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									  Annual Report
                    OUR MISSION
   To promote community inclusion and participation
       for people with developmental disabilities.

                    OUR VISION
An improved quality of life - meaningful work, recreation
   and support of family, friends and the community.

              Becoming Independent
             1425 Corporate Center Parkway
                  Santa Rosa, CA 95407
                  Phone (707) 524-6600
                    Fax (707) 527-1206
               Turning disabilities into possibilities . . .

Becoming Independent                     (BI) is a private, nonprofit service organization that
promotes community inclusion and participation for people with developmental disabilities
primarily in Sonoma County but also in Napa and Solano Counties. Each year, BI provides
over 730,000 hours of service to over 950 people with mental retardation and other
developmental disabilities, including autism, epilepsy, and cerebral palsy.

Parents and professionals organized many of the core service programs that comprise the
agency during the period 1967 to 1974 and the agency was incorporated in its current form in
1980. Since then, the agency has grown to become the largest service provider of its kind in
the North Bay area. With offices in Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Healdsburg, Sonoma, and Napa,
BI offers a broad variety of vocational, instructional and support services. BI has a reputation,
within California and the nation, as a progressive and successful service agency.

Community Living Support Services
Becoming Independent’s Community Living Supports (CLS) provides individualized services
that make it possible for people with developmental disabilities to live on their own in the

People receive instruction and support in the areas of home and financial management, use of
community resources, health and safety, self-advocacy and others. These services make it
possible for people with developmental disabilities to live their lives with the dignity of
having the same duties, risks, responsibilities and rewards as anyone.

Betty* once lived in the developmental center where she shared her residence with several
hundred other people. She now lives in a two-bedroom apartment that she shares with one
other woman.

Each day Betty gets up, gets dressed, has some breakfast, packs a lunch and goes to work. In
the evening she’ll watch a little TV or maybe go to a movie with friends. Once a month she sits
down with a cup of coffee and her checkbook to pay bills and put a little money away for a
trip to Hawaii.

This may not sound much different from how someone else might lead a normal life – and that
is just the point. The staff in CLS help her gain the skills she needs to do the little things that
add up to a full life – balancing her checkbook, saving money, finding a job, planning a
vacation, dealing with her landlord, and having positive relationships.

Becoming Independent’s CLS services makes it possible for Betty and other people with
developmental disabilities to live their lives with the dignity of having the same duties, risks,
responsibilities and rewards as anyone.

  * The names are fictitious and the characters are composites for real people whose lives are made
                              richer by Becoming Independent’s services.
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      Serving Sonoma, Napa, and Solano Counties              “Promoting community inclusion and participation
               Annual Report 2005-2006                          for people with developmental disabilities.”
Continuing Adult Education
Becoming Independent’s Day Services offers a wide variety of training and social
opportunities. Services are person-centered, allowing each individual to attain the greatest
independence possible.

Neil is a great recycler. If there’s something
that needs to be recycled, Neil is your man.
Working on a BI Work Services crew at
Agilent Technologies, Neil breaks down the
crates and boxes that parts arrive in and puts
them through the proper recycling system.
He loves his work and his employer
appreciates his dedication to his job.

When he’s not working at Agilent, Neil takes
advantage of other opportunities in Day
Services such as self-advocacy, cooking class,
and BI’s ArtWorks program where he creates
beautiful acrylic paintings.

Work Services offers employment opportunities like janitorial, production, assembly, retail,
paper shredding, recycling, and litter abatement so a person can develop vocational skills
while earning a paycheck.

Physical fitness activities help a person move her body in a whole new way. With the
assistance of mobility devices and dedicated staff, it’s not unusual for a person who has used a
wheelchair all her life to see what it’s like to stand up and walk. After work, many BI
participants also enjoy the local parks and recreational facilities for fitness and recreation.

BI’s Computer Labs are equipped with both regular and adaptive technology, providing
people with the opportunity to improve their computer and academic skills.

                                                  ArtWorks give people the opportunity to explore
                                                  their own personal creativity and share their
                                                  work with the community at large. ArtWorks
                                                  pieces are shown in BI’s own gallery and in
                                                  galleries and shows throughout the region. The
                                                  “intuitive” art is one of a kind and is a source of
                                                  income for BI artists when the work is sold.

                                                  Senior Services are available for aging adults to
                                                  help get the most out of their retirement years.
                                                  Various social and leisure activities help make
                                                  life interesting. Some of the participants in the
                                                  Senior Program have been coming to BI for many
                                                  years and consider it a home away from home.

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      Serving Sonoma, Napa, and Solano Counties               “Promoting community inclusion and participation
               Annual Report 2005-2006                           for people with developmental disabilities.”
Employment Services
Becoming Independent Employment Services (BI/ES) provides job training and placement to
individuals who have disabilities. While Work Services crews typically work for BI, people
employed through BI/ES actually work directly for the employer.

Johnny always wanted what everyone else in his family had, a good job, a home, a car and a
family of his own.

His dream seemed far-fetched as his disability made it difficult for employers to see beyond
the disability. He didn’t read well, math was difficult and he didn’t present well in job

With assistance from a Job Developer through BI/ES he was able to secure a good job in the
community. A job match was made that took advantage of Johnny’s strengths and abilities.
He worked hard to learn his job and with the assistance of a Job Coach through BI/ES he
eventually became the manager in his department.

In his off hours, he also attends reading classes offered by BI/ES, where he improves his
reading and math skills. Through the DMV reading class he was able to pass the driver’s test
and eventually secured his driver’s license.

Johnny’s dreams have been realized due to the assistance of BI/ES. Johnny has a great job, his
own vehicle and a family of his own. He also just bought a house and is a very happy man.

This was accomplished through hard work and determination. Without the assistance of
BI/ES Johnny’s dreams would have remained just that, a dream. This story shows that with
hard work and determination, dreams can come true. Johnny just needed a little assistance
from BI/ES to realize his dreams.

Transportation Services
Becoming Independent’s Transportation Services
transports people to and from their homes in a
well-maintained fleet of vehicles, many of which
are equipped with lifts and are wheelchair
accessible. The vehicles are also available for use
by BI programs for taking people to various
work locations as well as community events and

BI-EXPRESS is an additional service that
provides evening and weekend transportation
services for people with developmental disabilities who do not have access to public
transportation during those times. BI-EXPRESS is funded entirely by private donations.

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      Serving Sonoma, Napa, and Solano Counties            “Promoting community inclusion and participation
               Annual Report 2005-2006                        for people with developmental disabilities.”
                                   Outcomes of BI Services
                                                   Number Served

While the number of individuals served has not increased dramatically, BI has seen slight growth over
the last year with approximately 50 new individuals served in 2006. The steady growth of individuals
served over the last five years demonstrates the agency’s ability to adapt services and develop
programs that meet the needs of all of Becoming Independent’s customer groups. The expansion of
existing programs, coupled with the development of new programs in 2007, will ensure that Becoming
Independent continues to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities in Sonoma, Napa, and Solano

                                                   Hours of Service

This year showed an increase of almost 20,000 hours of service from hours reported last fiscal year. This
means that staff was directly engaged in supporting individuals with developmental disabilities for
over 730,000 hours of fiscal year 2005-2006. Hours of service, like numbers served, demonstrate the
enormous growth of the agency over last five years. Since fiscal year 2001-2002, BI has increased
service delivery by over 100,000 hours per year.

