Cheerleading Rules by sofiaie


									                                                                        REVISED 2/19/08

                    BRYAN GOLDEN BEAR

Since participation in cheerleading is a privilege for each girl, it is important that
the students, parents, and interested persons be aware of the necessary rules and
 regulations that go with along this Bryan City Schools extracurricular activity.

 I.     Purpose of Cheerleading
        A. To promote and uphold school spirit
        B. To develop a sense of good sportsmanship among the students and adults within
           the entire school community
        C. To try to unify and involve the crowd during any athletic event

 II.    Grade Requirements
        A. Cheerleaders are representatives of Bryan City Schools and as such are required
           to maintain high academic standards
        B. Student handbook rules will be followed for eligibility in all cheerleading
           activities. *ALL high school student-athletes must have a 1.75 GPA and be
           passing 5 credits. After the first nine weeks, the GPA requirement is 1.85 while
           still passing 5 credits.*

 III.   Involvement Requirements
        A. Emergency medical forms, insurance papers, and physicals MUST be on file for
           each cheerleader before the first practice of the season. A physical is only good
           for one (1) school year!
        B. **In order to participate in any after school activity, students must be signed
           in at school by 8:15 A.M. and be there all day.** If an absence occurs on a
           Friday, then the student cannot participate in any activities over the weekend.
           The exception is if a student has a pre-approved absence (doctor appointment,
           funeral, etc.). To have a pre-approved absence, the school must be contacted one
           day prior to the appointment or prior to the start of the school day beginning.
IV.   Membership Qualifications for Football and Basketball Squads
      a. Varsity squad will consist of a maximum of 8 girls and Sure-Win (the mascot)
         from the incoming junior and senior classes.
      b. Junior Varsity squad will consist of a maximum of 8 girls from the incoming
         sophomore and freshman classes.
      c. Cheerleaders must have on file with the coach a signed parental consent form and
         a personal contract that states both the parents and the cheerleader understand the
         rules and obligations with being a Bryan cheerleader. All parents must also attend
         a parent meeting set up by the current coach and athletic director.
      d. Cheerleaders should be creative, resourceful, have organizing abilities, leadership
         skills, and a genuine interest in school spirit.
      e. Cheerleaders should have a positive attitude toward all BHS groups, both
         athletic and academic. Their “walk and talk” should both reflect this positive
         attitude in and out of school.

V.    Practices
      a. Practices and games set on the monthly calendar are mandatory! All practice
         schedules will be made out in advance.
      b. The coach will need a note AND/OR a phone call from a parent/guardian when
         there is a problem with attending any organized event, activity, or practice. These
         notes are preferred in advance of the missed activity not the day of the activity.
      c. All cheerleaders must attend all of the scheduled practices by the coach.
                  It is very difficult for a squad to practice if someone is missing!
      d. Summer practices will be set after spring tryouts after a discussion with the new
         squads and coach(s). June & July summer practices will be mandatory only to
         those on the current competition squad(s).
      e. Mandatory football cheerleader practices will begin the first week of August.
      f. Mandatory basketball cheerleader practices will begin early November.
      g. Any unexcused absence from any practice will result in 5 demerits.
         Check the merit/demerit point list for details and explanations.
      h. PRACTICE attire: Shirts must be school appropriate and sports bras must be
         worn and not seen. Practice shorts do not have to be school appropriate but please
         be aware of the length and how they are worn as to not having your stomach seen
         when not stretching or moving.
VI.    Games
       a. Any unexcused absence from a game, organized activity, or event will result
          in completing a denial of participation form with the athletic director.
                      1. First offense: sit out all of the next game
                      2. Second offense: sit out the next two games
                      3. Third offense: possible removal from the squad
       b. All cheerleaders must be at the home games at the designated times listed on the
          monthly calendar or changed by the coach. Generally, this would be about one
          hour before the scheduled activity is to begin.
       c. Penalties for being late to games OR to practices will be the appropriate
          number of demerits OR sitting the number of minutes late.
       d. Football: *Varsity will cheer at all Varsity football games, home & away.
          Varsity & JV will cheer as one squad for the HOME games. Varsity may perform
          the fight song, hello cheer and a variety of cheers without the JV squad.
          *Cheering for JV or Freshman games will be determined after football selections.
       e. Basketball: Each squad will cheer for their respective team, for example Varsity
          will cheer for Varsity. The Varsity & JV squads will perform the player line-up
          and team introductions together. Varsity & JV will also cheer together during
          time-outs during the varsity games. The JV basketball squad may cheer for some
          home freshman basketball games and the freshman tourney.
       f. When in attendance at the game and not cheering with your own squad on the
          floor or track, the squad will cheer from the stands as a group. At all half-time
          breaks during either season, cheerleaders should be in place ready to cheer
          with 2:00 minute on the clock——be responsible and watch the clock!!
       g. Cheerleaders will conduct themselves in a polite and respectable manner at all
          games. This means no booing, obscene gestures, rude comments, etc.
          Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated!

