Lesson Plan Template by alllona


                                  Modes of Transportation
Teacher: ICE 458-002, Fall 2006
Subject Area: Social Studies
Grade Level: 4
Date: September 21, 2006

Purpose/Goal: Students will gain an understanding of supplies needed to travel the Oregon Trail
      and an appreciation of the hardships pioneers faced.

Overview: Students will learn about the Oregon Trail by selecting and drawing items they would
      want to take on the journey.

     •     (4) 4.4 “Describe experiences of pioneers moving west including the Donner Party,
           Oregon, and California trails.”
     •     (4) 3.23 “List reasons why people move to or from a particular place.”
     •     (4) 4.7 “Recognize the ongoing nature of history (e.g., migration, human settlement,

Needed Materials:
     •     Butcher paper
     •     Shoeboxes (1 per student)
     •     Drawing implements (1 per group)
     •     List of supplies from pioneering days (1 per student)
     •     Family biographies


         Sponge Activity
               As students enter the classroom, provide each with a shoebox. Tell them to pack
               all their belongings into the shoebox. What they cannot fit, they must place in
               their backpacks outside of the main flow of the classroom.

         Anticipatory Set
                1. What did you include and why did you include it?
                2. If you were moving across the country, what would you have included?

         Announce Outline/Objectives

         Content Delivery
         Discuss wants and needs, size restrictions, weight restrictions, etc. as they relate
         to travel via covered wagon along the Oregon Trail. Map the Oregon Trail on a
         wall map of the US. Note the differences in terrain and weather. Have students
         brainstorm items they may have taken if traveling the Oregon Trail, listing each
         item on the board. Hand out a list of the preferred items pioneers took on their
         Oregon Trail journeys. The list should include weight, size, and cost of each item.

        Provide each student with a popsicle stick with a family name so students can get
        into groups of four. Each family with receive a biographical sketch describing
        their family, including their family income. Have them sit at a table that is the
        same width and length of a common covered wagon and is covered with white
        butcher paper. Student groups will work together using their family circumstances
        and the preferred item list to choose their supplies and organize their wagon. They
        will draw the supplies directly onto their table’s butcher paper.

         Have each group tell the class how they organized their wagons and why.

              Review outline
              Review objectives
              Assessment/Homework: Read a true account of a child pioneer and reflect
               on the activity and pioneer’s experience.
              “Teaser” for tomorrow’s lesson: Begin learning about the traditional stops
               along the Oregon Trail.

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