Jerome School District Band Awards Concert by sofiaie


									                     Jerome School District Band Awards Concert
                    Monday, May 19 , 2008 – 7 p.m. – in the Jerome High School Auditorium

        Power point year-in-retrospective, memorial
Combined bands: Grades 6-12
Taking My Walrus For A Walk (Dan Adams)
        Sixth grade awards
Tiger Rag (traditional)
        Scholarships, announcements
Combined bands: Grades 7-12
        Seventh grade awards
Drums Of Daruma (William Himes)
Combined bands: Grades 8-12
        Eighth grade awards
2008 Ambush of Tigers field show: West Side Story (Leonard Bernstein)
        (Gee Officer Krupke, Somewhere, Mambo, Maria, America, One Hand One Heart, Tonight Quintet, Somewhere reprise)
High School band (grades 9-12)
        Senior power point presentation
        High School , Color Guard awards
Ghosts Of The Taman Negara (Victor Lopez)

Award presentations: Sixth Grade Beginning Band
        Membership awards, Trimester award winners, Special Recognitions, Section Awards, Most Improved Trophy, Tiger Pride
Trophy, Outstanding Musician, and Most Valuable Beginning Band Member.

Music Boosters presentations and scholarships

Award presentations: Seventh Grade Intermediate Band
        Membership awards, Trimester award winners, District IV MS Honor Band members, US National Band Awards, D4 Solo-
Ensemble Festival participants, Special Recognitions, Section Awards, Most Improved Trophy, Tiger Pride Trophy, Outstanding
Musician, and Most Valuable Intermediate Band Member

Award presentations: Eighth Grade Concert Band
         Membership awards, Trimester award winners, District IV MS Honor Band members, US National Band Awards, D4 Solo-
Ensemble Festival participants, Ambush of Tigers and Pep Band memberships, Special Recognitions, Section Awards, Most Improved
Trophy, Tiger Pride Trophy, Outstanding Musician, and Most Valuable Concert Band Member.

2008-09 Field Conductors, Assistants, Color Guard and Band Captains

High School Color Guard Awards
         Ambush membership, Winter-guard membership, 2007 Color Guard captains, Idaho Falls and Canyon Rim recognitions, US
National Band Awards, Most Improved Trophy. Tiger Pride Trophy, and Most Valuable Color Guard Member

High School Band Awards
         Senior recognition, Membership awards, Band Letters, Bronze Stars, Silver Stars, Gold Stars, Trimester awards, Pep Band
State tournament awards, Pit orchestra membership, District IV HS Honor Band members, US National Band Awards, D4 Solo-
Ensemble Festival participant, 2007 Drum Majors, Special Recognitions, Section Awards, Most Improved Trophy, Tiger Pride Trophy,
Outstanding Freshman, Outstanding Sophomore, Outstanding Junior, and the John Philip Sousa Trophy (Outstanding Senior).
2007-08 Jerome Band Highlights
Last year's Ambush of Tigers Marching Unit had 50 members -- this year's Ambush was 71...
Last year's 7th/8th grade bands totaled 70 members -- this year's: 87.
77 performances – 27 bus trips – 3154 miles!

