CENTERVILLE HIGH SCHOOL BAND &
                            BAND BOOSTERS ASSOCIATION
                               2009-2010 HANDBOOK


CHS Band Program Information
Introduction                                               1
Band Programs                                              2
Band Member Service Opportunities                          5
Band Awards                                                6
Scholarship Information                                    7
Centerville Band Boosters Information
Director‟s Message                                         11
Band Boosters Philosophy and Purpose                       12
Band Boosters Officers and Committees                      13
Overview of the Centerville Band Booster Budget            15
Centerville Band Communications                            17
Volunteer Descriptions and Survey                          18
Marching Band Information
The Basics & Jazz Band Philosophy                          20
Practice Schedule                                          21
Expectations                                               22
Jazz Band Attendance Policy                                23
Jazz Band Fees                                             24
Miami University Band Camp Information                     25
Band Schedule Highlights                                   28
CHS Jazz Dictionary                                        29
Statement of Handbook Understanding                        37
                                                                                May 2009

Dear Band Members & Parents,

Welcome to the 2009-2010 Centerville High School Band Program.

As the Centerville Band Program begins a new year, we are looking forward to many
successful music performances throughout the entire department. The Centerville Band
Boosters organization is incredibly dedicated to promoting the success of each student.
As you read through the pages of this handbook, you will notice the great depth and
detail that supports the planning of this world class program. Please take a moment to
find a path for your passion, stick to it - and let this great program soar.

CHS offers many courses of study, as well as co-curricular activities. This handbook
describes the Centerville Jazz Band (the marching band at CHS), Concert Band,
Symphonic Band, Wind Symphony, Jazz Ensembles, Winter Guard, Winter Percussion
and other various musical activities. You will find important information regarding fees,
finances, performance schedules and other basic information. Please take a special
look through our Jazz Dictionary, a fun place to learn the lingo.

A great way to get involved with the band is to volunteer! Sell a t-shirt, load
equipment, chaperone a trip, participate in fundraisers, help clean uniforms…..the list is
endless. There is always something going on, and we are always in need of help. This
is a TEAM EFFORT, and your participation is greatly appreciated!

Another great year with the Centerville Band awaits you. This is your program, take
pride in your success!!

All the Best,

Brandon Barrometti

                  Centerville High School
                      Band Program

                                 CHS Marching Band
                              “The Centerville Jazz Band”

                                                                     Jazz Improv,
            Solos &                                                   Music Tech
                                Wind Symphony                              &
                                                                     Music Theory
                               Symphonic Band

               Jazz               Concert Bands
                                                                     Pep Band

                                 Winter Guard & Winter

The concert ensembles -Wind Symphony/Symphonic Band/Concert Band are the foundation
of the Centerville Band Program. The many varied co-curricular ensembles and other music
classes are offered to students to supplement the basic concert band experience.

CONCERT BAND is open to those students who have achieved a basic degree of proficiency
on a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument. Emphasis will be placed on basic skills and
theory. This ensemble will perform at concerts and other functions. A method book fee will be
collected. Members of the Concert Band are eligible to participate in the marching band, which
is a co-curricular activity meeting after school in the fall. (Year course - 1 credit)

SYPMPHONIC BAND is open to those students who have achieved an high proficiency on a
woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument. A wide variety of music, individual skills, and
theory will be covered in this course. This ensemble will perform at concerts and other
functions. A method book fee will be collected. Members of the Symphonic Band are eligible to
participate in the marching band, which is a co-curricular activity meeting after school in the
fall. Students in this course are selected by the band director. (Year course – 1 credit)

WIND SYPMPHONY is the premier performing band and is open to those students who have
achieved a advanced proficiency on a woodwind, brass or percussion instrument. A wide
variety of music, individual skills, and theory will be covered in this course. This ensemble will
perform at concerts and other functions. Members of the Wind Symphony are eligible to
participate in the orchestra, as well as the marching band, which is a co-curricular activity
meeting after school in the fall. A uniform and method book fee will be collected. Students in
this course are selected by the band director. (Year course – 1 credit)

WIND SYMPHONY HONORS OPTION is an opportunity for those students wishing to pursue
the study of music at a higher level as a member of the Wind Symphony. These students
would meet the requirements for Wind Symphony (as outlined above) with the following
additional requirements (Year course - 1 credit):
   1. Take Private Lessons on Windy Symphony Instrument
   2. Perform 18 hours of Music Community Service tutoring younger band students
        throughout the year
   3. Perform in an OMEA Honors Band, College Honors Band, Dayton Youth Philharmonic,
        College Music Workshop, or equivalent

JAZZ IMPROVISATION is for musicians who wish to begin or continue their skills in jazz
improvisation. Improvisation is the creative art of playing and creating melodies based on the
chord and scale structure of the song. Computers and music software will be utilized to
develop improvisation skills. Basic instrumental skills and knowledge of scales are prerequisites.
A method book fee will be collected. (Semester course – 1/2 credit)

MUSIC TECHNOLOGY is a class designed to study and use computers and musical
instruments to create music. MIDI technology, sequencers, sound modules, and music
keyboards will be used to arrange, compose, sequence, and print music. Basic skill on an
instrument and a desire to be creative are required, but no previous keyboard or composing
experience is necessary. (Semester course - 1/2 credit)

PIANO CLASS I is a beginning piano class designed for students who have never played piano
before and for student who may have played for a year or two but have not played for several
years. The class will meet In the Music Technology Lab and will use electronic keyboards and

pianos. Some piano music software will be utilized to enhance the learning process. (Semester
course - 1/2 credit)

BASIC MUSIC THEORY is designed for students who enjoy music and who are interested in
the basic fundamentals of its creation. Students interested in taking this course should have a basic
understanding of music notation and vocabulary. Students will learn to identify key signatures,
define intervals, build and identify chord structures, take melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic dictation,
develop keyboard familiarity, sight-sing musical notation, and develop musical vocabulary.
Knowledge of material will be demonstrated through written, singing, and listening exercises and
exams, composition projects, presentations, and analysis. (Semester course-1/2 credit)

ADVANCED PLACEMENT MUSIC THEORY is an in-depth study of the structure of music as it
relates to musical notation, melody, harmony, rhythm, meter, and texture. Students must be
prepared to study all major/minor scales, and modes including all key signatures. The Advanced
Placement exam will be taken by all enrolled students at the end of the course. Prerequisite-
Basic Music Theory or currently enrolled in Wind Symphony, Symphonic Orchestra,
Elktonians, or Forte. (Semester course-1/2 credit)

                           CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES
MARCHING BAND -- THE CENTERVILLE JAZZ BAND is one of the school‟s largest co-
curricular activities. This award-winning band performs at parades, football games, community
events, and band competitions and represents Centerville High School throughout the area,
state and Midwest. To participate, incoming freshmen must be enrolled in one of the concert
bands. See the “Marching Band Information” section of the handbook for complete information.

