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					                                        A Student Produced Publication of                                      Issue №. 3

                            Goodpasture Christian School                                                                Oc
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           A Hollywood Homecoming                                    by: Matthew Johnson, Editor-in-Chief

       L    ights! Camera! Action! The evening was alive with
excitement on homecoming on October 26 with a Hollywood
theme. Homecoming is always a huge highlight of the school
year and this year was no different. During the school day
students enjoyed a fantastic parade. After the parade, students
were pumped up for the homecoming football game with an
amazing pep rally. It was a night for alumni and students alike.
Shortly before the homecoming ceremonies started, Goodpasture
alumni and their families enjoyed the annual alumni barbecue.
Star-struck homecoming queen Lauren Gregory and her court all
thought the night to be chilly, but very exciting. Truly, the cold
did not put a damper on anyone’s night as Goodpasture won the
game against Coffee County and excitement filled the air.               Court attendants left to right: Macy Gregory, Brittany English, Lindsey
                                                                         Marlin, Katlyn Bobo, Kelsey Sauer, Brittany Melvin, Christi Taylor
Cougar Day Is a Hit with Everyone                                                    Homecoming queen (center): Lauren Gregory
                                                  by: Sara Luckett, Staff Writer
        From children’s games to the live auction,
there was something for everyone at Cougar Day.
The day was filled with excitement and interest-
ing activities. Several new activities were added                                            Student Life               pages 2-3
to Cougar Day this year, such as the Goodpasture
Marketplace. The Marketplace allowed small
businesses to sell items like purses, jewelry, or
home decorations. Many shoppers really enjoyed                                               Social Life                pages 4-5
this new attraction. Another new addition to Cou-
gar Day was the “Hole-in-One Truck Give-Away.”
This give-away allowed contestants to try to make                                            Sports                     pages 6-7
a hole-in-one to win a brand-new Toyota Tacoma. Danielle Moffitt paints a young lady’s
        Along with these new activities were some       nails at a booth at Cougar Day
old Cougar Day traditions. One of these was the silent auction. Each Goodpasture fam-
ily donated two auction items and a baked good. This year’s silent auction had a variety     Ads n’ Extras page 8
of items, so it was easy to find something for everyone. Another area that was a favorite
                                                                                                 Cook up a spooky Halloween this
among shoppers was the Cougar Den. This was where shoppers could purchase Goodpas-
ture apparel such as sweatshirts and T-shirts.                                                   year with Halloween recipes!
        For children, there were many different games. Many kids said that their favorite                    inside on pg. 4

was the dunking booth. Throughout the day, different teachers and high school students           First Grade goes to Gentry
participated in the dunking booth. For everyone that participated in the activities, Cougar
Day was a lot of fun. Cougar Day is a Goodpasture tradition that will last for many years.       Farm        more inside on pg. 3
Student Life                                                                             Monthly Bible Verse:

                                                                                         “Therefore lay aside all filthiness and
                                                                                         overflow of wickedness, and receive
Theatre at Goodpasture                                                                   with meekness the implanted word,
                                                                                         which is able to save your souls.”
                          by: Bridgette Schwarz, Staff Writer
                                                                                                                    • James 1:21
        Earlier this month Goodpasture performed the all school production
of Annie. There were three performances, two evening shows open to the
public, and one on Friday, October 19th for the student body. The show
was a great success and had a lot of positive feedback. The cast included
over seventy students that practiced three days a week for two months in
order to have a wonderful play. This was Ms.Orr’s first play as a direc-
tor and she and everyone else involved did an amazing job. I asked Senior
Jenny Roden, who participated in the play, how she felt now that the play
was over, “I’m gonna miss it a lot, but I’m excited to have a little more free
time now. We should have another in the spring. There were six seniors
who took part in the school play this year: Gale Robinson, Jenny Roden,
Matthew Johnson, Bridgette Schwarz, Chris Willis, and Brendon Bowers.
It was an amazing experience and although the practices did get strenuous
once it was show time, it all paid off. I feel it is safe to say all cast members will remember this play for a long time to come. Thanks
to everyone who took time to come and see the play and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. If anyone would like a DVD of the
performance they will also be available for sale soon!

