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 Concert Band
Stanley County
Middle School

To all SCMS Band Members:

To those of you who are new to the program: we look forward to having
you participate in one of the most active and exciting activities at
school. You need to realize, as we do, that YOU are the future of the
band program. We encourage you and your family to become involved.
Instrumental Music participation is an activity that does take some
extra effort, but it extremely rewarding.

To our returning members: You know what it takes to achieve success.
We expect you to continue high achievement and improvement through
pride and commitment.

                                  Table of Contents
            Commitment . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .       3
            Middle School Band Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                   3
            Supplies and Instrument Use . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                  4
            Grading . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .    5
            Challenge Procedures . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .             6
            MS Band Practice and Grading Policy . . . . . . . . .                      6
            Tentative Performance Schedule . . . . . . . . . . . .                     7
            Uniforms . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .     8
            Awards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   8
            Music Trip/Fundraising Information . . . . . . . . . .                     9
            Awards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .   9
            Student Guidelines . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .         10
            Student/Parent Agreement form . . . . . . . . . . . .                      11

It is very important for music students to realize that they must attend all public
performances. It is vital to the success of the group that all members attend. We will do our
best to schedule around other school activities; however, a practice in another activity is not
an excuse for missing a performance. Remember the old show motto: “The show must go on.”
Student musicians will be judged by the quality of their results and not by the quality of their

                    MIDDLE SCHOOL BAND PROGRAM
Concert Band: This band is the one from which all the other groups are formed. The Concert Band performs
approximately 3 concerts per year. The middle school band meets every day for approximately 30 minutes. Some
7th grade band members may be asked to participate with the high school for marching band, symphonic band
and/or other performances. Participation in the pep band is required of all 7th graders in the concert band 6th
graders are strongly encouraged to participate with the pep band. All pep band students will be required to
purchase a Pep Band T-shirt for pep band performances. The pep band shirt will be worn at all pep band events
unless otherwise notified.

Symphonic Band:     This is a select band comprised of musicians in grades 7-12. Permission from parents and
recommendation of the director is required for participation in this ensemble. Those students who are selected as
members of the Symphonic Band will be required to attend the High School Large Group Contest held in the spring.
Extra rehearsal time will be required for members of this band and students chosen to participate must attend at
least 90% of the rehearsals.

Beginning Jazz Ensemble:        Members of the Middle School Band will have the opportunity to participate in a
beginning jazz ensemble throughout the year. This group may meet during school one day per week and may
participate in a jazz festival during the spring.

West Side Drumline: This volunteer percussion ensemble performs at various events throughout the year and is a
very visible part of the Stanley County Instrumental Music Program. Membership is open to band members in
grades 6-12. Acceptance into the group is based on the following guidelines: Members of the High School
percussion section- 1st; Members of the Middle School percussion section- 2nd; Previous members- 3rd Members of
the High School band who are not percussionists but are interested in the drum line- seniors, juniors, sophomores,
freshmen-in that order- 4th. There is a required uniform for this group that is decided upon each year. Each
member of this group must agree to a strict participation policy.

Solo & Ensemble Contest:       This is an individual learning activity for the student. Students are required to
participate in the solo and small group contest, which is held during the spring. The director will help the student
select and prepare music for this event but the student must practice on his or her own. There are also other
opportunities to participate in honor groups such as the Middle School Honor Bands and Middle School All-State
Band. Selection to the All-State Band requires a taped audition and the student must spend time preparing music
in advance for these events.

                         SUPPLIES AND INSTRUMENT USE
In order for a student to participate in band at SC, each student must have a good quality instrument to
play. Parents of students are strongly recommended to purchase (via rental programs) a good quality
instrument for their child to play. There are several reputable music stores that can be of assistance
during the selection process. (Taylor Music- Aberdeen, Haggerty‟s Music- Rapid City, etc.) Please do not
purchase instruments from Sam‟s Club, Wal-Mart, Sears, E-Bay, etc. These instruments are not made to
be durable and do not generally play well or stay in tune. Most instrument repair shops will not repair
instruments from these stores due to the poor assembly and lack of parts available for use in repairs.