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       Serving Sonoma, Napa, and Solano Counties                      “Promoting community inclusion and participation
                Annual Report 2005-2006                                  for people with developmental disabilities.”
                                                   Monthly Wages

As hours of work increase, wages also go up. This year showed an increase of almost $10,000 a month
in wages paid to individuals with developmental disabilities. Increased job development efforts over
the last year have led to more jobs available to those seeking work and, in turn, bigger paychecks,
something we can all appreciate.

                                                   Hours of Work

For many individuals, employment is the most important service they can receive from Becoming
Independent. This may include community job placement or on-site vocational training in preparation
for community based work. This year showed a 16% increase in the number of hours individuals were
engaged in work from those reported last fiscal year. This translates to more work opportunities for
individuals hired directly by local businesses and through contracts with Becoming Independent.

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       Serving Sonoma, Napa, and Solano Counties                   “Promoting community inclusion and participation
                Annual Report 2005-2006                               for people with developmental disabilities.”

The success of Becoming Independent in meeting its mission is directly reflected by the amount of time
individuals served are engaged in community activities. This year Becoming Independent supported
individuals to achieve a record high of over 19,500 hours of time spent in inclusive community settings.
In 2007, BI will commit additional resources towards the goal of achieving a minimum of 51% of all
program time spent in inclusive environments. This will include the development of additional work
opportunities and meaningful activities, which engage individuals in their communities and reduce
social isolation.

                                                   Client Satisfaction

For the last five years, program participants have expressed over 90% satisfaction with the services
provided by Becoming Independent. This year saw a 6% drop in client satisfaction from the 97%
reported last fiscal year. The agency conducts annual client satisfaction surveys and seeks to address
the needs of participants on an individual basis. It is believed that Becoming Independent’s focus on
choice as a driving factor in each individual’s service design contributes to the high satisfaction rates.
At the same time, the agency recognizes the need to constantly adapt its services to the changing needs
of individuals and their families. The decrease this year in client satisfaction may be related to higher
staff turnover rates. To address this issue, efforts to increase participant satisfaction over the last year
include a continual focus on staff training, increased leadership development activities, and a
commitment to developing new and innovative programs and activities for individuals with
developmental disabilities in 2007.

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       Serving Sonoma, Napa, and Solano Counties                         “Promoting community inclusion and participation
                Annual Report 2005-2006                                     for people with developmental disabilities.”
                              Financial Report
                    Fiscal Year July 1, 2005-June 30, 2006

                                        Support and Revenue

1 Contributions                                    1,017,484     8.3%
2 Specia l Event Revenue                              37,350     0.3%
3 Service Fees                                     9,633,618    78.7%
4 Educational Subsidy                                483,038     4.0%
5 Work Activities Revenue                            726,241     6.0%
6 Investment Income                                   52,729     0.4%
7 Other Income                                       114,818     0.9%
       Total Unrestricted Support and
       Revenue                                    12,065,278

Net Assets Released
8 Restrictions Satisfied by Payments                130,846       1.1%
9 Expiration of Time Restrictions on
   Grant Funding                                     39,662       0.3%
       Total Unrestricted Support,
       Revenue and Reclassifications              12,235,786     100%

Program Services
1 Day Tra ining and Activities                     6,837,914    59.1%
2 Transportation                                     840,070     7.3%
3 Independent Living Skills                        2,481,102    21.4%
       Total Program Services                     10,159,086

Supporting Services
4 Management and General                             982,954      8.5%
5 Costs of Direct Benefits to Donors                  60,740       .5%
6 Fundraising                                        365,508      3.2%
       Total Supporting Services                   1,409,202

      Total Unrestricted Expenses                 11,568,288     100%

      Increase in Unrestricted Net Assets           667,498

          Copies of Becoming Independent’s most recent audited financial statements and tax return
                  (Form 990) are available for download at
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      Serving Sonoma, Napa, and Solano Counties                          “Promoting community inclusion and participation
               Annual Report 2005-2006                                      for people with developmental disabilities.”
                    Establishing Connections

                   I am pleased to offer this 2005-06 annual report on the
                   operations and outcomes of Becoming Independent. As you
                   will discover, the individuals and families we serve have
                   experienced another year of positive, personal growth, and
                   as a result, so has Becoming Independent.

                 This year the folks we serve put in more hours of work and
         earned more money, demonstrating their increased value to our
         local economy and the businesses they work for. In addition, many
         individuals have experienced more time and participation in other
         inclusive activities, establishing connections throughout the
         community; with the support of Becoming Independent staff and
         transportation resources we have continued to help people achieve
         their dream of a home of their own. We also strengthened and
         worked to improve services through the mergers this year with The
         Middle Way in Sebastopol, and the Sonoma County Advocacy
         Resource Center.

         It is through the commitment and hard work of our dedicated staff
         and volunteers, the opportunities provided by our business
         partners, and the critical and generous support of our donors that
         these successes were achieved. I am grateful to our Board of
         Directors and management teams for their collective vision and
         individual efforts in achieving an improved quality of life for
         individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, and our
         community at large.


         John McCue, CEO
         Becoming Independent

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Serving Sonoma, Napa, and Solano Counties             “Promoting community inclusion and participation
         Annual Report 2005-2006                         for people with developmental disabilities.”
                                                                  Board of Directors
                                                                      Bill Reinking, President
                                                                    Josef Keller, Vice President
                                                                     Eileen Adams, Secretary
                                                                   Christopher Paris, Treasurer

                                                                            Leo Barclay
                                                                         Lauren Berlanga
                                                                          David Cooper
                                                                           Nancy Garcia
                                                                            Ron Hansen
                                                                         Richard Johnson
                                                                           Jim Kirkbride
                                                                           Ken Maiolini
                                                                          Jasmine Marks
                                                                          Martin Reilley
                                                                    Dr. Doug von Brauchitsch
                                                                          Lynne Wallace
            Service Locations
 Becoming Independent provides services throughout
Sonoma, Napa and Solano Counties to individuals with          Management Group
     a wide range of developmental disabilities.
                                                                           John McCue
                   Santa Rosa                                         Chief Executive Officer
            Corporate Headquarters
        1425 Corporate Center Parkway                                        Ed Walsh
             Santa Rosa, CA 95407                                      Chief Financial Officer
    Phone: (707) 524-6600 Fax: (707) 527-1206
                                                                              Louise Siri
                Sonoma Valley                                                 Controller
             355 West Napa Street
               Sonoma, CA 95476                                           Carin Lawrence
    Phone: (707) 996-5988 Fax: (707) 935-7861                            Director of Services

