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					Homecoming at Hogwarts!
             Kim Jaso               feel differently. Junior Josh Tilles  twins or switch their style for a day    seems pretty confident in the junior
             Staff Writer           says, “Initially, I was taken aback   to dress how the opposite person         girls, claiming, “Slytherin can and
                                    by the thought of Harry Potter in a   normally dresses. After Twin/            will kick Gryffindor’s butt!” Only
             As Marriotts Ridge dance. But soon after, I thought how      Switch Day, there’s Beach Day,           time will tell, but be sure to be there
             High School begins easy it’d be to get really spirited and   Wacky Tacky Day, Harry Potter            to support your class on Wednesday,
its third year in session, students hardcore with that. I’m just hoping   Day, and then finally Class Color         September 26th at 7:30 pm!
                                                                            Day. Junior Kelsey Woods feels,           The homecoming football game
                                                                            “I’m probably going to be most         will take place at home on Saturday,
                                                                            involved with Class Color Day,         September 29th at 1:30 PM vs.
                                                                            but I’m really excited for Harry       Oakland Mills HS. Andy Kryzs,
                                                                            Potter day.” Most students seem        a junior and player on the varsity
                                                                            to feel the same way, anxiously        football team, claims, “We were
                                                                            anticipating bearing their class       able to beat Oakland Mills last year,
                                                                            color the Friday before the dance.     so we’ll definitely beat them this
                                                                            FYI, freshman will be wearing          year for homecoming.”
                                                                            white, sophomores are baby blue,          Prior to the game there will be
                                                                            juniors are grey/silver, and seniors   a parade featuring floats crafted
                                                                            will be sporting navy blue.            by participants from each grade.
                                                                             Another source of excitement is       The parade will take place on that
                                                                            the highly anticipated Powder Puff     Saturday in Waverly at 11 am.
                                                                            Football game. The majority of           The Homecoming dance itself will
                                                                            the hype seems to be surrounding       take place Saturday night at 8 PM.
                                                                            the Seniors vs. the Juniors game,      Everyone seems thoroughly excited,
                                                                            and both parties seem certain they     and junior Nema Sarfaraz summed
                                                                            will be victorious. Senior Colleen     up any feelings of anxiety when he
                                                                            Quinlan claims, “The midgets are       said, “I just hope they don’t play
   Senior Haley Katsman shows off her color day shirt. Seniors are navy,    going down!” Yet junior Tim Shea       Hogwarts music.”
   juniors grey/silver, sophomores baby blue, and freshmen will be white.

anxiously anticipate one of the         someone shows up at the dance in
highlights of the fall season:          Hogwarts cloaks with a wand in
Homecoming. This year, the class        hand.”
council and SGA have collaborated            All the classes have been
to come up with the unique and          appointed a certain house from
already controversial theme, “Harry     Hogwarts (the wizarding school
Potter”.                                in Harry Potter). Seniors will be
    Most students appear to feel        representing Gryffindor, the juniors
negatively towards the topic; the       will be Slytherin, sophomores will
general opinion was represented         be Ravenclaw and freshmen will be
when Emma Claffy, a senior, said,       representing Hufflepuff.
“To be honest, [the Harry Potter          Harry Potter isn’t the only thing
theme] is kind of lame. I mean, I’m     some students are looking forward
all for Harry Potter, but not as a      to; there are a number of spirit
homecoming theme.”                      days everyone can get involved
  Sophomore Ava Toppo feels the         in without altering their plans for
same way, claiming, “My first            homecoming attire.
reaction was ‘This stinks’, but now       Spirit Week kicks off on Monday,
I don’t really care. However, I still   September 24th, with a Twin Day/        Junior Chris Brantley, freshmen Katie Kanner, and sophomore Billy
think they could’ve picked a better     Switch Day, where students can          Beam show off their spirit on switch day.
topic.”                                 collaborate with their peers in order
  Yet other students have begun to      to either match their clothing and be

 I N
                                   T H I S                                                    I S S U E
                                                  FEATURES                              OPINIONS                                SPORTS