Student of the Month by: Tiffany Hibbs, Staff Writer
       This month’s student of the month is senior Darren Rager. Darren has attended Goodpasture
since Pre-K. With hobbies such as weight lifting, it’s no question that his favorite part of the school
happens to be the weight room in the field house. He also tells us that his favorite teacher over these
14 years at school has been Mrs. Heintzman. Some out of school interests of Darren’s include import
cars, metal and hard-core music, and long romantic walks on the beach. In his free time, Darren en-
joys going to the gym and hanging out with friends. “I personally like to just kick it old school with
the boys,” he says. Some other of Darren’s favorites include:
                              Band: Suicide Silence                           Colors: red and black
                              Food: Steak from Kobe’s Steakhouse              Sport: power lifting

Marching to Another Victory! by: Hillary Smith, Staff Writer
        The Marching Cougars have had an awesome season thus far. The drum line, instructed by Jonathon Mann, has won first at their
first two competitions. On October 13th, they not only won first in their class, but they also won first overall, beating out 20 other drum
lines. The color guard, instructed by Lori Gaskins, and band both won second place at their first two competitions. At Forest High School
on October 13th the guard won first out of six in their class, and the band placed third. “Every section has definitely been excelling, as
proven by the competition scores,” says Mr. Baker.”As a whole things are going quite well.”
                The band program has many exciting things that are coming, in the near future. There will be winter guard tryouts on No-
vember 12, 13, and 15. This years winter guard will not only be instructed by Lori Gaskins, but also by Brian Glisson. If you are interest-
        ed in trying out for winter guard, you can talk to Mr. Baker, Hillary Smith, or Mary Elise. There will also be a Concert Band that

2       will be performing several concerts. There will be a Jazz Band, which was a big hit last year. In the spring there will be Percussion
        and Chamber Ensembles. These Ensembles will be performing a few concerts.
Student Life
First Grade Fun     by: Chelsey Tompkins, Assistant Editor

        The first grade took a trip Gentry’s Farm this month.
Gentry’s Farm is a family owned farm in Franklin, Tennes-
see that is filled with many fun and interesting activities the
children enjoyed. First, they went on a hay ride around the
beautiful farm. They then went through a maze in the shape
of a spider web. Many children enjoyed seeing the baby
calves because they were “very cute.” When asked about her
favorite part, Madisyn Lewis replied, “We saw some hens.”
Also, a young girl named Emma stated that they “went and
played in the barn.” The first graders learned many things
                                               on their field
                                               trip. One main
                                               fact that was
                                               discovered by
                                               our young Goodpasturians was that a pumpkin starts out as a little yellow flower. To find
                                               the baby pumpkin, they had to search for the vine it connected to first. Also, they learned
                                               that pumpkins can be green, white, or orange. The children seemed to really like this field
                                               trip and hope to go on more in the near future.
                                                    Not only have they been busy with a wonderful field trip, but also they
                                                have been keeping up with their homework! They have been working hard on their
  A group of first grade students playing in the math and reading skills and writing many short stories. Keith Biggs, a first grad-
er       Country Café at Gentry’s Farm           in Mrs. Wolfe’s class, wrote a wonderful story. Here is the adorable story:
“I liek to jup in a pil fo lees. I haf fun juping inot a pil fo lees. I hrt my botum my mom got mad.”
(I like to jump in a pile of leaves. I have fun jumping in a pile of leaves. I hurt my bottom and my mom got mad.)
        It looks as if the first grade is having a lot of fun so far this year. All of the first grade is going to be a part of the Christmas
play, with the rest of the elementary. They have started working on the many songs they will be singing for this production. Keep up
the good work, first grade!

