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                                         The SVCC Connections newsletter is published annually to keep SVCC graduates connected
                                                       and informed about college and alumni news and events.

                                    Vol. 12, Issue 1                                                                       Fall 2004

                                                                 You're Invited!
 SCHEDULE                                  Alumni Homecoming
      5:30 p.m.
Registration                              Saturday, November 13
(Community Center foyer)
      6:00 p.m.
      7:00 p.m.
Door Prizes

   Mark Your
Calendar Now for
 Nov. 13, 2004!
 Please Call Your                          Forty-six alumni are inducted into the SVCC Hall of Fame at Homecoming 2003.
SVCC Alumni Office
     to RSVP                             The fourth annual SVCC                         be eligible to win some great door
  by November 5!                    Homecoming and Alumni Hall of                       prizes donated by SVCC alumni and
   276/964-7339                     Fame ceremony will be held on                       area businesses. Prizes donated last
        or                          Saturday, November 13, at the                       year included a 27" flatscreen color
   276/964-7588                     SVCC Community Center.                              TV, DVD player, VCR, Barter
                                         Dr. Charles King extends a                     Theatre tickets, Thomas Kinkade
                                    special invitation to all SVCC alumni               painting, and a Florida vacation.
     Inside                         to attend Homecoming 2004. The                           The entire evening is our gift to
   this Issue:                      informal gathering will include free
                                    entertainment, food, and fellowship.
                                                                                        show our appreciation for your
                                                                                        support of SVCC.
Alumni                              Casual dress is encouraged.                              Please call the SVCC Alumni
Spotlight.....................2-3        Homecoming provides the                        Office to make reservations so that
                                    perfect opportunity to reunite with                 we can plan for the dinner and
Homecoming 2003                     old classmates, friends and                         seating.
Highlights...................4-5    professors. Former and current                           RSVP as soon as possible at
                                    faculty and staff will also be present.             276/964-7339 or 276/964-7588. We
SVCC Campus                              SVCC will honor the Hall of                    will also need the name of the
Information ..................6     Fame alumni with a special induction                spouse/guest you plan to bring.
                                    ceremony during Homecoming 2004.                          Join us for an evening full of
Alumni                                   In addition, all graduates,                    fun and fellowship!
on the Move...............7-8       faculty, and staff in attendance will

                   Spotlight on Alumni
                                      Processing program. He says that          Faye plans to return to SVCC and
Robert Jordan                         attending SVCC helped him to decide       complete a certificate in Photography
Earns Doctorate                       what he wanted to do with his life. He    in the coming year.
                                      later earned his B.S. degree in Busi-
                                      ness Management from UVA-Wise.            Pamela Adams
                                            Joe is currently the Manager of
                                      the Wal-Mart store in Lebanon, VA.        Publishes Book
                                      He has been employed by Wal-Mart
                                      for 14 years and has opened five new
                                      stores for the corporation. The store
                                      Joe was managing in 1999 received the
                                      Store of the Year award under Joe's
                                            Joe and his wife, Barbara, reside
    Robert Jordan received an         in Abingdon, VA.
associate degree in General Studies
from SVCC in 1998. He was
inducted into the SVCC Alumni Hall
                                      Faye McClanahan
of Fame in 2003.                      Graduates at 82
    Robert received a B.S. degree
from Palmer College of Chiropractic
in Davenport, Iowa. He earned his
Doctorate of Chiropractic degree in
June, 2003.                                                                          SVCC graduate Pam Adams
    Robert's wife, Kerri Bennett                                                has written a unique book that
Jordan, is also a SVCC graduate                                                 prepares children for loss and
and is working on her Doctorate of                                              provides suggestions on how to
Chiropractic degree. They are                                                   handle the accompanying grief. The
planning to eventually open a                                                   book, "Once Upon a Family,"
practice in Murfreesboro, TN.                                                   chronicles the journey of Pam's son,
                                                                                Jordan, as he tries to understand the
                                                                                death of his beloved father.
Joe Ratliff Manages                                                                  Pam graduated from SVCC in
                                           “I don’t think that any healthy      1980 with an AA&S degree in
Wal-Mart Store                        elderly person should just sit at         Business Administration. She
                                      home . . . you can learn by being         received a B.S. degree in Organiza-
                                      with people of other ages,” said 82       tional Management and Develop-
                                      year old Faye McClanahan, of              ment from Bluefield College in 2000.
                                      Russell County, when she recently         Pam was inducted into the SVCC
                                      graduated from Southwest Virginia         Alumni Hall of Fame in 2003. She
                                      Community College. She is a native        married her current husband,
                                      of Buchanan County.                       Michael Adams, in 2001. They
                                           Faye, whose husband Roger,           reside in Roanoke, VA, where she is
                                      worked in the mines, has five             the Program Coordinator for Huff
                                      children, three granddaughters, and       Lane MicroVillage Concepts.
                                      six great grandchildren.                      Pam is willing to share her grief
                                           Faye received her degree in          experience with churches, schools,
                                      Arts and Crafts Production. She           and other groups. She can be
   Joe Ratliff graduated from         previously received a certificate in      contacted by email at:
SVCC in 1986 from the Data            Horticulture Management in 2001.