JAZZ ENSEMBLES are offered as an important element of the total band program. Currently
there are three jazz ensembles. The jazz groups perform at concerts and jazz festivals during
the second semester. Rehearsals are after school, two days a week, following the Marching
Band season. To participate, students must be enrolled in Wind Ensemble, Jazz Improvisation
class, Symphonic, or Concert Band (except guitar, bass, and keyboard). There is a uniform fee.

WINTER GUARD and WINTER PERCUSSION are extra-curricular activities for those
students interested in indoor Color Guard and indoor Percussion (which includes drum, other
percussion and electronic instruments). There are several rehearsals weekly and competitions
on weekends, including several overnight trips. The Winter Guard and Winter Percussion
groups compete at local, state, regional and national events from December through early April.
There is a participation fee and audition.

SOLOS AND ENSEMBLES are opportunities for band members to play in small groups to
improve their skills. Much of the rehearsal is on an independent, self-study basis. There are
opportunities to perform, such as the OMEA Solo and Ensemble Competition and various
community events.

PEP BANDS are formed throughout the year as the needs arise. They perform for a variety of
events such as school assemblies, sports activities and community events. The Basketball Pep
Band plays at most home basketball games. The Pep Bands do not rehearse on a regular basis.


The various Centerville High School Bands could not function as successfully as they do
without the countless hours of work from the many, dedicated student leaders!

BAND OFFICERS                 President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and
                              Representatives from each group are elected after
                              marching band season.          The Band officers are
                              responsible for the social activities of the band. They
                              also help communicate ideas to and from the Directors,
                              Members, and the Band Boosters.

FACULTY ASSISTANTS            Receive 1/4 credit per semester to work in the band
                              area. They are an important and necessary part of the
                              band organization, taking care of rooms, equipment,
                              music, repairs, and a million odd jobs that must be

LIBRARIANS                    Each band has one or two librarians who are responsible
                              for the distribution, collection, and filing of all music.

STUDENT DIRECTORS             of the Jazz Ensembles, Basketball Pep Band, and other
                              extra-curricular ensembles are in charge of set-up,
                              starting rehearsals and generally assisting the director as

                                BAND AWARDS
1. John Philip Sousa Award: The most prestigious award given in the Centerville
   Bands. It is presented at the Annual Awards Night in the spring to the band
   member who has displayed the finest musicianship, leadership and service to the
   Centerville Band program.

2. Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Presented to the band member who has shown
   the finest musicianship, leadership and service in the Jazz Program.

3. Woody Herman Jazz Award: Presented to the band member who has shown the
   finest musicianship, leadership and service in Jazz Ensemble II.

4. Count Basie Jazz Award: Presented to the band member who has shown the
   finest musicianship, leadership and service in Jazz Ensemble III.

5. Rookie of the Year Award: Presented to „first year‟ band members in each
   section who has shown the most dedication, hard work and spirit in the Centerville
   Band Program.

6. Centerville High School Band Certificate: Presented to each member of the
   various organizations of the Centerville Bands.

7. Senior Gift: Presented to each senior by the Band Boosters in appreciation for
   their service to the Centerville Bands.

8. Marching Band Awards: A Band Letter is given to each member of the
   Marching Band who completes a full season. A chevron is given for each
   additional season, which can be added to the letter.

9. Band Booster Achievement Scholarships for Seniors: The Band Boosters offer
   several scholarships to graduating seniors for the college of their choice. There is
   an application and interview process to select the senior students based on
   achievement, dedication, and leadership while participating in the Centerville High
   School Band program.

10. Band Booster Scholarship: The Band Boosters offer these scholarships to
    encourage and provide assistance for all areas of music study: private lessons,
    summer music camps, clinics, and workshops.

                      ACHIEVEMENT SCHOLARSHIP

To recognize outstanding achievement, dedication, and leadership while participating in
the Centerville High School Band Program. The awarding of the scholarship will be to
several qualified graduating seniors, who have met the scholarship requirements.

1. A minimum of three (3) years of active participation in the Concert Band Program or
   a minimum of three (3) years of active participation in the Marching Band Program.
   (The definition of “Concert Band Program” for this purpose includes: Wind
   Ensemble, Concert Band, and Symphonic Band. The definition of “Marching Band
   Program” for this purpose includes: Musicians, Color Guard, and Drum Major(s). For
   transfer students, a statement of participation from former band director is needed.)
2. A well-rounded individual in band activities as well as basic academics, and
   community involvement
3. An evidence of active band leadership
4. An exhibition of music excellence/ability
5. A grade point average of “C” or better while attending Centerville High School
6. Selection shall be by application and review

1. Applications are mailed to each senior during the second semester and also can be
   obtained from the band director. Upon completion they must be submitted to the
   scholarship custodian by the date stipulated on the application. The method of
   submission will also be explained with the application. All written applications
   remain anonymous to the committee during their review.
2. The selection committee will arrange an interview appointment.
3. Scholarships will be awarded at the Band Awards/General Meeting in May.

The committee shall be composed as follows:
 Band Director (Advisory capacity)
 Band Booster President(s)
 Band Booster Parent(s) of a Junior
 Band Booster Parent(s) of a Sophomore
 Band Booster Parent(s) of a Freshman

No parent of a graduating senior may serve on the committee. If the Band Booster
Presidents are also the parents of a graduating Senior, the Vice President, then the
Secretary, then the Treasurer will serve, as necessary.

Wayne Markworth Scholarship Award

The Markworth Scholarship will be awarded annually, until all funds are depleted. The
award will go to the CBB Scholarship candidate who has the strongest potential to be an
outstanding music educator and the dedication to pursue this career. They will be honored
for their dedication, service and leadership in the Centerville Band Program. The actual
dollar value will mirror that of the CBB Scholarship awards ($1,000).

The process for selection will be to have the Centerville Jazz Band Director score and assign
points on a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 points being the ideal candidate and 0 points being very
little or no potential for success the candidates who have the potential to be good future
music educators. In the event of a tie, the Band Director‟s vote should „tip the scales‟ since
he sees them for hundreds of hours in all kinds of situations. The Director is the person
that knows who has demonstrated the best potential to be a future music teacher based on
his observations of marching band, Jazz Ensemble I, Wind Symphony & Winter Percussion

The remaining candidates would then go back into the „pool‟ for the CBB scholarships.

In the case where there is a year with no candidate pursuing music education as a career,
the Markworth Scholarship will not be awarded.


              LAST            FIRST         MIDDLE


    CITY___________________ STATE________ZIP CODE________

   DATE OF BIRTH____________ DATE OF GRADUATION__________

  COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY ATTENDING _______________________

                    IN THE COVER LETTER

                   CODE_________(FOR OFFICE USE ONLY)


             LAST            FIRST         MIDDLE


    CITY___________________ STATE________ZIP CODE________

  DATE OF BIRTH____________ DATE OF GRADUATION__________

                   IN THE COVER LETTER

                 CODE_________(FOR OFFICE USE ONLY)



          Applications must be postmarked by Friday, February 19, 2010
Interviews will be held the week of March 1, 2010. Applicants will be contacted by
telephone the week of March 28 to be given your interview date and time. Of note,
 the assigned dates and times are done by luck of draw. If there is a conflict, every
       effort will be made to arrange another date and time within that week.