Stanley County has very few instruments available for student use. These are available on a first-come
and needs basis. Instruments currently available for student rental include: tuba, trombone, baritone
saxophone, tenor saxophone, baritone, oboe, and French horn. Stanley County schools will provide
instruments that are in excellent playing condition at the time of rental, for student use. The following
guidelines will apply for a student to use a school-owned instrument:
     Student and parent will complete the Instrument Check-Out/Use Agreement form and return it
        to school prior to the instrument being checked out
     The student will be responsible (parent) for all repairs of damages incurred during the rental
     The student will not allow another person to play the instrument.
     The student will return the instrument to the school in excellent condition, which may necessitate
        a trip through a reputable repair shop at the parent/student‟s expense.
     Students who use a school brass instrument will be provided with the following items at the time
        of check out: valve, rotary or slide oil; marching lyre; cleaning accessories, and a straight mute if
        needed for performances.
     Students who use a school woodwind instrument will be provided with the following items at the
        time of instrument check out: 4 reeds (exception- oboe, 2 reeds will be provided); cleaning swab;
        and a marching lyre.
     Students will be responsible for the purchase of additional reeds, oil, supplies, etc. during the
        entire use period.
The following guidelines will apply to students who play their own instruments:
     The student will be responsible for all repairs of the instrument
     All supplies and equipment needed will be purchased by the student. Each student must provide
        their own marching lyre. Trumpet players must have a straight mute. Woodwind players must
        have their own cleaning swabs and marching lyre.
Reeds and oil, along with additional accessories as needed, may be purchased from the school. Cost for
basic items will be as follows:
                       ITEM                         COST
                       B-flat Clarinet reed         $1.00
                       E-flat Clarinet reed         $1.00
                       Bass Clarinet reed           $1.75
                       Tenor Sax reed               $1.75
                       Alto Sax reed                $1.50
                       Bari Sax reed                $2.50
                       Valve, slide, rotary oil     $1.00
                       Cork grease                  $1.00

   Grades are determined by attendance at rehearsals, performances, and lessons and by
preparation and participation in class. Students will be given a weekly grade for lessons. The
lesson grade is an important part of the total grade each quarter. It is vital that each student
attend his/her weekly lesson to receive further, individualized, instruction. Students will also
be required to submit a practice record as part of the quarter grade. Students will receive a
daily grade based on their attendance at rehearsals and participation in class. Weighted
grading categories will be as follows:
    15%- lessons
    35%- class participation and preparation
    30%- performance attendance
    10%- written work and playing assignments/tests/quizzes
    10%- performance portfolio
Performances are REQUIRED!!! Part of the performance grading will include the appropriate
attire for a particular performance. (see Uniforms). If appropriate attire is not worn for a
performance, no credit will be given.
       Make-up work must be completed before the end of the quarter. 20 minutes of outside
practice time for each missed class and 15 minutes of outside practice for missed (excused
absences only) lessons will be required. Students will only be able to make-up excused absences
for lessons. Students may make up the practice time at school (verified by instructor but not
during the 1st hour block or when Mrs. Snow is not available to supervise) or at home (verified
by parent note, email or phone call). Class BEGINS at 3:05!!!! You must have your instrument,
music, and be in your seat by that time. There is only 35 minutes for rehearsals and we need
every available minute!
       Random playing tests may be given throughout the year. These may or may not be used to
determine seating order within the band. Periodic written work will be given during the course
of the year including daily work and exams. A semester final may be administered at the end of
each semester. The director may assign playing tests at any time to determine if students are
prepared in learning the music that is assigned.

                                 CHALLENGE PROCEDURES
Once seating order is assigned, students will have the opportunity to challenge for a „higher‟
chair within a section. When challenging, the following guidelines must be observed:
    Challenger must notify person being challenged at least a week in advance.
    Challenger and person being challenged must each pick a selection of music to play from
      the current list of repertoire (not pep band). The director will pick one scale. Both the
      challenger and person being challenged must play all selections chosen and the scale.
    A person may challenge the next higher chair only.
    The same person may not be challenged during a one-week period following a challenge.
      If a student fails to appear for the challenge, he/she gives up his/her chair automatically.
You may NOT schedule challenges during band rehearsal time. Please take care of scheduling
the challenges before or after class, or during lesson times.

