal. Mrs. Burkholder and Mrs. Reed are new
                                                                                    place for several years now and is dedicated
faces in the office. The staff and students are BLUE & GRAY with excitement         to challenging our students to reach their
to begin the school year guided by this NEW TEAM'S enthusiastic force!              highest potential. The program's goal is to
                                                                                    realize the gifts of its students, develop their
                                                                                    talents, and nurture their emotional growth.
                                                                                    Northwestern is very fortunate to have a
                                                                                    Gifted Program because although the state
                                                                                    of Ohio requires that we identify students
                                                                                    who are gifted, it does not require that we
                                                                                    service the students. According to the Ohio
                                                                                    Department of Education (ODE), "Gifted"
                                                                                    means students who perform or show poten-
                                                                                    tial for performing at remarkably high lev-
                                                                                    els of accomplishment when compared to
                                                                                    others of their age, experience, or environ-
                                                                                    ment.       Our district administers the
                                                                                    Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) in the
                                                                                    spring to all second graders. This is an
                                                                                    approved state test for the identification of
                                                                                    gifted children. A student is identified gift-
                                                                                    ed in cognitive ability if he/she scores 128
   All the Northwestern                                                             on this test. Although there are many differ-
         Schools are                                                                ent types of gifted programs, the T.A.G.
                                                                                    Program is considered a "pull-out" program
   selling Northwestern                                                             where students leave their regular class for
         Cookbooks                                                                  part of the week. The program currently
                                                                                    serves students in grades 3-6. If a child is
         Cost $10.00                                                                identified, a letter is sent home and permis-
   Make checks out to:                                  T.A.G .                     sion must be given in order for a student to
                                                                                    participate in T.A.G. Because the number of
   Northwestern Middle                                                              gifted students is growing (up 18 percent in
           School                                                                   three years), Northwestern is working
                                                                                    toward strengthening its Gifted Program. In
                                                                                    addition, the district provides other services
   Northwestern Middle                                                              to high-ability students such as advance
                                                                                    placement, acceleration, and post secondary
 School has terrible towels                                                         enrollment options. If you have any ques-
 for the games at a cost of                                                         tions about our gifted education program,
                                                                                    please contact Mrs. Bing, T.A.G. Teacher,
$5.00 and can be picked up                                                          the building principals (Mrs. McCumber,
   at the middle school.                Jesse Young and Malachi Nolletti look for
                                                                                    Mr. Smith, Mr. Burkholder), or the
                                                                                    Guidance Counselors at each of the build-
                                        given longitude and latitude lines."        ings

  October 2006                                 THE           Northwestern                                       Page 11
                                                                                                          Market Day is once again being
    Mrs.                                                                                          offered through the elementary school for the
 McCumber                                                                                         2006/2007 school year. However, anyone can
Northwestern                                                                                      order-you don't have to have a student at the
 Elementary                                                                                       elementary level.
  Principal                                                                                               Here's a little information if you're not
                                                                                                  familiar with this popular food item program.
                                                                                                  Market Day offers delicious restaurant-quali-
     WELCOME                                                                                      ty food at reasonable prices through our
                                                                                                  school. Each month a colorful, easy to read,
New Staff to Northwestern                                                                         order form is sent home with elementary stu-
     Elementary!!                                                                                 dents and staff. Completed order forms can
                                                                                                  be returned to the elementary school, cus-
                                                                                                  tomers can order on-line or you can call your
                                                                                                  order into one of the Market Day coordinators
                                                                                                  at Northwestern before the order deadline and
                                                                                                  they will place your order for you. On the
                                                                                                  sale date, customers are required to come to
                                                                                                  the elementary to pick their orders up
                                                                                                  between 5-6pm in the cafeteria. The follow-
                                                                                                  ing are the sale dates for this school year.
                                                                                                  Monday, Oct. 2
                                                                                                  Monday, Oct 30 - this is our annual pie sale!
                                                                                                  Tues. Nov. 28
                                                                                                  Mon. Jan. 8, 2007
                                                                                                  Mon. Feb. 5
                                                                                                  Mon. Mar. 5
                                                                                                  Mon. Apr. 2
           Donya Eichelberger                                      Kerri Horst                    Mon. May 7
           Elementary School                                   Elementary School                  Mon. Jun. 4
              Art teacher                                          First Grade                            Last year, Market Day helped raise
                                                                                                  over $6,000.00 for our school. This money is
Ms. Eichelberger is replacing Joan Pantalone     Ms. Horst is really not “new” to our district -
                                                                                                  then used to help pay for educational, enter-
who retired last year as our new art teacher.    but she has been officially hired as a certified
Donya is from Crestview High School and          first grade teacher. For the past 3 years, Kerri taining assemblies that are held throughout
attained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Art      has been a Title I Reading Aide at the elemen- the year. In addition to the assemblies, the
                                                                                                  school was able to purchase ten folding tables
Education from Bluffton College. Her fami-       tary school. We are happy to have her as a full
                                                                                                  last year that are used for various activities
ly consists of her parents, 2 brothers, 2 sis-   time teacher and she is having a wonderful
                                                                                                  such as Grandparents Day, Santa's Secret
ters, 9 nieces and nephews - all who live in     time with her first graders! Kerri graduated
Ashland. Donya taught in the Carlisle Local      from Northwestern where she was a standout Shop and the Fun Fair. This year we will be
School district for 3 years before coming to     basketball and track athlete, and then attained channeling the funds toward new computers
                                                                                                  for our classrooms.
Northwestern. She helps coach the 8th grade      her Bachelors degree from the College of
                                                                                                          The High School Music Boosters will
volleyball team at Crestview and loves to        Wooster where she also played basketball and
                                                                                                  be joining us this year for our big pie sale in
paint, do ceramics and play and coach vol-       softball for 4 years. She is currently working
leyball.                                         on her Masters degree and will finish that this October. Our goal is to sell 500 pies or more!
                                                 fall. Kerri also coaches basketball and track at The music program will in turn receive
                                                                                                  money for their needs as well. We look for-
                                                 Northwestern High School and she enjoys
                                                 woodworking, running and spending time with ward to working with them!
                                                 her family and friends. Ms. Horst is also busy If you would like to receive an order form
                                                 planning a July of 2007 wedding; she is through the mail or if you have questions,
                                                 engaged to Mr. Greg Kostohryz who teaches please contact either Milly Barnett @ 264-
                                                                                                  0125 or Stacey Kline @ 869-7095.
                                                 math at the high school.