Spotlight on Alumni (Continued)

                                          Educational Excellence Award        efforts in the Internal Audit
  Gerald Luttrell                         (1995), and Henry Krumb Lecturer    Department. In 2003, Spalding
  Excels As                               (2001).                             was the President of the Institute of
                                                                              Internal Auditors of East Tennessee
  VA Tech Professor                                                           and is currently a member of the
                                          Laura Spalding Is                   AICPA.
                                                                                  Laura, her husband, Matthew,
                                          Director of                         and daughter, Sierra, reside in
                                          Budgeting                           Lenoir City, TN. She is the
                                                                              daughter of Paris and Phyllis

                                                                              David Thornbury
                                                                              Is President/CEO of
                                                                              Levisa Pharmacies

        Dr. Gerald H. Luttrell is a
    1978 graduate of the Engineering
    program at SVCC. He is cur-
    rently a Professor of Mining and
    Minerals Engineering at Virginia           After graduating from
    Tech, where he received his B.S.      SVCC in 1990 and from Virginia
    (1980), M.S. (1982) and Ph.D.         Tech in 1992, Laura Spalding
    (1986) degrees.                       spent three years at Coopers and
        Dr. Luttrell joined the faculty   Lybrand, LLC and earned her
    as an Assistant Professor in 1986     CPA certification in St. Louis,         David Thornbury attended
    and was promoted to Associate         Missouri. Laura is currently the    SVCC in 1983-84 and was
    Professor in 1991, Full Professor     Director of Budgeting and           enrolled in the General Studies
    in 1997, and Massey Professor in      Reimbursement at Parkwest           program. While attending SVCC,
    2004. He has completed R&D            Hospital (a member of Covenant      he was the treasurer of the Student
    projects worth more than $10          Health) in Knoxville, TN. She is    Government Association. David
    million, obtained 14 process          responsible for managing the        received a Bachelor's degree in
    patents, and authored more than       Revenue Cycle of a 307 bed          Business Administration from the
    160 technical publications.           acute care facility. In addition,   University of Kentucky in 1987.
        He is a five-time recipient of    she is responsible for the              David is currently the
    the Departmental Outstanding          operating and capital budget of     President/CEO of Levisa
    Faculty Award, a three-time           the hospital and leads efforts in   Pharmacies, Inc., a local family
    recipient of Virginia Tech’s          reducing insurance claim            owned drug store group with
    Academy of Teaching Excellence        denials.                            locations in nine localities. He is
    Award, and a recipient of the             Laura had previously            also a Board Member (South
    College of Engineering Dean’s         worked with Eastman Chemical        Grundy District) for the Buchanan
    Award for Excellence in Public        in Kingsport, TN and Bush           County School Board.
    Service (1998).                       Brothers & Co. in Knoxville,            David and his wife, Rebecca,
        Dr. Luttrell's professional       TN. She has worked with             have two children: Abigail (3) and
    honors include the SVCC               Covenant Health since 1998 and      Katherine (2). The Thornburys
    Outstanding Alumnus Award             was promoted into a leadership      reside in Grundy, VA.
    (1987), PCMIA Stephen McCann          position in 2000 after leading


                              Homecoming 2003

       Guests of all ages enjoyed an evening filled with
       good food, good fun, and great fellowship!

                                                                  Dr. King welcomes everyone to Homecoming 2003.

                                                                       Mike Rush                   Sandy Shortridge

Over 400 alumni and guests joined us for a wonderful dinner.

                                                               Joey Trivette's jazz ensemble, including Mike Henry, Leanna
                                                               Mosley, and Chris Tague entertained the alumni and guests.
 The Southwest Virginia All Stars: Matt Stacy, Jared Sweet,    Band members not pictured: Jennifer Redden, Deaton Jones,
Alex Hibbitts, Jamie Stacy, Kim Slaughter, and Amanda Hull.    Sarah Daniels, and Jim Humphrey.

   Special Awards
   Dr. King
   SVCC's First
   Brenda Sue

                                                                   Scott Cole was the 2003 PTK Distinguished Alumnus.

