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Health Occupations Students of America
    “The Hands of HOSA Mold the Health of Tomorrow”
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Acknowledgments                                                                               3
Helping Students Become the Best                                                              4
 “What is HOSA?”                                                                              5
Purpose of HOSA                                                                               5
What HOSA Means to You                                                                        5
HOSA Supply Service                                                                           5
How Does HOSA Help You?                                                                       6
History of National HOSA                                                                      6
The HOSA Mission                                                                              6
The HOSA Emblem                                                                               6
The HOSA Creed                                                                                7
HOSA Colors                                                                                   7
The HOSA Motto                                                                                7
HOSA’s Slogan                                                                                 7                                                                                      8
Official HOSA Uniform Policy                                                                  9
Competitive Events Synopsis                                                                   10
National Leadership Conference                                                                13
Establishing a HOSA Chapter                                                                   14
Chapter Activities and Opportunities                                                          18
Chapter Program of Work                                                                       21
In Closing                                                                                    21
National Headquarters                                                                         22

Activities and procedures within Health Occupations Students of America are governed by the
philosophy of simple fairness to all. Therefore, the policy of National HOSA is that all operations will
be performed without regard to race, sex, color, national origin or handicap. HOSA is in compliance
with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


     Many persons have contributed to the publication of the comprehensive HOSA
STUDENT MEMBERSHIP HANDBOOK. To those who have ensured the future of this
organization through their contributions to this handbook, please accept the sincere thanks
of all current and future National HOSA members.

Deepest appreciation is expressed to all who contributed in so many ways to the
handbook sections, including Jim Koeninger and Karen Elias-Koeninger of National
HOSA's current Headquarters Management firm, Corporate Education Resources, Inc.,
referred to as CERI, who provided direction and production services in expediting
development and publication of the comprehensive HOSA STUDENT MEMBERSHIP

        The 2000-2001 National HOSA Executive Council would like to express
appreciation to the following HOSA members for their assistance in this project: Rebecca
Armen, National President-Elect (NC), Felipe Leon (OR), Postsecondary/Collegiate Vice-
President, Deborah Veach (TN), Secondary Board Representative, Kelly Roe (CA),
Postsecondary/Collegiate Board Representative, and Rodrick Echols (TN), National
President. Also, to Karen Batchelor (TX), Chair of the Board, Cheryl Keever (NC), Chair-
Elect of the Board, and the 2000-2001 National HOSA, Inc. Board of Directors, thank you
for your continuous support and encouragement.

       Finally, to the members of HOSA: This manual is for you and your chapters. We
hope and desire that you use it to further the mission of HOSA and give your chapters the
opportunity to show the leadership role that is undoubtedly a part of them.

                                                        Membership in HOSA is
 BECOME THE BEST                               reserved for health-care oriented
                                               students who are or have been enrolled
                                               in a health occupations education
      Health Occupations Students of
                                               program. Health Occupations
America, a 100 percent health-care
                                               instructors serve as HOSA chapter
student organization, is committed to
                                               advisors. Indeed, it should be hard to
helping its members become the best
                                               tell the difference between traditional
they can be. And given the current
                                               classroom activities and HOSA-related
acute shortage of qualified health-care
workers, HOSA has an even more                 activities. HOSA is not a club or
critical mission: to attract career-           extracurricular activity.
minded, qualified students to the health       Instead, it’s a learning laboratory that
care professions.                              helps members develop, practice and
                                               refine the skills that will prepare them for
                                               health-care careers. Just as
        The group’s mission statement
                                               laboratories in science classes allow
sums up HOSA’s mandate: “to enhance
                                               students to put theory into practice, the
the delivery of compassionate, quality
                                               HOSA lab lets members test their
health care by providing opportunities
                                               personal and leadership skills in real
for knowledge, skill and leadership
development of all health occupations
education students, therefore, helping
the students to meet the needs of the                   Research studies have shown
health care industry.”                         clearly that leadership experiences in
                                               high school and college predict later
     Over one million career-minded            leadership in adult business and social
health-care students have been                 activities. And leadership experiences
attracted to HOSA and its mission since        in organizations such as HOSA relate
1976, experiencing HOSA’s unique               more closely to adult success than does
program of leadership development,             academic achievement. Through those
motivation and recognition. There are          leadership experiences, HOSA provides
over 2,000 HOSA chapters now, and              health occupations students with
students who have completed high               opportunities to become the best they
school may continue their involvement          can be as they pursue rewarding and
in postsecondary chapters and through          challenging careers in the vital health
alumni division activities.                    professions.

        HOSA members are proud to
belong to one of the 10 national career
and technical student organizations
recognized by the U.S. Department of
Education and the only career and
technical student organization endorsed
by the Health Occupations Education
Division of the Association for Career
and Technical Education. We’re proud
of the many endorsements we’ve
received from state and national
organizations that work closely with
HOSA members.