                                                 NEWS                                                               the stallion

Crabby you’re not a senior?
                Sarah Massuda             exclusively for MRHS seniors, will      way it’s set up is
                Staff Writer              be red, with “Senior Crabfeast”         pretty relaxed;
                                          written on the front, and “Crabby       you can get
                                                                                                         IMPORTANT SENIOR DATES
                                          you’re not a senior? You should         sized, do your
                                                                                                                 Senior Crab Feast
                                          be!” on the back.                       yearbook
                                                                                                        Monday, October 8th, MRHS Cafeteria
  Marriotts Ridge High School               Seniors are already getting wound     write-up,      or
finally has an official senior class,       up for the dinner. Senior Esther Lee    just hang out.
thus bringing a new wave of               exclaims, “I am so excited for the      There’s plenty
                                                                                                                 Senior Breakfast
senior events, including the much         crab feast! I love crabs; they are so   of time to get
                                                                                                          Wednesday, October 17th at MRHS
anticipated Senior Crab Feast at          good!”                                  everything
Marriotts Ridge, on October 8th,            Not only do the seniors have an       done,          so
as well as the Senior Breakfast on        entire dinner dedicated to them,        everyone can
                                                                                                       Friday, May 16th, Hyatt Regency Baltimore
October 17th.                             later in the month, seniors are         just        relax
  In the state of Maryland, it is a       once again commemorated with a          and have a
tradition for a school to host a crab     Senior Breakfast while the juniors      nice morning
                                                                                                                   Class Night
dinner celebrating its graduating         and sophomores suffer through           off,” assures
                                                                                                       Wednesday, May 21st, Turf Valley Resort
class. At 6 o’clock lasting until 8,      the PSATs. From 7:25 to 9:00,           Rusonis,
seniors and their families are being      seniors will be devouring delicious       The energy is
treated to the finest crabs Marriotts      breakfast food, such as pancakes,       high for these
                                                                                                                 Farewell Breakfast
Ridge has to offer, as well as other      and participate in other events,        “Seniors Only”
                                                                                                        Thursday, May 22nd, MRHS Cafeteria
dishes. “The vendor that we are           including cap and gown sizing,          events. Senior
using will have a variety of food         yearbook signup, and a special          Ashley Link
                                                                                                             Senior Class Awards Night
for seniors to munch on besides           guest speaker that will discuss how     remarks,       “I
                                                                                                         Thursday, May 22nd, MR Auditorium
crabs, like sandwiches, fruit, and        to handle the stress of applying to     am so excited
much more” explains Class of              college. The best part of the morning   for the senior
2008 Recording Secretary Shana            will be the announcements of the        crab feast and
                                                                                                                  Farewell Assembly
Rusonis.                                  Senior Superlatives. Who has the        breakfast! It’s
                                                                                                         Friday, May 23rd, MRHS Auditorium
  Though the price is still being         coolest car? Who has the Best Eyes?     going to be
determined, tickets are on sale from      Answers to these burning questions      very nice and
October 1st to October 5th. The price     and more will be revealed! And          very      special
                                                                                                                     Senior Picnic
also includes a t-shirt that cheers for   do not worry about being rushed         for us. I can’t
                                                                                                        Friday, May 23rd, MRHS Stadium/Fields
the class of ’08! The shirts, made        through sizings or sign ups, “The       wait!”

Debates keep campaigns moving towards the 2008 election
                                     The Youtube style debates featured and had to say one good and bad              John McCain, Former Senator
              Chloe Meade          video questions from people all over thing about them; in another, a same         Fred Thompson, Senator Sam
              Staff Writer         the U.S asking questions that were sex couple asked if they should be             Brownback, Congressman Ron
                                   serious, direct, and sometimes funny. allowed to get married.                     Paul, former Governor Tommy
                                   In one question, the candidates were    Some criticize the unconventional         Thompson, and Congressman
       Though the 2008 election is asked to do an exercise where they style of the debates, but many think           Duncan Hunter.
still over a year away,                                                              it was a new and exciting              The only Republican Party
candidates have already                                                              twist to the sometimes          candidate that is still holding out
launched          aggressive                                                         dull     debates     with       on the debates is Mitt Romney. He
campaigns       that     are                                                         carefully     formulated        heavily criticizes the debates, taking
punctuated with televised                                                            questions. Jim Walton,          a jab at one of the videos submitted
debates and appearances,                                                             CNN           Worldwide         to the democratic candidates saying,
including the new Youtube/                                                           president said, “The            “I think the presidency ought to be
CNN debates.                                                                         inclusion of a massive          held at a higher level than having to
  On July 23rd, the Youtube                                                          online        community         answer questions from a snowman.”
sponsored       Democratic                                                           enables these debates           (
debates were held in                                                                 to engage more viewers             The video was a question about
Charleston, South Carolina.                                                          - - and potential voters        global warming and it featured a
The     eight     candidates                                                         - - than ever before.”          melting snowman family. Currently,
gathered in the Citadel,                                                             (                       polls show that Rudy Giuliani
all of them trying to rally                                                              Current frontrunners        is in the lead for the republican
support from potential                                                               in national polls for           nomination with 32% and Fred
voters.                                                                              the Democratic Party            Thompson is in second place with
       Candidates include                                                            are Hilary Clinton with         21%.
Senator Joe Biden, Former                                                            40% and Barack Obama               This past April, many candidates
Senator John Edwards,                                                                with 25%.                       launched their campaigns and
Senator Barack Obama,                                                                     The GOP Youtube            Americans braced themselves for a
Representative       Dennis Candidates answered video questions from people all      debates will be held on         long, brutal, and eventful election
Kucinich, Senator Chris over the U.S. in the Youtube sponsored debates.             November 28th, 2007              season. Though many have their
Dodd,      Mike      Gravel,                                                        in Florida. Confirmed             own ideas about who is going to be
Senator Hilary Clinton,                                                             participants       include       the next president, as of now, it is
and Governor Bill Richardson.      turned to the person on their left Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Senator                   too soon to tell.
the stallion