Centerville Bands
Centerville High School, 500 East Franklin Street, Centerville, Ohio 45459, (937)439-3511
Director – Brandon Barrometti

                            Band Booster Scholarship
PURPOSE – The purpose of the Band Booster Scholarship program is to encourage
and provide assistance for all areas of music study – private lessons, summer music
camps, clinics, and workshops.

AMOUNT OF SCHOLARSHIP – The amount of the scholarship is generally $120, but
varies with the activity.

SELECTION CRITIERIA – Selection will be made following the established deadline.
Applications should be submitted to one of the directors. Selection will be based on
band participation, needs of the band program and participation in fundraising.
Summer scholarships will be awarded only to those students returning to the CHS
Band Program. Students who have no previously received a band scholarship will
normally have priority over previous recipients.

           (Detach and turn in to one of the directors by deadline.)
                 Application deadline –
Name ________________________________ Instrument _____________________

Bands this year ______________________Bands next year ____________________

Name of private teacher, camp or activity __________________________________

Total cost of activity ____________________________

Fundraising and approximate amounts sold _________________________________

Student signature _____________________________________________________

Parent signature ______________________________________________________

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the 2009-2010 Centerville Band Program!

As you read this, you have already shown support for your child's musical and personal
growth by being involved in the band program. Your support is only beginning here.
As director, I ask the students to give willingly and selflessly for the good of the
program. As parents, this sense of dedication and commitment MUST be matched at
home with encouragement and praise from YOU.

In addition to the support you give your child at home, there are many ways to stay
involved with the band program. The CHS Band Booster organization is solely
dependent on your dedication. Your involvement will keep this program alive, and will
be incredibly meaningful to your child. Please attend as many performances as you
can. Music is meant for an audience! Also, we are always in need of volunteers for
various activities. This is a great way to meet other parents and show support for your
child. We cannot run a program of this magnitude without your help! Please volunteer
as much as you can; you will find the band experience to be even more rewarding!

On behalf of the entire staff, we thank you for your hard work and dedication. Without
you, we would not have the CENTERVILLE BAND!


Brandon Barrometti

                        CENTERVILLE BAND BOOSTERS
                           ASSOCIATION, INC.


The philosophy the Centerville Band Boosters Association is to act as a support group
for the entire band program. This includes the Concert Band, Symphonic Band,
Marching Band and all band ensembles as outlined elsewhere in this handbook.


The Centerville Band Boosters Association was formed to provide moral and financial
support to all the Centerville High School Bands. The membership is open to all parents
of band members. There are monthly board meetings, which are open to all members,
and general meetings held four times a year, as required by the Constitution and By-
laws. (Copies of the latter are available upon request from any of the officers or board

The Boosters, in cooperation with the band students, sponsor numerous fund raising
events each year, some of which include calendar sales, poinsettia sales, spring flower
sales, etc. The money from these activities provide for the following:

   musical instruments/equipment
   music
   uniforms
   band competitions
   additional support staff
   transportation
   scholarships
   awards
   insurance
   annual Band Awards Night activities
   other activities approved by the Band Booster Board of Directors

The Boosters also provide moral support at contests, concerts and other appearances
by the bands representing Centerville High School.

             2009 BAND BOARD AND CHAIRPEOPLE (effective 1/1/09 to 12/31/09)

Officers                              Name                             Phone Number
PRESIDENTS                            Connie and Jack Rohrer           434-6223
                                      Dana Tobias                      312-9937
1ST VICE PRESIDENTS                   Dave and Shari Sikkenga          291-0298
2ND VICE PRESIDENT                    Brandon Barrometti               439-3511
SECRETARY                             Lisa and Gary Naylor             312-1697
TREASURERS                            Leslie & Jeff Stricker           434-4397

                              OPERATIONS AND TRANSPORTATION
Director                              Steve Smith                      436-3057
Pit                                   OPEN
Truck Coordinator                     Steve Smith                      436-3057
Student Trip Coordinators             Joe Feola                        439-0163
Fooding                               Mary Lou & Doug Pence            434-8157

                                        STUDENT AFFAIRS
Director                              Laura and Mike Ward              885-1972
Area Captain Coordinator              Terrie Holcombe                  436-1110
Scholarship       Chair Junior        Lois & Ron Clark                 435-6870
                          Sophomore   Jeni & Pence
                          Freshman    OPEN
Band Aid Coordinator                  Holly Emsley                     435-9042
Color Guard/Winter Guard
Flag Coordinator                      Amy Dempe                        291-3742
Uniforms:                             Aimee Ginnever                   438-4775
         Wind Symphony                Jenny Miller                     428-7939
Student Refreshments:
         Home football games          Joan & Mike Cordonnier           439-1974
         Watering                     Sandy Feola                      439-0163
Band Camp                             Nancy and Tony Nichols           291-3949
Big Trip Coordinators                 Laura and Mike Ward              885-1972
Senior Student Activities             Mary Beth Horst                  433-8624
Head Chaperone                        Laura Ward                       885-1972
         Competitions                 Laura Ward                       885-1972
         Football                     Marybeth Horst                   433-8624
Ice Cream Social                      Mary Ann Stone                   885-7760
Rookie Liaison                        Joy Ruble                        312-1558
Volunteer Coordinators                Sandy and Joe Feola              439-0163

Directors                             Chris & Sherry Watson         434-0027
Jazz News E-Mail Coordinator          Amy Duchesneau                435-7083
One Call Now Coordinator              Ken Kolpitcke                 436-2153
Webmaster                             Todd Hall                     434-6264
Wednesday Sheet Editor                Tess Aiena                    885-5382
Publicity Coordinator                 OPEN
Jazz Connection – Jazz Season         OPEN
                  Winter Guard        OPEN
                  Winter Percussion   OPEN
Hallway Decorations                   Sue Kelzer                    432-0720
Events Ticket Sales                   Nancy Nichols                 291-3949
 Photographers, Jazz Season           Lisa Naylor                   312-1697
               - Winter Guard         OPEN
               - Winter Percussion    Lisa Naylor                   312-1697
Picture Coordinator, Jazz Season      Connie Rohrer                 434-6223
 W/professional photographer
Picture Coordinator, Winter Season    OPEN
Picture Poster Coordinator            Mary Beth Horst               433-8624
 (For Jazz Season Poster)
Alumni Liaison                        OPEN
                                      Gloria & Mike Breh (alumni)   349-4133
Hospitality                           OPEN
JAZZ Letters & Cheer Specialist       OPEN

Calendar Ad Sales                     OPEN
Design/Layout                         OPEN
Calendar Blitz Night                  Laura Ward                    885-1972
Commemorative Bricks                  Kevin Berger                  436-4908
Concessions - Basketball              Mary Howell                   885-6111
             - Winter Contests        OPEN
Golf Outing                           Barry Thompson (alumni)       434-3443
                                      Doug Galusha (alumni)         435-1643
Housing Manager                       Nick Schoeffler               885-7245
Kroger Cards                          Steve Sherbet                 436-4515
Centerville Invitational              Kevin Berger                  436-4908
Poinsettias Sales                     OPEN
Soaring Sounds                        Steve Kelzer                  434-0720
                                      Joe Feola                     439-0163
Spirit Booth                          Lou Gasaway                   435-7959
Sponsorship Coordinator               OPEN
Spring Flowers                        Jill Willett                  885-5128
Winter Contests                       OPEN
Wrapping Paper                        JoAnne Otto                   886-1637
                                      Kelly Gruner                  433-4083


 The Centerville Band Boosters, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation [IRS Code, Section 501
 (3)(c)] recognized by the State of Ohio. The Boosters provide volunteer, financial and
 logistical support for the Band Programs at Centerville High School. The Band Boosters are
 a large organization with numerous objectives that require a rigorous budget. The 2009
 budget is designed to cover the operating expenses incurred during the year as well as
 generate additional funds for long-term projects.