Shriner's All-Star Football Game at Twin Falls HS June 2
Jerome Centennial Veteran's Celebration and Air Show at Jerome Airport June 9
 Color guard at Cavalcade USA flag camp July 9-13 @ BSU
 DCI show in Ogden, UT July 30th
  Mandarins Drum & Bugle Corps stays and rehearses at JHS July 31
   Jerome County Fair Parade and standstill performance at the fairgrounds July 31 (and recognition at BSU)
    Field show camp and entire show on the field August 18
    Ambush perform for entire school district August 21
    Field show premiere at football game August 24
    Ambush performance for freshman day August 27
     Wagon Days parade in Ketchum Sept 1 (cancelled - fires)
      Magic Valley Speedway performance Sept 8 (and pizza)
       Ambush performance for JMS Sept 14
       Homecoming parade (HS, 8th, 7th graders) Sept 21
        Football game field show at game vs. Burley Sept 21
         SCCAP Ambush concert in Twin Falls band shell Sept 22
         Dr. Wells comes to clinic with the Ambush Sept 25
          Founder's Day Celebration presentation Sept 29 at Jerome City Park (anthem; centennial show frozen out)
           Football game field show at game vs. Buhl Oct 4
           Ambush to SE Washington Cavalcade of Bands in Kennewick (4th out of 7) -- October 5-7
            Football game field show at game vs. Minico Oct 12
             Idaho State U Invitational (6th out of 10) - Oct 13
             Battle of the Marching Machines in Ontario, OR (Ambush wins "Spirit Of JSU" award) - Oct 15
              Horizon Elementary Carnival (40 workers!) Oct 26
              Pep Band rehearsals start Oct 30
               Middle school Fall Concert Nov 1
               Ambush to Pocatello for state playoff football Nov 2 (without Poky‟s band…)
                Sixteen members accepted into the District IV HS honor band (up from six last year!) Nov 7-8
                 106 middle school members to Bowl-A-Drome Nov 9
                  Barnes And Noble Book Fair (20 volunteer workers!)
                  Seagraves Foundation $4000 grant for uniforms!
                  Winter Concert December 17 (webcast!)
                   Help move Central to Summit Elementary Dec 26, and the middle school on Mar 17.
                   Three stories each on KMVT and in the Times-News on the Dallas Brass concert in January.
                    Dallas Brass rehearsals, clinic and concert Jan 14 – virtually a sell-out, huge profit!
                    ...and an additional visit the next morning from Michael Levine!
                     Skateland & Gertie's trip Jan 18 (93 members)
                       Twenty members perform with the District IV Middle School Honor Band (about fifteen percent of the band!)
                        24 Pep Band games...
                        Last concert at Central (Beginning Band, February 12)
                         Pep Band to state girls' tourney in Boise Feb 14-16, plus boys playoffs: five games in five days, & time w/BSU music.
                          Evening Of Fine Arts - twice as big as last year!
                          Fourteen performances at the D4 Solo Festival - All I's & II's!
                           Our first Music Boosters Auction and Spaghetti Feed! $2000 profit!
                           High School performances at Jefferson and Summit.
                            7th grade band plays for the fifth grade class April 9th.
                             Symphonic Band performs with the Idaho State U Wind Ensemble April 14 at JHS.
                             Three MS bands perform for Jerome MS assembly Apr 18
                              MS Dedication April 21 (7th & 8th grade band performance)
                               Spring Concert April 22
                               Excellent ratings for HS Symphonic Band at D4 festival
                                Magic Valley Marching Band starts April 26th
                                "Annie Get Your Gun" pit orchestra May 1-2-3
                                 Superior ratings for two of three MS bands at D4 festival (and excellent for the third!)
                                  Great festival workers from fifty high school members!
                                   Tigermania performance for HS pep band May 9
                                   HS band rehearses with MS May 12
                                    Band Awards Concert May 19 (tonight!) – Graduation at CSI on May 29, 2008
                                     Western Days in Twin Falls – Magic Valley Marching Band (mostly Ambush) performs May 31, 2008
                                      Shriner's All-Star Football Game at Jerome HS June 4, 2008
                                      Magic Valley Speedway performance June 7, 2008.
       We are going to relentlessly chase perfection, knowing full well we will not catch it, because nothing is perfect. But we are
     going to relentlessly chase it, because in the process we will catch excellence.               -Vince Lombardi (1913-1970), football coach
Band List highlights 2007-08
“You‟ve got a good bunch of kids here, Gordon..”                 - Dr. David Wells, BSU Blue Thunder Marching Band, doing a clinic here in Sept.
“And for the first time in thirty years, we have a live band here (for the Shrine All-Star football game): thank you to the Jerome High School
       Avalanche of Tigers!”                                                                            -Wayne Robeson, Shriners announcer
 “You hate to leave a place like this because you never know what your next stop will be like.”
                                                                 - Ray Mar, director of the Mandarins drum & bugle corps, after their stay at JHS
“Is „repository‟ the same as „suppository‟?”                                                            - Shelbi Raney
 “I tried to sound professional, but I prefer being my normal blonde self.”                             - Abbie (“Abigail”) Heuer
“All right, everyone, go back to „1907‟ (formation in the show)”                                        - Mr. Smith
                 “Does that mean we all have to dress old like you then?”                               - Bethany Boguslawski
 “Mr. Smith! Evel Knievel stole my bicycle!”                                                            - Nathan Lind
“Let me get this straight: You had a thousand teenagers thinking you were so cool, and then you fell off the stage and proved you were a
                 band geek after all.”                                               - Mrs. Smith, to her husband, after the Homecoming rally.
 “It‟s not funny – that‟s why Emily was laughing.”                                                      - Mari Espinoza
 “It‟s my right leg that hurts – it‟s not the one I march with.”                                        - Brittney Thompson
“Fear The Flute! Domination Through Hyperventilation!”                                                  - Kayleen Dickens (specifically, her shirt…)
“I have to say that‟s possibly the coolest name for a marching band I‟ve ever heard.”                   - Devin Otto, judge at Kennewick (WA).
“In an emergency (Kelsey), you do not dial 411 and ask them how to contact 911.”                        - Jennifer Ordaz (Kelsey‟s sister)
“If I had a tail right now I would wag it.”                                                             - Cindy Palos
“It smells funny when I think.”                                                                         - Brittney Thompson
“Bite off more than you can chew… then chew it.”                                                        - Ella Williams (author), from our notebook
“You sold out a 950-seat auditorium in advance?”                                                        - Michael Levine, Dallas Brass director
“People will start to think, „Hey, band‟s not as stupid as we think it is‟.”                            - Luke Sugden, to the TNT newspaper.
“What about your fly?”               - Deion Ortega              “Oh, I usually try to keep it up.”     - Jeff Handel, Dallas Brass percussionist
“The better you get, the more humble you have to be.”                                                   - Michael Levine, Dallas Brass director
“I‟ve never seen a flute turn into a boomerang before.”                                                 - Hamilton Smith, about Abbie‟s „accident‟.
“Old people don‟t like pillow fights at one in the morning.”                                            - Brittney Thompson (again!)
“It‟s a landmine of poo on the grass.”                                                                  - Ben Bingham
“Bethany, I don‟t like tasting your perfume.”                                                           - Luke Sugden
“The designers of the room were generous in supplying us with the needed materials to build our fort.”
                          -    Sarah Nutsch, Callie Hall, Brianna Ridgway, and Kelsey Peterson (on their comment card at the Fairfield Inn)
“You know you‟ve been in marching band too long when you have „Louie Louie‟ on your iPod.”                        - Victoria Spears
“Llama, I can find a llama…” (to the tune of “Can-Can”)                              - Sutherland Smith and a host of sixth grade band members
“My fingers don‟t have the brains to do five through twenty – Are you making fun of my brainless fingers?”                  - Kayleen Dickens
“Did he just go fetch?”                                                                                 - Mr. Smith
“That sixth grader was really intimidating!”                                                            - Nathan Lind
“Sitting Bull make saxophone his daughter!”                                                             - Ben Bingham
“I‟m glad I‟m not on the band list.”                                                                    - Katie Sparks
“Your kids are really great, Gordon.”                            - Gary Robbins, middle school festival judge, praising how our festival was run