                                             NEWS                                                                                                     3

New teachers join the ranks at
               Cassidy Sterling       Lime Kiln Middle School states,        10 teacher, Ms. Olsen, coaches JV Marriotts Ridge teachers last year
               Staff Writer           “So far, I really enjoy the students   volleyball.                             was ninth grade U.S. history teacher
                                      and staff. I really just want to get     Sophomore and JV volleyball Mr. Malt. His offers advice, sharing
                                      to know some of the students I         co-captain                                                         “They
                                      don’t have and become a part of the    A n g e l a                                                        should
  When Marriotts Ridge opened its school.” French IV, V, and Spanish         Fiscbach says,                                                     g e t
doors on August 27th, nineteen new II teacher Mr. Gnagney adds, “I’m         “Ms. Olsen’s                                                       involved
teachers joined the Marriotts Ridge very excited to be working with an       a really good                                                      and be
staff.                                                                       teacher and                                                        a     part
  While                                                                      she’s           an                                                 of the
many of                                                                      awesome                                                            school
the old                                                                      volleyball                                                         and not
teachers                                                                     coach. She is                                                      just work
moved up                                                                     really funny                                                       from first
to teach                                                                     and I am                                                           to sixth
twelfth                                                                      happy to have                                                      period.
grade,                                                                       her.”                                                              T h e y
the new                                                                        Another                                                          should
teachers                                                                     sophomore,                                                         get out
filled the                                                                    Rebecca                                                            because
recently                                                                     M a r t i n s o n , Ms. Olsen, a new addition to the English de-   students
vacated                                                                      shares, “I am partment, also coaches the JV volleyball team. r e a l l y
positions.                                                                   very excited                                                       h a v e
Some of                                                                      to have one                                                        amazing
the new                                                                      of the new teachers, Mr. Brandel. I talents and abilities, and it would be
teachers                                                                     think he will be a vital addition to a shame if you miss them because
arriving                                                                     the school and faculty.”                you stick to the confines of the
            Mr. Gnagney, a new French and Spanish teacher, says he is
a        t                                                                     Along with many other first time classroom.”
            “very excited to be working with an amazing group of profes-
Ms. Olsen, Ms. Valdesuso and Ms. amazing group of professionals.”
Vint with the English department,       Even though some of the teachers
and Ms. Bonus, Ms. Clarkin, just focus on the academic subject
Ms. Hawkins, and Ms. Zielenski they teach, others devote time to
with the math department. Ms. coaching sports teams or helping
Schneider joins with the science run clubs after school. Some of the
department and Mr. Brandel and Mr. teachers participating in clubs after

      Ms. Vint is a tenth grade English teacher coming from Lime
      Kilm Middle School.