   Uniforms                  Music                       Food
   Transportation            Drill Design                Hotels/Housing
   Instruments               Specialty Staff             Scholarships
   Band Camp                 Lessons/Clinics             Props/Electronics
   Big Trip                  Tickets/Entry fees          Show Equipment
   Nursing supplies          Website/Band Beat           Trailer & Maintenance
   Finals Brunch             Awards Night                Guard & Percussion Costumes


      In 2009 Student Fees cover only 28% of the Centerville Band Booster expenses.

      Without Band Booster Fundraisers, your student's band fees would be $1800.00.

                                                                  Staff            Band Camp
       Contests                                   Misc            25%                 15%
         31%                                      10%

                           Fundraisers            Performance
Student Fees                                                        Winter     Food, Fees &        12%
                              41%                     17%
    28%                                                           Guard/Perc     Housing
                                                                     10%           11%

      2009 Income Projections                                   2009 Expense Projections

      Parent participation in large fundraising events such as Soaring
          Sounds, Centerville Invitational, MEPA and WGI Winter
           Competitions is necessary to keep student fees down.

                                             2009 STUDENT FEES
                          JAZZ MUSICIAN                   $700.00 + 15 Calendars ($75.00)

                           COLOR GUARD                    $775.00 + 15 Calendars ($75.00)

                             Marching Band Fees are due in full by July 20, 2009


                                   Winter Fees will be due January 2010

(Returned Check Fee-$25)

                                      FUNDRAISING OPPORTUNITIES

Fundraiser                            Percentage to Student                 Can be Applied to:
2009 Calendar Ads                     40% of sales                          2009 Marching Band
2009 Spring Flowers                   40% of sales after $75 sold           2009 Marching Band
2009 Calendar Sales                   100% after 15 sold                    2009 Marching Band
Jan.-June Kroger Card                 40% of 4% profit earned               2009 Marching Band
Soaring Sounds Ads                    40% of sales                          2009 Marching Band
Invitational Trophies                 40% of sales                          WG/WP/2010 Marching Band
June-Dec. Kroger Card                 40% of 4% profit earned               WG/WP/2010 Marching Band
2009 Poinsettia Sales                 40% of sales                          WG/WP/2010 Marching Band
2009 Wrapping Paper                   40% of sales                          WG/WP/2010 Marching Band

Due to tax laws, student accounts are zeroed out once a year after Desert Night.

Credits are applied to the next event. Funds raised are non-transferable. Unapplied credits are transferred
to the General Fund.

Note: If a family financial hardship should arise, the Marching Band Director and Treasurers will consider alternatives including
applications for financial aid.

                       Centerville Band Communications

The Centerville Band provides many ways to communicate information about the high
school and middle school programs, events, activities, fundraisers, schedules and many
other items that are important for you to know.

Please take advantage of all of these methods to stay informed!

Centerville Band Program Website:
Visit all of the website links at to get information
about the different band programs, annual events, the weekly and monthly schedule, the
staff, Band Beat newsletter, middle school news and much more. This site is updated

CBBJAZZNEWS Broadcast E-Mail Message Information:
If you haven‟t already signed up for this service, send your name, your student‟s name,
your e-mail address, your telephone number and the year your student will graduate from
CHS to Your information will be added to our list
and you will be updated on the latest information for band activities via e-mail 4-8 times /
month during the year, depending on the activities planned during the month.

One Call Now:
This automated phone calling system contacts one phone number per CHS Band family
providing up to date information about events and activities that are more immediate for
the week. Committee Chairs, CBB, Band Directors use this service for quick information

Wednesday Sheet:
This sheet is distributed to all Jazz Band members each Wednesday during the marching
band season to provide the upcoming week‟s practice schedule, game and competition
information and instructions. You can also get a copy of the weekly sheet on the website (a selection under the Other Info: link)

If you have any questions or need more information about any of these communication
methods, send an email to

Each year we must say good bye to seniors and their parents. At the same time, we would like to offer an opportunity to
new members to also serve and become involved. Please read through the descriptions below and find your niche.
Remember! The strength of our Organization depends upon each individual to willingly give of his time and support.
Experienced boosters are ready to help you learn a job.

AREA CAPTAIN - Volunteers are needed to coordinate students during Fund Raiser Sales: Poinsettia Sales, Calendar Ad
Sales, Spring Flowers Sales, and Calendar Blitz Day/Sales. The Captain provides information and instructions to assigned
students in their area, hands out materials, and collects money from the students.

BAKING - Baked Goods are needed for Half time at Football Games for the students or at various other Booster
supported events. You will be contacted for you turn to supply treats. Most activities require that the whole Band
provide food items or baked goods.

BASKETBALL/WINTER CONCESSIONS - Volunteers are needed to work concessions during Basketball season &
winter competitions

CALENDAR SALES - Students are required to sell 15 Band Calendars . To get the calendar ready, volunteers are
needed to organize and run the Fund-Raiser. A person is needed to collect data from the schools to provide dates for the
calendar. A Design and Layout person is needed to put the entire calendar together.

CENTERVILLE INVITATIONAL - Chairmen are needed to coordinate this contest which is hosted by The Jazz. In
addition, many volunteers are needed to sell Programs or Raffle Tickets, work concessions, usher people, and monitor
parking lot.

CHAPERONE - Adults needed to chaperone Busses at Away Football Games & Area Contests (both 1-day events &
overnight stays).

DRESSERS - Volunteers are needed to help students dress for Football Games, Parades, and all Contests. See the
Dressing Chairman for a specific sign up sheet for this activity.

HOSPITALITY - Volunteers needed to help with set up & clean up of refreshments for varied get-togethers.

HOUSING - Volunteers needed to serve as our liaison/ “site sitters” when outside groups sleep or practice at Centerville
School sites.

MAILING ASSISTANT - Assists mailing chairman with preparing Band Beat for the mail (affixing labels, folding, etc.)

POINSETTIA SALES- Volunteers needed to serve as area captains.

ROOKIE BUDDY - Volunteers provide support and information to Rookie Parents (must have completed a season in

SEND OFFS - Volunteers needed to help decorate band room before big competitions plus making signs and decorating.