                                                                                                    The "Family with the
                                                                                                    Most Alumni Present"
                                                                                                    were: from left to right,
                                                                                                    Todd Ratliff, Joann
                                                                                                    Wolford, Ginger
                                                                                                    Mumpower, Pam Hinkle,
                                                                                                    Debbi Malcolm, and
                                                                                                    Ruby Ratliff Hale.

Bob Nassif receives the 2003 Ambassador of                     Dr. King
Goodwill award.                                                recognizes Kerri
                                                               Jordan as the
                                                               alumni who
Johnny                                                         "Traveled the
Hagerman,                                                      Longest Distance"
right, accepts                                                 to attend Home-
the 2003                                                       coming. Kerri and
Cultural                                                       her husband,
Ambassador                                                     Robert, traveled
Award.                                                         750 miles. Second
                                                               place was David
                                                               and Neena Sproles
                                                               (550 miles).

                                       Door Prize Winners

    Homecoming 2003 prize winners pictured above are Madonna Shortt, shown with a 27" Flatscreen TV; Jim Humphrey,
    winner of the Thomas Kinkade painting; and Stacy Harris, shown receiving a Club Resorts Florida vacation. Winners not
    pictured are Ruby Ratliff Hale, Kay Hess, Christine Keene, Patsy Nunez, Lynn Snapp, Kayla Swaim, and Teresa Thompson.

               New Music Scholarships
               Honor Former Teachers                                                          REGISTER
                                                                                               Advanced Registration for
                                                                                            Spring Semester 2005 begins
                                                                                            on Monday, November 8, at
                                                                                               Pre-Register for Spring
                                                                                            Semester classes and avoid
                                                                                            long lines!

                                                                                              Call now to register!
                                                                                                276/964-2555 or
                                                                                             toll free 800/822-7822

    Pictured (left to right) are Mary Lawson, Dr. Sam Schulken, Bea Leist, Wrenda Fuller,
    Dr. Joseph Trivette, and Dr. Charles King                                               Mon., November 8
                                                                                            Advanced Registration for
   Dr. Joseph Trivette, SVCC’s Gaynelle Lockhart Albert Endowed Chair                       Spring
of Music, is proud to announce the creation of three new scholarships for
SVCC students interested in pursuing the field of music. The scholarships                   Sat., November 13
will honor Wrenda Fuller of Lebanon, VA; Bea Leist of Tazewell, VA; and                     Homecoming 2004
                                                                                            Registration at 5:30 p.m. (CC)
Dr. Sam Schulken of Richlands, VA. “These scholarships are intended as
celebrations of the lives of three educators whose dedication to music has                  Sun., December 5
contributed greatly to the SVCC service region,” Trivette states. Dr.                       SVCC Community Chorus
Charles King adds, “We are pleased with the growth of the music program                     Holiday Concert at 3 p.m. (CC)
and are excited about the opportunities these scholarships will provide for
                                                                                            Wed., Thurs., & Fri.,
our students.”                                                                              January 5, 6 & 7
   Wrenda Fuller taught public school music in Lebanon for 30 years. She                    Spring 2005 Student
served as church musician in Virginia for 35 years and co-founded the                       Registration & Orientation
Southwest Virginia Children’s Chorus. In addition, she accompanies the
SVCC Community Chorus.                                                                      Mon., January 10
                                                                                            First day of Spring Classes
   Bea Leist taught public school music in Virginia for 24 years. She
taught music at SVCC and Concord College for 12 years and founded                           Fri., January 21
Tazewell High School’s exemplary “Green T Singers.”                                         Robert Burns Dinner
   Dr. Sam Schulken founded the music program at SVCC where he                              6:30 p.m. (CC)
taught for 23 years. He directed SVCC choirs and ensembles which
                                                                                            Mon., March 21
toured the eastern seaboard from Millbury, Massachusetts to Orlando,                        Advanced Registration for
Florida. He also served as church musician in Cedar Bluff for 9 years.                      Summer 2005 Classes
   Anyone wishing to contribute to these scholarships should contact Dr.
Joseph Trivette ( at 276/964-7381 or Mary                            April 17 - May 1
Lawson at 276/964-7348, or donations can be mailed to: SVCC                                 SVCC Festival of the Arts
                                                                                            Spotlight: Africa and Her
Educational Foundation, PO Box SVCC, Richlands, VA 24641.                                   Legacy

