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									                                              ITB Quarterly
                                 The Newsletter of the Northwest Graduate Association
                                                  -- September 2007 –

                                           Serving Theta Delta Chi‟s Pacific Northwest Alumni,
                        and in particular, the Alumni of the Xi Deuteron Charge at the University of Washington

    Founder’s Day change promises special “day”
As Keith Jackson used to say, “Whoa Nellie!” For the first time in recent memory, or perhaps ever, Founder‟s Day will
truly be a “day”. This year we‟ll gather for a LUNCHEON starting at High Noon, on Saturday, October 6 . That‟s right
football fans; the Huskies scheduled a bye week just for you to enjoy some mid-day friendship with your college pals. The
                                                                                  th       th
classes of 1957 and 1982 will be our special honorees as they celebrate their 50 and 25 reunions. We will visit Daniel‟s
Broiler on Lake Union to enjoy a luncheon feast and view. After the luncheon, the hearty will head to the Charge House to
tour the house, see the Fraternity‟s landmark Charge Room, take in some pool, ping pong, and foosball, and perhaps a
Texas Hold „em tourney or two. The parking lot will be available, and for overflow, lot N-5 on campus will be free.

We scheduled a mid-day Founder‟s Day hoping to entice our Senior alumni to honor us with their presence and meet the
new undergraduate group. And since the event is STAG, and during the day, getting permission to attend from the boss
should be easier. We also wanted everyone to join us at the Charge House for what could be one of the last times we‟ll
see the Charge House as is. Later in this newsletter is a report from the renovation team.

We‟d also like to invite our Brothers from Epsilon Triton (Arizona State) who reside in the Puget Sound area. Their
charge is being re-colonized and a show of support, albeit from long distance would be special to their efforts. Please join

Here are the details:
When: Saturday, October 6 , Chalet Club Reception at High Noon, lunch starts at 12:45pm.
Where: Daniel‟s Broiler Lake Union, 809 Fairview Place North, Seattle
Attending: This year‟s event is STAG
Attire: Coat and Tie OPTIONAL! We‟ve decided to relax the dress code for this event due to the venue, meal and time of
day. We request at minimum: Slacks (no Jeans, shorts, or cutoffs); Polo or collared short or long sleeved shirt (no T-
shirts, sweatshirts, or tank-tops); and normal shoes, tennis type ok, dress shoes or loafers ok, (no flip flops, or sandals)
Cost: $65 per person, $75 at the door.

We must have your check in hand by Friday, September 28, to lock in the meal count with the restaurant. Please use the
courtesy reply envelope and your first-class stamp. Please do not expect to phone in your RSVP and be guaranteed a
seat or meal. The room only holds 80, so get your check in early to not be disappointed.

For questions about the event, contact Patrick Flynn, „01,, 206-909-6605.

We‟ll be serving a generous entrée-sized Steakhouse Steak Salad, (Crisp Greens, Tomatoes, Sweet Onions, Bacon,
Grilled Fennel, Maytag Blue Cheese, and Sliced USDA Prime Beef Tenderloin.) The menu also includes New England
Clam Chowder, Fresh Fruit, Dessert, and non-alcoholic beverages. There will be a CASH bar for brothers over 21. Sorry,
the bar is not in the same room so Daniel‟s is unable to allow an open card or running tab.

Directions to Daniel‟s:
809 Fairview Place North, Seattle Their phone: 206-621-8262
Take I-5 to the Mercer St exit, (Exit #166 from the South, #167 from the North); take a right (north) on Fairview Ave N.
After about ½ block, bear right in the left lane as Fairview angles to the right. Almost immediately, turn left into the parking

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Directions from Daniel‟s to Xi Deuteron:
We‟re asking the younger alumni and undergrads to use lot N-5 on campus to attend the post function at the Charge
House. This will allow our Senior alumni easier access for their visit. For those that need them, here are the directions
from Daniel‟s Broiler to Lot N-5:

Proceed North on Fairview Ave N, along Lake Union. Fairview merges with Eastlake Ave E. Continue North on Eastlake
                                                         th                                th                 th       th
Ave E across the University Bridge. You are now on 11 Ave NE. Proceed North to NE 45 St, right on NE 45 St to 17
Ave NE, turn right into the main campus entrance, Memorial Way. Take the first left onto Stevens Way, then your first
immediate left again into parking lot N-5. Park toward the NE 45 St end of the lot, walk past the Penthouse Theatre (yes,
                                                                   th                                              th
it was relocated from south campus several years ago) onto NE 45 St, and head to the Charge House at 4532-19 Ave

Reunions at Founder‟s Day – Who will be there?
Class of 1957 – 50 Year Reunion
Linne R. Bardarson          Eric Bremner                        Wayne Carr                 Charles C. Flower
Robert G. Goodman           Charles C. Harper                   Garr M. Jones              Jack R. Lewis
Richard O. Malin            Robert R. Reddick                   Keith M. Rhinehart
Class of 1982 – 25 Year Reunion
Scott C. Blair              Mitchell A. Broz                    Ronald L. Brunette         Christopher A. Enright
Bruce W. Fidler             Douglas G. Kawakami                 Douglas R. Lovett          Randall F. Nielsen
Steven B. Pitcher           Steven E. Rendle                    James L. Riggs             James M. Schwartz
Donald O. Straight          Kevin L. Vanfleet                   Clay H. Wiseman            Mark C. Young

Need an email address or phone number to call up a Brother to join you? Email

Epsilon Triton / Arizona State brothers: In honor of your charge‟s re-colonization efforts, please join us in celebration
at Founder‟s Day and find out the latest news from Tempe. Here are the members in this area. Send in your reply and
email for contact information.

  Scott Hadfield      „72      Fox Island                   Eric Kalinka         „93       Everett
  Kurt Wold           „78      Mill Creek                   Andrew Bryans        „93       Vancouver
  Mark Helling        „79      Gig Harbor                   Kevin Sweeney        „94       Seattle
  Bruce Katis         „90      Bellevue

September 2007 NWGA Newsletter                                                                             Page 2 of 9
News from the Renovation Committee – Dan Keefe, ‟91
Earlier this year, the Corp Board asked me to chair a committee to explore the feasibility of renovating the house. Joining
me in this project are the following brothers who have spent many hours looking into this important issue that faces Xi
Deut: Craig Jackman '90, Jeff Weiner '91, Jon Ward '91 and Dennis Higgins '93. During our meetings, we have
discovered some interesting things about Xi Deut. For instance, we own and sit on three separate lots that run from 19th
to 20th and sometime in the past received a historical designation from the city of Seattle (which, after talking to a real
estate developer, should hopefully not hinder any renovation or rebuilding of the house). The committee has met with the
undergrads who‟ve given us their perspective of what needs and wants they see in a new house.

Throughout the entire process, we have had two main goals in mind. First, ensure that the front of the house maintains its
present Colonial Revival look, including a portico. Second, build a house that will last another hundred years. As we
moved through the process, one thing became clear that perhaps many of us realized long ago. The house that holds so
many memories and has withstood so many years of Xi Deuts is showing her age. With that in mind, we have been
"thinking outside the box" on design and finance because the project is so important. Raising the funds for this project will
be a challenge, but with the aid of Jeff Weiner's financial acumen, we believe we may have arrived at a way to fund the
project. We are in the process of finalizing our report to the Board, which will include our recommendations for a
preliminary design for the house, a discussion of rebuilding versus renovation, a proposal for funding the project, and
recommendations for future tasks and deadlines so the project gets and keeps momentum to its completion.