 October 2006                                         THE            Northwestern                                            Page 12
                                                  ATHLETIC News!!
        The National Honor Society had its              Important Parent and
annual abduction of new members on
Monday, October 9. New and returning
                                                Student/Athlete Mandatory Winter                The National Honor Society spon-
members went bowling at Wayne Lanes, to           Sports Meeting at Northwestern        sored a coin drive and a quiz-a-thon for St.
CiCi’s for pizza and Cinemark for a movie to    High School on Tuesday, October 24,     Jude’s Children’s Hospital. A grand total of
celebrate all of their hard work.               6:30 p.m. in the high school theater.   more than $1,500.00 was collected for this
        To be eligible for National Honor                                               worthy cause. Husky Huddle homerooms
Society, a student must be a junior or senior                                           competed to see who could collect the most
with a minimum GPA of 3.75. Those who             Check out the athletic web            change during the last week of September.
                                                                                        Four of the homerooms brought in more
meet this requirement are then evaluated by       page for all updated sports           than $100.00 each in change. The four top
teachers on their character and leadership
skills before they can become a member.             schedules at the high               dogs were Mr. Tom Ryder’s, Mr. Eric
                                                                                        Teague and Mrs. Sharon Kline’s, Mr. Mike
Another component of NHS is the completion                  school:                     Burkholder and Mrs. Beth Plank’s, and
of service projects throughout the year.
                                                            Mrs. Kim St.Clair’s husky huddle groups.
        Students have already worked at the
Wayne County Fair Coke booths and raised                                                Winning huddle groups were rewarded with
over $1,500.00 for St. Jude Children’s                                                  ice cream treats and a pizza party on Friday,
Hospital. Upcoming service projects include          National Honor Society 2006-07     October 6th. Honor Society members col-
making deserts for St. Stephen’s Meals-N-          Northwestern High School Members     lected and counted the money each day for
More, the Samaritan’s Purse Christmas shoe                                              the coin drive and got pledge donations
box gifts, Salvation Army bell ringing, help-    Seniors:            Juniors:           toward their St. Jude’s Quiz-a-thon held on
ing with the elementary fun fair, and much       Tiffany Atkinson    Adam Brenneman     Wednesday, September 27th. Way to go
more.                                            Alan Chio           Amber Boatner      NHS! As always, we are Husky Proud!!
        The formal National Honor Society        Josh Cutter         Nicole Boreman
induction ceremony will take place in            Nathan Firestone    Jake Ewing
January along with the presentation of aca-      Aarika Gresser      Taylor Funk
demic letters.                                   Brett Henry         Rhett Hagans
                                                 Spencer Hershey     Michaela Hohider
                                                 Ben Krueger         Bethany Howard
                                                 Alyssa Mack         Emily Krueger
                                                 Erin McClure        Jessica Miller
                                                 Jason Miley         Conlin Sersig
                                                 Todd Mole           Stephen Slater
                                                 Kaleb Reed          Mark Tegtmeier
                                                 Brent Runkle        Darlene Walker
                                                 Ashley Schuler      Jennifer Winkler
                                                 Holly Smith         Jana Wyatt
                                                 Heidi Tegtmeier     Shawn Yambor
                                                                     Leanna Scheel      “Many people think that if they
                                                                                        were only in some other place, or
                                                                                        had some other job, they would be
                                                                                        happy. Well, that is doubtful. So
                                                                                        get as much happiness out of what
                                                                                        you are doing as you can and don't
                                                                                        put off being happy until some
                                                                                        future date.”
                                                                                        Dale Carnegie

   October 2006                                      THE            Northwestern                                Page 13
       New STAFF to
    Northwestern Schools!