SOARING SOUNDS - Volunteer chairmen are needed to coordinate the Drum and Bugle Corps Contest. This Fund
Raiser also requires many volunteers to sell Programs or Raffle Tickets, work concessions and usher people, etc.

SPIRIT BOOTH - Volunteers are needed to sell Band Regalia during Football Games and Contests.

SPRING FLOWERS - Volunteers are needed to help unload flowers on Delivery Day and Area Captains are needed to
assist the Chairs in distributing information and collecting money from students.

WATERING THE STUDENTS - Volunteers are needed to provide water after parades and during contests and football

WRAPPING PAPER SALES - Volunteers are needed to coordinate this sale in the Fall.

WINTER PERFORMANCE COMPETITIONS- Many volunteers will be needed if we are included as a Winter Guard
Competition sites. Help is needed as monitors for practice sites & housing, concessions, ushers, admissions, and much
The Centerville Band Boosters organization has historically been a group of people of varied abilities, talent, and available
time. We need your input to be sure that we make volunteer opportunities that are best suited to all. Please take a
moment to fill out this survey. Since circumstances can change for each of us, please don‟t consider this as binding or
committing you to specific tasks. Check all areas that apply & return this form to: Sandy or Joe Feola or to the
volunteer sign up table on Rookie Night, Kick-Off Night, or Dessert Night. If you have any questions or comments,
call Sandy or Joe at 439-0163.

Parent/Guardian Name(s)

Home Phone                          Fax Phone                     Email Address

Student Name(s) & Graduation year

Middle school siblings in band (with projected graduation year)

Parent Occupation(s)

LEVEL OF ACTIVITY INVOLVEMENT for 2009- 2010 (check all best descriptions for your ability to help)

          Band is my life                Help on a regular basis with select activity         Pitch in at special event(s) that require
                                         (i.e. concessions, chaperone, spirit booth)          lots of manpower (Soaring Sounds, etc.)

          Weekends are best              Can volunteer daytime on weekdays                    Can volunteer evenings on weekdays

          Flexible schedule (call me)              A Night Owl (late night activities)        Help out from home


       DIRECTOR POSITION _____Committee CHAIRPERSON_____ Trainee for Committee CHAIRPERSON Assist or Co-Chair Committee

If interested in being a Committee position please list the committee(s) that interests you

                                       INTERESTED          EXPERIENCED         PROFICIENT                                         PROFESSIONAL

                             Centerville Jazz Band

        Participation in Centerville High School‟s award-winning marching band – THE
CENTERVILLE JAZZ BAND – is an opportunity to become involved in one of the school‟s
largest and most active extra-curricular activities.
        It begins with summer practices in July and leads into Band Camp, then a full fall
schedule of performances and practices. Every four years, after competing in the BOA
Grand Nationals in the RCA Dome, the Jazz travels to Orlando to perform in the Citrus
Bowl Parade and competition or take a similar big trip with performance opportunities.
This trip usually occurs during the winter break. The next Big Trip is scheduled for the
2010 - 2011 performance year.
        Regular Member: This is a full position member for the competition show drill
and performances. Members will be re-evaluated for regular and reserve positions at
Band Camp as well as throughout the season. In-coming transfer students will audition
prior to Band Camp for regular/reserve positions and this may adjust current positions.
        Reserve Member: Reserve members are marching band members that will
perform in parades and football pre-game shows but will not have a full time position in
the competition show. They will attend all performances, trips, rehearsals, and band
camp. Members will be re-evaluated for regular and reserve positions at Band Camp as
well as throughout the season.


The Centerville Jazz Band has a unique philosophy for rehearsal and performance. It is
simply stated:
                                   BE YOUR BEST
Success, as we measure it, is striving to be the best we possibly can be, every day,
every practice, and every performance. The only band we want to beat is our own
performance of yesterday. In marching band competitions, judges are simply people
that put down numbers and rank-order the bands. They are trained in either music or
marching techniques but still have their personal preferences and opinions. No two
people totally agree about marching bands, and judges certainly are no exception to
this. For example, some people prefer precision or “cleanliness” above general effect
and excitement, and vice-versa. Trophies and awards, when they happen, are “frosting
on the cake” and enjoyable, but they are not our goal. Performers have almost total
control over their own preparation and performance. However, performers have no
control over such things as who else is competing, how well prepared they are, the
preferences of a particular judge, the acoustics of the arena or the weather. Being your
best is measurement for success that can be achieved by everyone.


This is the time the whole band works intensively on the competition show. It's the
most important activity in establishing a successful marching band in attitude &
performance (see additional information listed under Band Camp at Miami U.)
July 20                   Band Camp at CHS
July 21-24                Band Camp at Miami University
July 27-July 31           Band Camp at CHS

Attendance is expected at other summer practices when you are in town.

June 22-24                  Percussion Mini Camp (9:00 – 9:00PM)
June 25-27                  Color Guard Mini Camp (9:00 – 9:00PM)
June 29-July 3              Woodwind and Brass Mini Camp (9-12, 1:30-5PM)
July 3                      Parade Practice (everyone attends) 3-5 PM
July 3                      Kick-Off Night 6-8 PM (all parents attend)
July 4                      Centerville Americana Parade (All CJB) 8 AM
July 7                      Calendar Blitz - All members
July 29                     Soaring Sounds 30
August 10-14                All CJB Rehearsal @ CHS (1:00 – 9:00PM)
August 9                    Washington Township Fire Department Ice Cream Social
August 17-21                All CJB Rehearsal @ CHS (1:00 – 9:00PM)
August 25, 26               Regular Rehearsal Schedule (see below)
August 29                   First Football Game


MONDAYS            No Rehearsal

TUESDAYS           3:15 - 5:30 PM       Woodwinds & Brass
                   6:00 - 8:30 PM       Color Guard & Rhythm Sections

WEDNESDAYS         6:00 - 8:30 PM       Full Band rehearsal

THURSDAYS          6:00 - 8:30 PM       Full Band rehearsal

FRIDAYS            3:15 –               Full Band rehearsal followed by
                                        Football games

SATURDAYS                               Marching Band competitions & rehearsals

                         Centerville Jazz Band


The Centerville Jazz Band rules and expectations are based on three concepts:

                                 SHOW RESPECT

                                 BE PREPARED

                                 BE ON TIME

If these expectations are followed regularly, the band experience will be rewarding,
enjoyable, and successful.
All Centerville High School rules and regulations are in effect at all band rehearsals,
performances, and trips. Please refer to the CHS Student Handbook.

SHOW RESPECT: Respect yourself.          Respect others.   Respect the band facilities,
    equipment, and uniforms.

      Good behavior, self-discipline, and positive attitude are expected of all
      Centerville Band members.

      Uniform, instrument, flag, music, pencil, notebook, and other equipment must be
      cared for, put away properly and brought to rehearsals and performances as

      Uniforms are provided to make the band look “uniform.” They must be worn
      properly, and band members must conform to hair and jewelry requests.

BE PREPARED: Band members are responsible for doing their best, working on their
     individual skills, and practicing. All equipment must be brought to rehearsals as

BE ON TIME: Students should arrive at the building 15 minutes before rehearsal is
     scheduled to begin in order to get equipment, get to the right location, and be
     ready to start on time. See Attendance Policy.