The 100th anniversary of our founding is 2013. An amazing way to start our second century would be with a new
structure that will continue the Xi Deut tradition for many years to come. Over the coming months and years, much work
will have to be done on this project and we hope all alumni will be able to assist us as we move forward. I would like to
thank Craig, Jeff, Jon and Dennis for all their hard work. Also, thanks to Ty Fenton, „75, Graham Albertini, ‟85, and Lee
Andrews, „01 for their willingness to help the committee.

News from the Ed Fund – Adam Bungay, ‟97
As Xi Deuteron gears up for a major renovation or rebuild, the Ed Fund is looking to participate in any way it can. Since
the Renovation Committee has valiantly chosen an aggressive timeline for action, so too, the Ed Fund needs to be ready
with the most capital possible. This is the biggest undertaking at Xi Deut since it‟s founding; we must be ready!

Two ways we plan to be ready with your help: First, make a conscious effort to donate to the Ed Fund, especially through
work either with United Way or through any corporate matching program.

Second, we will hold the annual Founder's Day Auctions, but we need NEW items. If you have property to lend for a
weekend, services to donate, or impressive goods to give, think about the auction.

News from the Corporation President – Scott Isenhart, ‟00
Over the past year the board‟s main focus has continued to be maintaining our aging house and shepherding the new
group of undergraduates through their first year. We continue to strike a balance between teaching them what they
should have been taught from the upper class men they didn‟t have and allowing them to become an independent entity.
This has inevitably led to differences of opinion amongst the board. Our common goal of a strong undergraduate house
has guided us through each decision.

The physical state of the house over the past year was characterized by the problems we had with our columns. They are
cracking and need to be temporarily repaired until the major renovation takes place. The board is researching the options
for doing this. Other projects recently completed include new letters above the door and a new fence in the courtyard.
There were also the usual repair and maintenance issues such as plumbing and electrical repairs. . The house renovation
committee continues to make progress on researching options for financing a new house. They will have a report by
Founder‟s Day in October.

I have fully enjoyed serving our brotherhood as an undergraduate and alumni over the past eleven years. In June, my
wife and I started our family with the birth of our daughter. As my priorities begin shifting, I will no longer be able to
commit the time necessary to be a member of the board. I will leave after my term is up in December. This will leave a
position open. I strongly encourage anyone interested in helping our group of young undergraduates or becoming
involved with the renovation to attend the next board meeting on September 22 .

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News from the Undergrads -- Gerald Doton Corporal, „10
Any doubts about the longevity of the Xi Deuteron Charge at the University of Washington have been cleared as thirty
brothers have moved into the house, boarders have moved out, the house has been cleaned and repaired and a cook
hired. During the 2006-2007 academic year, the Xi Deut undergrads have co-hosted the 3rd annual AIDS Charity Ball,
helped cleaned Warren G. Magnuson Park, participated in IMA Intramurals, and most importantly, dramatically boost the
house grade point average from the bottom of the all-fraternity list to right in the middle of the academically competitive
Greek System. In addition, the undergrads have seen a few of their brothers‟ study abroad in Australia, Austria and the
Czech Republic.

The undergrads have been leaving their mark in the Greek Community: with sophomore Blake Misajet representing the
house in Anchor Splash, junior Micah Sherman participating in Mr. Greek and TDX placing third as a house and second
as a team during Greek Week. With a year's experience and knowledge under our belt, the house and undergrads are
posed to have an even more successful year. So far Summer Rush 2007 has seen the house bring in ten outstanding
gentlemen to the brotherhood of Theta Delta Chi. Our goal is fifteen but we won‟t stop there.

News and Calendar from the NWGA – Patrick Flynn, „01
We‟ve tried several events and planned others with limited success. This is your alumni association. The Graduate
Association is the social arm of our alumni, away from the nuts and bolts of maintaining the house. What would you like it
to do? What events would interest you? Please return the reply form and let‟s hear from you. Here‟s what we have for
this fall:
Husky Tailgate Parties: Game Days. Contact is Jerome Arnold, ‟01,

Fall Golf Tourney: TBD, contact Jerome Arnold, ‟01, to be included on the notification.