                            Middle School Band
                    Practice and Lesson Grading Policy
All middle school students enrolled in the instrumental music program at Stanley County will be
required to take lessons from Mrs. Snow during the school day. All students will have one 15
minute individual or small group lesson each week. Students who are working on improving skills
to meet the full band participation requirement will be scheduled for one 15-minute individual
lesson each week and must turn in the practice record as scheduled. Students MUST practice
at home in order to improve and learn!
                                 Stanley County Bands
                              2008-2009 Tentative Calendar
September 6th       Oahe Prep Bowl, pep band
September 26th      Homecoming (parade, pep band, homecoming field show)
October 3rd         Pep Band
October 10th        Pep Band
October 23rd        Pep Band
*October 27th       Region VII HS/MS Honor Bands @ Kadoka
October 28th        Pep Band
*November 14-15th   Augustana Band Festival @ Sioux Falls
December 15th       K-5 Winter Concert
December 1st        6-12 Winter Concert
January 6th         Double Header- Pep Band
January 8th         Double Header- Pep Band
January 13th        Double Header- Pep Band
February 3rd        Double Header- Pep Band
*February 4th       Region VII HS Solo/Ensemble Contest @ Murdo
February 6th        Double Header- Pep Band
February 19th       Pep Band, GBB
February 20th       Pep Band, BBB
February 23rd       Pep Band, BBB
February 24th       Possible Pep Band: GBB Districts
February 26th       Possible Pep Band: GBB Districts
March 3rd           Possible Pep Band: BBB Districts
March 5th           Possible Pep Band: BBB Districts
*March 6-7th        MS All-State Band @ Pierre
*March 10th         Region VII HS Large Group Contest @ Presho
*March              HS All-State Band
*March or April     Senior Music Trip
May 4th             6-12 Spring Concert, 7pm
*April 24th         Region VII Elementary/MS Solo& Ensemble Contest @ Philip
May 12th            K-5 Spring Concert- during the day?????
May 17th            Graduation

Purple dates are for selected students only. All other dates include
everyone, grades 7-12.

Concert attire for the middle school concert band will be dress clothes. No blue jeans, T-
shirts, sweatshirts, or „hoodies‟, please! Preferred attire will be a dress shirt (tie is optional
but preferred) with dress pants and dress shoes for boys. A blouse, skirt, dress, or dress
slacks for girls. No skin may show from the bottom of the shirt to the top of the pants or
skirt. Skirts must be long enough to reach the bottom of the fingers when arms and hands are
extended down the side.

                                        YEAR END AWARDS

The director will give out awards at the end of the year in the following areas:

                    Most improved player
                    Outstanding Middle School Band Musician
                    Outstanding Middle School Jazz Band Member
                    Letter in Band
                    Participation Certificates for Concert Band, Drumline, and Jazz Band

                          MUSIC TRIP INFORMATION
         Senior music students are eligible for a music trip during their senior year. All senior music students must have been in
band and/or choir during all of their HS years (9th-12th grade).This trip is funded by student fundraising. The location of the
trip is determined by how much money is raised. Each student will have ample opportunity to raise money to be used toward
his/her cost to attend the music trip

         Each student will have a financial account. There will be dates set up for payments to be made during a trip year so
that not all the money is paid at one time.

             LETTERING SYSTEM- Middle School Band
Activity                                                                                                     Points

Full year participation                                                                                      20

Jazz Band (full year)                                                                                        15

Marching Band Events, excluding homecoming events                                                            10 each

Outside music events (program signed by parent required)                                                     5 each

Middle School All State Band Audition                                                                        20

Middle School All State Band Member                                                                          40

Contest: Superior rating (solo)                                                                              15

Region 7 Middle School Honor Band Member                                                                     10

Northern Hills Honor Band member                                                                             10

In order to letter in band, each student must earn a total of 100 points each year. NOTE: Points do not carry over from year
to year, exception: participation points. Participation points start over in 9th grade.

                                   STUDENT GUIDELINES
       Set aside time each day for individual practice, but practice to improve your playing, not to keep a

       Take proper care of your instrument, music, and all rehearsal room equipment whether it is yours or the

       Make every effort to show continuing progress by preparing all assigned work.

       Accept all criticism graciously and praise humbly.

       Warm up your instrument in an efficient and dignified manner before rehearsals and performances.

       Give undivided attention to the director in rehearsals and performances.

Contest Guidelines: Everyone prepares a solo or is a member of an ensemble for our local music contest. If you are
selected to attend the region music contest, the school will pay your fees. If you do not participate in the region
music contest, and the school has already paid your fees, you will reimburse the school.

Please sign this form and return to Mrs. Snow at school no
later than August 31st. If you are reading this online, please
send an email reply to Mrs. Snow indicating that the parent and
student have read, and agree to, the information included in the

I have read the Middle School Concert Band
Handbook and agree to abide by the policies listed.

Student Signature: _____________________________________________

I have read the Middle School Concert Band
Handbook and understand that my child will be
responsible for abiding by the policies listed within
the handbook.

Parent Signature: _______________________________________________

Date: ________________________________________________________

Parent Email Address: ___________________________________________

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