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                Do Bodybuilding Genetics Limit Muscle Mass Gains or Body Fat Reduction?
                                                   By Francesco Castano

   Unrealistic expectations have proven to be the downfall for many who pursue muscle building or
weight loss, as bodybuilding far too often becomes a pursuit of becoming someone else, as opposed to
working towards the individual genetic potential that each of us has been born with. We may
frequently see others on the Internet, TV or in magazines who have the bodybuilding physique we wish
to achieve, so we somehow feel that by weight lifting and dieting a certain way, we can produce a
similar body, when in fact our physical makeup is unique to each of us, meaning that results others can
produce do not in any way indicate that we are capable of the same, or conversely, we may even be
able to greatly exceed the bodybuilding results of those we admire. Yet, there is no way of knowing
our personal potential without embracing an effective diet and weight training workout routine to
determine how our muscles respond.

The unfortunate downside of basing our own muscle gain and fat loss satisfaction upon achieving the
nearly identical physique of another is that, although we may produce muscle building or fat loss
progress that impress nearly everybody that we meet, in our own mind, we sustain a feeling of
inferiority, since our standard is not based upon our individual accomplishments, but rather whether
we've become the person we wish to mimic, and therefore, regardless of how impressive our progress
appears to others, we continually seek for the impossible dream, and eventually either abandon
bodybuilding altogether, or choose to experiment with risky drugs or weight training supplements
instead of modifying our expectations to match our own potential.

Genetics offer us a barrier which we all must obey, no different from one who wishes to become a
basketball player but lacks sufficient height. Yet, in bodybuilding, very few achieve their own genetic
potential not necessarily due to lack of effort, but rather resulting from diet and weight training errors
which plague muscle building or fat loss efforts. Certainly, when eating and weight training perfectly,
genetics will then eventually limit future gains, and will also impact the overall rate of results, but most
who feel genetics are curtailing any significant change actually are dieting and weight lifting without the
correct techniques, which is the true reason behind disappointing progress.

Unfortunately, far too many bodybuilders continue to follow poorly constructed weight lifting and diet
routines, and find themselves frustrated due to a long term plateau despite disciplined effort. Making
matters worse are the unrealistic expectations created by our media, as seeing men and women on the
front cover of popular physical fitness magazines tend to make even the most disciplined natural

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

physical fitness enthusiast overflow with envy, but what is hidden by the pictures that so many wish to
emulate is that most who are shown in such publications are using drugs such as growth hormone or
steroids, which are extremely dangerous, offering health risks such as internal organ enlargement,
heart failure, and cancer, therefore are clearly not a legitimate option for those who have their priorities
in order and wish to protect health and well being beyond any temporary muscle gain or fat loss goal.
It's unfortunate that many young men and women are being indoctrinated by many pictures that are
marketed as the definition of a desirable and healthy appearance, when in fact the methods used to
produce such a temporary level of fat loss or muscle gain pose serious health risks to those involved,
and despite these realities, become a very powerful temptation for those who try to pattern themselves
after the individuals they deem to be admired and accepted by our culture.

Muscle building or fat loss results are as unique as our finger prints, and we should not try to transform
into another in our pursuit of any muscle building or fat loss goal, rather forging our own personal road
by maximizing the individual muscle building potential each of us has, and doing so through an
effective bodybuilding diet and weight training routine. When we begin to view bodybuilding as an
experiment in individual achievement, we then begin to finally relish in the improvements we make, as
opposed to feeling unfulfilled due to focusing on the accomplishments of another. Without the chance
of experiencing satisfaction with our own improvements, bodybuilding becomes a sustained pursuit of
the unattainable, and can morph from an entertaining pursuit into a stressful, detrimental hobby.