                                                         Mrs. Emily Fitch
                                                         High School Art
                                          Northwestern High School welcomes Emily
                                          Fitch to the faculty for the 2006-2007 school
                                          year. Emily, a 2006 graduate of Ashland                        Mrs. Kelly Woodruff
                                          University, will be taking over the Art program.               High School Science
                                          She is excited and ready to assume the leader-
           Mr. Ryan Shearer               ship of this diverse program. Courses offered      Mrs. Kelly Woodruff is our new science
           High School Math               will include an introductory course, Drawing       teacher at the high school, replacing Gary
                                                                                             Freed who retired last school year. Mrs.
                                          and Design, ceramics, sculpture, photography,
Mr. Ryan Shearer is our new math teacher at
                                                                                             Woodruff is from Rittman and attained her
the high school, replacing Mr. Mike Moser painting and crafts. Emily will be directing the
                                                                                             Bachelor of Science degree from the
who retired over the summer. Mr. Shearer  One Act Play this year also. Emily is married
                                          to Arden Fitch II and enjoys reading ancient       University of Akron and her Masters in
graduated from Hillsdale High School and then
                                          history books, painting, hiking, white water       Secondary Education, Integrated Science,
from Ashland University with a Bachelor of
                                                                                             from the University of Akron. She is married
Science in Education degree. This is Mr.  rafting, sewing/quilting, and traveling to
                                                                                             to Michael N. Woodruff Jr. and they have one
                                          Europe. Emily has worked for 6 years in the
Shearer’s first teaching position and he is very
                                                                                             3 year old daughter, Brooklyn. Kelly is also
                                          graphic design field and continues to work for
excited to be part of Northwestern schools. He
                                          Cybergraphix.                                      our cheerleading advisor at the high school
is helping to coach football and baseball this
                                                                                             this year. She also teaches swim lessons
year and is a weightlifting advisor. Mr. Shearer
                                                                                             occasionally and works in a soup kitchen
enjoys hunting, fishing, camping and wood- Mr. Hines is a Northwestern graduate and is
                                                 our new Industrial Arts teacher at the high once or twice a month.
                                                 school, replacing Mr. Rod Ferrell, who is our
                                                 new Dean of Students. Mr. Hines is married to
                                                 Maria Hines, who is our school Head
                                                 Librarian. They have 2 children. Skyler
                                                 Rheese is 3 years old and Gavin Patrick is 6
                                                 months old. Patrick attended Kent State All high school activities and
                                                 University where he earned his Bachelors of
                                                 Science degree and then earned his Masters events are updated DAILY on
                                                 Degree at Ashland University. He has taught the high school web page!!
                                                 Industrial Technology at Maple Heights High
                                                 School, Ashland Middle School and Rittman
                                                 High School. He is currently also one of our
                                                 freshmen football coaches. Mr. Hines enjoys
                                                 four-wheeling, camping, playing volleyball,      Go to “OUR SCHOOL”
           Mr. Patrick Hines
                                                 skiing, watching all sports, playing fantasy     Then “HIGH SCHOOL”
               High School
                                                 baseball, traveling, woodworking and eating!   Then “EVENT CALENDAR”
             Industrial Arts                     Welcome back to Husky High Mr. Hines!

   October 2006                                 THE            Northwestern                                           Page 14
                                                                                                       ** All FFA articles are
   Northwestern High School                                                                           written and submitted by
                                                                                                      The Northwestern-Wayne
                                                                                                        FFA Reporter, Emily

                 FFA News                                                                                    Krueger **