All About the Middle School                    by: Katie Sealy, Staff Writer
        So far this year, the Middle School has been very busy. The fifth and sixth grades have already gone to see the play “The Witch
of Blackbird Pond” - a play about the witch hunts of days past - and have come back with a good report. Also, many of the students in
grades fifth through eighth performed in the Annie Jr. play, which was presented to the student body on October 19.
        This past month, the sixth grade helped on Cougar Day in the Haunted House and coming up on November 1 is the Open House
which they’ve been helping out with over the month. On November 9 is “Grand Day.” The Middle School will have the chance to write
poems or short paragraphs about their grandparents and a few will be picked to be read in front of everyone.
        Some of the grades will be going to Tom Joy to give presents to their individual “friends” and then seeing them later on for Valen-
tine’s Day. Also, the seventh and eighth grades will be delivering Christmas presents to students in Stratton Elementary.
        This year, there have been three new additions to the teaching staff. Ms. Krantz - the new seventh grade science teacher
(not really new to the school, but new to seventh grade), Ms. King - the new eighth grade science teacher, and Coach Harrison -
the new fifth through eighth grade physical education teacher.                                                                         3
Social Life
Halloween Recipe: Spiders
            by: Hillary Smith, Staff Writer                                       Turn your stove to medium heat. Place
                                                                          your morsels in a large sauce pan and place it
   Ingredients:                                                           on the stove. Stir constantly. When melted,
                                                                          remove from heat. Immediately add noodles
          1 large can of chow mein noodles                                and peanuts. Mix well so all is coated. Take a
          1 cup of peanuts, halved                                        tablespoon of the mixture, and drop it onto the
          1 12 ounce bag of butterscotch or chocolate chip morsels        wax paper. Let set until hard. Then enjoy!
          wax paper

Halloween Book Pick: Blood and Chocolate                                             Movie Review:
                                          by: Katie Sealy, Staff Writer

                             What if, instead of leading the life of a normal
                           person, you could have the gift - or curse, de-                             by: Chris Willis, Staff Writer
                           pending on how yo looked at it - of becoming                   Transformers
                           something more than human? What if. those that         was a box office hit
                           were unlike you feared the creature that you be-       bringing in a cool
                           come? What if? In Annette Curtis Klause’s book         $147 million. It was
                           Blood and Chocolate, she answers that question.        recently released on
                             In the book, we follow Vivian Gandillon as she       DVD and HD-DVD
                           goes through many trials. Born a werewolf, she         and is definitely
                           has the ability to shed her human skin for some-       worth buying. Trans-
                           thing more in tune with her true nature. Sixteen       formers has some-
                           years old, strong physically and mentally, she’s       thing for everyone
                           the target of many of the male werewolves af-
                                                                                  including: action,
                           fections, and she wants none of it. No longer
                                                                                  drama, thrills, cars,
                           feeling like a part of the pack after the death of a
                                                                                  and romance. Shia
                           loved one, she seeks comfort elsewhere. Forbid-
                                                                                  LaBeouf stars as the
                           den affection for a “meat boy” could have her
                                                                                  main protagonist
                           exposing more and risking more lives than just
                                                                                  of the movie and
                           her own. And after a brutal murder, her loyalties
                                                                                  does a tremendous
                          are divided. But what do you do when you don’t
                                                                                  job with the role,
know where you belong? What’s left when everything you once knew has
                                                                                  winning himself an award and many nominations. Who
been taken from you? And what really tastes sweeter - blood or chocolate?
       Annette Curtis Klause has done a magnificent job portraying the
                                                                                  doesn’t love a “good vs. evil” story? To make a long story
beauty and horrifying aspects of he mythical werewolf. Two of her oth-            short, the Decepticons, led by Megatron, are trying to find
er works are Alien Secrets and The Silver Kiss - the second I can per-            the Allspark. The Autobots, led by Optimus Prime, are the
sonally say is good, but overall, Blood and Chocolate is my favorite.             only things in the galaxy that can stop them. It becomes
                                                                                  a race between the two groups to beat the other in finding
        “... The flesh of her arms bubbled and her legs buckled to a new           the Allspark. Transformers 2 is already in the making and
shape. She [Vivian] doubled over as the muscles of her abdomen went into          is scheduled for release in June 2009. Now what are you
a brief spasm, then grimaced as her teeth sharpened and her jaw extended.         waiting on? Go see Transformers today!
         She felt the momentary pain of the spine’s crunch and then the sweet                                                    Rating: 5/5
         release. She was a creature much larger and stronger than any natu-