Incontrera add to the social studies   school are Ms. Schneider, who is
department.                            sponsoring the Chemistry Team,
  Many of the teachers were very       and Special Ed teacher, Ms. Wells,
excited to join the Marriotts Ridge    with the Multicultural Club and
staff and teach some of the students   Class of 2011. Algebra II teacher,
in our school. Ms. Vint, a tenth       Ms. Hawkins, assists with Poms, the
grade English teacher coming from      school dance team, while English
                                      FEATURES                                                                       the stallion

MRHS Show Explosion
               Lowell Safren          performance of several songs          “Hey Jude” by the Beatles, and           sword fighting, which is being
               Staff Writer           that are woven together to form a     “Where is the Love?” by the Black        taught to the cast members by
                                      plot, with intermediary speaking      Eyed Peas. As evident by the song        choreographer Lance Lewman
                                      parts. Mr. Shea wrote the original    choices, the Jukebox Committee           throughout rehearsals.
                                      Jukebox, and senior Shana Rusonis     tried to incorporate all different         Essner, a senior, says, “I am
  The Marriotts Ridge Drama           wrote the second edition. The         genres of songs from different time      honored and it is a big commitment
Department starts out this year       Jukebox Committee combined to         periods.                                 [to have the role of Romeo]. It
with a bang, with the Marriotts       write the third version.                 Clancy discussed the variety          will be an exciting part because of
Ridge student-produced classic          Jukebox Committee member,           in Jukebox, saying, “I think that        its role in the play, and the sword
Jukebox Time Machine: Episode         Eric Stishan, who will also appear    Jukebox is a great experience for        fighting throughout.”
3 scheduled to show on October        in the play says, “This year all      everyone because you can relate            Eric Stishan, who will play
18th, 19th, and 20th, and the well    songs were decided before summer      to it no matter what age you are or      Mercutio says, “Without Lance
known Shakespeare tragedy Romeo       break. The band is expanded to        what genre of music you like.”           Lewman we could not do the
and Juliet which will                                                                      After Jukebox, all        sword fighting, and he made one
appear November 29th,                                                                    the Drama Department        master stunt.”
30th, and December 1st                                                                   focus will go toward          On his own role, Stishan says,
and 2nd.                                                                                 Romeo and Juliet,           “Mercutio is the best part in the
  The Jukebox plays at                                                                   arguably the most           show. He’s fun, he’s not an idiot
Marriotts Ridge have                                                                     famous play to come to      like Romeo, and I get to sword
become a staple of the                                                                   Marriotts Ridge.            fight and die on stage.”
Drama program, with                                                                        Cast member Abby            With both of these plays showing
a new episode every
year. The Jukebox
series is one of the few
student produced plays
in the area, which
gives Marriotts Ridge
a lot of notoriety.
  Cast member
Colleen Clancy states,
“I think that it is really
neat that students are
given the opportunity
to produce a musical        Jukebox is well on its way with plenty of rehearsals. Above
by themselves.”             cast members learn a dance to “Lady Marmalade,” while the
  The idea for              boys practice their interpretation of “Jesse’s Girl” below.

                                                                                          Professional Lance Lewman coaches Zack Essner and Josh
                                                                                          Tilles in the art of sword fighting.

                                                                                  Schwarz says, “I think it is       within a month of each other, it
                                                                                  cool that pretty much every        promises to be an action packed
                                                                                  Howard County student has          season for the Drama Department.
                                                                                  been exposed to this play, so      The pressure of the coming months
                                                                                  we have a lot to live up to.”      will be extensive for cast members,
                                                                                     The cast of the show is         who have to balance school work
                                                                                  highlighted by performances        and rehearsals.
                                                                                  from Schwarz as Juliet and           Tara McVey, who is cast in both
                                                                                  Zach Essner as Romeo.              plays says, “Even though some
                                                                                     Schwarz, a senior,              might think that doing two plays
                                                                                  characterized her reaction         along with schoolwork would
Jukebox first originated with music    have a larger horn section. It will   of playing Juliet announcing, “I         cause a lot of stress, I think being
department head Mr. Eberhardt         be the best Jukebox yet.”             am overjoyed to have been given          involved in so many things keeps
two years ago. This year the script     Some songs that will be featured    the opportunity to play Juliet. I am     you busy and active, and I would
for the musical was formulated by     in this edition of Jukebox include    sad that this is my last high school     not give up being in the plays for
the Jukebox Committee. The script     “In the Stone” by Earth Wind          straight play, but it is going to be a   the world, even if I have to stay up
consists of 15 songs, and the play    and Fire, “The Way you Look           great one. I love MRHS drama!”           until 4:30 in the morning finishing
has a cast of 52 members.             Tonight” by Frank Sinatra, “Lady        The show will also feature a new       homework.”
  The musical is basically a          Marmalade” from Moulin Rouge,         discipline to the drama department,
                                      The Stallion                                                                                                             5

