Lesson Plan Template by alllona


									                               Lesson/Unit Plan Template

GLEs: Strand I, 2.A

Objectives: Identify the four contact points on a bulb and battery circuit.

Assessments: Asking the students questions as they test circuits about how the electricity

Grade: 4

Materials: Batteries, wires, bulbs, the Smart-Board.

Description (Connect to the 3 Principles and Design Model):

Principle #1            Besides just reviewing their previous work on circuits in the
Engaging Student        classroom at RBE, the students’ understanding of conductors and
Prior                   insulators will be critical to their learning of the way this circuit
Understandings:         works to light a bulb. The students will be asked why the
Describe how            electricity goes through the wires and not the air, and that kind of
student prior           thing.
conceptions will be
assessed and build
Principle #2            From the students’ prior work with circuits, we will move from a
Essential Role of       general idea of batteries lighting bulbs to the understanding of
Factual Knowledge       how electricity flows to do so. This will be done by having the
and Conceptual          students draw the wires in the ways that allowed the bulb to light,
Frameworks in           and then drawing the path that the electricity took to get from the
Understanding:          negative end of the bulb to the positive end of the bulb. To get to
Characterize how        this understanding, the students will have to learn about the
you will build from     filament in the bulb as well as the separate contacts on the side
student prior           and bottom of the bulb, and how those contacts are used to get
conceptions toward      electricity to pass through the filament.
knowledge of facts
and concepts.
Principle #3            As the students are allowed to test the circuits for themselves, I
Promoting Self-         plan to move around the room, asking them specific questions
Monitoring:             about their results and their thinking. Of particular interest will
Describe how you        be their ideas about the types of material the electricity can flow
will encourage          through as well as their ideas about short circuits.
students to self-
monitor so they can
validate claims.

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