                                                                                                      Learning how to Lead and Succeed
                                                                                                     On September 13, 2006, the Northwestern FFA
 Northwestern-Wayne FFA Officers
                                                                                                     Chapter went on a field trip to the COLT, or
Plan the Years Activities                                                                            Chapter Officer Leadership Training,
                                                                                                     Conference. There were thirteen members that
         August 18, 2006, the Northwestern-                                                          attended the conference including Haleigh
Wayne 2006-2007 FFA Officers gathered                                                                Riffel, Alison McGinnis, Sebastian Jackson,
together to plan the chapters activities and                                                         Shelly Moore, Chris Pedersen, Kaitlyn
decide on their goals for the upcoming year.                                                         Carpenter, Stacey Varner, Brandon Layton,
Officer's that attended include Todd Mole,                                                           Erica McGinnis, Alex Yates, Tabbitha White,
Erica McGinnis, Kyle Schirm, Jesse Wilcox,                                                           Chris Parker, Crystall Takace, Todd Mole, and
Emily Krueger, Alyssa Mack, Michelle                                                                 Jake Termeer. These members gathered,
Ruegsegger, Steph Yost, and Erica Lang. They                                                         Wednesday, September 13th, and drove to
met at 9:00 am in the agriculture room at the                                                        Columbus with Mrs. Heather Tegtmeier. The
Northwestern High School after having break-               This     year     the      Northwestern
                                                   Agricultural Education Department is privi-       conference ran from 9:00am to 3:00pm. While
fast at the restaurant Shorty's. Previously, the                                                     at the conference, the students learned how to
chapter officers met for a weekend of fun at       leged to work with a new student teacher, Ms.
                                                   Amanda Denes. Ms. Denes is the daughter of        be better leaders through activities that helped
The Mohican Park; while they enjoyed camp-                                                           them see how others are seen and see them-
ing together, they discussed what they wanted      Tom and Sandy Denes. She will be teaching
                                                   the freshmen classes as well as a few other       selves as leaders. They were taught about dif-
to achieve in the upcoming year. On the 18th,                                                        ferent view points of followers, along with how
at the High School, the team of officers dis-      classes this year, and will be attending numer-
                                                   ous FFA chapter events. Denes will be at          a leader can best meet the happiness of all
cussed and made plans in order to make this                                                          his/her followers. Stewart Kennedy visited as
school year successful and to create a fun and     Northwestern from the start of the school year
                                                   through November 10, 2006.                        this year's speaker for the conference. Kennedy
learning environment for all the FFA members.                                                        discussed the qualities or essentials for a leader
Subjects of topic included the chapters plan in            Ms. Denes is a graduate of Black River
                                                   High School in Sullivan, OH. While an FFA         and how to achieve them. After the confer-
involving the incoming members, community                                                            ence, the group of FFA members visited the
service projects, and Leadership Night. A cal-     member at Black River she was actively
                                                   involved in many activities such as Agronomy,     State House and toured the building. All of
endar of tentative dates and judgings was made                                                       these experiences turned out rewarding to the
and revised. This calendar will help new mem-      General Livestock, and Envirothon. She thor-
                                                   oughly enjoyed participating in the Public        students and they all say that they had a great
bers understand what they can do to become                                                           time learning how to be the best leaders they
involved in the FFA along with plan ahead as to    Speaking contest. In 2001 and 2002 she served
                                                   as the chapter FFA President. In 2003 she         possibly can.
scheduling it into their calendars at home. The
officers hope their ideas and plans will be suc-   received her American Degree, which is the
cessful in achieving their goal of making the      highest degree one can receive through the
Northwestern-Wayne FFA Chapter thriving            FFA.
with activities and participation from all it's            Ms. Denes is a senior at The Ohio State
members.                                           University where she is majoring in
                                                   Agricultural Education with a minor in
                                                   Production Agriculture. Amanda has been
              The FFA Motto:
                                                   active in the Agricultural Education Society
                                                   where she served as the treasurer and fundrais-
              Learning to Do,
                                                   ing chair. She has also served as president and
              Doing to Learn,
                                                   vice president of the Collegiate Young
              Earning to Live,
                                                   Farmers, formerly known as Collegiate Farm
              Living to Serve.