                   Healdsburg                                             Cami Weaver
                 484 Moore Lane                                       Director of Day Services
              Healdsburg, CA 95448
             Phone/Fax: (707) 431-1345                                    Denise Frey
                                                                     Director of Development
         1832 Soscol Avenue, Suite 101                               Lauren Meiklejohn
                Napa, CA 94559                             Coordinator, Community Living Supports
    Phone: (707) 252-9288 Fax: (707) 252-0682
                                                                       Susan Heskett
                   Sebastopol                               Service Director, Employment Services
           117 Morris Street, Suite 100
             Sebastopol, CA 95472                               Visit us on our website at
    Phone: (707) 823-8733 Fax: (707) 823-8837      
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     Serving Sonoma, Napa, and Solano Counties             “Promoting community inclusion and participation
              Annual Report 2005-2006                         for people with developmental disabilities.”
            Becoming Independent would like to thank the following for their support
                and generous donations throughout the 2005-2006 fiscal year.
Friends of the Board       Elenora Akin              Josh Azevedo               Genevieve Blanchard       Rick Carlson
Eugene Baldi               Alberta Shares Hare       Paul Bachelor              Matt Bloom                Stevi Carlson
Bob & Kathy Benziger        Trust                    Dustin & Barbara Baker     BoardRiders               David Carpenter
Dawn & Chris Benziger      Kate Aldrich              Elisa Baker                 Brotherhood, LLC         Maria Elena Carrasco
Susan Brady                Peter & Linda Alexander   Jewell (Sally) Baker       Kristy Boblitt            Lani Carrington
Elise Bulger               Frank & Carolyn Alioto      Moore                    Shelda Bonfante           Sheila Cassell
James & Tulle Costa        Theodore Allegra          Gary & Maria Baldwin       Emanuel & Doris Borg      Camilla Castro
Terry Cristani             Julia Allen               Maria Baldwin              Freeman & Donna Born      Algeo Casul
Fred Cunha                 Ross Allen                Bank of America United     John Boskovich            Lisa Catelani
Eric Davis                 Susan & Gail Allen          Way Campaign             Donna Bourdet             Charlotte Catford
Michael Dranginis          Thomas Allen              Brian Barbaria             Jackie Bowden             William & Isabel Cavalli
Vincent Denietolis         Allen Engineering         Theresa Barca              Lena & Jerry Bowen        Chris & Barbara
Kathy Emery-Ronchelli      Regina Almeraz            Corinne Barclay            Tammy Bowen                Cavanaugh
Lynn Fostine               Miguel & Michelle         Leo & Adele Barclay        David Bozarth             CB Hill, Inc
Frank & Georgiana           Alonso-Ferre             Barella Family             Karen Bradley             Center for Life
  Furnish                  Alpha Fire Suppression    Barbara Barlesi            Kathleen Brashear          Enrichment
Linda Garcia                Systems, Inc             Robert Barnett             Michael & Virginia        Oscar & Mary Lou
Rita Gatens                P J & Carol Alsbury       Claudette Barns             Breen                     Centoni
Angela Pili Gonzalez       Michael & Suzanne         Jayne Barrett              Ellen Breisacher          Robert Chalmers
Stephen & Doris Gospe       Alverio                  Sharon Barry               Eve Bressler              Toni Chandler
Bea Harris                 Edward & Judith           Lonny & Christine          Frank Briceno             Deborah Chantry
William & Jean Hart         Amacker                    Bartholomew              William Brodt             Charles M. Schulz
Kathy Hayes                Jesse & Geri Amaral       Charles Bartley            Margaret Brothers         Museum & Research
John & Andrea Hibbard      Erin Ameraz               J.R. & Marcia Barton       Ben & Roberta Brown        Center
Ann Joergenson             Amy's Kitchen             Linda Bassignani           Brown & Brown of          Louis & Jennifer Chavez
Martie Koskoff             Anna Anacleto             John & Holly Bast           Northern California      Henry & Shelia
Vida Legge                 Harriet Anaya             Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth         Gale Brownell              Chazankin
Janet Leonhaeuser          Barbara Andersen            Beadleston               Brown-Lewin Family        Chenoweth Vineyards
Ron & Cynthia Macken       Bob Andersen              John & Susan Beatty        Jason Brownlie            Shiah & Cheryl Cherney
Inger Miller               Dale & Joyce Andersen     Marta Becker               Susan Brumbaugh           Vincent & Elizabeth
Greg & Laura               Andersen & Company,       Paula Becker               Damien Brunner             Chetcuti
  Mlynarczyk                LLP                      David & Sharon             Buchanan Food Service     Dr. Jerome Chin
Bill Morris                Beth Anderson               Beckman                  Bill & Cindy Buchanon     Chintu Gudiya
Jeff & Earleen Morrissey   David Anderson            Beddow Capital             Buckley Heating & A/C      Foundation
Jim & Kathy Murphy         Eloise Anderson             Management               Bulger Family             Michael & Rebecca
Wendell Nordby             Tricia Anderson           Reginald & Jenny           Bill & Laurie Bundesen     Chiurco
Bob & Lynda Nugent         Andyos Produce              Bedell                   Ken & Charlene Bunger     Norman & Beverly
Marybeth Pierre            Robert Angell             Norman & Cecelia           Shawn Bunger               Christensen
John & Lené Prior          Angell Distributing of      Bedford                  Brian & Kathryn Burke     Chuck Peterson
Bruce Rector                Lake & Mendo, Inc        Beels, Soper & Frei, LLP   Hal & Nancy Burns          Architects
Paula Rector               Angell Family             Chris & Cheri Beering      Greg & Melanie Busby      Cigar BQ
Martin T Reilley           Pamela Angelman           Sam Beeson                 Margaret Bushey           Louis Cionci
Jon Riskedahl              Yolanda Anthon            Mike & Foster Beigler      Michelle Bushneff         Jeffrey Civian
Toni Rothschild            Vernette Anthony          Michele & Betty            Newton Butler             Claims Resource
Mike & Rita Runyan         Milton A. Antipa            Bellagio                 Deolinda Cabral            Management, Inc.
Michael Senneff            Ralph & Barbara           Gene & Marilyn             Tony Cabrera              Anita Clark
Nadín Sponamore             Antonio                    Benedetti                Betty Calabro             Cathy Clark
Keith Taylor               Tony & Maria Apolloni     Michelle Benedetti         Oscar & Sue Calderon      Paul & Alice Clary
June Waite                 Mr. & Mrs. John Arima     Bill & Terri Benjamin      Bill Calligan             Francine Clayton
Cherin Willett             Mutsuko Arima             Fred & Lynne Bennett       Jose Camacho              Michael & Kathleen
                           Gary & Floy Armitage      Joan Bennett               Thea Camicia               Cleary
Donors                     Melissa Armour            Bennett Family             John & Marianne Camp      Cleary Consultants, Inc
1st Community Bank         Armstrong Associates      Terri Bennings             Dennis & Ann              Cloverdale Lions Club
A Street Gallery           John & Ida Arruda         David Benson                Campagna                 James & Lorene Coconas
James & Jenny Abell        Rita Arruda Hayes         Bob & Kathy Benziger       Doug & Laurie             Susan Cohn
Mary Acton                 Brooke Arteaga            Mike & Mary Benziger        Campbell                 Deborah Coish
Julie Adams                Ann Asiano                Donna Bernheim             Marty & Carol             Lisa Cole Benz