Founder‟s Day: Saturday, October 6, Noon, Daniel‟s Broiler Lake Union, and afterward, at the Xi Deut Charge House.
Contact: Patrick Flynn, „01,, 206-909-6605.

Homecoming: Saturday, October 27, Xi Deut Charge House, details TBD, Jerome Arnold, ‟01,

Annual Meeting of the Xi Deut Corporation, Educational Fund, and Northwest Graduate Association: Saturday,
December 8, 0900, Xi Deut Charge House Library.

From the Editor – Ty Fenton, ‟75,
Thanks to all of you who respond to these newsletters and requests for news. It shows there‟s still life out there and helps
to validate the efforts of your alumni officers. A special thanks to those who came to April‟s Alumni Work Day where many
things were accomplished and had the undergrads excited about the Alumni and parent help.

The next five years are going to be very challenging as we attempt to arrive at Xi Deut‟s second century with a Charge
House that will last to its third. Our old house just isn‟t up for another 100 years. It‟s time. The house presents a new
problem every time one is fixed. Corporation resources, after the obligatory expenditures, nearly all goes to keeping the
house occupiable. Even now a third attempt will be made to find a leak that infuriatingly makes its way into the Charge
Room whenever it rains. While we could re-roof the house, the expenditure now, only to rip it up a couple years hence
would seem to be a poor decision. Such is the challenge your Board faces. We‟re looking forward to the Renovation
Committee‟s report. We likely cannot escape that renovation decisions will be difficult, controversial, and emotional. Nor
can we escape the actions we must do to insure Xi Deut has a home for the next 100 years. Should the Committee‟s
recommendations include fund raising, I hope you‟ll answer the call.

This new group of undergrads is responding well to their challenges. After some weak planning, summer rush is in full
swing with 11 “new members” at press time with another month to go. At the 160 Convention in Charlottesville Virginia
last month they regained the President‟s Cup, awarded to the Charge that best demonstrates knowledge of Theta Delta
Chi‟s traditions and rituals. To win this award essentially in their first year of existence is unprecedented. Why not come
to Founder‟s Day to meet and congratulate this group of fine young men?

Earlier this year we moved Corporation meetings to the second Saturday of each month. This has worked extremely well,
though we‟ve had to flex the schedule to accommodate Husky football. So why not give serving on any of the Alumni
Boards another look. We sure could use some fresh faces, new ideas, and new energy. A willingness to attend and
follow-through is a prerequisite for our success. Five positions are up for election on the Corporation, three on the Ed
Fund, and three on the NWGA. Hope to see you at our Annual Meeting, Saturday, December 8 , 9:00am at the Xi
Deuteron Charge House.

September 2007 NWGA Newsletter                                                                             Page 4 of 9
Address Unknowns:
Ok, check your email address book, your pile of last years Christmas cards, that IOU note sticking on your frig, or your
slicked up address database you‟re so proud of. Where are these guys? Help. Send us an address, or phone number,
or an email address. Maybe you know someone who knows someone who knows someone. (Source of the list: CFO)
Send to or snail-mail to Northwest Graduate Association, PO Box 45326, Seattle, WA 98145-0326.