   October 2006                                         THE            Northwestern                                               Page 15
FFA Highlights                                                            ...........   Continued       RURITAN CLUB
        FFA Members at the Fair                        FFA Fund Raiser at Tractor Supply                   NEWS!!
                                                                 Company                                      In an effort to “show off” the many
The Northwestern-Wayne FFA Chapter had                                                                talents of residents in the Northwestern
many members participate in the 2006 Wayne                    On September 23rd, the Northwestern-    Local       Schools        Community,         the
County Fair. There were a variety of entries          Wayne FFA Chapter held a fundraiser outside     Northwestern Ruritan Club is sponsoring a
with many different projects, including animal        the Tractor Supply Company located in           Variety Show to be held Saturday evening,
and still projects. These members and there           Wooster. The chapter handed out hot dogs        November 18 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday
projects are as follows; David Berger, Cory           and beverages to all the customers at TSC,      afternoon, November 19 at 2:00 p.m.
Odenkirk, Blake Bellman, Zac Campbell,                accepting donations. The members that par-              Profits from the Variety Show will
Bryan Fortune, Zach Hottel, Karly Berry,              ticipated in the fund raiser include Rachel     go toward academic gifts for graduating
Brittany Becker, Emily Krueger, Andrew                Young, Todd Mole, Keith McConahay, Austin       seniors of Northwestern High School. Over
Castella, Jason Miley, Todd Mole, Cody Dudte,         Gresser, and David Berger. The Tractor          the last 21 years the Northwestern Ruritans
Will Ladrach, Keith McConahay, Mallory                Supply Company has been very gracious to        have given academic aid to 237 graduates
Morris, Jessie Wellert, Tori Campbell, Josh           the chapter for many years, because they have   for a total of $77,250. The funds have been
Lacko, Jerrin Hill, Chad Lucci, Paige Bower,          equipped the fund raiser with all of the hot-   raised by sponsoring variety shows, musical
Alyssa Mack, Janessa Hill, Erica Lang, Kaitlin        dogs, buns, toppings, coke, etc. Thank you      comedies, pancake days, collecting recy-
Markley, Zach Cherry, Rachel Gortner, Liz             for helping the FFA program and supporting      clables, donations, coffee stops along I-71,
Walker, Kelsey Bowers, Lisa Zavesky,                  Northwestern-Wayne FFA.                         etc.
Christina Compton, Kari Wilson, Zach                                                                          The variety show will be in the
Condren, Brooke Daugherty, Nick Flinn, Brice                                                          “state of the art” facilities in the “theatre” at
Hastings, Jillian Hastings, Brent Hostetler,                                                          Northwestern High School. You will find
Brad Hottel, Paul Keener, Erica McGinnis,                                                             the seating to be very comfortable. The
Danae Mulligan, Bob Neer, Angela Phillips,                                                            building and auditorium is handicapped
Cody Pitsenbarger, Matt Schaffer, Kyle                                                                accessible! This will be two hours of enjoy-
Schirm, Heidi Tegtmeier, Shanna Varner,                                                               ment and laughter that you won’t want to
Ashley Whittlesey, Jessica Wilcox and                                                                 miss.
Stephanie Yost. All of the members put a lot of                                                               The committee planning the event is
effort towards their projects and they did excel-                                                     chaired by Jim Johnson with the assistance
lent on their projects, in the placing's and in the                                                   of Laura Fryman, Phil Keener, Jim Miller
sales of their projects. Good job everyone!                                                           and Jerry Payn.
                                                                                                              Residents of Northwestern School
                                                                                                      District that are interested in participating in
                                                                Band Tag Day                          the Variety Show are invited to contact one
                                                                                                      of the committee members.
                                                             Saturday, October 28                     DATES: November 18 ( 7:30 p.m.)
                                                      Be ready when a member of the Northwestern              and November 19 ( 2:00 p.m.)
                                                      Marching Band knocks on your door to ask for    DONATION: $6.00 per seat, ( $5.00
                                                      a contribution. Members will also be at some            students and senior citizens)
                                                      area businesses. This annual drive raises               with a maximum of $20.00
                                                      money for an ongoing fund to replace the uni-           per immediate family
                                                      forms.                                          PLACE: the ‘Theatre” in Northwestern
                                                                                                              High School ( one mile north of
                                                      Donations may also be made by mail. Make                Lattasburg or 6 miles south of
                                                      your check payable to NW Music Boosters and             West Salem on SR 301) * There
                                                      send to Northwestern High School/Music          is easy access for the handicapped*
                                                      Boosters at 7473 N. Elyria Rd., West Salem,     Publicity Director: Gerald Payn
                                                      OH 44287. THANKS!!                                                        330-345-5547

    October 2006                                            THE            Northwestern                                         Page 16
     TEEN READ                                       Northwestern All Sports Association
       WEEK                                    Meetings are held at 7:30 p.m. the first Monday night of each month in the High School
The high school and middle school libraries    Commons. All community members are welcome to attend.
will be celebrating Teen Read Week
October 16th - 20th. To go along with this     The Northwestern All Sports Association provides many services for ALL the athletes at
year's theme of Get Active @ Your Library,     Northwestern. Several projects this year have been: the purchase of weight lifting equip-
there will be a “Name that Athlete or          ment, fitness room equipment, provided various team uniforms, T-shirts to the teams win-
Activist” contest every day in the library.    ning a championships, track equipment, shared half the cost for the concession stand at the
Some other activities and contests that will   elementary school, along with buying football equipment for the pee wee players this sum-
be taking place are a short story writing      mer. We also give out senior athletic scholarships each May.
contest and a special bell schedule one day
to allow students time to read for enjoy-      Your membership in the All Sports Association will help us continue to provide support to
ment. Any students who are seen reading        the Northwestern Husky athletes.
for enjoyment at any time throughout the
week will be given a “Been Caught              Officers:      President             Joe Miley             330-263-7814
Reading” slip so that they can enter their                    Vice President        Michele Bowers        330-262-9483
name in a drawing for prizes.                                 Secretary             Nan Sersig            330-264-0405
Several local businesses have donated                         Treasurer             Laura Woodring        330-263-5042
prizes to be given out throughout the week.
The prizes include a Northwestern t-shirt,     Please fill out and return this form to any officer or mail it to: Laura Woodring, 5754 Cedar
knit hat and water bottle package from         Valley Rd., Burbank, OH 44214 ---- by December 1, 2006. Make checks payable to
Pierce's, a large pizza from Koenig's           NORTHWESTERN ALL SPORTS ASSOCIATION.
Korner, books from Wooster Book Co., a
gift certificate from Books in Stock, and a    **************************************************************************
combo meal from Taco Bell.                                  MEMBERSHIP FOR 06/07 August 1, 2006 - July 31, 2007