                                                F.  by developing an understanding of
      WHAT IS HOSA?                                 current health care issues and an
                                                    awareness of environmental
                                                G. by developing character, promoting
        Health Occupations Students of             responsible citizenship and fostering
America (HOSA) is a Career and                     patriotism; and
Technology Student Organization                 H. by encouraging mental and physical
(CTSO) recognized by the United States             health through participation in
Department of Education that provides a            beneficial social activities.
unique program of leadership
development, motivation and recognition
exclusively for secondary and post-
secondary/ collegiate students enrolled              WHAT HOSA MEANS
in Health Science Technology Education
                                                         TO YOU
     HOSA consists of local chapters            1. HOSA is the local, state, and
and members who are currently enrolled             national organization designed
in or associated with Health Science               exclusively for Health Science
Technology Education Programs as                   Technology Education students.
conducted by or in secondary and post-          2. HOSA provides leadership
secondary/collegiate schools of                    development and scholarship
America.                                           opportunities.
                                                3. HOSA members meet outstanding
                                                   leaders in the health professions
     PURPOSE OF HOSA                               and education.
                                                4. HOSA members have the
                                                   opportunity to participate and/or
The purpose of HOSA is to advance the              compete in area, state and national
education and welfare of its members in            leadership conferences.
the following ways:

A.    by assisting local chapters in the
      growth and development of HOSA;                   HOSA SUPPLY
B.    by furthering the development of
      respect for education in health-
      related careers in order to
      contribute to occupational                 Awards Unlimited
      competence;                                1935 “O” Street
C.    by providing opportunities for well        Lincoln, NE 68510
      informed career choices among the          (800) 950-3553 or (402) 474-0815
      health occupations;                        FAX: (402) 474-3782
D.    by developing the leadership     
      abilities of its members through a
      professional student organization
      program of motivation, awareness,
      competition and recognition;
E.   by encouraging the use of ethical
     standards in health occupations;

     HOW DOES HOSA                            (1) adopted bylaws which changed the
                                                  name of the organization to Health
       HELP YOU?                                  Occupations Students of America
HOSA activities that are an integral          (2) elected national officers;
part of the curriculum provide students       (3) selected national colors and a motto;
with the ability to:                          (4) made plans for HOSA emblem
                                                  competition; and
1.   make realistic career goals;             (5) set the first National Leadership
2.   be flexible for inevitable career            Conference for spring 1978 in
     changes;                                     Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
3.   manage basic survival skills;
4.   build self-esteem;
5.   develop enthusiasm and maintain
     motivation;                                       THE HOSA
6.   communicate more effectively;
7.   interact with health care and
     community professionals; and
8.   develop workplace readiness                    “To enhance the delivery of
     skills.                                  compassionate, quality health care by
                                              providing opportunities for knowledge,
                                              skill and leadership development of all
                                              health occupations students; therefore,
       HISTORY OF                             helping the students to meet the needs
     NATIONAL HOSA                            of the health care community.”

    At the 1971 American Vocational
Association Convention (AVA) in
Oregon, a task force was appointed to            THE HOSA EMBLEM
study student organizations, how they
might serve health occupations students
and to examine whether a new
organization was needed.

     On November 4 - 7, 1975, through
the leadership of the State Department
of Education and Division of Vocational
Education in New Jersey, 18
representatives of Alabama, New
Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina,                The circle represents the continuity
Oklahoma and Texas voted to form the          of health care; the triangle represents
American Health Occupations Education         the three aspects of human kind well
Student Organization - AHOESO. A              being: social, physical and mental; and
Constitutional Convention for AHOESO          the hands signify the caring of each
was convened in Arlington, Texas on           HOSA member.
November 10-13, 1976. The delegates
and advisors:

                                THE HOSA CREED

I BELIEVE in the health care profession.

I BELIEVE in the profession for which I am being trained and in the opportunities,
           which my training offers.

I BELIEVE in education.

I BELIEVE that through education I will be able to make the greatest use of my skills,
           knowledge and experience in order to become a contributing member of
           the health care team of my community.

I BELIEVE in myself.

I BELIEVE that by using the knowledge and skills of my profession I will become more
           aware of myself. Through fulfilling these goals I will become a more
           responsible citizen.

I BELIEVE that each individual is important in his or her own right; therefore, I
           will treat each person with respect and love.

To this end, I dedicate my training, my skills and myself to serve others through Health
Occupations Students of America.

                                    HOSA COLORS

Navy Blue:            Loyalty to the Healthcare Profession
Medical White:        Purity of Purpose
Maroon:               Compassion of HOSA Members

                                      HOSA MOTTO
“The Hands of HOSA Mold the Health of Tomorrow”

                                     HOSA SLOGAN
“HOE and HOSA - A Healthy Partnership!”


     HOSA is committed to enhancing the use of technology in order to improve services
for both advisors and the students. For example, be sure to watch for technological
renovations to the official HOSA website, We are extremely excited
about these developments, proving HOSA’s commitment to changing “with the times.”

The web site includes:

      Online affiliation tools
      Links to state association home pages. State associations may include local
       chapter links on their web sites.
      Online publications - HOSA Magazine, NLC Information Packet (State Advisors
       and Chapters), HOSA HANDBOOK, and all other publications, including updated
       competitive event guidelines.
      Links to Advisor staff development
      Links to all competitive event resources at
      Links to National Sponsors, Professional Organizations, Exhibitors, NLC
       Suppliers, Awards Unlimited (HOSA Supply Service), etc.
      Online daily updates from the HOSA National Leadership Conference.
      Online archives for publications, minutes (Board and Committees), SAM
       Conference, etc.
      Online tools and resources to enhance the integration of HOSA into the HOE
       classroom including PowerPoint presentations, classroom activities, etc.
      Online photos of the NLC, SAM, Board meetings, etc.
      Announcements and News on a continuous basis.
      Online Career Center


          The HOSA uniform shall be worn for
all official functions such as the following:
Competitive Events when uniform is                  6.      The official HOSA member or advisor
specified, official business, and Executive                 pin is centered on the left lapel of the
Council meetings when representing HOSA                     jacket.
in various public relations activities and
other related activities.                           7.      Matching navy or white slacks for
                                                            males, and slacks or skirts for
An Official HOSA uniform is required of                     females. (Jeans and denim skirts
voting delegates and national officers.                     are not considered appropriate.)