Marion A. Laughbon         1919       James P. Duffy            1965        Scott L. Pancoast        1983
Ralph C. Zimmerman         1926       James R. Livingstone      1965        Dave J. Roberts          1984
Randall F. Monnet          1929       Ben D. Wilson             1966        Timothy H. Troeh         1985
Jack R. James              1930       Rick LaMonte              1966        Kevin B. Smith           1987
John V. Rogg               1930       William C. Collins, Jr.   1966        Paul L. Ross             1987
H. Lee Olwell              1931       David H. Lockwood         1967        Dave M. Dolling          1988
Irvin E. Totton, Jr.       1931       Dick D. Day               1967        Jeffrey R. Mills         1989
Vernon A. Saindon          1931       Edward J. Olson           1967        John D. Yuse             1989
William R. Dinham, Jr.     1932       John B. Shadwell          1967        Alex Valez               1990
David E. Herald            1936       Michael F. Wade           1967        Dave Sylvester           1990
Fred W. Weingarten         1936       Douglas W. Purcell        1968        Lee M. Hseih             1990
Richard S. Davis           1936       Eric W. Skopec            1968        David A. Joiner          1991
G. Scott Petrie            1938       James W. Snyder           1968        Robert Carl Nohle, Jr    1991
Robert A. Johnson          1938       Richard B. Riedel         1968        David L. Woodson         1992
Austin W. Fury             1940       Thomas L. Tobiason        1968        Jeffrey S. Lippert       1992
Thomas E. Summers          1941       Charles P. Bingay         1969        Christopher M. Glover    1993
Albert W. Thompson         1943       Lester F. Louia           1969        Daniel P. Fuller         1993
James H. Brown             1944       Paul B. Sullivan          1969        Donald B. Riesau         1993
Charles D. Canfield        1945       Richard G. Hays           1969        Jay K. Chang             1993
Edwin C. Howard            1945       Robert S. Russell         1970        Jon M. Pelto             1993
James S. Warnick           1949       Steven J. Hewitt          1970        Christopher L. Moyer     1994
William L. Snider          1950       Duncan C. MacDonald       1971        Matthew J. Bordenet      1994
Reese L. Anderson          1951       K. Robert Carter          1971        John M. Sutey            1995
R. Eugene Sedell           1952       Michael J. Miller         1971        Mark E. Hawkins          1995
Richard D. Matheson        1953       Michael C. Novack         1972        Vincent A. Notman        1997
Bruce E. Haley             1954       Thomas E. Birmingham      1974        Joshua S. Lester         1999
David A. Lehman            1954       Ronald M. Warouw          1975        Shane D. Eaton           1999
Ernest E. Zellmer          1954       David R. Wissing          1976        Jose A. Lugo             2001
William R. Ingalsbe        1954       Stephan L. Whittaker      1976        Paul Setyayev            2001
John M. Olane              1955       David R. Wissing          1976        William H. Hope, II      2002
Kenneth L. Pim             1955       Andrew P. Edenholm        1977        Justin Mark Litvack      2002
Nicholas J. Peters         1955       Mark K. Dunlap            1977        Derek James Isenhart     2003
Robert E. Field            1955       Roger G. Robbin           1977        Iosif Icreverzi          2004
David P. Jones             1956       Wallace A. Robertson      1977        Jason Patton Courter     2004
David L. Braathen          1960       Patrick T. Werr           1978        Chris Casey              2005
Gerald E. Hofstatter       1960       Calvin R. Grimes          1979        Evin Gibson              2005
Wallace W. Lentz           1960       Dane A. Sturtevant        1979        Scott Jeffrey Brown      2005
C. Stuart Kale             1961       Francis G. Botkin         1979        Steven Allan             2005
Gary D. Gorman             1962       John W. Harris            1979        Alex May                 2005
Verdun L. Place            1962       Sean P. Murphy            1980        Evin Gibson              2005
Gary A. Shepherd           1963       Todd S. Koyamatsu         1980        Josh Aaron Connolly      2005
Dennis L. Turner           1964       Kevin L. Vanfleet         1982        Landin Fusman            2006
Robert D. Reynolds         1964       Mitchell A. Broz          1982        Russ Hartness            2006
Dennis G. Baxter           1965       Scott C. Blair            1982        Nathaniel P Barber       2007
Donald R. Eaton            1965       Andrew C. Dalton          1983        Justin E. Nelson         2008

September 2007 NWGA Newsletter                                                                          Page 5 of 9
Centennial Gatherings – Ty Fenton, „75
After the first of the year, we will be a very short five years from our Centennial. How shall we celebrate? What should
we do? Several folks have offered some ideas. How about yours? What should we consider to make it a grand event?
The current thinking is it will be part of the 166 Convention, planned for Seafair week 2013 with a new Charge House
anchoring the festivities. Normal convention events will include decade reunions so you can visit with your old friends.