                        SVCC ALUMNI ON THE MOVE
1972     Patricia K. Gross        pieces. Delilah resides in           Engineering Technician for       Management Association.
                                  Bluefield, WV.                       the United States Army           Donna and her husband,
Patricia graduated in 1972                                             Research Laboratory, NASA        Gary, live in Mavisdale, VA.
from the Clerk/Typist             1975    Linda S. Coleman             Langley Center. Bruce and
program. She is currently                                              his wife, Mary Elaine, reside    1987    Craig A. Stiltner
employed as a Special             Linda graduated from SVCC            in Newport News, VA, and
Investigator for the Mine         in 1975 from the Pre-Teacher         have one daughter, Shelly,       Craig received his AA&S
Safety and Health                 Education program. She has           and two grandchildren, Jacob     degree in Science at SVCC in
Administration (MSHA).            been employed as a Mine              and Savannah.                    1987. He attended the
Patricia and her husband,         Safety and Health Assistant                                           Medical College of Virginia
William, reside in Richlands,     for over 23 years with the           1983      Donna Fletcher         (MCV) and received his
VA, and have two children,        Department of Labor's Mine                                            graduate degree in 1990 and
Cynthia and Barry.                Safety and Health                    Donna graduated from the         is currently employed as a
                                  Administration (MSHA).               Financial Services and           pharmacist by CVC. Craig
1974     Dr. Delilah              Linda and her husband, Carl,         Bookkeeping program in           and his wife, Laura, live in
         O’Haynes                 live in Keen Mountain, VA,           1983. She is attending           Wytheville, VA.
                                  and they have one son, David         Bluefield College and plans to
Delilah is an Associate           Ball.                                graduate in 2004 with a B.S.     1991    Angela R. Hughes
Professor of English at                                                in Organizational
Concord College. She              1982    Bruce D.                     Management and                   Angela is a 1991 SVCC
received degrees in General               Macdonald                    Development. Donna is            graduate. She received an
Education and Journalism                                               employed by Buchanan             AAS degree in Nursing and is
from SVCC in 1974. Delilah        Bruce received an AAS degree         Health Care in Grundy, VA,       currently a Nurse Practitioner
continued her education and       in Mining from SVCC in               as a Billing Auditor and         in Family Practice at
earned her B.S. from ETSU,        1982. He also received               Medical Coder. She is            Bradshaw Medical Clinic.
M.S. from Radford, and            certificates in Welding (1979)       certified through the            Angela received a B.S. degree
Ed.D. from UT. She has            and Machine Tool Operations          American Academy of              in Nursing in 1998 from
authored several books,           (1980). He is currently a            Professional Coders and the      Bluefield State College and a
articles, poetry, and fictional   Military Aerospace                   American Health Information
                                                                                                                 (continued on page 8)

                                  Alumni Information Update
       Name _____________________________________________ SSN_________________________

       Phone ___________________________ Address _____________________________________________
                                                               *if different from mailing label
       City ______________________________________________ State _________ Zip _______________

       Graduation/AttendanceYear ____________ Program __________________________________________

       E-Mail Address_________________________________________________________________________

       What I'm Doing Now ____________________________________________________________________

       Educational News_______________________________________________________________________

       Firm Name/Address _____________________________________________________________________
       Miscellaneous (spouse, children, etc.)________________________________________________________
                       Mail to: SVCC Alumni Office, P.O. Box SVCC, Richlands, VA 24641-1101