The official HOSA uniform policy is:                8.      Footwear appropriate to the overall
                                                            appearance of the uniform in navy,
1.     Blazers for members - Males and                      black, or white, should be consistent
       Females.                                             among the particular group. (Open-
       A tailored navy blazer with emblem                   toed dress shoes are acceptable for
       affixed over the heart. Awards                       females.      Tennis    and     track
       Unlimited Supply Service is the                      sneakers/shoes are not considered
       official supplier for this blazer.                   appropriate.)

2.     Shirt/blouse for female members.             Attire for the Recognition and Awards
       A white tailored blouse or a short-          Sessions on Friday and Saturday
       sleeve white jewel neck shell are            evening:
       acceptable. This is interpreted to
       mean: an open or closed neck.                     Females -- A "dressy" short or long
       Jewel necklines with lace, ruffle or                         dress, official HOSA uniform
       full-edged collars are not                                   or business attire.
       acceptable.                                       Males -- Business attire or official
                                                                    HOSA uniform
3.     Shirt for male members. A white
       closed-neck, man-tailored dress shirt,       Business Attire
       suitable for use with a tie.
                                                         Females --Business suit, tailored dress
4.     Accent for female members. The                              or blazer and skirt with
       maroon HOSA scarf no longer is a                            tailored blouse
       required part of the official uniform             Males -- Business suit or sport coat
       for females. However, maroon                                and slacks with dress shirt
       accent is optional as a scarf                               and tie
       or bow tie.
                                                        No denim clothing or canvas shoes
5.     Accent for male members. A solid                  will be acceptable.
       navy or maroon man-tailored long tie.            Knee-length split skirts may be
                                                         acceptable but city “shorts” are not

                                                      -- Administrative Medical Assisting --
      National Competitive                                  Competitors develop and knowledge
             Events                                   and skills as a Medical Assistant in an
                                                      administrative/clerical position.
            Program                                   -- CPR/First Aid; EMT --
                                                            A two-member team works together to
    Active HOSA members gain the                      demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a
opportunity to compete at the regional                simulated emergency situation.
and/or area levels in their respective states.        -- Dental Assisting --
Each state is allowed to send three (3)                     Competitors develop and apply
representatives to participate in national            knowledge and skills as a Dental Assistant
competition. See your local and/or state              in a Dental clinical setting.
advisor for more information.                         -- First Aid/Rescue Breathing --
                                                            Competitors demonstrate skills in
Category I (Health Occupations Related                providing basic first aid and rescue
Events)                                               breathing in two emergency situations.
                                                      (For students with special needs.)
-- Medical / Dental Terminology                       -- Medical Assisting Clinical --
     These events are written tests. They                   Competitors develop and apply use
include 100 questions and some tiebreaker             knowledge and skills in a medical clinical
questions. The event guidelines contain               setting as a Medical Assistant.
“test plans” and resources to help the                -- Medical Laboratory Assisting --
HOSA member in deciding what to study.                      Competitors apply knowledge and skills
-- Medical / Dental Spelling --                       as a Medical Laboratory Assistant.
     Round One of these events is a written           -- Nursing Assisting --
test. Students that advance to round two                    Competitors develop and demonstrate
compete in a traditional spelling bee.                basic entry-level knowledge and skills as a
Competitors must correctly spell a randomly           Nursing Assistant.
selected word. One miss and you sit. The              -- Personal Care --
last remaining competitor wins.                             Competitors apply skills in patient care.
-- Medical Math --                                    (For students with special needs).
     Competitors learn the conversion table           -- Physical Therapy --
in the event guidelines and then solve math                 Competitors are apply knowledge and
problems to complete a 50-question exam               skills in Physical Therapy.
plus tiebreaker problems.                             -- Practical Nursing --
-- Knowledge Tests --                                       Competitors develop and apply
     These events are 50-100 item written             advanced knowledge and skills as a
tests. Competitors select one of the                  Practical Nurse.
knowledge tests to take, study the area               -- Sports Medicine --
using the resources and following the test                  Competitors develop and apply
plan in the event guidelines.                         knowledge and skills as Athlete Trainers in
                                                      Sports Medicine.
Category II (Health Occupations Skills                -- Veterinary Assisting --
Events)                                                     Competitors apply veterinary
     Most events in the category involve a            knowledge and skills in a veterinary clinical
written test and skills performance section           setting.
related to a specific health career. The
written test serves as Round One to
determine the number of students
advancing to the skills procedures.