So gather up your mementos, photographs, and ideas and let us know how you‟d like to help. Write to Ty Fenton, at Or, you may of course snail-mail to: NWGA, PO Box 45326, Seattle, WA 98145-0326.

Omega Roll:
The following brothers were reported entering Omega since the last newsletter.
Donald L. Helberg, ‟38 No date given;          Donald T. Lewis, ‟56, August 31, 2005.

News from your Brothers:
What follows is what the newsletter is all about. NEWS! So send in the reply form or email:
with news about you!

Ray Brownwood, „56
I was a graduate in March 56 so am now getting along in years (77). Last Dec 27 I had the lower half of my right lung
removed, as it was full of cancer. Doing pretty well, but am on oxygen 24/7 so a trip to visit the house and campus is out
of the question. P.S. Still live in San Diego and love it.

John Plovie, „71
Barb and I are empty nesters now that both daughters have graduated from the UW and moved out to be on their own.
Even though the ink had hardly dried on my daughter's diplomas, Barb decided it was time to get her Masters Degree in
Nursing at UW Bothell. For the next three years, she will be a student at the UW. One unexpected benefit of this is that
now I can add a student discount to my senior citizen discount!

Craig Biggs, „83
Lisa and I just celebrated our 22 year of marriage and still live in Kirkland. We have two daughters (Meghan age 18 &
headed to Gonzaga in the fall, Corinne age 16 who wants to follow mom and dad to the UW in a couple of years). I
completed my 3 UW degree last June when I graduated with my PharmD. It was really fun to go through Pharmacy
Graduation again, although it was strange seeing many of the same professors who I had 20+ years ago. Don‟t they ever
retire? I am currently employed by Abbott Labs managing a group of field-based scientists who are the technical experts
for HUMIRA which is used for rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn‟s Disease. The science is really pretty cool and constantly

Evan Inglis, „83
Jiff Searing, ‟80, Andy Dalton, ‟83, Doug Lovett, ‟82, and I met in Longview, WA on my first trip back to the West Coast
since I moved to the Washington D.C. area in 2003. I rode with Doug up from Portland and Andy and Jiff came down
from Seattle. Unfortunately Doug Straight, ‟82, was unable to join the group due to a knee injury suffered while rock-
climbing in the Cascades. With appropriate handicaps and a couple of nice utility clubs in the rental set, I took the most
skins (at least I remember it that way). Then a Mariner's come-from-behind victory helped a few pitchers (of beer) go
down before everyone went their separate ways.

Graham Albertini, „85
After more than twenty years working for Washington Mutual my department (real estate appraisal) was eliminated. So
this is the first year that I have been out of the corporate world since starting my career. I'm now an independent fee
appraiser, consultant, and community college instructor. If anyone needs a residential appraisal (divorce, estate planning,
etc.) call me. In March of this year I went to San Francisco to take a continuing education class and I was able to connect
with my old big brother from the house, Mike Robinson, „84. I hadn't seen Mike for several years so it was great to see
him and meet his wife and daughter. He just bought a new house and I spent one night in their fabulous guest room. After
I got back to Seattle I realized that I hadn't seen Mikes brother Andy Robinson, ‟87, for over a year so we went out for
lunch on Mercer Island and got caught up on things. I also had lunch with Michael Pickett, ‟88, and next on my list is
Marlan Crosier, „88. It takes a little effort to stay in touch with brothers but it is totally worth it. I also got a puppy recently
(Sean) so if anyone knows a good carpet cleaning company - give me a call.