SAT’s: Preparation for your future
              Stephanie Lee                  Students have different opinions         For sentence completion, substitute      word      problems,     substitution,
              Staff Writer                on when it is wise to take the              words in the blank and see how the       absolute value, rational and radical
                                          monthly-administered SAT.                   sentences relate to each other, but      equations, and equations of lines,
                                             “The PSATs, on October 17th, are         reread your choice. Tips for the         direct and inverse variation. Basic
                                          free to all sophomore and juniors.          critical reading section are to read     concepts of algebraic functions,
  College-bound students around           The SAT and ACT tests can be taken          passages carefully, but pay attention    newly defined symbols based
the world are worried about PSATs,        after junior year in January or the         to writer’s style and tone of the        on commonly used operations,
SATs, and other standardized tests        middle of junior year,” continues           passage. If needed, make notes, and      solutions of linear equations and
as they continue their high school        Mr. Schwarz. “For the Subject               expect questions on the direction        inequalities, quadratic equations,
careers. Concerned about college,         Tests, it is best to finish the course       of the reading. If the passage is not    simplifying algebraic expressions
sophomores, juniors, and seniors          and take the test after it.”                appealing, look at the first question,    are in the SAT and PSAT as well.
think it is the end of the world if          “For juniors, it is better to take the   but if it does, start reading the first   Area and perimeter of a polygon,
they do poorly on the tests [SAT,         SAT at the end of junior year,” says        passage or skim if time is restricted.   area and circumference of a circle,
PSAT] which will aid them with            Ms. Ford, “While seniors should             In the verbal section, you need          volume of a box, cube, and cylinder,
college admissions.                       take it early because the scores are        to read the question first. Do not        Pythagorean theorem and special
   “These tests are mission tests for     part of the application.”                   waste time looking for errors if you     properties of isosceles, equilateral,
colleges and universities,” states           “For the ACT, it is better to take       are not capable to find any.              and right triangles, properties of
school counselor, Mr. Schwarz.            it in fall for seniors and spring for         For math, if you are guessing, avoid   parallel and perpendicular lines,
“Subject Tests are used at some           juniors,” concludes Ms. Robinson.           “answer cannot be determined”,           coordinate geometry, geometric
schools as admission or placement            Students can buy the official             “all of the above”, and “none of         visualization, slope, similarity,
that will help decide students            workbook to prepare them for the            the above.” Plug in answers if you       data interpretation, mean, median,
choose which college they want to         SAT, but what other kind of tools are       are not sure, label figures, and          mode, and probability will be
attend. The PSAT is the practice test     out there to help students succeed          expect properties and exponents.         present on the math section of these
for the SAT, while the ACT is used        on these tests?                             Also, expect subjects like algebraic     standardized tests.
for admission to colleges.”                  “The PSAT is used to tell what
  These tests are known to help           you need to study for the real SAT,”
colleges during the admission             advises Mr. Schwarz, “The scores
process.                                  will help students improve, since it
   “Tests are standard across the         tells the weaknesses and strengths
nation. Colleges look at the tests that   that students have. Workbooks will
everyone takes; this helps colleges       help with the weak spots.”
with the admission process,”                 “There are a lot of resources for
comments Mr. Schwarz.                     the SAT, like Prep courses that are
  “SAT is a piece that will help          offered on Saturday,” suggests Ms.
colleges decide if they will take         Ford, “There are Practice Packets
you,” explains Ms. Ford, “While           with questions that will seem
some tests [Subject Tests] are            familiar on the SAT, as well as
required in schools, there are other To increase vocabulary,
components that affect the college        it is helpful to read.”
application process.”                        There are many SAT courses that
  “You need the SAT or ACT to get         are available to students who need
into four year college,” states Ms.       help with the SAT. Prep courses for
Robinson, a guidance counselor at         the PSAT/SAT are the Academic
Marriotts Ridge high school, “But         Planning & Counseling, Kaplan
you do not have to take the tests         Educational Center , and The
for a two year college, but take          Huntington Learning Center. Susan
them anyway to have your options          Feldman is available to help with
open.”                                    the verbal part of the SAT, while
  If SAT scores seem low the first         Paige Goodwin guides students on
time, students can retake the test.       the math section. Marriotts Ridge
  “Take them as many times as you         also has a SAT prep course after
like; colleges look at the highest        school, sponsored by the PTSA.
scores out of all the other tests         The money that the PTSA makes
that you have taken,” states Mr.          from this course comes back to
Schwarz.                                  benefit the school.
  “While taking the SAT more than            When taking the test, read the
once is a smart idea, we encourage        questions quickly and see if you
[students to take it] no more than        can answer the easier questions
three times,” points out Ms. Ford,        first. Then spend your time on
“Because beyond that point, the           one, harder question. Read to
scores have little change.”               build vocabulary, which will help
   “The ACT is not commonly               on the verbal section of the SAT.
required on the east coast. We            It is also helpful to take a foreign
suggest the SAT’s for most east           language that will help defining
coast schools,” says Ms. Robinson         words, especially Latin and Greek.
6                                     The Stallion                                                                                 features