                         Centerville Jazz Band


EXPECTATIONS: You have made a commitment to be in the marching band for the
fall season. Everyone is counting on you. In order to have successful marching band
rehearsals and performances, it is essential that we have full attendance. The
absence of one person not only affects that person, but also the entire group.
The critical factors of uniformity, balance, precision, spacing and alignment cannot be
improved or maintained with absences. Students must bring an excuse note from
parents for any absences.

UNEXCUSED ABSENCE: Unexcused absence from a performance is unacceptable and
results in automatic dismissal from the marching band. Unexcused absence from a
rehearsal will result in removal from the next performance on the first offense. A
second unexcused absence from rehearsal will result in automatic dismissal from the
marching band. Absences, tardiness or leaving early because of work or homework are
not excused.

LEGITIMATE EXCUSES:          Legitimate excuses for rehearsal absences are illness,
accident/emergency, family vacation, serious illness/death in the family, and doctor‟s
appointments. If possible, contact the band office (439-3511) to leave a message prior
to an absence from a rehearsal or performance. A request to be excused from a
future event must be turned in at least two weeks prior to the date and will be
considered by the director, pending the legitimacy of the case presented.

school activities twice a month, but you must report to band rehearsal by 3:30 PM.
Bring a note signed by the activity sponsor.

ASK: If you are not sure or have a request, problem, or question, ask one of the
directors before the event occurs.

                       Centerville Jazz Band Fees

Marching Band fees for 2009 are:
                            Musicians                                      $700.00/student
                            Color Guard                                    $775.00/student
Color Guard fees include certain additional personal uniform items (unitard, shoes, etc.),

Every student (musicians and color guard)                                  $75/student
is required to sell 15 Band Calendars

“Pay to Participate” co-curricular activities fee                          $60/student
to be billed through Centerville City Schools

Musicians must wear a specific kind of black marching athletic shoe. The cost is
approximately $30 in 2009, and should be paid for by check to the Uniforms
Coordinator. Make checks payable to Centerville Band Boosters.

“Calendar sales” is the only mandatory fund-raising project in which all Marching
Band members must participate.          It is recommended, however, that students
participate in other fund-raising projects. These are the easiest way for students to
generate ALL of their required band fees. For more details on Fees see the Treasurer‟s
“Overview” In this Handbook. There can be no refunds on band fees or sales credit.

                   2009 Jazz Band Directors
               Director                               Brandon Barrometti
               Assistant Director                     Josh Baker
               Percussion Director                    Tim Fairbanks
               Color Guard Director                   Jodi Fairbanks

                  2009 BAND CAMP INFORMATION

This is the first time the whole band works intensively on the 2009 competition show.
It is the key element in establishing the positive attitude and team spirit that is the
hallmark of the JAZZ. Incoming freshmen and rookies be prepared to work, march,
perform and ...have a great time; YOU‟RE GONNA LOVE THE JAZZ!!!

DATES:              Tuesday, July 21st through Friday, July 24th
RESIDENCE:          Miami University, Morris Hall
NOT PROVIDED: Sheets, pillowcases, pillows, one blanket, towels,                      and
              washcloths should be brought by each band member
                    NIGHT. The check will be returned (or destroyed – tell your student
                    your preference) after your key is returned. You will be given a Miami
                    University lanyard to hold the key. If the key is lost, your deposit is
                    kept, and an additional $25.00 will be charged by Miami. This is strict
                    University policy.
ROOM WALLS:         ONLY “Keene-Tac” white color, or E-Z CLIPS on the dorm walls.
                    ABSOLUTLEY NO TAPE! Since the band is fined for use of tape,
                    students who use tape will be billed for that fine. In addition, those
                    who use tape will make his or her room ineligible for the room
                    decoration contest. Room decorating is, however, optional.
SPENDING $:         Bring extra money for pizzas and pop etc., but not much. Pizza can be
                    pre-purchased on July 20th, or on dessert night.
BRING:              One labeled suitcase, suntan lotion, mosquito spray, band tour shirt
                    and black shorts, one cool weather marching outfit (It‟s cool in the
                    morning), hot weather practice clothes, marching tennis shoes (not
                    new), toilet articles, deodorant, swimsuit (optional), snacks that need
                    no refrigeration, alarm clock, WATER JUGS*, coins for vending
                    machines, and an extra blanket if you have room (the air conditioning
                    can run very cold in the dorm).

DON‟T BRING:       Fans, expensive stereo equipment, skateboards or anything of great
                   value. Students are strongly discouraged from using cell phones at
                   camp. Cell phones are easily lost. Students have also been known to
                   stay up after “lights out” and text when they should be sleeping.
                   Please talk to your band members about how much rest they need to
                   be ready for each day.
COMMUNICATION: If there is important information that needs to be communicated from
               a parent to a student, the parent should contact the head chaperone,
               Nancy Nichols at (937)422-6187. If bad news is being delivered to a
               student, the chaperones want to make sure and help that the student
               if needed. If a student contacts a parent because they are having a
               problem, again, please contact Nancy Nichols so that the chaperones
               can help that student.
TRANSPORTATION: Transportation to Miami U. is provided on school buses. Students ARE
                NOT permitted to drive there. Transportation from band camp is the
                parents‟ responsibility after the parents‟ show, approximately 5:00 PM
                on Friday, July 24th. Since time may vary, please come early. We
                cannot guarantee a time.

PARKING:           Park anywhere near the dorm. Illegal parking will be ticketed
                   (yellow curbs, grass, etc.). Bring lawn chair or blanket for visitor
                   seating. Parking passes will be given out at Kick-Off Night, Dessert
                   Night, or the first day of practice

DIRECTIONS:        Take I-75 south to route 63 (Monroe Exit). Turn west (right) on
                   63 to Route 4 north. Go north (right) on Route 4 to Route 73
                   west (Trenton). Turn left toward Trenton at the end of the ramp.
                   Take 73 West to Miami U. When entering the University, turn left
                   on Patterson, then 1st right on Spring St., then 1st left on Maple
                   Ave. Morris Hall and the Field are on the left halfway down the
                   street. On the trip home, go through Trenton on Route 73 until you
                   reach the traffic light where McDonald‟s, CVS Pharmacy, & 2 gas
                   stations are located. Get in the left lane. Turn left onto Route 4
                   South after the light. Be cautious if using this ramp as the exit and
                   entrance ramps run side by side and this is a very tight curve. Be
                   aware that the ramps connecting Routes 63, 4 & 73 are fairly tight and
                   reduced speed is vital when using the entrance and exit ramps. We
                   strongly encourage this route and we strongly discourage anyone from
                   staying late on Thursday Senior night.       Families, if your plans
                   absolutely require you to be around campus Thursday night, we
                   respectfully REQUEST that you stay in an Oxford hotel, and not drive
                   back to Centerville in the dark.

                   BAND MEMBERS NEED WATER!!!


                     BRING A GALLON SIZE WATER JUG!