September 2007 NWGA Newsletter                                                                                    Page 6 of 9
Michael Pickett, „88
Attended Josh Kirz's, ‟89, wedding in December on the beach in Costa Rica. The bachelor party was a ski weekend in
Tahoe with Doug Collins, „89, Marlan Crosier, ‟88, and Dan Clapp, „88. In February '07 my second son, Reed Watson
Pickett was born. Our other son, Landon, just turned 4. It's been a wild six months trying to figure out how to juggle two
kids. I am working for Point B, a management-consulting firm, along with Jeff Worthington, „90. As I think back over the
last 20+ years, I find that my best friends are the brothers whom I met in the fraternity.

Mark “Stack” Ramberg, „92
I‟m living just north of Woodinville with my wife Christa and our two children. We‟ve been traveling a bit this year
(Barcelona, Mexico, Hawaii, Atlanta, San Diego, others) and while in Hawaii in April I had the opportunity to spend a
couple of days with one of my brothers, Stan Livingood, ‟92, who lives out there. On the work front, I am still at Microsoft
doing Business Development and have just moved to Microsoft‟s Silverlight team.

Tim Tyler, „93
I am still a firefighter with the Northshore Fire Department and living in Snohomish. I recently got married (June 24 ) to
Alisa Huckell. We‟ve been together for over a year and honeymooned in Tahiti.

Dan Hall, „96
I work as a career Firefighter for South Kitsap Fire and Rescue. When I lived in the house I held a few positions, and I've
always held the place in high regard. I believe these were some very important years in our lives. I would like to see
others have the chance to experience the house and keep things going in a more positive manner. I was a very
successful rush chairman and think I could help advise in this area. I would be glad to meet some time and help out where
I can.

Eric Smith, „96
On April this year we moved from our little place in Lake Forest Park to a 4-bedroom in Maltby (just North of Woodinville)
in preparation for our growing family. I certainly enjoy living once again in the sticks, with the stars, the wildlife, and pallet-
fueled weekend bonfires in the back yard. On Saturday May 19th, Jason Ragnar and Peyton Thomas were brought
into the Smith family at 5lbs-1oz and 5lbs-6oz. They join their older brother Andrew William who is now 4yrs old. Yes, the
world now has 4-Goobies. See you at Husky Stadium (or the Argosy Boat, or the Tailgate lot) this fall.

Kevin Day, „97
Coming up on my two-year wedding anniversary. In my 4th year of general surgery training at West Virginia University.
Just matched into Plastic surgery fellowship to begin July 2008 at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga. My wife is
completing her PhD dissertation in English Literature at the University of Pittsburgh. Been a long time away from
Seattle. I miss it.

Jesse Matt, „98
I just received the first ITB Quarterly I think I've seen in quite some time! I saw a few names throughout that I recognized
from when I lived in the house - Vince Notman, ‟97, (my "big bro'"), Brad Buck, „98, Eric Smith, „96 and Adam
Bungay, „97. A lot's happened since my fraternity days. Most recently, I was discharged from the Army Judge Advocate
General's (JAG) Corps and am now working as an in-house attorney at Group Health Cooperative. My wife of 4 years
and I moved back to Seattle from Colorado Springs, CO, in January 2006. We're very happy to be back in the Emerald
City! It was great to read about the goings on of the fraternity and the update on Brad Buck. I'm glad to
hear membership's up!

Patrick Flynn, „01
I became engaged to Elizabeth Jasperson (UW, 2002) on August 3rd. The happy couple is planning an April Wedding in
Portland, Oregon. Rebecca Olson, wife of Darcy Olson, „96, introduced us. Brian Fulbright, „03 is moving from Seattle
to Denver to attend graduate school at the Univ. of Denver. Brian will be studying for both a Masters in Business
Administration and a Masters of Science in Real Estate and Construction Management. Mark Craig, ‟03, graduated from
Seattle Univ. School of Law with honors. Ryan Aggergaard, ‟03, scored in the 95th percentile for the LSAT. He hopes to
attend a law school where "the sun shines and the chicks are hot, so anywhere but U-Dub". Derek Isenhart, ‟03, just
finished his Masters Degree in Civil Engineering at Colorado State University.