                                               Name: _________________________________________________________________
                                                      ** How you want it printed in the fall and winter sports program **
                                               Address: _______________________________________________________________
                                               Phone: ______________________________________________
                                               Email address: __________________________________________________________

                                               Cost: $ 5.00          Individual
                                                      $10.00         Family Membership
                                                      $25.00         Silver Membership
                                                      $50.00         Gold Membership
                                               Please circle one.

                                               Are you interested in helping at the concessions stands? _____ Yes _____ No

                                               Are you interested in advertising in our programs? _____ Yes _____ No

October 2006                                        THE             Northwestern                                        Page 17
                                                          Since the beginning of the Football Club in 2005, our goal is to
                                                          provide financial support to the ENTIRE Northwestern Husky
                                                          Football Program from Pee-Wee through Varsity.

                                                          Funding has already provided:

                                                                 *A warm-up suit for each Varsity and JV player
                                                                 *Husky sweatshirts for Junior High and Pee-Wee teams
                                                                 *Shoes for the play-off games
                                                                 *Awards Banquet ( Pee-Wee through Varsity)
                                                                 *Scholarships ( Seniors)
                                                                 *Bonfires/Tailgate Parties
                                                                 *Meet the Team Night

                                                          We have been very pleased with the response we have received
                                                          from the community, businesses, friends, and faculty.

                                                                            THANK YOU!

To become a member of the Husky Football Club, please complete(print) the      CORPORATE LEVEL: $1000
following information and remit along with payment to: Sherri Read,                 2 season tickets to all home football
P.O. Box 36, West Salem, OH, 44287. Please make CHECKS PAYABLE                      games; ad banner in stadium;
TO: HUSKY FOOTBALL CLUB. Thank you and GO HUSKIES!!                                 2 passes to golf outing; 2 Husky
                                                                                    Football Club articles of clothing
                                                                               HUSKY LEVEL: $500
                                                                                    2 season tickets to all home football
Name: __________________________________________                                    games; 2 passes to golf outing;
                                                                                    1 Husky Football Club article of
Address: __________________________City: __________                            BLUE & GRAY LEVEL: $250
                                                                                    1 season ticket to all home football
                                                                                    games; 1 pass to golf outing;
State: ______ Zip: ________ E-mail: _________________                               1 Husky Football Club article of
                                                                               BLUE LEVEL: $100
Phone: ___________________________ Date: __________                                 1 Husky Football Club cap or visor
                                                                               WHITE LEVEL: $50
                                                                                    1 Husky Football Club cap or visor
Amount: $ ________ Shirt size ___ Cap ___ Visor _____                          PUP LEVEL: $25
                                                                                    1 Husky Football Club mug

October       2006                         THE         Northwestern                                        Page 18
                                       NORTHWESTERN SCHOOL
                                         DISTRICT CONTACTS

Northwestern High School Contacts: Phone number: 419 846-3833
We all need to work together to "prepare our student's today for tomorrow's opportunities". We welcome and appreciate your active partici-
pation in your child's education. Please contact us with any questions, concerns or comments that you have as they arrive. The following is
a list of contacts. A wealth of academic information is available on your Progress Book account. We set up two accounts, one for the stu-
dent and one for the parent/guardian. Both accounts view the same information. We have two accounts so that either party can change pass-
words and user names without effecting the other party. The user names and passwords should be the same as they were during the last
school year.

ADMINISTRATION                                             EMAIL

Mr. Burkholder        Principal          
Miss. Plank           Guidance Counselor 
Mr. Teague            Athletic Director  
Mrs. Hines            District Librarian 
Mr. Clifton           District Technology
Mrs. Cherry           EMIS Coordinator   

