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RF & Microwave Components
                                                                                                                   High Power Bipolar Transistors for pulse applications.
                       GaAs MESFETs to 12GHz;                                                                    MOSFETs
                       Plastic & Ceramic packaged MMIC amplifiers
                       Broadband MMICs & Modules 50MHz to 4 GHz                                        
                                                                                                                   Superior performance Hybrid Couplers, Combiners
                                                                                      RF Resistors and Terminations
                       Very Low Phase Noise VCOs                                                                 Directional Couplers
                       Low cost synthesizers.
                       YIG replacement oscillators                                                     
                                                                                           Double and Triple balanced mixers
                       RF & Microwave Silicon Transistors                                                        Ferrite Circulators & Isolators (inc drop ins)
                       Diodes, MMIC & Module                                                                     Military and Space qualified
                       Particularly for replacement/obsolescence                                       
                                                                                             EDA Library Models
                                                                                                                   The industry’s most advanced simulation models for
                       Wide Band Gap GaN HEMT
                                                                                                                   passive components, transistors, diodes
                       Silicon Carbide MESFET
                       High Power, High Efficiency, Broadband transistors
                                                                                        European supplier of high volume thin film circuits
                       RF Absorbent Materials (RAM)                                                              Multi layer interconnect solutions
                       Foams, coatings, adhesives, potting compounds                                             Optical and Microwave applications
                       Syntactic Foams for aircraft and UAV applications
                                                                                            Supplier of RF and Microwave modules using chip
                       High spec single & multilayer microwave capacitors                                         and wire assembly to optimise performance
                       Broadband DC Block modules (10kHz to 60 GHz)                                              Standard product suitable for consumer markets
                       Printed resonators and filters. Thin Film circuits.                                        through to custom products for military applications

                                                APC-Novacom are teamed with world renowned manufacturers to help source high quality,
                                                                               high specification and competitively priced parts for both military and commercial
                       Chip Attenuators inc temperature compensated          programmes. Products range from surface mount passive devices through semiconductors to
                       Thermistors, Chip Resistors                           complex subsystems.
                       Terminations                                          We can supply both off the shelf and custom developed solutions as well as MIL and Space
                                                                               Qualified parts for many applications.

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                                                               Novalis Place, Deepdale Enterprise Park, Deepdale Lane, Nettleham,
                                                               Lincoln. LN2 2LL

                                                                  Tel: +44 (0) 1522 751136     Fax: +44 (0) 1522 754408
                                                               e-mail: Web:                                                                           
Low cost filters & duplexers                                                                        RF Inductors & Transformers
Cavity & Ceramic types                                                                              1nH to 10nH Q values to 150. High specifications
GPS antennas                                                                                          Defence & Commercial applications.                                                                            
Mixers, Hybrids, Power Dividers,                                                                    Trimmer & Tuner Capacitors
Rotary Joints , Phase shifters and Sub-Systems                                                      Non-magnetic tuners, capacitors and screws
Low cost RF Connectors, Cables, Ferrite devices,             EMC Testing
 Couplers, Enclosures and other competitively priced
 microwave components from China.
                                                                                                                                                                        EMC and Heat scanners for PCBs. With a spectrum
High performance coaxial connectors: SMA, 2.4mm &                                                     analyzer and computer, it allows comprehensive
  2.92mm, to 60GHz,                                                                                     mapping of potential radiation problems
BMA “spark plug” designs
Military & Space qualified                                                                
                                                                                                      Magnetic and electric field probes and kits for EMC                                                                               emission and susceptibility assessment. For use on
Broadband Wireless assemblies                                                                         PCBs and ICs.
Synthesisers for Radio Links and Satcom systems
High specification Defence system sub-assemblies
YIG oscillators and filters.
                                                               GPS Timing
Filters, multiplexers, diplexers, multipliers, solid state                                
 switches, switch filters, low noise amplifiers,                                                      GPS time and frequency reference equipment.
 preamplifiers, coaxial switches, ferrite circulators and                                               Network timeservers (NTP & PTPv2).
 isolators, along with integrated subsystems covering                                                 Time and frequency distribution, time code
 the frequency range of 5 MHz to 40 GHz                                                                 equipment
                                                                                                       PCI cards, GPS, IRIG, PTP Synchronised
AS9100 certified supplier
Broadband amplifiers (TO-8, SMTO-8 and packaged)
Mixers, multipliers and sub systems up to 20 GHz

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