-- Clinical Specialty --                               -- Biomedical Debate --
     New Event – includes knowledge, skill                  A team of 3-4 students researches an
and a work-based learning component in a               ethical topic. After a preliminary round, the
healthcare profession.                                 top teams debate either the Affirmative or
                                                       Negative side, plan their strategy and
Category III (Individual Leadership                    debate an opposing team.
Events)                                                -- Career Health Display --
                                                            A team of 2 students researches a
-- Extemporaneous Health Poster --                     career in a health occupation. They then
     Competitors in this event create a                create a display that is 3 feet high that will
visual display of a health care issue/topic            explain the chosen career.
using poster board and pencils, crayons,               -- Community Awareness --
rulers, ink pens, colored markers, colored                  This is a community service event.
pencils, erasers, charcoal, pastels and a              Chapter members work within their
pencil sharpener. The key focus is on the              community to select a health-related issue
development of the secret topic (health                and then raise community awareness of
issue) and quality of information presented.           that issue. The product of the project is a
-- Extemporaneous Speaking --                          notebook of activities and a presentation of
     Competitors will be given a secret topic          the project.
related to the HOSA theme and will have 10             -- Creative Problem Solving --
minutes to prepare a 2 - 4 minute speech.                   Teams of 3 - 4 members are given a
Judges will rate you on speaking skills and            secret problem related to a health issue.
how well you cover the secret topic.                   They have 30 minutes to analyze the
-- Extemporaneous Writing --                           problem and then 10 minutes to present
     Competitors are given a secret topic              their solution to a panel of judges, who will
that is health related and have one hour to            ask questions about their solution and the
write an essay on the topic.                           problem solving process.
--Job Seeking / Interviewing Skills --                 -- HOSA Bowl --
     In this event, competitors write a                     Teams of four HOSA members take a
resume, fill out a job application and then            50-item, multiple choice written test on
participate in a simulated job interview.              HOSA facts, parliamentary procedure,
(Interviewing skills event is for students with        medical information, and medical history.
special needs).                                        Top scoring teams advance to a single
-- Prepared Speaking / Speaking Skills --              elimination tournament by ringing a buzzer
     In this event, competitors will write a           before the other team and correctly
speech using the HOSA national theme.                  answering the most questions in 10-minute
They may write an outline of their speech              rounds.
on note cards and then give the speech to a            -- Medical Reading --
panel of judges. (Speaking skills event is                  Teams of three members read five
for students with special needs).                      books that have been selected by the
-- Researched Persuasive Speaking --                   National Competitive Events Program and
     This event allows the competitor to take          answer a series of questions individually
a stand, either for or against one of two              and some questions collaboratively.
selected topics. They research a topic to              Reading comprehension is the key for this
gather facts to support an opinion, write a            competitive event.
paper, and then give a speech to a panel of
judges. Afterwards, the judges will ask
questions on the competitor’s position.
Category IV (Team Leadership Events)

-- Parliamentary Procedure --                        -- Kaiser Permanente Healthcare Issues
      In this event, teams of 5 - 8 members          Exam --
learn about parliamentary procedure. For                  This event is a 50 item written test. It
competition, they take a 50 item multiple            measures a HOSA member’s knowledge of
choice written test. Then, after having 10           current health issues. All members who
minutes to analyze a secret problem, they            reach a mastery level are recognized.
conduct a simulated business meeting,                -- National Service Project --
addressing the motions in the secret problem.             Chapters are recognized for supporting
-- Health Education --                               the National HOSA Service organization.
          In this event, teams of 2-4                The 2002-2004 National Service Project
competitors select a health-related concept          supports the American Cancer Society.
or instructional objective, then prepare a           -- Barbara James Service Award --
lesson, provide instruction, and evaluate                 This event provides recognition to
results. The instruction must include the use        individual HOSA members for outstanding
of presentation tools such as a student-made         volunteer service in their community.
video, computer demonstration software,              HOSA members fill out an application that
slides, overhead transparencies, or any other        describes their volunteer efforts and are
form of media.           Teams will provide          recognized for their achievements.
instruction to a selected group of learners,         -- Chapter Newsletter --
and will have their instruction videotaped.               Chapters are encouraged to submit a
For the competitive event, one set of judges         newsletter for recognition at the national
will evaluate the videotape, and another set         level, and for possible inclusion of chapter
will judge the documentation notebook and            activities in the National HOSA magazine.
an interview with team members.                      -- HOSA Week --
                                                          Chapters are recognized for HOSA
Category V (Recognition)                             Week activities.

-- Outstanding HOSA Chapter --
      Chapters plan activities all year
following the guidelines for Outstanding
HOSA Chapter, and then create a
scrapbook that contains proof of those
activities. A judge reviews the scrapbook,
and chapters who get the highest score
earn gold medals, chapters with the second
highest score earn silver medals, and
chapters with the third highest score earn
bronze medals.
-- Outstanding HOSA Member --
      A panel of judges interviews HOSA
members who complete the HOSA National
Recognition program.
-- National Recognition Program --
      This event lets you learn about and
participate in a variety of HOSA activities
that build leadership and organizational
skills. All members who complete the
National Recognition program are
recognized for this achievement.