Find the perfect club for you
              Maria Lee                   at Marriotts Ridge. There are                                                             Ms. Gado, one of the
              Staff Writer                four world language clubs                                                                 three sponsors of the
                                          – French Club, German Club,                                                               club. They also take
                                          El Club de Espanol, and SPQR                                                              trips to places such
                                          (Latin Club). The clubs teach                                                             as Ocean City, the
  Marriotts Ridge offers students         the respective culture behind                                                             Chesapeake Bay, and
a wide array of clubs and                 the language and are open to                                                              the Inner Harbor and
extracurricular activities to join and    anyone; you do not have to be                                                             are participating in the
participate in. From Art Club to          enrolled in a language in order                                                           Envirothon, a county
Mock Trial, there is something for        to join the club. The purpose                                                             wide competition that
everyone.                                 of French Club, declares                                                                  tests their knowledge of
  There are tons of reasons to            Ms. Brower “is to explore                                                                 environmental issues.
participate in after school clubs and     French culture through music,                                                                Marriotts Ridge also
activities. According to Marriotts        foods, and other community                                                                has various academic
Ridge’s new assistant principal           activities.”                                                                              clubs like the Future
Mrs. Bowen, “[Clubs] give students          Art Club is “a place for                                                                Educators of America,
opportunities to be involved in           students who love art to come                                                             the Future Business
school in addition to the classes         together and share ideas, make                                                            Leaders of America,
they take.” They’re a way to get out      art, and have fun,” according to                                                          It’s Academic, the
there and make friends with similar       the Marriotts Ridge Club packet.                                                          Chem Team, and the
interests as you, and depending on        The art club does numerous art                                                            Math Team.
the club, you may also go on trips        projects and crafts, as well as set                                                          In addition to the
that pertain to your interests. Clubs     painting for Marriotts Ridge’s                                                            clubs mentioned, there
also get you out of the house, and        many productions. They also                                                                are countless other
they look good on your resumes and        hold annual coffeehouses where                                                             activities that Marriotts
college applications. Many of these       local talent performs music, as Willis Zhang, a proud member of the Hip Hop Club, Ridge students can
clubs are also helpful academically.      well as other things.               shows off his mad skills for his fellow club members. participate in. And, if
World language clubs, for example,          Environmental Club helps to                                                              none of the clubs the
give students a chance to practice        improve the environment by              bottles and cans throughout the                    school has interest you,
and reinforce the languages that          collecting recyclables in school and school, reducing waste, conserving then think about finding a sponsor
they study in class.                      getting recycle bins for classroom, energy by turning off lights and and organizing your own. Check
  Over the past two years, many           among other various projects. computers when not in use, and out all of the cool clubs at the Club
clubs have already been established       “We’re working on recycling working to beautify the school by Fair during break on October 4th.
                                                                                  planting flowers and trees,” says

Successful remake of a classic horror?
              Kelsey Davis                strange patient, Loomis begins to       scare the audience. They tried way     “Horrific as it is, Halloween isn’t so
              Staff Writer                understand that Myers is much           too hard,” states Junior, Briana       much a horror film as a biopic, and
                                          worse than he had believed him          Lawton.                                a superb one at that.”
                                          to be. Five years later after the         Halloween was also said to be “a       Overall, reviews were diverse. The
                                          murder, Myers escapes and returns       stereotypical horror movie,” claims    film was mediocre at best and was
  Hollywood has always had a knack
                                          to his hometown to continue with        Junior Alex Raykhel.                   an average remake. If you must see
for making old time classics into
                                          his favorite pastime- murder. His          Though Marriotts Ridge students     the film, wait until you can watch it
something even bigger and better
                                          newest target is Laurie Strode and no   showed the film no mercy, film           in the comfort of your home where
than before. However, are some
                                          one will stop him from completing       critics from gave       there is a slight chance it might
movies just better left untouched?
                                          his goal.                               the movie mixed reviews. Nathan        heighten the viewing experience.
  On October 25, 1978, Compass
                                            Coming back to the golden age of      Lee from LA Weekly states,               Rating: D+
International Pictures released a
                                          2007, Dimension Films decided to
horror film that earned a place in
                                          take another crack at the Halloween
history as one of the greatest thriller
                                          nightmare. On August 31, 2007,