VII.   Activities and Projects
       a. Cheerleaders weekly will be required to do special things for the football and
          basketball players such as writing notes of encouragement, making goody bags,
          decorating lockers, making house signs, etc. Every girl will be given a certain
          number of players at the beginning of each season.
       b. ALL cheerleaders shall dress as a squad on certain days of the week. Friday
          is Spirit Day! ALL cheerleaders will also dress-up according to school spirit days
          during Homecoming or other special weeks during the year. Failure to do so may
          result in not being able to cheer in the pep rally, games, etc. connected with these
          special dress-up days and/or the appropriate number of responsibility points.
       c. Cheerleaders may be required to perform at various competitions when the
          opportunity arises and when the majority of the squad is interested in
          participating. BHS cheerleaders will participate and be required to attend the
          Williams County Cheer Off at the Williams County Fair each September AND
          the BHS Cheer Invitational the first weekend in November.
       d. Cheerleaders will be required to help with the Junior Cheer Clinic for grades 2-6
          in the middle of basketball season as a cheer fundraiser.
VIII.   Camp
        a. Squads may attend cheerleading camp for approximately 3-5 days each summer.
           This may be away or organized at the school. Camp will be mandatory for all
           Varsity and JV squad members. Camp dates will be set after the try-outs for the
           next school year.
        b. Fundraising activities may be completed to help cover the cost of the each girl’s
           camp, but a portion may have to be paid by each individual cheerleader.

IX.     Transportation
        a. Cheerleaders must utilize the transportation provided by the school to all
           organized away activities. If a parent or legal guardian will be traveling to the
           away activity and would like to take their student home with them, the coach
           must have a note prior to leaving for the activity. This should be given to the
           coach at the beginning of the school day or at practice the day before.
        b. Know what time the bus leaves for all away activities! DO NOT MAKE THE
           BUS WAIT ON YOU.
        c. All cheerleaders will sit in the front seats of the bus when traveling with a coach
           or coaches separating the players and cheerleaders. No cheerleaders are to be
           communicating or sitting with players in the back of the bus. Punishment for
           breaking this rule will be not be allowed to travel and attend the next away
        d. Cheerleaders will NEVER be allowed to ride home from away activities with
           anyone other than their own parents. Under no circumstances will a cheerleader
           be allowed to ride home with a friend or boyfriend from an away activity.