        The difference between great people and everyone else is that great people create their lives actively, while
         everyone else is created by their lives, passively waiting to see where life takes them next. The difference
                          between the two is the difference between living fully and just existing.
                                             - Michael E. Gerber (c.1945 - ), author

Please make sure you pick up as much of the information at the back of the hall as applies to you:

   Schedule of activities for the 2008-2009 Jerome Band program
   2008-09 JHS Band and Color Guard handbook (advance edition, subject to minor modifications – JMS will be similar)
   Parent handbook (what you can do to help your child in band)
   School instrument rental form for the 2008-09 school year (you can check out the horn you already have before summer comes!)
   Ambush of Tigers 2008 shirt and shoes order form
   JHS Summer schedule: graduation, optional June events, marching and field show camp schedules

             Thanks to all the students and parents who made this our best year so far… emphasis on the “so far” part! We’re
    blessed with a great administration and school board in a supportive community with the best music boosters organization in
    the state and the best kids a director could ask for! Our plans for the coming school year and beyond are ambitious but within
    our grasp! We’re glad you’re a part of it all… a part of the activity that teaches so much more than music!
                        Jerome Band Awards Concert
                    Monday, May 19th, 2008 @ Jerome Middle School

The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it’s too low and we reach it.
                 – Michelangelo Buonarroti (1474-1564), Italian Renaissance painter and sculptor

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