4        ral wolf.”
                 – excerpt from Annette Curtis Klause’s Blood and Chocolate
Social Life                                       A Look Ahead... by: Chelsey Tompkins, Assistant Editor
Photo Contest Results
              by: Shane Williams, Staff Writer
                                                 Music Events at Rocket Town:                 School Events:

    Thank you to all who entered!                November 12th: From First To Last,           November 1: First Thursday
                                                 Bless The Fall, A Sky Lit Drive,             November 2: Football- GHS vs. CPA
                                                 Vanna                                        November 4: Daylight Savings Time
                                                 November 14th: Family Force 5,               Ends
                                                 Jonezetta, The Secret Handshake              November 11: Veteran’s Day
                                                 November 17th: As I Lay Dying, All           November 17: Thanksgiving Break
                                                 That Remains, Haste The Day                  Begins
                                                 November 20th: Academy Is,                   November 22: Thanksgiving
                                                 Armor For Sleep,                             November 25: Thanksgiving Break
                                                 The Rocket Summer, Sherwood                  Ends
                                                 November 30th:                               November 28: FCA Last Wednes-
                                                 Hidden Among Heroes CD Release;              day, Chelsey’s B-day! =D
                                                 and many more!
                                                 December 27th: Through A Glass,
  1st Place: Hannah Willets, Sophomore           The Hollywood Kills,
  Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA          The Following

                                                 Falling Up                               by: Katie Sealy, Staff Writer
                                                                                             Chelsey Tompkins, Assistant Editor
                                                                                        Chapter II: “Wake Up”
                                                 1. NO COMMUNICATION WHATSOEVER
                                                 2. NO SLEEPING
                                                  Nate raised his head up off his desk as Ms. Trixton lightly tapped his head with a ruler.
                                                  “Thank you, Mr. Anber.” He rolled his eyes as she began calling out roll.
                                                 “Akon, Robert?” “Here.”
                                                 “Anber, Nate?” “Sup, Trixy.”
                                                 “Black, Carson?” “Present.”
    2nd Place: Hoyt Cowell, 8th Grade            “Moore, Derek?” “Not here!”
            Minnesota River                      “Smith, Maggie?”
                                                 Silence. Nate’s head jerked up, and he searched the room. The pretty brown headed
                                                 girl from earlier that week was no where to be seen. He glanced up at Mrs. Trixton
                                                 to find both eyebrows raised. No one had ever been late to her detention before. Nate
                                                 looked down at his notebook and prepared to go back to sleep, but just as he hit drowsi-
                                                 ness the door banged open as someone came rushing in. Nate couldn’t help but smirk
                                                 when he looked up to see thick, curly brown hair facing him. He could hear her mum-
                                                 bling something to the teacher, and then Ms. Trixton said,
                                                  “I’m sure this won’t happen again?”
                                                  “It won’t, ma’am.” Maggie’s face was down,
                                                  “You can take a seat behind Mr. Anber.” Nate pretended to fall back asleep as Mag-
                                                 gie took her place behind him but was startled when the loud sound of a book crashed
                                                 down to the floor. He turned to see Maggie’s face the color of a beet and a big brown
                                                 book on the floor.
    3rd Place: Alex Kamer, 8th Grade              “Something wrong, Miss Smith?” Ms. Trixton asked.
    Little Pigeon River, Gatlinburg, TN           “No ma’am.” Ms. Trixton’s eyebrows raised in amusement and her focus
                                                 returned to the quizzes she was grading. (continued on pg.8)                      5
Cougars Moving On       by: Eric Meador, Staff Writer
       After a tough loss against DCA people, were questioning
whether or not the Goodpasture Cougars could move on and face
adversity. They answered that question Friday night against Cof-
fee County. “These guys are huge,” was a comment made by most
of the Cougars coaching staff. Coffee County was the third 5A
school the cougars faced this year, and were by far the biggest team
they have seen, and will see. They have a 6’10, 340lb tackle and
other huge linemen. The Raiders expected to drive the ball down
the Cougars throats. “We’re going to bring it right at them, let the
cougars know they are in for a physical game. The Cougars don’t           Cougar’s defense in game vs. DCA, October 19
do well with physical football teams.” These were the Red Raiders coach’s comments about the game. Well, I’d say the Cou-
gars proved him wrong. They came out and put it on the Raiders. With a 43- 30 win the Cougars proved they could hang with
anybody. With CPA and the playoffs ahead the Cougars will stay focused on getting better each week and winning.

Golf’s Last Swing                                                by: Luke Hartman, Assistant Editor
       This was a great year for golf. The team made it very far and teammates made it even farther individually. They played
the majority of their games at Farm Lakes Riverside. The team ended their season by losing only five matches and finishing 4th
in District. They lost to CPA by two strokes. The team got along well, and everyone got a chance to play in the tournament.
The team equally improved themselves in many different ways by working on their shots; they should be
very good next year.
       I got a chance to speak with Joe David, who has been playing golf since he was four years old. He
went on individually in District to play Dylan Waters from Lipscomb. They played for Low Medalist and
Joe David won, shooting a 62 which was 8 under par! Joe David also has a two hole-in-one in his career.
Joe David is getting a full four year scholarship to the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) to play for the
Rebels. We wish good luck to Joe David and the rest of the golf team as they play in the future.

Athlete of the Month                      by: Eric Meador, Staff Writer

        All time goals in a career (88), all time goals in a season (28), and most goals in a game
(6), are just a few records that Laura Lamberth has broken. She has been one of the best soccer
players to ever come through Goodpasture. Laura has started on the Varsity Lady Cougars since
8th grade and has been an all district player since her freshman year and was named all-state her
junior year. She is also the first female soccer player to ever receive a NCAA Division I scholar-
ship. She will be attending MTSU in 2008. When asked what she likes doing outside of school
         and sports she replied, “I just like hanging out with friends.” She maintains a humble

6        Christian attitude with all that she has going on. She is just another girl outside of her
         great athletic ability.
Lady Cougars End a Memorable Season                                                                     by: Sara Luckett, Staff Writer

                                                                   In the recent 9A-AA District Tournament, the Goodpasture Lady
                                                             Cougar volleyball team showed that they were not going down without a
                                                             fight. The tournament was held at Goodpasture on October 9th and 11th.
                                                             The team easily won their first match against MLK. Then, the team played
                                                             Ezell-Harding. Ezell played a tough match against the Lady Cougars, but
                                                             Goodpasture came out on top. Next, the Lady Cougars played their toughest
                                                             competition in the tournament, the DCA Wildcats. With a slow start in the
                                                             first two games of the match, it was not looking good for the Cougars. The
                                                             team fought back with a big win in the third game. But DCA won in a heart-
                                                             breaking fourth game to claim the title of District Tournament Champions.
                                                                   Since Goodpasture placed second in the tournament, the team contin-
                                                             ued on to the Regional Tournament. The team defeated Cheatham County
                                                             and moved on to the Regional Championship. It seemed to be the same sce-
                                                             nario. The Lady Cougars would face the DCA Wildcats, again. Losing first
                                                             two games of the match, Goodpasture had to fight hard in the third game.
                                                             The game was tied at 23, but DCA managed to pull out another win.
                                Photo courtesy:         Again, both DCA and Goodpasture continued their seasons entering
 The Lady Cougars discuss their next strategy as they face into sub-state games.
               off against Page High School                        The Lady Cougars played Page at Page High School on October 18th.
                                                           Goodpasture took a devastating loss in the first game. The team fought back
keeping the second and third games close, but Page took the win in the third game.
       The team says they had an excellent season. Both the players and coaches felt like this season was one that they will never forget.
Lead by seniors Jessica Williamson and Tiffany McNamee, the Lady Cougars team definitely left a high standard for next year’s team.

Bowling Team: Still Undefeated                                             by: Chris Willis, Staff Writer
  I believe we can all agree that Goodpasture focuses much of its energy on sports, but what sport doesn’t get talked about
much? We all hear about the football team and most people go to the football games. Take a moment and think though,
when is the last time you heard about the bowling team? Heard any announcements about supporting the bowling team?
When do you think the next dress up day will be for a bowling match? Well I will have you know, the bowling team is un-
defeated so far this year. Last year they made it to regionals and have even higher expectations for this year. I asked Justin
Dicken’s to describe the bowling team in one word and the word he chose was “awesome”. Don’t be surprised to see the
bowling team go far with the talent they have. Championship year? Time will tell. Good luck team.

                “Kickin’ It”                  by: Hillary Smith, Staff Writer
        The Lady Cougar’s Soccer Team had their most successful season this year. The girls ended their season with 10 wins, 2 ties, and
3 losses. The Lady Cougars even made it to Districts where they played Lipscomb and only lost by one goal. Junior Briley Collins feels,
“we could have made it to State and won with our great teamwork.”
        The Lady Cougars also had many individual accomplishments. Four girls, Laura Lamberth, Briley Collins, Courtney Wisemen,
and Fayla Junior, made All District. For All District Coaches get together and pick players to represent their district. These players are
girls who played hard and made a difference.
        Senior Laura Lamberth had many accomplishments this year. Laura broke the all time goal record for girls and guys at
Goodpasture. Laura also got a full scholarship to Middle Tennessee State University where she will play soccer in the fall.
        Congratulations to the girl’s soccer team for such a great season, and hope for another great one next year!                     7
                        A HollywoodrHomecoming
                               Octobe 26, 2007

                                            Falling Up (continued from pg. 5)
                                                   Maggie had tried to stop the book from falling. She really had. It was a sur-
                                            prise to her that she wasn’t sprawled out on the floor, too, but a miracle had kept her in
         Cougar’s Paw Staff                 her seat. She stood up and walked as quietly as she could to get her book - it had just
        THE COUGAR’S PAW IS A PUBLICATION   happened to slide half way across the room. Everyone sat in silence and stared at the
                                            clock. Tick-tock. Tick-tock. She almost jumped out of her skin when a wadded up
OF    GOODPASTURE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL, 619     note dropped on her desk. With a glance at Ms. Trixton, she unfolded the note. It read,
     DUE WEST AVENUE, MADISON, TENNESSEE.   What’re you in for? She kept herself from laughing. I was late. She wrote back.
                                            Maggie leaned forward and slid the note under Nate’s elbow which was casually leaning
                                            on the desk. She felt herself blush when he turned around with his eyebrows raised and
     Matthew Johnson - Editor-in-Chief      mouthed, “Seriously?” He handed the note back to her and she wrote, Why are you in
     Chelsey Tompkins - Assistant Editor           She passed it back and waited impatiently. When it landed square in the center of
      Luke Hartman - Assistant Editor       her desk, she unfolded it quietly and read, I was late to class, too. Kind of. She wrote,
                                            Kind of? Maggie received many glances when she snorted and covered with a cough,
          Chris Willis - Staff Writer       Yeah, kind of. I was “late” - as in skipping.
                                                   They continued to pass the note back and forth for a while until Ms. Trixton took
       Bridgette Schwarz - Staff Writer
                                            it up without reading it and threw it away. Maggie had just read, Hey would you...
         Eric Meador - Staff Writer         When Ms. Trixton dismissed them, Nate waited on Maggie to gather her things and then
         Sara Luckett - Staff Writer        followed her to her locker. As she carefully put her things away, he leaned on the one
         Tiffany Hibbs - Staff Writer       next to her and said with a hint of a stutter,
          Katie Sealy - Staff Writer               “D-do you want to go to Cal’s Diner with me?” She felt her face redden again
        Shane Williams - Staff Writer       and she was about to answer when a pretty blonde girl came to the locker in between
                                            Maggie and Nate. She turned to face Nate and said to him as if Maggie wasn’t there,
         Hillary Smith - Staff Writer
                                            “What time will you be picking me up?”
                                                   As soon as Ashley had started speaking, Maggie turned around and left. Her first
       Daniel Johnson - Photographer        week in and things were already headed down hill. She was almost to the big double
                                            doors when Nate caught up with her.
           Amber Mills - Advisor                   “So, what time will I be picking you up?” he asked, breathlessly, having
                                            had to run through the halls to find her. Impatiently, he awaited her answer.
                                                           Find out next month if Maggie went, or stayed home!!!              8

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