Adler Fels Winery, LLC     Pamela Asselmeier         Robert Bertolini            Campbell                 Chris & Jamie Coles
Advanced Analytical        Tom & Julie Atwood        Bevan & Associates         Campopiano &              Mr. & Mrs. Gianni
 Solutions                 Robert & May Autumn       Stephen Biggs               Associates                Colombana
Iraj & Sonya Afshar         Leaves                   Bill & Gino’s Inc Body     Sheila Cannedy            Community Health
Agilent Technologies       Joseph & Laverne            Glass & Paint Shop       Captain Michael            Charities Agency
 Employee Giving            Avella                   Mary Biondi                 Wagner                    Account
 Campaign                  Austin & Gloria Avery     Lise Blackwood             Teresa Caravelli          Community Homes &
Aita & Associates          Jane Avery                Blakeslee Electric, Inc    Amanda Carles              Services
                           Barney & Guia Avilla      Catherine Blamires         Louann Carlomagno
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         Serving Sonoma, Napa, and Solano Counties                              “Promoting community inclusion and participation
                  Annual Report 2005-2006                                          for people with developmental disabilities.”
Robert & Patricia        Delong-Sweet Family        Emery Medical Center      Georgiana Furnish         June, Marti & Scott
  Compton                 Foundation                 & Spa                    Kenneth D. Gack             Grimm Family
Computer Associates      William Demattei           William & Kathy           Gallo of Sonoma           Mauritz Grobbelear
  International, Inc     Frank & Jacquelyn           Emery-Ronchelli            Winery                  Joyce Grow
Paige Connard             Denney                    Employee Benefits         Gamma Tau Chapter         Adelle Guerrero
Pat Conroy               Phyllis Dennison            Consultant               Delta Kappa Gamma         Don & Lorine Guire
Shane Conroy             Desepte Family             Patricia Engman           Brian & Tammy Garcia      Allen Gummer
Mary Ellen Cook          Susan Desmond              Epic Plastic              Dan & Nancy Garcia        Gurrola Family
David & Adrienne         Michael & Sarah            Laura Equitz              Bob & Nancy Gardner       Mr. & Mrs. Robert Guske
  Coolidge                Dethlefsen                Sister Diane Erbacher     Sherry Garner             Steve Gustafson
David & Ellen Cooper     Lin Marie Devincent        Peter & Marianne          Todd & Diane Garrett      Jessica Gutgsell
Cecilia Cormier          Devincenzi Concrete         Estournes                Achim & Patricia          Haapala, Altura,
The Corner Store         Construction               Dolores Evans               Gartmann                  Thompson & Abern,
Coronat Opus, Inc        Donna Di Grazia            Evelyn Evans              Gary D Nelson               LLP
Richard & Arlene         Mr. & Mrs. Herbert         Joan Evans                  Association, Inc        Bill & Estella Haas
  Corsetti                Di Grazia                 Exchange Bank             Rita Gatens               Timothy Haefliger
J Lorraine Cottrell      Barbara                    Exercise Your Eyes        Geared for Growing        Sheri Haessler
Coulter Family            Di Regolo-Wittren         Express Personnel           Landscape Services      William & Diane
County of Sonoma         Emily Dibert               Lori Fabian               Daniel & Maria Geary        Haigwood
Albert Couture           Dickens Family             Stephen Fanfelle          William Geary             Arthur & Kathryn Hall
Claudia Covarrubias      Dr. Steven Diehl           Warren & Maureen          Bill & Donna Geiser       Caroline Hall
Janice Cowens            John & Lisa Dierking        Fargo                    George Petersen           Christine Hall
Diane Coyle              Doug Dilley                Dorothy Farrar            Insurance Agency          Jim & Betty Hall
Laine Crellin            Mike & Marilyn             Kevin & Kim Farrell       Stephen & Marianne        Hall, Hieatt & Connely
Tom & Judy Crellin        Dimatteo                  Lee & Candi Farris          Gerardi                   Attorneys at Law
Jeff Crist               Charles Dinardo            Joan Felciano             William & Helen           Leslie Hall-Clot
James Crowell            Dividend Business Park     Nina Felciano               Gerstmann               David & Kathryn
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Culligan Water           Heather Doeckel             Feldman                  Rich & Marianne           David & Joann
Glenda Cummings          Harvey & Jeanne Doron      Arnie & Britta Feldsher     Gibson                    Hamilton
Fred Cunha               Renee Dorr                 Jerome & Vicki Fenske     Jennifer Gilliam          Lynn Hamilton
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard       John & Susan Dove          Martin & Cheryl Ferina    Larry Ginesi              Tyler Hancock
  Curry                  Susan Dove                 Rod & Darla Ferronato     John & Nina Gladish       Peter Hansen
Kevin & Carol Curtin     Carole Downey              Gabriel Fiedler           Glaseman Living Trust     Ron & Mary Hansen
Cecilia Dahl             Mike & Sharon              Christian & Allison       Patrick & Liz Gleeson     Judith & Walter
Gary & Gina Dahl          Downey                     Fierro                   GMAC Home Services          Hardester
Lisa Damberger           Alysia Downs               Karen Finkle              Bart Goldie               Gerald & Donna Hardy
Bennie Danelly           Kathy Downs                Christine Finlay          Dr. Ira & Marilyn         Dr. Larry & Sue Harman
David & Angela           Christopher Drews          Margaret Finn               Golditch                Charlie & Anna Harris
  Daniels                Meg Druse                  Kathleen Fitzjarrell      Fernando & Mary           Jean & William Hart
Larry & Elaine Darling   Gail Dubinsky              Fleckneros Precision        Gomez                   Mary & Cole Hartl
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Lindsay Delagarza        Dr. Robert & Lois Elias     Life Association         Theresa Green             Jeff & Diane Hobaugh
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Charles Della Maggiora   Sharon Ellis               Joni Fritsche             Patricia Grieve           Mark & Diane
                         Mike & Janice Emerson      Jack & Gloria Frost                                   Hobaugh
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        Serving Sonoma, Napa, and Solano Counties                             “Promoting community inclusion and participation
                 Annual Report 2005-2006                                         for people with developmental disabilities.”
Tom & Debra               Mr. & Mrs. Paul            Martie & Brendan          Richard & Joan Little     Barbara Mc Grath
  Hockridge                 Johnson                    Koskoff                 Matthew Livingston        Daniel & Beryle
Steven & Michelle         Richard & Marie            Raymond Koslowski         Vicki Lockner              Mc Greevy
  Hofacre                   Johnson                  Walter & Nicholee         Thomas & Margaret         James McBride
Kim Hofmann               Stephan & Lisa Johnson       Kosta                    Logue                    Jeffrey & Cynthia
Jennifer Holly            Craig & Cheryl             Lon & Kathy Kovaleff      Orlando Londres            McBride
Gary & Karen Holm           Johnston                 Kraal Family Daycare       Rodriguez                Kevin McBride &
Karen Holm                Johnston Family            James & Barbara Kreig     Ross Long                  Yvette Robbins
Dean & Carolyn            Jacoba Jones               Lane Kress                Michael & Patsy Lopez     Tab & Susy McBride
  Holmes                  Janet Jones                Marilyn Krudop            Ellen Lord                Karin McCall
Matthew Holmes            Patt & Emory Jones         E. Tisha Kruke            Ernie & Carolyn Lorenz    Tricia & James McCarten