Mrs. Abrecht          Special Education  
Mr. Alberts           CBI                
Mrs. Boggs            Vocal Music        
Mr. Clifton           Computer Networking
                                                                                                    HUSKY FANS!!
Ms. Daniel            English/Drama                NRWS_
Mr. Ferrell           Industrial Arts    
Mrs. Fishburn         Science            
Mrs. Fitch            Art                
Mr. Fulk              Vocational Agriculture
Mrs. Guidetti         Family& Cons. Science
Mrs. Hamilton         French             
Mrs. Hannah           Comp. Sci./Business
Mrs. Hines            Librarian - Media Com.
Mrs. Johnson          Spanish            
Mrs. Kline            Science            
Mr. Kostohryz         Math               
Mr. Moser             Math               
Mr. Negro             Instrumental       
Mr. Nolletti          English / Telecomm 
                                                                                                    2006 SENIOR QUEEN
Miss. Perry           Special Education  
Mrs. Phillips-Freed   Family & Cons. Science                               CANDIDATES!!
Mr. Ryder             Math                                          Aarika Gresser, Jenessa Rice,
Mrs. St. Clair        English / Yearbook                                  Lindsey Rice
Mr. St. Clair         Physical Education 
Mr. Teague            Social Studies     
Mrs. Tegtmeier        Vocational Agriculture

   October 2006                                        THE            Northwestern                                         Page 19
                                           High School DIRECTORY Continued ......

Mrs. Thompson           Health/Physical Edu.    
Mr. Thut                Social Studies          
Mrs. Van Zile           English                 
Mrs. Woodruff           Science                 
Mr. Yomboro             Social Studies          


Mr. Bowman              Building Custodian/Night
Mr. Bridenstine         Building Custodian/Day  
Mrs. Hostettler         Guidance Secretary      
Mrs. S. Kline           Secretary- Attendance   
Mrs. Lockyer            Secretary               
Mr. Loera               ISS Supervisor          
Miss Matacale           Special Educaton Aide   
Mrs. L. Miller          Head Cook               
Mrs. Mole               Food Service Supervisor 
Mrs. Morr               Cook                    
Mrs. Ryan               Library/Computer Aide   
Mrs. Schuler            Custodian/Night         
Mrs. Wellert            Cook                    
Mrs. Workman            Special Education Aide  

        Middle                                 School                               Directory

        Mrs. Cherry             EMIS Coordinator      
        Mr. Clifton             District Technology   
        Mrs. Hines              District Librarian              NRWS_HINES
        Mrs. Melegari           Athletic Director     
        Mr. Ress                Guidance Counselor    
        Mr. Smith               Principal             

        Mr. Alberts             Physical Education    
        Mr. Bain                Band/Music Appreciation
        Mr. Beck                Science               
        Mrs. Bing               TAG                   
        Mrs. Boggs              Choir                 
        Mrs. Buss               Language Arts         

    October 2006                                   THE      Northwestern                 Page 20
Middle School Directory -- Continued ..........                           Quick Click: 10 Questions to Ask
                                                                           Your Child About His Day at
Mr. Creasap        Physical Education/Health              Schoo l
Mrs. Dailey        Art/Computer          
Mr. Edwards        Math                     Get a sense of your child's life at school
Mrs. Freed         Work & Family            by asking questions that elicit more than
Mrs. Genis         History                   a one-word response. The trick is to ask
Mr. Harmon         Industrial Arts/Tech Design    about things that are specific but open-
Ms. Stallings      Speech                   ended and invite your child to describe
Mr. Imhoff         Math/Algebra              his world. It's also great to start the con-
Mrs. Jackson       Reading                  versation with an anecdote from your
Mr. Kalina         Special Education         own day. Try one of these conversation-
Mrs. Keener        Science/Spanish          starters:
Mr. Knight         Math                  
Ms. Knight         Language Arts            Tell me about the best part of your day.
Mrs. Loera         Special Education     
Mrs. Melegari      World Studies            What was the hardest thing you had to
Mr. Miller         Reading                  do today?
Mr. Negro          Band/Music Appreciation
Mrs. Peacock       Language Arts            Did any of your classmates do anything
Mrs. Raber         Science                    funny?
Mr. Radabaugh      Special Education     
Mrs. Read          Social Studies              Tell me about what you read in class.
Ms. Smith          Special Education     
Mrs. Tegtmeier     Exploring Agriculture    Who did you play with today? What did
Mrs. Thompson      Health                   you play?

                                                                            Do you think math [or any subject] is too
SUPPORT STAFF                                                               easy or too hard?

Mrs. Anderson      Cook                     What's the biggest difference between
Mrs. Blankenship   Teacher Aide             this year and last year?
Mrs. Burkholder    Building Secretary    
Mr. Deusenberry    Custodian                What rules are different at school than
Mrs. Hastings      Cook                     our rules at home? Do you think they're
Mrs. Jones         Cook                       fair?
Ms. Ling           Custodian             
Mrs. Norris        Nurse                     Who did you sit with at lunch?
Mrs. Reed          Guidance/Attendance Secretary
Mrs. Warner        Teacher Aide              Can you show me something you learned
Ms. Wester         Teacher Aide              (or did) today?
Mrs. Zytowiecki    Librarian             

