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Household Recycling Centres What you can recycle Materials not by qcr20525


									Household Recycling Centres
Your nearest site is:                                       Opening Times             7 days a week*
Hempsted, Nr Gloucester
                                                                 Winter             8:00am to 4:45pm
One mile from Gloucester
                                                                 Summer             8:00am to 7:45pm
Docks, off Hempsted Lane.
                                                              *except Christmas & New Year's Day
What you can recycle


                                                                                          Please ask for
Materials not accepted!                                                                  advice if you are
                                                                                          not sure where
                                                                                           to put your
✘   Business waste          ✘     Clinical waste             ✘    Asbestos               waste materia ls

Useful telephone numbers
 01452 396 396          For more information about your green box and local recycling banks

 0845 602 9344          Household Recycling Centre helpline

                        If you use a van, large trailer over 6'x 4' (1.8 x1.2m) or pick-up when you visit
 0845 602 9344          your local Household Recycling Centre you will need to phone to book an
                        appointment, giving at least 24 hours notice (proof of residency is required)
  Recycling Bank Locations
  Locations of
   Bring Sites

 Barnett Way

 Bruton Way


 Glevum Way


 St Ann Way,

 St Oswalds Rd

If you require further help with waste and recycling or if you need this
information in another format, such as large print and PDF, or need help
with translating it into another language, contact Gloucester City Council.

  Gloucester City Council

  01452 396 396

The information contained in this leaflet constitutes formal notice of a change to your domestic
refuse collection services as required by Section 46 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.
Sta rts Feb 2010
 With the delivery of your new food
 caddies we continue to improve your
 recycling and refuse services. Inside
 this leaflet we show you how to get
 the best out of your new services.

  This leaflet is funded by Gloucestershire County Council
  working in partnership with Gloucester City Council.
Your New Services
Gloucester City Council is making
improvements to the way your waste
is collected so that you can recycle
more. This will also ensure we meet
government guidelines to deal with
your waste in a cost-effective and
environmentally acceptable way.
From February 2010 we will be
introducing a new weekly food
waste collection and enhanced
recycling service. Your food waste
                                                         Pleas e Remembe r
will be collected and taken to a                   Textiles and shoes will no longer
special processing plant where it                  be collected in the recycling boxes.
will be recycled into compost.                     Please use doorstep charity bags,
By using your weekly recycling                     charity shops or clothes banks.
and food waste collection services,
your landfill waste will reduce
significantly, meaning your black
wheeled rubbish bin will only need
to be emptied every other week.

         Plea se Rememb er to Wash and Squa

 improving recycling - you will be able to recycle all types of plastic bottles in your box
              Green bin |                  Every other week

                           yes please                       no thanks
                    Grass cuttings                    Plastic plant pots
                    Weeds                             Chemicals and cooking oil
                    Leaves and bark                   Animal faeces
                    Plants and cut flowers            Garden tools and furniture
                    Hedge clippings and               Soil, slabs, bricks or stone
                    prunings                          Animal litter
                    Twigs and small branches          Food waste
                    (max 10cm diameter)               (use the brown food bin)
                    Real Christmas trees (cut         General rubbish
                    into sections)                    (use black wheeled bin)
                                                      Recyclable materials
                                                      (use the green box)
                 Please make sure lid is closed       Cold Ashes
                                                      Plastic bags/liners

Home Composting
Composting at home is a great way to        For more details about composting at
reduce the amount of organic waste          home, including how to get a reduced
sent for reprocessing, while making free    price compost bin visit
compost for your garden. The key to
making good compost at home lies in
getting the mix right. You need to keep
your ‘greens’ and ‘browns’ balanced.
Brown caddies |                             Weekly collection
In January 2010, we will provide            By using your weekly food waste
you with two brown food caddies             collection service your residual waste
(7 litre and 23 litre) along with a         will be significantly reduced. This
collection date calendar. The 7 litre       means your black wheeled rubbish
caddy can be kept on your kitchen           bin will only need to be emptied every               squ
worktop or under the sink. The food         other week. If you have any questions
you collect can then be tipped into the     please call us on 01452 396 396.
23 litre outside caddy, which should                                                            all l
be placed at the kerbside for weekly
collection, alongside your green

                                               H 36 cm
recycling boxes. You will be able to

                                                                         H 25 cm
recycle all your food waste, cooked
and raw food, including bones.
                                                           W 30 cm                    W 25 cm
Please use only newspaper or
                                                   Outside caddy          Kitchen caddy
paper bags to line your caddies.