Hometown Realtors         Jon & Marie Jordan         Howard Kruse              Trent & Shari Lorenz      Beth McCarthy
Mr. & Mrs. Georg          Heidi Jorgensen            Andrew & Tracey           Juan & Renee Lorenzo      Vicki McCartney
  Honig                   Josef's Restaurant &         Kucer                   Attila & Doreen           Laura Lee McConnell
Randal & Deanna             Bar/Hotel La Rose        Balakrishna & Lucrezia     Lorinczik                Stanley & Wendy
  Hopper                  Brian & Kimberlee            Kumthekar               Sherrill Lorio             McConnell
Hornsby Levy                Joseph                   Bill & Gail Kuschman      Jessica Lovera            Marvin & Lynn
  Appraisal Group, Inc    Kathleen Juarez            Katie Kushnir             Lowepro                    McCormick
Edward & Agnes            Stella Juarez              KZST Radio                Lucasfilm                 Brian McCue
  Houlihan                Michael & Millie           David & Catherine         Trudy & Syd Lundgren      John McCue
Jules Howard                Judkins                    La Mar                  Paul & Yolanda Lusnia     Jan McEntire
Daniel & Eleanor          Judith Dover at Wellness   Mr. Ladd & Ms. Dixon      Vernon & Juanita          Jane McFagan
  Howell                    by Design                Ken & Karen LaFrance       Lyman                    Kevin McGeoch
Billy & Evelyn Hubbs      Dorothy Judy               Linda Lafrance            Brenda L H Lynch          Gloria McGoran
John Hudson               Leslie Jue                 Janet & Hari              James Lynch               Kathryn McIntosh
Patricia Hudspeth         Julia L Grant Trust          Lakshmanan              Jean Lynch                Patricia McKay
Gloria Huerta             Diane & Richard Kahler     Jim & LaRue Lamar         Mac Lean Appraisals       Karen McMillen
Maritza Huerta            David Kahn                 Lamar Marutani Living     Alan Macfarlane           Kevin & Rosemary
Robert Hull               Charles & Teri Kainz         Trust                   Angela Mackintosh          McNeely
Sean Hulsey               Christopher Kaiser         Arnold & Margaret         Anna Macri                Medtronic
Human                     Linda Kalili                 Lamb                    Macy's West United        Kelvin & Andrea Meeks
  Race/Volunteeer         Karuza Plumbing, Inc       Marie Lambert              Way Campaign             Jonathan & Mary Jane
  Center                  Peter Kassebaum            Susanne Lamelza           Kathryn Madlem             Meier
Kenna Hunt                Kaz Vineyard &             Francisco Landero         Armando & Veronica        Ronald & Annie Meints
Dennis & Lois Hunter        Winery                   Debby Lapious              Magallon                 Leobardo & M Alejandra
Dr. Patrick & Vanessa     Zach & Adrienne            Robert & Greta Larsen     Kristi Magnani             Mendez
  Hurley                    Kazarian                 Leslie Larson             Helen Mah                 James & Lucille
Mr. & Mrs. George         Dorothy Keefe              Sue Larson                Gary & Kathryn             Mendoza
  Hurt                    James & Diane Keegan       Jane Lasky                 Mailander                Gerry Mercuri
Sandy Huskey              Keegan & Coppin            Laughlin Family           Ken & Sharon Maiolini     Merrill Lynch
Frances Ikegami             Company                  David Laurice             Ana Maldonado             Edward & Judith
Rodney Ikegami            Mr. & Mrs. Tim Keehn       Abbi Lawrance             Daniel & Carole            Merrin
IMPACT                    Maureen Keesey             Carin Lawrence             Malfatti                 Metslal Mesgun
Infineon Raceway            Fuentes                  Sarah Lawrence            Norman & Betty Jean       Metal Art
Raymond & Judith          Edward & Mary Keith        Le Beau - Thelen, LLP      Malfatti                 Bob & Paula Metzger
  Ingersoll               Joseph Keith               U P Lea                   Tamara Mallory            Dale & Reva Metzger
Integral Therapeutic      Josef Keller               Beverly Learn             Reverend Raymond          John & Harriett Michael
  Massage, LLC            Jill Keller-Peters         Pamela Leazer              Maloney                  Michele's Hair Care
M Iturri                  Kevin & Alexandra          Donald & Renee Leclair    Vincent & Robin Marci     Carol Miller
Sharon Izen                 Kennard                  Jim Leddy                 Mr. Spencer Marcil &      Diane Miller
J P Gallagher             Glen & Martha Irma         Tom & Sandy LeDuc          Ms. Masolini             Inger Miller
  Construction, Inc.        Kennedy                  LeDuc & Dexter            David & Jaqueline         Kathie Miller
Donald & Barbara          Daniel Kessler               Plumbing                 Marcus                   Mr. & Mrs. Marteen
  Jackson                 Julianna Kettenburg        Lee's Body Shop           Barbara Marek              Miller
Dr. Ted & Britta          Kidsake, Inc               Richard Leger             Linda Martin              Marie Minchin
  Jacobson                John & Julie Kiil          Vida Legge                Mike & Jean Martin        Janet Minton
Meredith Jager            Tina Kilgore               Andy Lennox               Anita Martincich          Jude Mion
James McCalligan,         Patrick & Linda            Leon Family               Edmundo Martinex          Terry Mirri
  Architect                 Kilkenny                 Richard Leonard           Daisy Mary Aburto         Greg & Laura
Fausto Jasso              Leslie King                Scott Lerie                Martinez                  Mlynarczyk
Schuyler & Shelly         Mark & Michelle Kirby      Robin Letterman           Martinez Family           Nadra Mlynarczyk
  Jeffries                Susie & Jim Kirkbride      Barbara Lewis             Mary's Pizza Shack        Cynthia Mohr & Mr.
Greta Jepson              Howard & Barbara           James Gisele Lewis        Suzy Marzalek              Novak
Jeannie Joe                 Knabenshue               Tamara Lewis-Benson       Joseph & Linda Matos      D. Moir
Ann Joergenson            Knights of Columbus        Herb Liberman             Tracey Mauro              Lotte Moise
Anna Marie Johnson        Elaine Knutsen               & Ms. Simi              Bob & Kathleen Mayes      Melody Montero
Emily Johnson             Otto Kobler &              Joyce Libeu               Mr. & Mrs. John Mazza     Sabina & Margaret
George & Laura              Barbara Benson           Mr. & Mrs. Brian Liddle   Christopher & Carol        Montmartre Artist
  Johnson                 John & Phyllis Kokus       Thomas & Noreen            Mazzia                    Supplies
                          Juergen Korth                Lindstrom               Shirley Mc Donald         Charlotte Moore
                                                               Page 13
         Serving Sonoma, Napa, and Solano Counties                             “Promoting community inclusion and participation
                  Annual Report 2005-2006                                         for people with developmental disabilities.”
Cheryle Moore            Northwestern Utility       Pisenti & Brinker, LLP    Scott Riley                Antonia Salgado
Kevin & Lisa Moore        Billing Service           Robert & Virginia Pitts   Sara & Louis Rinaldi       Carmen Salgado
Stanley Moore            Nugent & Company           Raymond Pogue             Rinos & Martin, LLP        Daniel & Rhonda
Stephen Moore            Isabel Nunes               Steven & Sharon Polcyn    Risk Management             Salgado
Moore, Winter, Skebba    Marvin Nunes               Amanda Poletti             Services                  Herman Salgado
 & McLennan, LLP         Vivian Nunes               Donnie Poma               Rita Runyan                Reina Salgado
Perla Morales            John & Mary Nurmi          Helena Poma               Edward Ritch               Salvadore & Maria
Keith Morehouse          Nutri-Chem Ltd             Ponseti & Partners        Henry Ritchie               Salgado
Tamara Morgan            Oak Tree Securities, Inc   Jane Poole                Danny Rivera               Laurie Salmas