    October 2006                             THE      Northwestern                                    Page 21
                            Northwestern Elementary Staff
                                 Directory 2006-07
POSITION                STAFF                EMAIL ADDRESS       ROOM NUMBER

Principal        Julie H. McCumber   104
Kindergarten     Pat Knight      166
                 Heidi Hartzler   163
                 Carol Wright     168
                 Paulette Agnes     161
                 Laurie Humrichouser   170

First Grade      Chris Carrabine   187
                 Karen Creasap   170
                 Angie McCullough   171
                 Melissa Manfull   177
                 Margaret Miller    170
                 Kerri Horst  

Second Grade     Shelly Ferrell   190
                 Gennie Johnston   190
                 Sue Knight      191
                 Janet Lees         194
                 Michelle Morrow    196

Third Grade      Joan Collier    224
                 Debbie Jacobs    229
                 Tammy McClure   225
                 Barbie Staggs    227
                 Sherrie Wellert    227

Fourth Grade     Betty Condren    222
                 Cathy Fortune   209
                 Vickie Guemelata   216
                 Sandy Wiles       221
                 Cathy Mallery   217

Fifth Grade      Kathy Allen       206
                 Betty Bridenstine   204
                 Rich Kline        202
                 Linda Lang        201
                 Michelle Colter    203

Art              Donya Eichelberger   114
Physical Educ.   Brian Smith       119

    October 2006                       THE      Northwestern            Page 22
                                                 ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Directory Continued ........
                                                 Music           Jennie Akers         121
                                                                 Kevin Bain          118
                                                                 Bobbi Jo Boggs         118

                                                 Library         Martha Greene        110

                                                 Counselor       Joyce Garver        107

                                                 Nurse           Sharon Bowers        103
Here is a list of tips and tricks that you can
use inside your home and out to keep the         Intervention
germs at bay:                                    Specialists     Lois Razzano       186
                                                                 Terry Radabaugh       207
                                                                 Angie Henley        212
Sing & Scrub
Make sure kids wash their hands frequently                       Jennifer Mahr          223
with warm water and soap for at least 20                         Ailee Abrecht       299
seconds. That's the time it takes to sing the
                                                 T.A.G.          Penny Bing          228
Happy Birthday song twice. That will clean
off any germs that they may unknowingly
pick up throughout the day and keep them         Title I         Sharon Foy           207
from passing them on.                                            Sharon Martin        189

                                                 Title I Para.   Tina Smith        205
Do the Elbow Cough
Cough into elbows, not hands where it's
more likely to spread bacteria and viruses       Technology      Don Clifton       4343
through touch.
                                                 Cafeteria       Rita Tegtmeier       3115
                                                                 Paulette Besancon       3115
Disinfect Hot Spots
                                                                 Deb Haley          3115
Disinfect the surfaces kids touch most fre-
quently with disinfecting products.                              Brandy Martin        3115
                                                                 Deb Winchell       3115
Follow Good Health Guidelines
                                                 Paraprof.       Mindy Kidd          208
Eat right, exercise, and get plenty of sleep.
                                                                 Laurie Johnson       205
That will help boost your immune system
which is your body's way of fighting off                         Patti Williams      229
                                                                 Diana Wuthrich       208
the effects of colds and flu.
                                                                 Becky Dunn          192

                                                 Custodian       Mike Phelps        124
                                                                 Iral Stoltz        124
                                                                 Harold Kline        124

                                                 Secretary       Valory Riel          3101
                                                                 Chris Tennant       3100

                                                 Psychologist Marian Steiner       108
                                                 Spec. Ed. Cons. Monica Shaheen       106
                                                 Religous Ed. Linda Kline                                   330-262-6787
                                                 School Improvement
                                                 Coordinator Ron Davidoff  

     October 2006                                            THE         Northwestern                               Page 23
                                                              OUR NORTHWESTERN
                                                            In the halls of our Northwestern
                                                              That surround us here today
                                                              We are sure we’ll not forget
                                                                Tho’ we be far, far away

                                                           In the halls where we have studied
                                                              Ev’ry voice will bid farewell
                                                            and memories of our school and
                                                                   We always will tell.

                                                                One day a hush will fall
                                                                 The footsteps of us all
                                                             Will echo down the hall and
    **** THE Northwestern ****
       Editor, Diane J. Hannah                                    But as we sadly start
                                                          A part of ev’ry heart will linger here
If you have information that you would
  like in this newsletter, please contact                    In the halls of Northwestern
    Diane Hannah by calling the high                      Where we lived and learned to know
  school at 419-846-3833 ext. 1137 or
through email:
                                                           That thru the years we’ll see you
                                                               In the sweet after glow

     Northwestern Local Schools                                   Non-Profit Org.
       7571 North Elyria Rd.                                       U.S. Postage
     West Salem, OH 44287-9707                                    West Salem, OH

                                                                   Permit No. 115

                                            CAR-RT SORT