                                                     e.   Conduct the necessary annual
         NATIONAL                                         business of the national career and
        LEADERSHIP                                        technical student organization of the
                                                          Health Occupations Students of
        CONFERENCE                                        America by the national voting
                                                          delegates and HOSA, Inc. Board of
     The National Leadership Conference                   Directors.
(NLC) is the highlight of the year for HOSA
members and advisors - with dynamic                      The event winners receive a medallion
general sessions, informative business               recognizing first, second and third place.
sessions, nationally known speakers, health          The top ten winners in each event are
care industry tours, competitive events,             recognized at the Awards and Recognition
awards, recognition and much more. The               Session. National officers are elected and
NLC is held annually in June and attracts            serve until the next NLC.
the very best HOSA members and advisors
for four days of testing, learning and                    To enjoy the motivational benefits of
recognition.                                         the NLC, each chapter should strive to have
                                                     at least one delegate in attendance at the
The purposes of the NLC are to:                      National Leadership Conference. Press
                                                     coverage prior to and following the NLC will
a.   Provide a variety of educational and            build the importance of attending. The
     social learning activities at a national        chapter advisor can use the NLC as a
     level for HOSA members;                         motivational tool to encourage new
                                                     members to get involved in chapter
b.   Provide HOSA members the                        activities and to develop their leadership
     opportunity to share common                     and technical skills in hopes of serving as a
     experiences in leadership                       delegate to the State Leadership
     development, community service and              Conference and the National Leadership
     understanding of their vocational               Conference.
     health occupations programs;
                                                          NLC registration materials are mailed
c.   Provide information about current               to chapters in good standing in February of
     health care issues and concerns at              each year.
     the local, state and national level in
     health occupations and the career and
     technical student organization of
     HOSA that foster attitudes of good
     ethical practices and respect for the
     dignity of work;

d.   Provide the opportunity for
     participation in and recognition of
     leadership and skill development
     through competitive learning activities;

        Establishing A
                                                      Step #3
        HOSA Chapter                                  Decide which method your institution will
                                                      use to organize one or more HOSA
      Please review the entire chapter
affiliation process before you continue. If           a.   Classroom based chapter. A HOSA
you have questions about any aspect of the                 chapter is formed for each class of
process, please contact the HOSA                           five (5) or more students. This is a
Headquarters at its toll-free number: (800)                preferred method in institutions where
321-HOSA or (972) 874-0062.                                students are unable to meet together
                                                           regularly. Each chapter elects an
Step #1                                                    officer team and develops its program
Secure a copy of the following materials to                of work. For large projects, chapters
affiliate your HOE program with Health                     can collaborate. Business meetings
Occupations Students of America.                           and programs can be held during
                                                           class time since HOSA is "curricular"
a.   Chapter Affiliation Application -                     and not "extracurricular."
     contact HOSA Headquarters if
     additional applications are needed for           b.   Instructor based chapter. One
     multiple chapters or supplemental                     instructor for all students enrolled in
     memberships.                                          his/her classes forms a chapter.
                                                           While chapter meetings with all
b.   HOSA HANDBOOK - available from                        students may be difficult to schedule,
     HOSA Headquarters.                                    individual classes can form in-class
                                                           committees to plan and organize
c.   HOSA: LEARN, GROW AND                                 projects and activities. Each class can
     BECOME - a curriculum package (with                   elect a vice president (class
     a teacher's manual and a student                      representative) that serves on a
     workbook) that will help integrate                    HOSA Chapter Council, the steering
     HOSA into the HOE classroom. For                      committee for the chapter.
     more information, call toll-free (800)
     654-4502 or write CIMC, 1500 West                c.   Institution wide chapter. A single
     Seventh Avenue, Stillwater, OK                        chapter is formed for all students in all
     74074-4364.                                           classes regardless of the number of
                                                           instructors. This is the preferred
Step #2                                                    method for post high school
Contact the HOSA State Advisor and                         institutions (community colleges,
indicate your interest in affiliating your                 technical schools and four-year
school/college with the state association                  colleges) where multiple instructors
and national organization. The state                       offer multiple courses. If this method
advisor is an excellent source of information              is adopted, every effort must be made
regarding state and national activities,                   to get 100% active involvement by all
projects, meetings and services available to               students and instructors.
chapter advisors and members. Please
contact HOSA Headquarters if you need the
name and telephone number of your state
advisor. (If your state does not offer a state
association, your chapter may affiliate
directly with the national organization.)

Step #4                                                g.   Each chapter must have at least one
Contact local school/college officials (e.g.                dues paying advisor. List the chapter
activity directors, Dean of Student Activities)             advisor as a professional member.
and make certain all information is properly
submitted and on file. (A sample                       h.   Chapters may pay their total fees by
constitution for a HOSA chapter is available                check or purchase order. HOSA will
in the HOSA HANDBOOK.)                                      bill the school or chapter. Payment
                                                            must be received within 30 days of the
Step #5                                                     stated deadlines (January 1 and
Review the instructions for completing the                  March 1) for the chapter to remain in
Chapter Affiliation Application on the                      good standing.
backside of the pink copy of the form. The
application is available from the HOSA                 i.   Affiliation fees for postsecondary/
Headquarters. Please give special attention                 ollegiate students who enroll in a
to the following guidelines.                                program after January 1 must be
                                                            received by HOSA on or before March
a.   National fees for all fall semester                    1. These students are members until
     students must be received by HOSA                      December 31 of the same year.
     on or before January 1 of the
     membership year.                                  Step #6
                                                       Review the member services provided by
b.   Affiliation fees for students who enroll          Health Occupations Students of America.
     after January 1 must be received by
     HOSA on or before March 1 of that                 a.   National Organization. Founded in
     same year.                                             1976, HOSA provides an array of
                                                            services and support to its chartered
c.   Students who do not affiliate by the                   states and affiliated chapters and
     appropriate date shall be ineligible to                members. The maintenance and
     participate in the HOSA Competitive                    expansion of the national organization
     Events Program or seek national                        provides maximum visibility for Health
     office.                                                Occupations Education and the health
                                                            care industry. Greater visibility
d.   National competitors must be affiliated                attracts attention and support for the
     with the national organization prior to                organization (HOSA) and the
     their state conference to be eligible for              instructional program area (HOE).
     participation at the National
     Leadership Conference.                            b.   National Competitive Events Program.
                                                            A chapter advisor to motivate HOE
e.   All state members are to be affiliated                 students to prepare for competition at
     with National HOSA.                                    district, state and/or national
                                                            conferences should use the
f.   Do not mix membership divisions on                     competitive events program. HOSA
     one application. If you serve more                     does not provide competitive events
     than one division (secondary,                          for competition's sake. Rather, HOSA
     postsecondary, collegiate), request                    provides a national program as a
     additional applications from the HOSA                  means of recognizing those students
     Headquarters.                                          who pursue excellence by preparing
                                                            for competition and having the
                                                            determination to attend a conference -
                                                            - district, state and/or national -- and