                 2009-2010 Performance Highlights

Marching Band
  July 20-31                     Summer Band Camp (July 21-24 at Miami University)
  Wednesday, Jul 29              Soaring Sounds
  Saturday, Sep 5                Practice & Northmont Premier
  Monday, Sep 7                  Holiday at Home Parade - Kettering - morning
  Saturday, Sep 12               Kings Contest
  Saturday, Sep 26               Bellbrook Contest
  Saturday, Oct 4                BOA Centerville Regional, Centerville, OH
  Saturday, Oct 10               Homecoming – No practice or Competition
  Fri-Sat, Oct 16-17             BOA St Louis Super Regional, Edward Jones Dome,
                                 St Louis, MO
  Saturday, Oct 24               Mason Contest
  Wednesday, Oct 28              Pops Concert, “Sounds of the Stadium”, Performing Arts Center
  Saturday, Oct 31               Centerville Invitational
  Saturday, Nov 7                BOA Indianapolis Regional, Lucas Oil Stadium, Ind., IN
  November 12-15                 BOA Grand Nationals, Lucas Oil Stadium, Ind., IN

Jazz Ensembles
  Tuesday, Feb. 23               Jazz Ensemble Concert
  Tuesday, Feb. 25               Jazz Ensemble Concert (Fine Arts Week)
  Friday, May 28                 Jazz on the Lawn

Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Symphony
  Tuesday, Oct. 20               Solo & Ensemble Recital (Concert Band, Symphonic Band, Wind Sym.)
  Wednesday, Dec 3               Band Concert (Concert Band, Symphonic Band & Concert Orchestra)
  Wednesday, Dec 16              Holiday Festival, Performing Arts Center, CHS (Wind Symphony)
  Saturday, Jan 16               OMEA Distric 12 Honor Band (optional)
  Saturday, Jan 23               OMEA Solo & Ensemble Contest (optional)
  Wednesday, March 3             Centerville Band Festival & Concert, Performing Arts Center, CHS
  Friday and Saturday, Mar 5-6   OMEA Large Group Contest (Concert, Symphonic, Wind Symphony)
  Thursday, May 13               Band Awards Night
  Thursday, May 27               Band Concert (Fine Arts Week – Concert, Symphonic, Wind Symphony)

Other Events
  Saturday, March TBA            MEPA Contest All Day at CHS
  Saturday, March TBA            MEPA Percussion Championships at CHS
  Thu – Sat, April 8-10          WGI Color Guard World Championships – UD Arena
  Thu – Sat, April 15-17         WGI Percussion World Championships – UD Arena

                             JAZZ Dictionary
Americana Parade      The Centerville-Washington Township Fourth of July Parade - Only
                      Summer performance ALL MEMBERS PERFORM.

Awards Night          All participants in sponsored Band programs are recognized and
                      honored. (Held in May)

BOA                   Bands of America is the organization which sanctions and conducts
                      Regional and National High School Marching Band competitions.

Band Bulletin Board   Located just outside the Band room.
                      A "Must See" for all students, parents, and Boosters.

Band Fees             Fees assessed to each Band participant to help defray the various
                      operation expenses. Defined and specified for each group.

Band Sticker          The oval black and gold or yellow CHS Band sticker, invariably seen in
                      the rear window of band member and Booster vehicles.

Big Trip              A once-every-four-year trip by the JAZZ and JAZZ "groupies" to sunny
                      climes for P, R, & R (performing, rest, and relaxation).

Board Meetings        Monthly meetings of the Centerville Band Boosters, Inc. Executive
                      Board. Open to all Boosters. Time and place announced on website.

Buttons               Picture buttons of performing members and "name" buttons bearing
                      Booster's names and JAZZ "section". Helps to put a name with a face
                      or match a parent to a student.

Cabinets                   Large metal traveling wheeled closets containing uniforms and
                           maintenance items needed to dress the Jazz for performances. This
                           is where uniforms are kept. They never go home.

Cabinet Parent             Someone who helps members into and out of their uniforms. They
                           are responsible for the uniforms during performance season.

Calendar                   Annual community Calendar/July fundraiser.         Boosters do total
                           production from ad sales through layout, printing and sale.

Calendar Blitz             A single, all-out sales event targeting the entire community with
                           calendar sales. Participation of all members is REQUIRED.

CBB Jazz News              E-mail communication used to pass along important announcements.

Centerville Invitational   Name of a local band competition held at Centerville High School
                           Stadium.    Formerly known as the Mid-States Band Association
                           contest. Also a means of fundraising.

Check-Offs                 Verification by squad/section leaders that a member has mastered
                           elements of the performance (music, drill, etc.).

Checkbook                  Seemingly mandatory survival gear for all Boosters. Used to pay for
                           personal/lost uniform items, tickets, T-shirts, food, spirit booth items,
                           etc. Don't leave home without it.

Chili Supper               Pre-performance social affair at CHS, family catered.       Senior Jazz
                           members serve ice cream.

Color Guard                Non-instrumental members of the JAZZ, often known simply as the
                           "Guard". Dances and performs with rifles, sabers, flags, and much,
                           much more.

Mini-camps                 Initial training sessions for members held prior to Band Camp.

Concert Band               Open to 9th- and 10th -grade students demonstrating a reasonable
                           level of instrumental proficiency.       Performs concerts and other
                           functions, studies variety of music/skills/theory for course credit.

DCI                        Drum Corps International, a sanctioning and governing organization
                           for private marching corps. Events run through summer.

Dr. Beat                   Electronic metronome device, used for marching practice.            (NOT
                           normally used as an instrument of torture.)

Dressers             Help performers into and out-of uniforms/costumes. See also Cabinet

Drill Books          Booklet showing movements and positions for field drill. Mark field
                     position to which each member moves during a performance. Each
                     member needs to supply a notebook for drill pages.

Drivers              Daredevil stunt parents who perform "tractor/trailer" tricks with the
                     Band Equipment trailer to the awe and edification of all who see.
                     These drivers are CDL licensed and certified to drive heavy vehicles to
                     where ever the JAZZ may go.

Early                Showing up MORE THAN 15 minutes before the scheduled time of a
                     Band practice or event.

Email                How to get the most up to the minute Information regarding anything
                     regarding band or booster activities. (

Ensemble             Various performing "sub-groups" of the Centerville Bands. Consist of
                     selected instruments playing specially arranged music.

Event Coordinator    Parent/Booster in over-all charge of running a particular Band event.

Flats                1) Props used during performance consisting of decorated fabric
                     stretched over a variety of portable frames
                     2) Full container of flowers in the Spring Flower Fundraiser.

Gauntlet             Part of marching band uniform, worn at the wrist.

General Meeting      Meeting intended for all Band Boosters: Held quarterly. Elections are
                     held at the December meeting.

Going To The Truck   Opportunity to congratulate the Band members after a performance
                     at a competition and to get up to the minute information on what's
                     next. Meet where ever the truck is parked.

Holiday-At-Home     Labor Day parade and festivities in Kettering.      One of the first
                    performances of the new band season.