    Alumni on the Move (continued from page 7)
M.S. in Nursing-Family Nurse      program in 1993. She is           an Administrative Assistant at   currently employed by GASCO
Practitioner from Mountain        employed by the Russell           the Lebanon Community            Drilling, Inc. Sonya lives in
State University in 2002. She     County Sheriff’s Office as a      Corrections Center. She lives    Tazewell, VA, with her
became a Board Certified FNP      Local Inmate Data Systems         in Cedar Bluff, VA, with her     husband, Chris.
in April of 2003. Angela and      Technician. Wanda lives in        children, Tonya and Zachary.
her husband, Ricky, reside in     Lebanon, VA, with her                                              2001     David M. Ratliff
Raysal, WV, and have three        husband, Bob, and they have       1998     Wanda Proffitt
children, Amber, Sheilah, and     two children, Bobby and                                            David graduated from SVCC
Christine, and one grandson,      Brooke, and one grandchild,       Wanda received her Clerk/        in 2001 with certificates in
Owen.                             Julie Anna.                       Typist and Legal Assistant       Hospitality Management and
                                                                    certificates from SVCC in        Hotel/Motel Operations. He
1992    Mary Ruth Yates           1995     Karen Harrison           1998. She is currently           also received a certificate in
                                                                    employed as a Legal Assistant    Food Service from SVCC in
Mary is a 1992 SVCC graduate      Karen received her AAS            at the firm of Ferris, Eakin,    1991. David resides in Bee,
with an AAS in Management.        degree in Nursing from SVCC       and Thomas, P.C. Wanda           VA.
She currently works at the        in 1995. She is a RN              resides in Roanoke, VA.
Virginia Association of           Supervisor for the Personal
Purchasing and is the Senior      Care Program for the              2000     Sandra Harris              SVCC
Buyer for the Board of
Supervisors for Buchanan
                                  Appalachian Agency for
                                  Senior Citizens. Karen plans      Sandra is a 2000 graduate         Connections
County. Mary was involved in      to enroll in the RN to BSN        from SVCC with an AA&S
the initiation of the Dismal
Rescue Squad, The Gift of
                                  program at ODU in the near
                                  future. Karen and her
                                                                    degree in General Studies.
                                                                    She is currently teaching
Love at Keen Mountain, the        husband, Wayne, and their son,    Kindergarten at Riverview              is published by
implementation of 911 in          Eric (13), reside in Honaker,     Elementary/Middle School in       the SVCC Alumni Office
Buchanan County, and she is       VA.                               Grundy, VA. Sandra resides
an active participant with the                                      in Vansant, VA.                           President
American Cancer Society.          1996     Deborah L. Arms                                               Dr. Charles R. King
Mary’s parents are Amos and                                         2000     Sonya Ratliff
Bessie Yates. She resides in      Deborah graduated in 1996
Oakwood, VA.                      with an AAS degree in             Sonya graduated in 2000 with            Editor-in-Chief
                                  Management. She worked as a       an AA&S degree in Business              Phyllis Roberts
1993    Wanda C. Phillips         Senior Analyst/Loan Officer in    Administration. She received
                                  Charlottesville, VA, before       a B.S. in Business
                                                                                                            Managing Editor
Wanda graduated from the          moving back to Southwest          Administration from UVA-
Office Systems Technology         Virginia. Deborah is currently    Wise in 2002. Sonya is                   Angela Fuller

Southwest Virginia Community College                                                             NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION
Alumni Office                                                                                    PRESORTED STANDARD
P.O. Box SVCC                                                                                    U.S. POSTAGE PAID
Richlands, VA 24641-1101                                                                         RICHLANDS, VA
                                                                                                 PERMIT NO. 3
Address Service Requested

Southwest Virginia Community College is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution and is a part of the Virginia
Community College System.
Please detach this form and complete the reverse side.

Before mailing to the SVCC Alumni Office, fold and secure the edges on all sides with
scotch tape.

NOTE: Please DO NOT use staples to fasten together this form.

                                                                      NO POSTAGE
                                                                     NECESSARY IF
                                                                         IN THE
                                                                     UNITED STATES



Southwest Virginia Community College
Richlands, VA 24641-1101

                                                                                        Side A
               SVCC ALUMNI HALL OF FAME 2004
                     NOMINATION FORM
    The SVCC Alumni Hall of Fame was established to honor our former students who have brought
 recognition to themselves and SVCC or to the region either through contributions to the college,
 outstanding professional or personal achievement, or dedication and service to the community.

    Criteria for eligibility:
 1. Nominees must have attended SVCC at least five years ago (1999 or before) to be considered for this
 2. Nominees should have brought recognition to themselves and SVCC or to the region either through
   contributions to the college, outstanding professional or personal achievement, and/or dedication and
   service to the community;
 3. Nominations should come from SVCC alumni, faculty, staff, or administrators through submission of a
   nomination form;
 4. All candidates, living and deceased, will be considered. If deceased, the award will be presented to
   family members.

 Please complete the following with as much information as you have available. However, please note
 that all nominees will be considered regardless of the amount of information you are able to
 provide. (If additional space is needed, please attach a separate page.)

  Nominee's Name ____________________________________________________________________
  Date of Birth ___________________Years Attended SVCC or Graduation Year __________________
  Home Address ______________________________________________________________________
  City, State, Zip ______________________________________________________________________
  Home Telephone ________________________ Email Address ________________________________
  Employer/Firm Name _________________________________ Phone _________________________
  I have nominated this alumnus because of the following: _____________________________________

Optional data (to assist us in locating an alumnus and/or gathering additional information):
Spouse's Name _________________________________________________________________________
Children's Names _______________________________________________________________________
Nomination submitted by: _________________________________________ Phone _________________
Please mark one of the following categories: I am a SVCC: _____ Alumnus   _____ Faculty/Staff/Administrator

                 Please return form by OCTOBER 15, 2004 to:
            SVCC Alumni Office, P.O. Box SVCC, Richlands, VA 24641

                                                                                                              Side B