Michelle Morin           Charles & Beverly          Gloria Porter             Mari-Ann Rivers            Corrina Salvadori
Nancy Morision            O'Brien                   Sheva Posman              Kate & Barry Roach         Ginny Salvadori
Jewell Morris            Jean O'Donnell             Ann Possinger             Holley Robert              Scott & Trine Samet
Linda Morrissey          Ogle Family                Ray Pounds                Stephanie Robinett         Michael Sandback
Michael & Mary           Ellen Ohearn               Andrew & Cathryn          Jose Robles                Mike & Whitney
 Morrongiello            Robb & Jerri Ollett          Powers                  Lynda Robles                Sangiacomo
Morton & Bassett         Joerg & Millie Olson       Mark Powers               Stephen & Jennifer         Kenneth Sansone
 Spices                  Kari Olson                 Program Development        Rochlin                   Santa Rosa Odd Fellows
Gailanne Moss            Joyce O'Neill                Associates              Gregory & Linda             Lodge #53
John & Amery Moss        Gail Onyett                L P Proteau                Rockwell                  Santa Rosa Recycling &
Andrea Mouille           Rudolf & Emily             The Prudential RJV        L Rodriguez                 Collection
Steven Mowlyn             Oppenheimer                 Realty                  Charles & Phyllis          Santa Rosa Treatment
Stephanie Mudgett        Organization By Design     J Jeffrey Pruss            Rogers                     Center
Muegge, Baldi,           Otis House Trust           Edward & Linda Pryor      Earl Rogers                Rick & Elizabeth
 Hardcastle CPAs         John Ott                   Courtney Puckett          Mary Rogers                 Santarini
Janey & Ray Mulas        Glenn & Jani Ouye          Quicksall Family          Rogers Family              Guido Santini
Multi Image Production   Persis Overton             R & D Products, Inc       Adam & Bernice             Kali Sarris
Cathy Munke              Dean Paige                 Joseph & Leonor            Romero                    Ann Sarubbi
Robert & Pamela          Paradise Ridge Winery        Ramirez                 Edward Ronchelli           Richard & Pamela Sater
 Murnane                 Will Parker                Adelaida Ramos                 Saturday Afternoon
Larry & Rose Murphy      Sally Jeanne Parks         Linda Rapp                Roofing Services            Club
Leslie Murphy            Connie Parks-              Gary Rasche                Incorporated (RSI)        Savala Painting
Virginia Murphy           Stallmann                 Arnold & Leland           Armando & Ligia            Ron & Chris Say
Debra Murray             Jefra Parlett                Rasmason                 Rosales                   Edward & Jane Lee
Jessi Murray-Perez       Stephen & Amy Parlett      Lolaine Ravensunbird      Kenneth Rose                Sbragia
Myrnaos Style            Deanna Passarell           Rawles Family             Larry & Carolyn Rose       Sharilynn Sbrazza
Narayan Law Firm         Sue Paterson               Ruth Raynaldo             Roseann's Haircutting      Michael & Dorothy
Merrilee Neely           Patricia F Mouille         Bruce Rector              Claude & Bettina            Scafani
Georgia Neilsen           Accounting Services       John & Jane Rector         Rosenthal                 Scarlet Oak Foundation
S A Neilsen              Patrick Family             Kathryn Reddick           John Rosser                Deborah Scheer
Martin & Sherry Nelson   Barbara Paulson            Redwood Moving &          Leonard & Karen Rossi      Scheer Family
Steven & Cherly Nelson   Elizabeth Paynter            Storage                 Rotary Club of Santa       Shirley Schekman
Nettleton Family          Rahmn                     Redwood Pediatric          Rosa West                 John Scherf
Katja Newman             Frances Payton               Therapy Association      Community Fund, Inc.      Bill & Marilyn
Naomi Newman             Carl & Patricia            Richard & Paula Reed      Rotary Club of              Schlangen
Edith Newsome             Pearlman                  Hillary Reeves             Sebastopol                Charlie Schlangen
Phong Nguyen             Benjamin & Rosemarie       Kayla Reid                Rotary Club of Sonoma      Julius Schlocker
Byron & Jeni Nichols      Pedranzini                Bill & M-L Reinking        Valley                    Dr. George & Debra
Dominic & Alma           Vaoleti Peleti             Paul Reiser               John & Virginia Roth        Schneider
 Nicholson               Leslie Penzotti            Mary Jo Renzi             Toni Rothschild            Ernest & Vicki
Tadashi Nitasaka         David Peoples              Reynolds Family           Thomas & Michelle           Schnurpfeil
George Nolan             Gerry Perez                Dayna & Dale Ricci         Rouse                     David Schoenbach
Lisa Nolan               Modesto & Marina             Vineyards               Rodney Rovai               Stacey Schoeningh
Noor Haqos Hope           Perezcassar               Clayton Rice              Bob & Ellie Rowland        School & College Legal
 Foundation              Permanente Medical         Denis Richardson          Joe Royce                   Services
David Noorthoek           Group, Inc                Gerald & Mary             Daralyn Ruchalski          Mimi Schott
Wendell & Nancy          Christopher & Lisa           Richardson              Javier & Alica Ruiz        James & Anne
 Nordby                   Perrella                  John Richardson           Mike & Rita Runyan          Schroeder
Nordby Construction      Peter Peters               Patricia Richardson       Cyril & Ruth Ruprecht      Henry & Elaine
Donna Norrell            Janis Peterson             William & Barbara         David & Nancy Rush          Schukler
John & Marjorie North    Margaret Peterson            Richardson              Russian River Sisters of   Richard Schultz
Robert & Janet North     Scott & Cheryl Peterson    William & Jennifer         Perpetual Indulgence,     Dr. Edmund & Marti
North Bay Industries     Connie & Ron Petty           Richardson               Inc                        Schumacher
North Bay Regional       PG&E Corporation           Richmond Sanitary         Gloria Ryan                Nancy Schwab
 Center                   Campaign for the            Service, Inc            Shane & Mary Ryan          Schwab Fund for
North Coast Builders      Community                 Erika Riedel              Safeway, Inc US             Charitable Giving
 Exchange                Chris & Jeanette Phelps    Riggio, Mordaunt &         Corporate                 Darryl & Linda Scott
Northern California      Dorothy Picinini             Kelly                   Camille Sage               Scott Copple
 Engineering             Shawn Pierce               Bill Riley                Peter & Michele             Landscaping
 Contractors             Joseph & Lucille Pinter    Nicole & David Riley       Saibene                   Katherine Scully Specht
 Association, Inc.       Royce Piro                 Ron Riley                 Shirley Saito              Sebastiani Theatre
                                                              Page 14
        Serving Sonoma, Napa, and Solano Counties                             “Promoting community inclusion and participation
                 Annual Report 2005-2006                                         for people with developmental disabilities.”
Sebastopol Kiwanis        Sonoma Rose Vacation       Karin Swann               Amber Unciano             WestAmerica Bank
 Fund Raising Account      Villa                     Craig & Arlene            United Cerebral Palsy     Western Boot
Tom Sebesta               Sonoma Valley Bank          Swanson                    Association of the       Steakhouse
Catherine Seeger          Sonoma Valley Farmers'     Vinetta & William           North Bay, Inc          Western Rehab
Leota Seekings             Market                     Swisher                  United Way Of             Leslie Weyl
Paul Segre                Sonoma Valley Sun          Mel Switzer                 Sonoma-Mendocino-       Whistletop Antiques
C W & Lolita Seguin       Will & Jennifer Soper      Joseph & Sandra             Lake                    David & Anne-Lise
Sarah & Paul Seitz        Eileen Spaulding            Swyers                   United Way of the Bay      Whitescarver
Bruce & Carmen            Gregory & Peggy            Systemsone                  Area                    Patricia Wiggins
 Selfridge                 Spaulding                 Kathy Talbert             Robert & Kris U'Ren       Wiley Family
Senneff, Freeman &        Spaulding, McCullough      Louann Talbert            Aimee Usher               Carla Wilkinson
 Bluestone                 & Tansil LLP              Jan Tansil                Lorraine Usher            John & Maybelle
Separate Real             Special Olympics           Betty & Tony Tarantino    Linda Vaccarezza, CSR      Williams
 Properties                Sonoma Valley             Barbara Taylor            Gonzalo & Carmen          Kathleen Williams
Settlement                Wendy Speck                Brian & Jule Taylor         Valdes                  Shawnell Williams
 Professionals, Inc.      Speech & Language          David Taylor              Michael & Pat Valim       Ursula Williams
Rebecca Sharp              Services of Rohnert       Jena Taylor               Richard & Lillian Valli   Willowbrook Cellars
Vance & Monika Sharp       Park                      Keith & Carmen Taylor     Mr. & Mrs. J H            Larry & Mynola Jean
Sharp Cellars             James & Marynell           Teddy Foundation            Van Alstine              Wilmoth
Lisa Shasholin             Spicer                    Megan Tedrick             Van Eck Family            Jeff & R Annette Wilson
Loretta Shaw              Jerome Spitzer             Anthony & Elaine          Judith Van Inwegen        Wine Country Chapter
Daniel Shay               Jane Spolini                Teixeira                 Connie Van Schaick         of the Interior Design
Judy Shay                 Warren & Judy Spolini      Tenacious Sailing         Alton & Anita              Society
Joseph & Anne Shea        Sean & Christina           Teresa de la O Attorney     Vanderford              Barry Winograd
Dr. Brian & Marjorie       St Clair                   at Law                   J Douglas Vansant          Arbitrator & Mediator
 Shears                   Stacia Nicole Interiors    Teresa Spataro            Sarah Vargas              Winzler & Kelly
Bert & Noelani             & Redesign                 Properties               Fred Vaske                 Consulting Engineers
 Sheckler-Smith           John & Mariann             Howard Termo              Thompson Vicki            David Wirth
John & Elizabeth Sheela    Stackelberg               Terwilliger Productions   Ana Maria Villanueva      Richard & Sherrie
Deanna Shirley            Joan Stamme                Charlie Terzian           Vimark, Inc                Wiseman
Karen & Stephen Short     Leah Stanley               Judith Terzian            Vineyard Workers          Najean Witt
Mike & Lupe Shulkin       Betty Stark                Elizabeth Tharp             Services                Steven & Linda Wolan
Jason & Jane Siegal       Shelley Starr              Rose Theis                Allan Vogt                Donald Wolf
Ayaz George Siegel        State Compensation         Lisa Thomas               Karin Von Bolschwing      Eric & Debbie Wollman
William & Robert           Insurance Fund            Mark Thomas               Doug Von Brauchitsch      Edith & Jeffery Wong
 Silveria                 William Steck              Roberta Thomas            Timothy & Marjorie        Kitson & Kevin Wood
Cindy Silverlock          Al & Jackie Stefenoni      Russell Thomas              Vondrak                 John & Kathy Wooley
Anthony Simi              Laura Sterner              Sami Thomas               David & Susan Voss        Reverend Gloria Word
John & Cristina           E. Theodore Stier          Thomas A Rohde            W Bradley Electric, Inc   Martha Wren
 Simmons                  Leona Stoll                 Associates               June Waite                Brian Wright
Simon Evening of Giving   Betty Stolle               Clyde Thompson            Donna Walker              Jack & Debbie Wright
Sirens & Sighs Jewelry    Megan Stone Portoni        John & Dianne             Lynne Wallace             Janet Wright
Louise Siri               Deborah Storno              Thompson                 Edward Walsh              John Wright
Siri Grading & Paving     Jeffrey & Susan Story      Meredith Thompson         Jim & Dorothy Walters     Michele Wright
Daniel & Michelle Skaff   Diana & William Stowe      Robert & Jocelyn          Ward Family               Thomas Wright
Robert & Judy Skelton     Nancy & Katherine           Thompson                 Terrance & Sheila         Gail Yeager
Susie Skinner              Strand                    William Thompson            Wardinsky               Lloyd & Nancy Yoshioka
Tom Skinner               Dolores Strange            Thompson Enterprises      Neil & Paula Warner       Elaine Young
Lora Slevin               James & Marianne           Reese & Deborah           Eugene & Constance        Tichava Zack
Elisabeth & Mark Sloan     Strange                    Thornton                   Warren                  Helene Zenia
Catherine Smail           Colleen Stras              River Tierra              Larry & Carolyn           Arthur & Dianna
Cynthia Smith             Norman & Mary              Bill Timko                  Wasem                    Zimmer
Larry Smith                Stricklin                 Joyce Tirone              Phyllis Watson            Karl & Brigitta Zueger
Andrea Soares             Robert & Billie Stritzel   Dave Titus                Dr. Charles & Ellen       Joe & Carol Zukin
Paige Sobel               Jane & Jack Stuppin        Alberto & Nadia             Wear                    Don & Jill Zumwalt
Jeffrey & Karen           Gordon & Cindy              Tlatilpa                 Michael & Kathryn
 Sommers                   Sullivan                  Murray & Anne               Webb                    In-Kind Donors
Wallace Sommers           Marilyn Sullivan            Tondow                   Audra Weber               6th Street Playhouse
Peggy Songster            Matt Sully                 James & Cecelia Tonna     Larry & Mary Ann          A Wicked Scent
Sonnen BMW-Sonnen         Summit Brokerage of        Tim & Kate Toohey           Weber                   ABD Insurance
 Mill Valley Import        California                Keith & Beverly           Peggy Weber               Ace Hardware
Sonoma County             Summit State Bank           Totemeier                Welfare League            Adler Fels Winery, LLC
 Employer Advisory        Gary Sumner                The Transportation        Nelson & Jane Weller      Aesthetic Profiles Fine
 Council                  Lorraine Sunbird            Shoppe                   Wells Drywall             European Skin Care &
Sonoma County             Suntag & Feuerstein,       Henry Trione              Wells Fargo                Day Spa
 Executives Association    A Professional            Joseph & Margaret           Community Support       Ken & Paula Alban
Sonoma Index Tribune       Corporation                Turner                     Campaign                Amy's Kitchen, Inc
Sonoma Management         Barbara Surian             Preston & Sue Twitchell   Warren & Phyllis          Annabelle Oliver
 Group                    Edward & Margaret          Paul & Angela Ubaldi        Welsh                   Lifestyles
Sonoma National Bank       Sutton                    Anna Ucci                 Patrick & Tricia Welter   Armida Winery
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        Serving Sonoma, Napa, and Solano Counties                              “Promoting community inclusion and participation
                 Annual Report 2005-2006                                          for people with developmental disabilities.”
Arrowood Vineyards &       Classic Realty            Dan & Nancy Garcia       Lisa Hauptman Jewelry     Sequoia Landscaping
 Winery                    Clos Du Bois Winery       The Garden Loft at        Design                    Materials
Artisan Bakers             Cokas-Diko                  Mission Ace Lumber     Little River Inn Golf     Sharp Cellars &
Ashkenaz Music &           Cold Stone Creamery         & Hardware              Course                    Association of African
 Dance Community           David Cooper              Gardener's Party         Lotus Bodywork             American Vintners
 Center                    Copperfield's Books       Gardens of the Wine      Lucy's Bakery Cafe Inc    Silver Oak Cellars
Asian Art Museum           Copperfield's Books in      Country                Macarthur Place Inn &     Sincerely Yours
Auction Committee           Santa Rosa               Gary Chu's                Spa - Saddles            Six Flags Marine World
Avenue Car Wash            The Corner Store          Geared for Growing        Steakhouse               Skeeter's Gallery
Jenny Axley                Coronat Opus, Inc           Landscape Services     Ken & Sharon Maiolini     Snoopy's Home Ice
B.R. Cohn Winery           Corrick's                 Gently Worn/Danny        Mary's Pizza Shack        Sonoma County
Backtogolf Performance     Costeaux French             & Co                   Mayacama Golf Club         Museum
 & Fitness, Inc             Bakery & Cafe            Getaway Adventures       Mayo Family Winery        Sonoma County
Balletto Vineyards         Courtyard By Marriott     The Girl & The Fig       Michael & Angela           Regional Parks
Balloons Above The         Creative Visuals          Glen Ellen Village        McCoy                    Sonoma Golf Club
 Valley                    Cucina Paradiso             Market                 Mead Clark Lumber         onoma Index-Tribune
Barnett Vineyards          Dalla Valle Vineyards     Goode Printing           Merryvale Vineyards       Sonoma Mission
Bean Framed                Dave's Muffler Service    Gracious Living          Montgomery Jewelers        Gardens
Bob & Kathy Benziger       Dehlinger Winery          Grazia West              Montgomery Village        Sonoma Mission Inn &
Bevan & Associates         Deloach Vineyards         Grgich Hills Estate      Moon Mountain              Spa (Sante & The
Bistro Ralph               The Depot                 Grove Street Winery       Vineyard                  Fairmont)
Blue Heron Custom           Hotel/Cucina Rustica     Joyce Grow               Moonstruck                Sonoma Rose Vacation
 Tours & Travel            Deuce Restaurant          GTO's Seafood House      Ginna Morris               Villa
Bob's Video & Game         John & Lisa Dierking      Halem & Co               Morton & Bassett          Sonoma Silver Company
 Cage                      Disneyland Charitable     Half Pint                 Spices                   Sonoma Wine Country
Bodega Bay Lodge &          Requests                 Hana Japanese            Jean Mullane               Inns - Best Western
 Spa                       Don Sebastiani & Sons       Restaurant             Murphy-Goode Estate        Dry Creek Inn
Bonanza Ford-Lincoln-      Double Decker Lanes       Hanzell Winery            Winery                   SonomaGirlieStuff
 Mercury                   Doubletree Hotel          Hartford Court Winery    Gregory Neils             Noel Spencer
Borders Books & Music      Sonoma Wine Country       Hartford-Jackson, LLC    Nicholson Ranch           Spirits in Stone Gallery
Bradley Video              Drapers & Damons            (Dba Hartford Court)   Nordby Construction       SSU Green Music
Breakers Inn               Dry Creek Vineyard        Harvey Henningsen,       Northwood Golf             Festival
Broadway Catering &        Dutton Ranch                Portrait Artist         Course                   St. Francis Winery &
 Events                    E Studio Personal         Healdsburg Nursery       Nugent & Company           Vineyards
Jamie Brown                 Training                 Highland Guest Ranch     Old Faithful Geyser of    Sur La Table
Brown & Brown of           E R Sawyer Jewelers       Hilton Sonoma Wine        California               Swiss Hotel
 Northern California       Elle Lui Salon              Country                Osmosis Enzyme Bath &     Synergy Media LLC
Buddies! Fun Clothes       Equus Restaurant          Cynthia Hipkiss           Massage                  T & B Sports
 for Her                   Esposti Chevrolet         Bob Hochderffer          Pacific Landscapes, Inc   Louann Talbert
Bulger Family              Euro Asian Service &      Home Depot in            Park Avenue Catering      Jonathan & Sonia Taylor
Ca' Bianca Restaurant       Parts                      Windsor                 Company                  TeeVax
Cafe Society               Everett Ridge Winery      Home Sweet Home          Parkpoint Club            The Estates Group
Calico Corners             Evolution Yoga            Hotel La Rose            Parkpoint Health Club     The Toyworks
California Luggage         Express Personnel         David Huerls             Patrick James             Tra Vigne
Calistoga Inn Restaurant   F Design                  In Good Hands            Connie & Ron Petty        Traverso's Gourmet
 & Brewery                 Favorite Things           Infineon Raceway         The Press Democrat         Foods, Wines, &
Camellia Cellars           FELD Entertainment        Iron Horse               Radiance Studio & Spa      Liquors
 & Camellia Inn            Ferrari-Carano            Italian Affair           Raymond Burr              Valley Wine Tours
The Candlestick             Vineyards & Winery       Ann Joergenson           Vineyards                 Connie Van Schaick
Carmen's Burger Bar        Fiorini Cakes & Cookies   John Bagley Gallery      Bill & M-L Reinking       Village Art Supply
Chalk Hill Winery          Fireside Stationery       Anna Marie Johnson       Karl Reynolds             Walter Hansel Winery
Charles Creek Vineyard     Fishman Supply            Josef's Restaurant &     Steve Rich                Wattle Creek Winery
Charles M. Schulz           Company                    Bar/Hotel La Rose      Risk Management           Wellington Vineyards
Museum & Research          Flag Emporium             Josef Keller              Services                 Wells Fargo Center for
 Center                    Flamingo Resort Hotel     Jill Keller-Peters       Rodney Strong              the Arts
Charlie's Grill            Flying Dutchman           Kenwood Inn & Spa         Vineyards                Western Farm Center
Chateau Felice              World Travel             King's Nursery           Rohnert Park              Whitegate Inn
Chateau St Jean Winery     Forward Motion            Otto Kobler & Barbara     Gymnastics                Properties
Chernoff Plastic            Studios                    Benson                 Dr. Win Rumsey            Whole Foods Market
 Surgery & Laser           Fountaingrove Golf &      Korbel Champagne         Safeway                   Willi's Wine Bar
 Center                     Athletic Club              Cellars                Sandpiper Restaurant      Willowbrook Cellars
Christopher Creek          The Frame Factory         Kosta Browne             Santa Rosa Golf &         The Winding Rose
 Winery                    Denise Frey & Mike        La Crema                  Country Club              Florist & Gifts
Ciccia Bella                Wheeler                  Lagunitas Brewing        Schelville Grill          Windsor Golf Club
Cinnabar Performing        Friedman Brothers           Company                Fred & Judith Scherrer    Wine & Cheese Tasting
 Arts Theater               Home Improvement         Lanahan & Reilley        Sebastiani Theatre         of Sonoma County
Circus Center              Fy Bliss                  Latitude                 Sebastiani Vineyards      Zagora
City 205 Flowers           G & G Market              John Lebaron             Sebastopol Vineyards
CK Lamb                    Gado Gado                 Levi Leipheimer          See's Candies
Jennifer Clark             Gallery One
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        Serving Sonoma, Napa, and Solano Counties                             “Promoting community inclusion and participation
                 Annual Report 2005-2006                                         for people with developmental disabilities.”

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