Hootch              Brick house in middle of south parking lots. Holds miscellaneous
                    outsized Band equipment. The place where staff climbs up to get a
                    better look at the drill. Refer to The Tower.

Ice Cream Social    Centerville-Washington Township Fire Department fund raiser. Band
                    members and Boosters provide service assistance. Our community
                    service project.

Jazz clothing       Normally, slippery tights, Umbro shorts, and black T-shirt. Designed
                    to aid the rapid on/off of uniforms. Can also serve as billboard space
                    for special Band talents and Tour information.

Jazz I, II, III     Ensembles that practice after school, once competition season is over.
                    Groups decided by audition. Musical focus includes Jazz, Funk, and

Jazz on the Lawn    Outdoor jazz concert at CHS during Fine Arts Week in May (NOT
                    where to find your Band member after a show).

Late                Defined as arriving AT the scheduled time of an event or practice.

Mickey and Minnie   Special Jazz Band member/mascots that travel to big competitions for
                    good luck complete with their musical and guard uniforms.

MTX                 Black marching shoes purchased through FJM, Inc. 439-1121

Nationals           The BOA Grand National Competition, held in Indianapolis at the
                    Lucas Oil Stadium, usually in mid- November.

Northmont Premier   Local field performance of bands at Northmont High School stadium
                    (Englewood, Ohio), in early September. Not an adjudicated event (no
                    judges). One of the first public field performances of the competition
                    show of the new season.

OMEA                   Ohio Music Educators Association

On-Time                Defined as being present 15 minutes BEFORE the start of a
                       scheduled event or practice.

One Call Now           Automated phone message system.

Parka                  All weather uniform-coat issued to marching members to protect
                       them from the elements; rain insurance.

Parka Bag              An accessory item to the Jazz wardrobe that contains parka for each
                       member in case of inclement weather conditions. It is also a place to
                       stow gloves, band shoes, and miscellaneous gear at a competition or

Pay-To-Participate     Mandatory participation fee dictated by school board for all extra-
                       curricular activities and clubs at CHS. Mail in or pay at the athletic

Pep Band               Group of Band students that plays at CHS basketball games; better
                       known as BBPB and starts after competition season.

Pit Crew               The loosely organized, "crack" squad of "jacks of all trades." Adept at
                       all forms of mechanical construction, wood fabrication, electrical
                       power feats of wonder, and audio magic. They see to it that the
                       logistics are in place before the Jazz goes on.

Poinsettia Sale        November/December fund raiser sale of Christmas poinsettia flowers.

Pops Concert           The indoor performance by the Centerville Jazz Band and school
                       concert bands in October.

Recognition Assembly   All-school Awards Assembly at end of school year.

Regionals              BOA competitions during the fall tour that are identified by city in
                       which held.

Reserve Member   Marching band member performs in parades and football pre-game
                 shows but will not have a full time position in the competition show.
                 Attends all performances, trips, rehearsals, and band camp. Slightly
                 reduced rehearsal schedule when school begins.

Retreads         Experienced Rookie parents with a younger student joining band as a
                 first year member (see rookie) but who have been around the block
                 with older siblings in band before.

Rookie Buddy     Veteran family assigned to shepherd new Band members and their
                 families through their first band year.

Rookie Night     Meeting for incoming Rookies (freshman and transfers) and their
                 parents to meet, indoctrinate, and communicate with Rookie Buddies.

Rookies          First-year members in the CHS bands. They may be freshman,
                 transfer, or any first-year band member upperclassman.

Run-Through      Complete performance of marching show usually near the end of
                 practice. The main reason parents arrive early to pick up kids and
                 catch the show.

Sails            Same as Flats (see above). Also what Pit Crew members try to
                 prevent Flats from becoming in high winds.

Send-Offs        Spectacular decorations, goodies, etc. found in band hallway usually
                 put together by dedicated parents before Regional and National
                 competitions. Known to spark enthusiasm and add spirit to the
                 excitement of major competitions.

Senior Dinner    A special dinner for seniors at Band Camp.

Set              1) Exact location in a marching formation
                 2) During practice, "set" means "ready".

Skit Night       Stage show prior to Grand Nationals in conjunction with send-off put
                 on by parents rounding out band season with a twist.

Soaring Sounds   A DCI sanctioned summer performance held at CHS stadium. The
                 only fully Parent/Booster run Fund raiser.

Spirit Booth     Sales booth of Jazz paraphernalia open at competitions, football
                 games, and major Booster gatherings.

Spring Flowers   "Annuals" sold during the Spring Flower fund raiser.

Squad Leaders    Upperclassmen leaders of individual Jazz sections; responsible for
                 smaller instrumental groupings or other squads.
Symphonic Band        Open to 9th- through 12th-grade students demonstrating a higher
                      level of instrumental proficiency. Performs at concerts and other
                      functions. Studies a variety of music/skills/theory for credit

Uniform Fitting Day   Designated day for band members to be fitted for uniforms. Hats,
                      pants, coat, parkas, etc. are fitted, numbered and stored in uniform
                      cabinets/hat boxes. Numbers are assigned, parka bags distributed,
                      and individual pictures taken.

Uniforms              The Jazz performance, competition, and football game attire.

Veteran               Any member who has survived a season from Band Camp to Awards

WGI                   Winter Guard International, sanctioning body of Winter Guard events
                      and competitions.

Waterings             Specially trained and motivated Parent/Boosters provide liquid
                      sustenance at performances and competitions.


Wednesday Sheet       Latest information concerning Jazz events for the weekend; Often
                      contains critical information.    Always contains place and time
                      information. !!! NOT for Student Eyes ONLY!!!

Wed/Thurs Nights      Weekly practice sessions that afford the Boosters the chance to
                      gather and see run-throughs of the show. Much Ticket, Spirit Booth,
                      and Booster business is transacted here with money and products
                      often seen changing hands in the parking lot under low light
                      conditions. THE place to get the latest and greatest Jazz information.
                      !!!NOT for "insiders" ONLY!!!

Wind Symphony         Premier performing band for 10th- through 12th-grade students who
                      achieve the highest proficiency on their instrument. Taken at CHS for
                      credit, performs concerts throughout the school year. Students
                      selected by Director.
Winter Guard          Indoor performance and competition group, active during winter
                      months after marching season. (See WGI above).

Winter Percussion   Indoor performance and competition group of percussion and
                    electronic instrumentalists, active in the winter months after marching
                    band season.

Wrapping Paper      Fund raiser conducted in August-September selling high quality gift
                    wrapping papers and supplies.

X                   Is for the most X-citing band in the country

Y                   Y??? Because we love the Jazz!!!

Z                   The first letter in Z-Z-A-J, which is what the boosters spell before
                    each performance (when viewed from the back row).


We the undersigned have read and understand the entire Centerville High
School Band and Centerville Band Boosters 2009-2010 Handbook.

Student Band Member: __________________ Date: ____________
                                    (sign name)

                                    (print name)

Parent or Guardian: ___________________                                  Date: ____________
                                    (sign name)

                                    (print name)

Please print this page and bring to Mr. Barrometti in the band room office by July 3, 2009.


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