                                                         yes please                no thanks
                                             Meat and fish            Food packaging
                                             (raw and cooked)         of any kind
                                             including Bones

                                             Dairy products           Liquids
                                             Cooked and raw           Plastic bags
                                             fruit and vegetables

                                             Bread cake               Crockery
                                             and pasta

                                             Uneaten food             Pet carcasses
                                             from plates              or faeces

                                             Tea and Coffee           Cooking oil

     Pleas e Remembe r
Next time you are preparing a meal, stop    equivalent of at least 15 million tonnes of
and think. Producing, storing and getting   carbon dioxide. That’s like taking 1 in 5
food to our homes uses a lot of energy.     cars off the road. For more tips visit
Wasting less nationally would save the
               Green Box |                        Weekly Collection

                        yes please                             no thanks
              Plastic bottles (all types)          Any other plastics e.g.
 wash an
         d    Milk /juice bottles
 squash                                            yogurt/margarine tubs, fruit
                                                   punnets, ready meal/meat
remove                                             trays, cling film/carrier bags
              Toiletry bottles
              Clean glass jars                    Window panes,

 remove       Glass bottles (all colours)         pyrex dishes/crockery
 all lids                                         Light bulbs,
                                                  glass milk bottles

              Food cans                            Dirty cans, pet food pouches/
              Drinks cans                          crisp packets, paint tins,
                                                   aluminium foil, aluminium/
                                                   metal food trays
                                                   Aerosol cans

              Newspapers/magazines                 Wet or dirty items
              Phone directories, including         Wallpaper
              Yellow Pages                         Hardback Books
              Catalogues/paperback books           Shiny wrapping paper
              Junk mail, letters and cards         Gift Wrap
              Envelopes (windows taken out)        Corrugated cardboard
              Cereal & food packaging boxes        (eg washing powder boxes)
              Light card egg boxes                 Tetra Pak cartons
              Shredded paper                       (e.g. fruit juice cartons)

              Household dry cell batteries         ‘Wet’ batteries        cardboard can
                                                   eg Car batteries      be disposed of at
                                 Ple as e ring                            some recycling
                              01452 396 396                              bank locations.
                               if yo u req uire
                               an addit ion al
                                 gre en bo x
                     Black bin |                     Every other week

                              yes please                                 no thanks
                       Only non-recyclable                      Food waste – use the brown
                       material                                 food waste bin
                                                                Garden waste – use the green
                                                                garden waste bin
                                                                Recyclable material – use your
                                                                recycling box or recycling
By using your new food waste collection service
                                                                banks (see list)
and the improved recycling collection you will
                                                                Soil and rubble (accepted
greatly reduce the amount of waste you put in
                                                                at the Hempsted Household
your black refuse bin for disposal. From February               Recycling Centre)
2010 onwards the waste from your black bin
                                                                Electrical goods (accepted
will be collected every other week. The waste in                at the Hempsted Household
this bin is sent to landfill within Gloucester City,            Recycling Centre)
where space is rapidly running out. In 2008/9                   Needles/sharps. Ring
Gloucestershire had a landfill tax bill of £5.4                 01452 396 396 for details
million. This is set to rise to £7 million this year,           Window and mirror glass
and is predicted to double to £10 million by                    (accepted at the Hempsted
2013. Sending biodegradable waste to landfill                   Household Recycling Centre)
creates huge problems for the environment.                      DIY materials i.e. construction
                                                                waste, tiles paint tins etc
Please recycle as much as possible,                             Business waste
and use your black bin as a last resort.

    Plea se Don't Forget
    Don’t forget
   • Put your waste/recycling bins at the          • Do not leave any waste at the side of the
     kerbside by 7am.                                bin. We are not able to collect it.
   • Do not overfill your wheeled bins. We will    • Remove your bins and boxes from the
     not collect bins that have their lids open.     kerbside at the end of your collection day.
                                                   • If you have any questions please call us on
                                                     01452 396 396

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