     demonstrate those competencies
     gained through the HOE classroom.              e.   Emblematic Services. The HOSA,
     The Competitive Events Committee,                   Inc. Board contracts with Awards
     working with Technical Advisory                     Unlimited to provide the HOSA Supply
     Committees, is constantly reviewing                 Service. A current catalog is available
     the national events to provide                      from the HOSA Headquarters (1-800-
     members and advisors with the most                  950-3553)
     comprehensive and modern
     competitions available to HOE                  f.   HOSA Travel Service. This service is
     students                                            provided under an arrangement with a
                                                         travel service in the NLC host state.
c.   National Leadership Conference. In                  State associations are encouraged to
     June, the National Leadership                       use the service since the official
     Conference is held annually to                      airlines for the conference can provide
     recognize outstanding performance in                a discount below the best discount
     leadership and competitions. While at               fare available if booked through the
     the NLC, members and advisors are                   HOSA Travel Service.
     provided opportunities to learn about
     current health care issues. During the         g.   Scholarships. HOSA members are
     national conference, the leadership of              eligible for the Lois B. Graham
     HOSA, Inc. and HOSA meets and                       Scholarship, Catherine B. Junge
     elects new representatives and                      Scholarship, and Kaiser Permanente
     officers. The National Leadership                   cash award. Additional sponsors are
     Conference is not only the capstone of              being sought to expand the
     the year for the students and                       scholarship program.
     instructors in attendance; it is the
     spark for the new membership year.             Step #7
     All HOSA members in good standing              Solicit membership fees from all HOE
     are eligible to attend the National            students or hold a fund-raising project to
     Leadership Conference if approved by           pay the affiliation fees for all members and
     their state association and local              advisors. Special recognition is given to
     chapter.                                       100% chapters at the National Leadership
                                                    Conference and in the NLC Program. If you
d.   National Publications. The National            are a 100% chapter, you will receive a
     HOSA Handbook is the primary                   recognition certificate along with your
     document needed by all chapters and            membership cards.
     state associations. Other publications
     and visual products are available to           Step #8
     integrate HOSA into the HOE                    Submit the initial application promptly to
     classroom and to organize and                  avoid deadline conflicts. Be among the first
     develop an effective local chapter and         one hundred chapters that submit chapter
     state association. Regular mailings            applications to HOSA and you'll receive a
     are sent to state leaders and chapters,        certificate as a HOSA-100 Club Chapter.
     including: HOSA Magazine, HOSA                 HOSA-100 Club Chapters are also
     Leaders' Update, and Vision. A                 recognized in the Spring issue of the HOSA
     variety of video presentations are             MAGAZINE.
     available and under development. A
     current list of publications (print and        Step #9
     video) is available upon request from          Submit supplemental applications when
     the HOSA Headquarters.                         students enroll in the HOE program.

Supplemental applications are accepted             state advisor for the dates for district, state
until March 1. Please be aware that                and national competition
substitutions are not allowed. Membership
cards cannot be transferred to other               Step #15
students once they are issued.                     Hold fund-raising projects to sponsor all
                                                   students who qualify to attend the National
Step #10                                           Leadership Conference in June. Funds
Get actively involved in local, state and          permitting, at least one student should
national activities through attendance at:         apply to attend the NLC Leadership
a.    Local chapter meetings.                      Academy, held in conjunction with the NLC
b.    Local committee meetings.                    Competitive Events Program. The
c.    District or state officer training           Leadership Academy will be an excellent
      meetings (if available).                     training program for students who will return
d.    State Leadership Conference (review          and be a chapter leader the next school
      the competitive events and workshops         year
      in which members can participate).
e.    National Leadership Conference (held         Step #16
      in June each year                            Develop, practice and refine leadership
                                                   skills in the HOSA chapter.
Step #11
Develop a meaningful program of work that          Step #17
includes the following types of activities:        Hold chapter meetings in the summer for
a.    Leadership development.                      next year's members and alumni to
b.    Community service.                           maintain momentum and enthusiasm for the
c.    Social and recreational activities.          next year
d.    Professional development
                                                   Step #18
Step #12                                           Receive the initial chapter affiliation
Adopt a budget and identify fund-raising           application in late August or early
projects that can generate sufficient              September and begin the process of
revenue to support the student-developed           leadership development with your students.
program of work.                                   Contact HOSA Headquarters if you do not
                                                   receive the Chapter Affiliation Application by
Step #13                                           mid-September.
Receive the chapter affiliation packet from
HOSA Headquarters that includes:
a.   Current membership cards.
b.   100% Affiliation Certificate (if
c.   HOSA-100 Club Certificate (if
d.   HOSA Charter (new chapters only)
e.   HOSA promotional Poster
f.   Assorted other materials and other

