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					                    Standard Monthly Report Form Template
 Month/year of report: <Select One>      2005
 Club Name:
 Division (if applicable):
 Sponsoring Kiwanis Club(s):
 Number of Dues-Paid Members
 Number of Dues-Paid member adds for the month
 Membership goal for the year
 Have there been any officer changes or contact information changes during the month? Yes

Club Meeting Information
Meeting Date
# members present
# guests present
Faculty Advisor   Yes              Yes            Yes            Yes              Yes
Present (yes/no)
Kiwanis Advisor   Yes              Yes            Yes            Yes              Yes
present (yes/no

Club Board Meetings
Date of Meeting
Faculty or Kiwanis advisor present? Yes

 Has the Lt. Governor contact the club this month? Yes <select one> other:
 Is this sufficient contact? Yes Why

Kiwanis Family
 Did your club attend a Kiwanis meeting? Yes How many?
 Did your club attend a Key Club meeting? YesHow many?
 Please list any other Kiwanis-Family meetings or events members of your club attended and
   the number of members present.
 Please list which events or meetings were attended by Kiwanis-Family members and from
   which clubs.

Public Relations
 Did your club have a newsletter this month? Yes
 Did your club participate in promotional methods this month? Yes     <select one>(ie
   designated t-shirt day, hang posters on campus, chalking)?
Did your club organize any fundraising events this month? Yes

Codes: CS=Community Service, SI=Service Initiative, SO=Social, I=Interclub, KF=Kiwanis
Family, FR=Fundraising, DE=District Event
Code, Date(s), Name of Event, members present, total service hours
  Service                                                    # Members       Total Service
                     Date             Name of Event
   Code                                                        Present          Hours

Service hour total for month
Total service hours since April 1st

Do you have any comments, questions, suggestions about CKI—club, district, international

District Specific Questions:
Question 1:

Question 2:

Question 3:

Question 4:

Question 5: