Spartan Workout Secrets by healthking

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									                           Spartan Workout Secrets

1. Keep your diet simple

Eat throughout the day, but only in small portions. This ensures that you keep a surplus of
energy for when its exercise time. Instead of always eating heavy things, make sure that
you make at least one of your meals a fruit buffet.

Then consider eating a large salad with your choice of toppings. This will fill you up and
give your muscles an extra boost, plus many vegetables contain calcium, which as a
calming agent will help you get the sleep that you need for the next day.

A steady diet of chicken and fish a few times throughout the week is also ideal. When
combined with brown rice, its not only lean but filling and will give you more energy

If you can, consider drinking a glass of milk with some of your meals. This will fill you
up, without you having to gorge yourself.

Keep a large mug of water by your side at all times, and keep refilling it. Drinking lots of
juice is also extremely beneficial - don't forget your essential vitamins as well.

2. Working the lower body

If you want to really get the best out of a Spartan workout, make sure that you work your
legs. Step up boxes with a small set of dumbbells can do wonders, along with squats and
lunges. You don't even really need weights to get started with these.

Running or walking is also very good, as any of these exercises cause necessary
hormones for muscle growth to be released into the body, which over time will help you
get a bigger and better upper body.

3. Pull up bars

A pull up bar is really a must. You can get one for cheap just about anywhere. They can
also be installed and used for pushups and sit ups.

There are plenty of different pull up techniques for a complete workout, and the
movements themselves are natural and very beneficial, and can be fun.

Make sure that if your bar comes with brackets for your doorway that you do install
them. You could have a major accident if you don't.
4. Aerobics

Its very important that you not always focus on building muscle. Flexibility is a must.
Make sure that you always stretch well before any Spartan workout, and that are doing
something that is simply free weight movement throughout the week.

Martial arts, dancing, hopscotch - doesn't matter. If you've ever seen a football player
running through a series of car tires, then you should know why this is so important.

The idea is to maximize all sorts of movements.

5. The Olympian mindset

Train with low reps, high weight. You want to shock the muscles, but unfortunately a lot
of people over-do it. Most people lift wrong, not maximizing the movement, and they do
too many movements that overwork the muscles and don't show results.

You want to pump the blood. You don't want to pump your ego. This is basically strength
training like an Olympian athlete.

Looking good is a byproduct of this. Diversity of movements in your exercise routine
will also help, which is why I say to get your aerobics in as well.

Did you know that the Spartan warriors rarely got sick? did you know that they were so
strong, that just one of them could topple several grown men? Did you also know that
they knew more about physical fitness than we do today? To find out their secrets
check out this website on Spartan training.

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