Justin Wheat, „02
I'll be ending my service with the Army in October 2007 after 2 tours: the first in South Korea and the last at Ft. Meade,
MD. It has been difficult being inactive while serving in military. Even though I may not be back in Pacific Northwest for
some time, I hope to give back what TDX did for me in the coming years. Get ready.

September 2007 NWGA Newsletter                                                                                   Page 7 of 9
Jason Garneau, „04
It's been a rather turbulent month in my household this past month. I just finished an Army School at Ft. Huachuca, which
trained me to be an intelligence officer, and then at the end of July, Helen and I went to Hawaii for a week, for a much-
needed vacation. We then packed up all our worldly possessions (or rather the army did) and we moved across the
country to Washington DC, where Helen now works as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives Press Gallery,
which acts as an intermediary between the House and the Press, ensuring that the Press's 1st Amendment rights aren't
infringed upon, and that the rules of the House are still being followed.

I on the other hand will be headed to Fort Riley Kansas at the end of this month for some more training before I head to
Iraq for my second trip, this time to train the Iraqis for one year, and then I'll return to a job working for the National
Security Agency at Ft. Meade, MD. The planets happened to line up for me when it comes to a fraternity event (which I
usually miss all of them due to military commitments) and I was able to attend the last two days of the 160 Convention,
including the grand banquet, where I got to see Ryan Aggergaard, ‟03, Jerome Arnold, ‟00, and surprisingly, Justin
Wheat, „02 (who like myself is often absent due to military obligations.)

Alec Hill, „06
I just started my second year of medical school at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. I spent the summer doing a research
project in the nursing home at the Atlanta VA hospital and trying to survive the heat and humidity. One of my favorite
memories from the house was when Forrest Preston, '06, turned in a 'superhero' effort to win us the party hat at the
2004 convention in Las Vegas. Watching him walk around the hotel in his Superman robe is something I'll never forget. I
haven't been able to stop by the house in awhile but hope to be in Seattle in the early fall to see how everything is going.

Forrest Preston, „06
I will be graduating in June with a double major, Math & Econ!

Kyle Stewart, „06
I will be starting graduate school in the school of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science at the University of
Montana in Fall 2007. Brother Nate Barber, ‟07, visited me in Montana recently and we talked of the great things
happening at the Xi Deuteron house these days. We are impressed with their maturity coupled with their youth as a
house and wish them the best.

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Halftime Hideaway?
Eric Smith, ‟96, and Dan Keefe, ‟91, report that before, during, and after halftime (depending on how the Huskies are
doing), one can find several Theta Delts dissecting the game‟s progress on the Argosy Cruise boat. It‟s the one just off
the dock, closest to the cut. Refreshments can be obtained, but you must disembark in a timely fashion or it‟s a long swim
back to your car.

Clip and Save Calendar:
Corporation Board meeting: Saturday, September 22, 0900, Xi Deut Charge House Library.
Founder‟s Day: Saturday, October 6, Noon, Daniel‟s Broiler Lake Union, and afterward, at the Xi Deut Charge House.
Contact: Patrick Flynn, „01,, 206-909-6605.
Corporation Board meeting: Saturday, October 13, 0900, Xi Deut Charge House Library.
Homecoming: Saturday, October 27, Xi Deut Charge House, details TBD, contact Jerome Arnold.
Corporation Board meeting: Saturday, November 10, 0900, Xi Deut Charge House Library.
Annual Meeting of the Xi Deut Corporation, Educational Fund, and Northwest Graduate Association: Saturday,
December 8, 0900, Xi Deut Charge House Library.

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Stories for History:
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