                                                                                               Upcoming Movies
movies ever created. Halloween
                                          Halloween was released again after
rocked the dark streets at night and
                                          a 30 year deep sleep.
enhanced the frightening effect of
                                             “A Halloween movie in August?
  The story line centers around
                                          Now that doesn’t make sense”
                                          questions freshman Cassie Duncan.
                                                                                                         The Smurfs (3D)
Michael Myers who on Halloween
                                          However, the release date isn’t the
night, 1963, stabs his older sister
to death with a kitchen knife, at the
                                          only issue Marriotts Ridge students                Resident Evil: Extinction
                                          have with the remake.
young and tender age of 6 years old.
                                            “The original movie has this
                                                                                                               Iron Man
Myers is sent to an insane asylum
                                          eerie and creepy vibe to it but the
after the brutal murder and is
                                          new version of Halloween seemed
monitored by Doctor Sam Loomis.
                                          like they were trying anything to
After many years of analyzing his
the stallion
                                      Opinions                                                                                                        7

 MRHS cracks down on cell phone use
                                          phones and iPods must be turned off,   the rules. The SGA is forming              Some people like the idea of
                  Yuti Shah               and remain in a student’s backpack     different memorable slogans and        the campaign, but feel the rules
                  Staff Writer            or locker throughout the school day.   campaign ideas that will help          need to be revised. Sophomore
                                          If a teacher or administrator sees a   students remember to turn off their    Caitlin Ratzlaf says, “The policy is
                                          cell phone or iPod on or being used,   cell phones.                           reasonable, although I think that if
                                          they can confiscate it. While this        Many teachers and students alike     you have your cell phone [or iPods]
  The hands free wireless technology                                                                                              in your pocket, it should
of cell phones is helping break                                                                                                   be acceptable.”
communication barriers all around                                                                                                     The SGA is backing
the world, but is proving to be a                                                                                                 the administration whole
big hassle for schools. Cell phones                                                                                               heartedly. They have
and iPods can be a great distraction                                                                                              great enthusiasm about
in class when turned on. Many                                                                                                     the campaign. However,
teachers complain that classes are                                                                                                some students have a
not being taught well due to these                                                                                                slight problem with the
gizmos. The administration is taking                                                                                              campaign. Allison Kahn,
action to get students to turn off cell                                                                                           Class of 2010 historian,
phones during school.                                                                                                             states, “I think the
 In New York and Boston, cell phones                                                                                              cell phone rule is very
are banned from schools. These                                                                                                    reasonable, as long as you
schools have extreme consequences                                                                                                 have them turned off and
for people who have cell phones                                                                                                   away no one opposes you
with them, such as detention or                                                                                                   of having them in school.
even suspension. Now, Marriotts                                                                                                    I do not like the iPods
Ridge has joined these schools’           The new policy allows teachers to confiscate cell phones if they see them or hear         rule; I think you should
campaigns to turn off students’ cell      them in class. While some students don’t like this rule, many teachers think it will     be able to keep them on
phones during class. This year, the       increase students’ concentration in class and decrease distractions.                     as long as they are not
Marriotts Ridge administration and                                                                                                 distracting.”
the Student Government Association        rule has been a part of Marriotts have varied reactions to the cell              The cell phones and iPods in
have formed an exciting campaign          Ridge policy since the school’s phone policy. Newcomer Miss school have created a great debate
to enforce the rule of cell phones        opening, it is being enforced more Vint, ninth grade English teacher, between many students and the
and iPods. The cell phone and             firmly this year.                       says, “The cell phone policy is a teachers. Here at Marriotts Ridge,
iPods rule was established to keep         Over the summer, the administration progressive action for the SGA. The the administration and SGA are
distractions away from students and       thought that there needed to be more campaign shows that this school runs hoping to break down the barrier
keep them focused on class. The           student leadership concerning cell well by having the administration between students and teachers and
campaign was also created to stop         phone use in school. They asked and SGA coordinate together. It leave distractions at home.
potential cheating.                       the SGA to help come up with shows that the students respect their
   According to the new rule, cell        effective ideas that would enforce teachers and their education.”