Step #14
Prepare students to participate in the HOSA
Competitive Events Program. Contact your

      Chapter Activities                                   b.   Take roll call, prepare absentee
                                                                slips and keep records.
      And Opportunities                                         (Secretary)

1.   Review professional oaths. When                       c.   Maintain all financial records
     presenting the history of medicine,                        including receipt of monies,
     discuss the significance of the following                  disbursements, issuance of
     oaths:                                                     checks, payment of accounts
     a. Hippocratic Oath                                        payable, etc. (Treasurer)
     b. Declaration of Geneva
     c. Nightingale Pledge                                 d.   Monitor class protocol and member
     d. HOSA Creed                                              behavior and, when necessary,
                                                                teach members the fundamentals
     Learn the HOSA Creed, as it is a                           of parliamentary procedure.
     symbol of the HOSA member’s                                (Parliamentarian)
     commitment to excellence and
     leadership development.                               e.   Prepare bulletin boards and
                                                                posters to create a positive
2.   Elect chapter officers. Gain                               learning environment. (Historian)
     opportunities to make decisions and to
     see the consequences of those                         f.   Prepare articles and news releases
     decisions. Members need to elect a                         for school and local newspapers.
     leadership team to guide their class                       (Reporter)
     and chapter. While some members
     serve in leadership roles, all members           3.   Establish committees. To give most, if
     are able to witness first-hand the                    not all, students the opportunity to
     challenges that face elected leaders                  practice leadership skills, the chapter
     and their followers. The HOSA chapter                 can establish standing and ad-hoc
     experience can be likened to the                      committees to achieve the program of
     "health care team" that must work                     work. Appoint students as
     together to achieve a common goal -                   chairpersons of committees who were
     quality health care.                                  not elected chapter officers. The
                                                           committee structure will encourage
     When the chapter advisor uses the                     greater student involvement since more
     officer team to facilitate classroom                  members (not just the officers) will feel
     functions, it will be much easier for                 a greater sense of ownership in the
     students to see the curricular nature of              chapter.
     the HOE-HOSA Partnership. The
     officer team should be as concerned              4.   Use parliamentary procedure. The
     and involved with classroom activities                proper use of parliamentary procedure
     as it is HOSA chapter activities.                     enables a group to arrive at a decision
                                                           in an orderly manner. All members are
     Class and/or chapter officers can be                  provided the opportunity to state their
     used in a variety of ways:                            opinion on an issue. Parliamentary
                                                           procedure promotes a team spirit,
     a.   Call the class to order and                      demonstrates cooperation, builds group
          announce the objectives to be                    harmony and provides a structure for
          accomplished that day. (President                discussion and decision making in a
          or Vice President)                               group. Parliamentary procedure
                                                           recognizes the will of the majority in

     regulating the actions of all versus the               at these meetings can be discussed at
     will of the few regulating the total.                  chapter meetings to share the
                                                            experiences with those students unable
5.   Prepare a chapter newsletter. Chapter                  to attend.
     newsletters achieve several teaching
     objectives, including: development of             9.   Interview health care leaders. Assign
     basic communication skills;                            students the responsibility to interview
     dissemination of news to the total                     selected health care leaders and to
     membership and support groups;                         share their findings with all students.
     reinforcement of major topics                          The interviewers can develop a
     presented in the classroom;                            questionnaire to guide the interview.
     development of ownership and pride in
     the organization; and an official record          10. Sponsor a blood pressure screening
     of the success in integrating the HOE-                clinic. In this activity, members are
     HOSA Partnership into the classroom                   able to develop, practice and refine a
     and curriculum. All members should be                 variety of skills, including:
     asked to contribute articles to the                   organizational and planning skills;
     newsletter throughout the year.                       communications skills; supervisor skills;
                                                           technical skills; people skills; and,
6.   Emphasize professional dress and                      evaluation skills. Members are
     grooming. Personal and career                         responsible for organizing the project;
     success is enhanced by good grooming                  securing a place to conduct the clinic;
     and professional dress. By rewarding                  developing a promotional plan;
     good habits while in school, members                  preparing an advertisement or article
     will achieve greater success when                     for the newspaper; preparing
     competing for entry level positions and               promotional posters; scheduling
     career advancements. A dress up day                   members to work the clinic; conducting
     is a positive image builder for the                   professional blood pressure
     HOSA chapter and will raise the                       screenings; etc.
     visibility of the HOE program and
     health care careers among all students.           11. Prepare an extemporaneous talk.
                                                           Health care workers must be able to
7.   Sponsor field trips. Chapter members                  organize their ideas and express them
     should identify and select the health                 whenever called upon. The
     care facilities they wish to visit during             development of good communication
     the membership year. After decisions                  skills will enhance the career
     are made, chapter members should be                   advancement of HOE students. Those
     appointed (by the President) to contact               students who enjoy extemporaneous
     and coordinate the field trips.                       speaking should review the guidelines
                                                           for the HOSA competitive event called
8.   Attend civic, professional or trade                   "Extemporaneous Speaking".
     meetings. By representing HOSA at
     such meetings, other groups will realize          12. Prepare a talk for a community group.
     the professionalism and desire of the                 What better way to develop, practice
     HOSA members to prepare themselves                    and refine communication skills than to
     for future leadership responsibilities. In            prepare a talk and present it to a group.
     getting involved in civic, professional               The fear of speaking in public is usually
     and trade meetings while in school,                   ranked the #1 fear by most people.
     members will be less reluctant to do so               Those who achieve success in the
     as health care workers. Observations                  health care industry will be those who