X.      Uniforms
        a. All cheerleader uniforms worn by Bryan cheerleaders are the property of Bryan
           Athletics. They will be purchased by the school and should be taken care of
           properly. Uniforms will consist of: a skirt, shell, hooded jacket, wind pants and a
           purple BHS cheer bag. Some years different squads may have more than one
           skirt or shell.
        b. Any part of the uniform that will be kept by the cheerleader must be paid for by
           the cheerleader. Yearly mandatory cheer purchases may include shoes, briefs,
           socks, a team t-shirt and pom poms. The squads may also decide on purchasing
           others items as a squad.
        c. School uniforms are only to be worn in conjunction with school activities.
        d. All uniforms must be turned in at the end of the school year or particular season
           clean, pressed, and hung up on a hanger. Numbers will be checked with uniforms
           to make sure all uniforms are turned in properly! Please do not dry the uniforms
           in the dryer—hang to dry after washing. Please spot check for spots from make-
           up or the track before washing. These tips will help the uniforms to last longer.
        e. Invisible deodorant should be worn with uniforms!
        f. NO jewelry or colored nail polish is to be worn while in uniform or cheering.
           Nails should be neat and not be longer than the tops of the finger for safety
        g. No glitter is to be used ON the uniform but can be worn in hair or on the body.
XI.     Try-outs
        a. Cheerleaders will be selected during the spring of each school year for the
           upcoming seasons. Both football and basketball try-outs will occur at the same time.
        b. Cheerleaders will be selected by a panel of 3-5 judges at all levels. Each judge
           will have a cheerleading background.
        c. Cheerleaders will be judged according to the categories listed on the score sheet.
           Those trying out will be shown a copy of the score sheet, so they will know what
           is expected of them during the try-outs.
        d. Numbers of the cheerleaders placed on the appropriate squads will be selected
           by the top scores and the coaches. For example, the top scorers may be placed
           on the varsity squad; then the top may be on the JV squad; etc. Choosing the
           number of cheerleaders on each squad will depend on how close the scores
           are for each particular candidate.

XII.    Competitions
        a. Cheerleaders will be selected during the spring of each school year for possible
           participation on the Varsity competition squad. Those selected for this group will
           be asked to commit to attend all summer practices and to attend any early August
        b. Choosing the number of cheerleaders on the competition squad will depend on how
           close and the range of the scores for each particular candidate at spring tryouts.
        c. Competition cheerleaders will be required to perform at various competitions
           when the majority of the squad is interested in participating including the
           Williams County Cheer Off in early September.

XIII.   Awards
        a. Cheerleaders will be part of the sports award banquet at the end of each season.
        b. First time Varsity cheerleaders are eligible for a letter, if not previously received
           during another season. After a letter is received, each year of involvement the
           student will receive different pins to show participation.
        c. Junior Varsity will receive a pin and a participation certificate or class numerals,
           if not previously received.
        d. Freshman may receive their class numerals, if not previously received in another sport.
        e. All or any other awards will be determined by the coach and/or voted on by the squads.
   XIV.   Rules and Regulations
      These are miscellaneous rules other than the ones already mentioned above.
          a. Cheerleaders will follow all school rules included in the handbook.
          b. While in uniform, cheerleaders should not be seen with boyfriends in the hallways
             at school, at games, etc. engaging in inappropriate behavior (PDA).
          c. Cheerleaders should never dress in clothing with obscene sayings, alcohol
             advertisements, etc. They should be very careful in watching the school dress
             code at all times!
          d. No gum chewing is allowed in uniform or at practices!
          e. Hair is to be kept neat at all times! Medium to long hair must be pulled up
             whenever practicing or cheering. When cheering for athletic events it is preferred
             that cheerleaders curl or braid longer hair and accent with ribbons and/or bows.
          f. No fighting or bickering among squad members! Please discuss any problems
             with each other or the coach before things get out of hand.

All BHS cheerleaders will be on a merit/demerit system. The coach(es), for the
following reasons, demerits may be given and merits may be earned. Demerits may
be given for other offenses that interfere with practices or games. When a
demerit is recorded, the cheerleader will be notified that day. All merits and/or
demerits will be recorded and dated in a notebook.