Homecoming at Hogwarts
               By: Stephanie Lee
8                       The stallion                                               opinions

I Say/You Say: How would
you like to ask or get asked
       to homecoming?

    “I’d do it in Spanish, because   “I would want them to get       “I would want a trail of rose
    it is more romantic.”            all their friends to write it   petals leading up to the boy
    - Dan Schonfeld, junior          out with their bodies.”         with a dozen roses.”
                                     - Kathleen Molinero, senior     - Mary Kate Morani, senior

    “I would want to be asked        “I would personally like        “I would write ‘will you go
    with a messenger owl, like       to be serenaded, because I      to homecoming with me’ in
    in Harry Potter.”                like to be serenaded.”          french fries.”
    - Leslie Decker, junior          - Tara McVey, junior            - Robert Zhang, junior

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Mustang football off to tremendous start
            Bryce Garipay           scrimmaged against Oakland Mills,     Oakland Mills.
            Staff Writer            John Carroll, and South Carroll.        After        the
                                    They had beaten John Carroll and      thrilling
                                    Oakland Mills but South Carroll did   victory      over
  Expectations are high this year   beat the Mustangs by the final score   the Hammond
for Marriotts Ridge Football. It is of 13-8. Even though the Mustangs     Golden Bears
                                    had lost, South Carroll had gone to
the first year with seniors and it will                                    with a game
be the first time for the Mustangs   the state finals a couple years ago.   winning drive
to show the other schools in this     The mustangs are already off to     with          two
county what the Mustangs can do.    a great start. The first game of the   minutes        left
  With seniors this year the team will
                                    year on September 7 against the       and 85 yards
                                                                          to cover in that
                                                                          span,      Senior
                                                                          Kevin       Seker
                                                                          threw the game
                                                                          winning pass
                                                                          with six seconds Senior Kevin Seeker and junior Ryan Catalano line
                                                                          left to go, with a up in the home game against Wilde Lake.
                                                                          28 to 24 win.
                                                                            The Mustangs                       the Mustangs can even compete with
                                                                          beat the Mount Hebron Vikings one of the best teams in this county.
                                                                          on September 14, 2007 at Hebron. The Mustangs were unable to stay
                                                                          After an impressive 38-24 win undefeated verses the Wildcats
                                                                          verses Mount Hebron coach Hovet at home. With a win against the
                                                                          said, “It was a big win because most Wildcats the Mustangs would have
                                                                          of the seniors on our team went to been on top of the county this year
                                                                          Hebron in their freshmen year.”      with the other undefeated teams
                                                                            Juniors Derrick Coleman had like the River Hill Hawks and the
                                                                          three touchdowns to help put the Howard Lions. However, that is not
                                                                          team ahead and Vince Testerman the case and the team still has the
                                                                          had scored two touchdowns near whole season ahead of them.
                                                                          the goal line as well.                 This week, the Mustangs will
     In a thrilling game against the Mt. Hebron Vikings, junior Derek       On September 21, 2007 the play the Oakland Mills Scorpions
     Coleman leads the mustangs to a 38-24 win. Coleman had three         Mustangs went head to head with for the Homecoming game. The
     touchdowns and junior Vince Testerman scored two touchdowns.         the 2-0 Wilde Lake Wildcats who Mustangs beat the Scorpions last
                                                                          this year had already beaten teams year 16-13 and had beaten them in
                                                                          like Glenelg and Atholton. The a scrimmage earlier this year. If the
not be as undersized as they were last Hammond Golden Bears was a test Wilde Lake Wildcats have been mustangs keep this pace, they are
year, when playing teams like Long to see if having seniors this year had known for their power running and sure to make the regional playoffs.
Reach, Glenelg, and River Hill. This actually made a difference from last hard nose football for the last 35
year the Varsity team has already year going 1-9 only able to beat years. This was a real test to see if

MRHS vs MHHS Game Statistics

Passing               CMP ATT                YDS        TD       INT

Kevin Seker             12         18        283        3         1

Rushing                      ATT        YDS        LG        TD

Derek Coleman                 11        197        63        3

Vince Testerman               11      139          23         2

Aaron Dunn                    5         50         11         0

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