To Kill A Mockingbird Dialectical Journal by elyah


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                                                                         Ender’s Game: Dialectical Journal
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Quotation                                               Response (Choose an option)
Write down a sentence or brief passage that makes        Make a connection between the event and an example from history,
you think and that you believe is significant. DO NOT     current events, or your own experience.
PARAPHRASE OR SUMMARIZE THE QUOTATION!                   Compare the character or event with another literary work.
You must include a MLA citation after each               Explain why you like or dislike a character
quotation. Your MLA citation needs to include            Explain how the quote presents or describes a specific archetype.
the author’s last name and page number of the            Examine the values of a character.
quotation. Remember that your end mark goes              Give advice to the character and explain why he/she should take it.
AFTER the citation.                                      Examine the author’s underlying message or philosophy .

Example: “They must talk to each other                  The Buggers have what we might call ESP which is the ability to
directly, Ender, mind to mind. What one                 understand each other without actually speaking and listening but from
                                                        mind to mind without any direct means of communication as we know it
thinks, another can also think; what one
                                                        today. However, without the necessary development of a language they
remembers, another can also remember. Why               also have no written record of their history that could be passed down
would they develop language? Why would                  from generation to generation or from one culture to another. Also,
they ever learn to read and write” (Card 253).          without reading and writing they cannot think individual thoughts but
                                                        merely function as one large Bugger with only one idea. This would
                                                        translate into a lack of individualization that we prize in a democracy
                                                        without the ability to think a multiplicity of unique ideas. Uniformity
TWO QUOTES AND TWO                                      would inhibit the development of an individual identity.
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