    Gum/candy/pop at practice OR while cheering in uniform                    2 demerits
     Wearing jewelry in uniform OR at practice                                          2 demerits
     Late to practice, a game or after half-time during a game                          2 demerits
     Hair not completely UP for a practice or a game                                    2 demerits
     Forgetting pom poms for a game OR when needed at practice                          2 demerits
     No shoes at practice OR at a game                                                  2 demerits
     No practice clothes                                                                   2 demerits
     Leaving practice early without prior approval or unexcused                           2 demerits
     Not dressed as a squad for game days or activities                                 2 demerits
     Negative attitude to others or the coach(es)                                       3 demerits
     UNEXCUSED MISSED PRACTICE                                                          5 demerits

For every 5 demerits received, an individual will need to make all of the demerits up by
earning MERITS. The MERITS will have to be completed OR you will sit for
the 1st and/or 2nd quarter(s) of every game until you have less than 5 demerits.
MERITS can be earned by doing any of the following:
       -attending another practice (not required) to help another squad or coaches
       -attending a complete middle school practice to teach new material and help out
       -helping with the Little Bear cheer program as a coach or assist with material
       -making extra signs for the hallway or cafeteria to promote school spirit
               *using your own materials
       -locker signs for ALL of your squad OR for the middle school cheerleaders
       -volunteer to work concessions for any sport you are not cheering for
       -volunteer to assist with a home sporting event that you are not cheering for
       -make extra signs to be used by the squad when cheering at games
       -work an hour or more in the athletic department helping out

  In order to get credit for the MERITS, the coach (es) need to be verified that you completed the task
  prior the next event you would cheer. If it is not a task the coach (es) are involved in, a note is needed
   from the person in charge to explain that you completed the task. If someone accumulates 10 or more
 DEMERITS and there has been no attempt to earn any MERITS, the athletic director, the cheerleader
 and the parents will be contacted to discuss a denial of participation. Cheerleading, like all other sports
     at BHS, is a privilege extended to students and is not a right. That privilege of participation may be
                                                    denied as per page 7 of the Athletic Policy Handbook.

BHS Cheerleading Tryouts for the 2007-2008 cheer squads

Student’s name________________________________________
Grade in 2007-2008:             9        10      11      12
Squads you hope to cheer on next year:                   Freshman         JV Varsity         Sure Win
       Football         Basketball       Both seasons             Competition: JV/F or Varsity
I have read and understand the rules and consequences in the BHS cheerleading
constitution. I know if I make the cheer squad for the 2007-2008 school year, I will
be asked to follow all the policies and must be able to communicate with the coach
and all squad members any problems or concerns I may have as a BHS cheerleader.

I understand the consequences for missing or being late to practices, activities, or
events. I agree to let the coach know as well in advance as possible if a practice,
activity, or event will be missed for any reason. I also understand there may be
responsibilities not included in the rules that may apply for a BHS cheerleader. Other
responsibilities may be assigned by the coach as needed during the school year (For
example, decorating lockers, pep rallies, fence and wall signs, community service
opportunities, or other activities). In addition, I understand that failing to abide by
any of the rules of this cheerleading squad or student/athlete handbooks may result in
dismissal from the squad.

Please turn in this packet and form with the appropriate signatures at a cheer practice
before tryouts. Please write down any concerns or questions on this form and/or
contact the coach prior to tryouts.

Thanks for your interest in the BHS cheerleading program!!
Melissa Morton
BHS cheer coach
School # 419.636.6766

Cheerleader’s Signature                                             Date

Parent Signature                                                    Date

                      Parental/Cheerleader Agreement

I have read and understand the rules and consequences for the
2007-2008 Golden Bear cheerleading season. I understand the
consequences for missing or being late to practices, activities, or events.
I agree to let the coach know as well in advance as possible if a practice,
activity, or event will be missed for any reason.
I also understand there may be responsibilities not included in the rules
that may apply to my daughter as a cheerleader. Other responsibilities
may be assigned by the coach as needed during the school year (ex.
decorating lockers, pep rallies, hall signs, etc.)

In addition, I understand that failing to abide by any of the rules of this
cheerleading squad or student/athlete handbooks may result in dismissal
from the squad.

I agree to discuss any problems or concerns with my daughter before
speaking with the coach for any reason. If the coach cannot help with
the matter, I understand my next contact is the athletic director, then the
high school principal.

Cheerleader’s Signature                                          Date

Parent Signature                                          Date

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