    develop strong communication skills to               be given at special events, i.e. a
    complement their outstanding technical               program for a civic or trade group, an
    skills. "Prepared Speaking" is a                     open house, or a school function. The
    competitive event available to HOSA                  rating sheets in the HOSA HANDBOOK
    members who want to refine their                     can be used to evaluate all projects
    communication skills.                                and identify the project that will
                                                         represent the chapter in district/state
13. Participate in mock job interviews.                  competition.
    Entry into any industry requires good
    interviewing skills. By participating in         16. Participate in a homecoming parade.
    mock interviews (as either the                       This is an excellent activity to develop
    interviewer or job applicant), members               and reinforce the importance of working
    will be more successful in actual job                together in a cooperative manner. The
    interviews. The most talented job                    steps in building a float for the
    interviewers should enter the HOSA                   homecoming parade include:
    event called "Job Seeking Skills."                   identifying the theme for the parade;
                                                         brainstorming the kinds of floats that
14. Participate in HOSA Bowl competition.                could be built to emphasize the theme;
    The "HOSA Bowl" competitive event is                 selecting the most appropriate design
    an excellent tool for reviewing                      for the float; securing the resources
    classroom learning. The team nature                  needed to build the float; determining
    of the event encourages students to                  what talents are needed; recruiting
    work together to achieve success. The                members to help design, build and
    HOSA Bowl builds enthusiasm among                    decorate the float; scheduling members
    the "teams" and demonstrates the                     to work; and, completing the project
    positive effects of competition. The                 within the time parameters.
    most successful HOSA Bowl players
    should represent the chapter in                  17. Giving a party for handicapped
    district/state competition.                          children. Activities of this type will
                                                         enhance the sensitivity of the students
15. Conduct a community awareness                        toward special populations. In addition
    project. The community awareness                     to the good feelings in serving these
    project, a comprehensive HOSA team                   children, your students will be able to
    leadership competitive event, provides               plan, organize, coordinate and evaluate
    members with the opportunity to take a               the activity. This activity emphasizes
    more intensive look at a critical health             the importance of the health care team
    care issue. While classroom training                 working together to serve the needs of
    builds a strong knowledge base, this                 others.
    project encourages linkage with the
    health care industry by organizing a             18. Assisting in a blood donor drive. This
    Health Awareness Council to guide the                is an activity that uses the technical
    project. By forming multiple project                 training in the classroom and provides
    teams, all students can work on a                    a worthwhile service to the community.
    project. If issues are selected and                  The organizational and technical skills
    coordinated, the projects can                        of the students - collectively and
    encompass a variety of issues that fit               individually - can be evaluated through
    the curriculum. The project                          such activities.
    presentations can first be given in class
    to refine them. The oral presentations
    (with audio-visual documentation) can

        Chapter Program
           Of Work                                             IN CLOSING

     The program of work includes all those
activities in which your members want to be                After completion of their health
involved. It is important that the program of         occupations training, graduates are thrust
work be based upon the collective ideas of            into a highly competitive labor market.
the total membership. "Students will                  Success will be enjoyed by most of those
support what they help create" is a valid             health care providers that possess a
observation. If the chapter officers or the           "competitive edge". Compared to other
chapter advisor designs the program of                programs, health occupations programs
work, the members may not be committed                have a strategic tool (HOSA) that provides
to the activities. By involving all members in        HOE students with the leadership and
the development of the program of work,               followership skills needed to achieve higher
the activities will receive greater acceptance        levels of personal and professional success
by the chapter.                                       in adult life.

     Balance is an important quality in                    When implemented properly, HOSA
evaluating a chapter's program of work.               can be a positive force for: increasing
The program of work should provide equal              program enrollments; gaining program
emphasis on the following types of                    visibility; involving employers; securing
activities.                                           commitment of vitally important support
                                                      groups; motivating students and teachers to
a.   Leadership development activities                higher levels of personal and group
b.   Social activities                                performance; recognizing excellence; and
c.   Community service activities                     providing the means by which personal and
d.   Career preparation activities                    career goals become realities for HOE
e.   Fund raising activities                          students.

Chapter activities should be student-led.                  Energize your HOE classroom and
The chapter advisor should help the chapter           curriculum by providing a leadership lab
officers get all members involved.                    (chapter) in which your students can
Throughout the year, assignments should               develop, practice and refine skills that will
be made so that all students are given                distinguish them from other health care
leadership and followership responsibilities.         workers in the labor force. The mission of
The HOSA HANDBOOK (Section C)                         health occupations education is to provide
provides additional guidance in designing a           students with the very best preparation
chapter's program of work.                            available to enhance their job performance
                                                      and competitiveness in their chosen
                                                      profession. If your students are not
                                                      leadership ready, they may not be as
                                                      valuable to their future employers. By
                                                      integrating the leadership skills found in this
                                                      book into your curriculum, you can provide
                                                      your students with a value added classroom

that provides them with the slight edge
needed to be competitive in tomorrow's
health care delivery system.


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