Francesco Castano authors the web site, which is a diet and weight training
program teaching the exact techniques for muscle gain without supplements or drugs. He also owns
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                       Do High Rep Bodybuilding Workouts Promote Muscle Definition?
                                                       By Francesco Castano

One of the most popular bodybuilding goals is maximum definition, where body fat is shed so that
muscles appear far more aesthetically pleasing, yet exactly how is this goal achieved while sustaining
already built muscle mass? This question has left bodybuilders perplexed and angered as they
measure substantial muscle loss when seeking to enhance muscular definition. While a portion of the
bodybuilding community may understand that enhancing definition is dependant upon changing
specific diet variables for dramatic fat loss, others feel as if particular weight training variables are the
primary thrust behind increasing muscle definition. When adopting such an ideology, one of the most
widely accepted bodybuilding techniques is to enhance rep range, where lighter weight is implemented
to allow for a greater than normal number of reps per set, and numerous bodybuilders believe that this
weight training method will propel muscle definition to new levels, therefore some accept an exclusive
lower weight and higher rep methodology to weight lifting during a fat loss cycle.

I cannot gather exactly where this bodybuilding theory has its origin, but can only guess that because
lactic acid accumulation in muscles occurs when performing high rep muscle building workout
sessions, and therefore causes a muscle "burn" that is not present when adopting heavier weights,
some have become convinced that this targets the muscle in a more direct way, and thus must bring
definition to a level that exceeds what is common with a lower rep range. It's also possible that
cardiovascular stimulation accompanying higher rep weight lifting workouts causes certain
bodybuilders to believe that they are losing more fat, and they then adopt these higher rep techniques
when muscle definition is the primary goal. The problem with these ideas is that the weight lifting
component of a workout regimen is not meant to reduce fat or improve definition, but rather to
stimulate muscle size and strength, and therefore should be pursued with this particular goal in mind.

By increasing rep range to address muscle definition, the bodybuilder adversely impacts the overload
provided to muscle tissue, and will inevitably begin to lose a portion of muscle mass that was built with
higher weight and lower reps. Instead of boosting definition, this particular weight training method will
interfere with this very goal by harming muscle, as higher reps per set have no more of a positive
impact on muscle definition than low rep workout plans, but they do blunt overload and fatigue, limiting
muscle gains, and risking the loss of muscle mass when following a lower calorie diet plan for fat loss.

Therefore, a bodybuilder should continue to construct each weight lifting workout with a proper
combination of low and high reps in order to protect muscle mass while working towards increased
definition, and focus on altering diet variables to promote fat reduction, which is the key behind
improving definition in all muscle groups. But is there a workout change that will accelerate the fat
reduction process? Yes, and the technique does not involve any alterations to the weight lifting
workout plan, but does stimulate the cardiovascular system to improve metabolism and overall fat
burning capacity; aerobic activity is the key to accelerating the speed of fat reduction, and is often
neglected by bodybuilders to the detriment of their physique. Even when pursuing muscle mass gains,
cardiovascular activity will assist in controlling body fat percentage, so in addition to a disciplined
weight lifting workout plan comprised of high and low rep ranges, aerobic activity is a very important
concept in fostering maximum muscle definition, and should become standard practice in any weight
lifting workout regimen.

If you are seeking muscle definition, and find progress to be disappointing, do not pursue a high rep

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

range for your weight lifting workouts, but rather first analyze your diet routine, which is the primary
factor behind body fat gain or loss, and then aim for regular cardiovascular activity, five days per week
if your schedule allows, and once these variables are implemented, you will begin to experience body
fat reduction and definition enhancements that will promote muscle gains to the skin's surface. If you
are currently engaged in regular aerobic activity, make sure intensity level is adequate, as a walking
pace is not sufficiently challenging to the body for any substantial metabolism boost, and remember
that no workout variable, whether it be weight training or cardiovascular activity, can take the place of a
properly designed fat reduction diet plan, so focus on fat loss eating techniques for dramatic changes
in muscle definition.

Francesco Castano authors the web site, which is a bodybuilding routine for
muscle building without supplements or drugs. He also authors the site, a natural
fat loss program.

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